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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Star Wars:TOR - My Impressions

Posted by Teala Friday November 18 2011 at 4:00PM
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This will be the 2nd and last entry I ever make on this game.   Now that they have dropped the NDA...who cares really...most people know all there is to know about the game all ready.  But if you have been living under a rock for he last couple of years this is all you need to know about Star Wars: ToR.

After being in beta I can say that I will not be playing this MMOG.   It is not an RPG, just an MMOG.   Let me clearify what I mean when I say this.   In the game of SW:ToR they have classes, like Bounty Hunter, Smuggler and so on.   Well if this is an RPG where in the skills tree are there actually any skills related to what that class is named after and how can one play a Smuggler if there is no out of story ability to, you know, - "actually smuggle" something - anything!  Where is the smooth talking skill(scoundrel), where is the haggling skill, where is the skill to modifiy your ship, where is the skill to "S M U G G L E"?  You'd think that if this was a role-playing game that you'd be able to actually do stuff related to the "role" you are playing.   Not in SW:ToR.  So no..this is not a RPG.  It is a 3D arcade game.  Think space invaders, but advanced version.   You have different choices of which ship(combat class in SW:ToR) you'll use to "blast" an invader - in the end that is all you'll do is blast an invader because that is all your ship is capable of doing, just differently than the other guys ship next to you...his ship uses laser beams and yours uses a projectile.   In fact in all the classes of this game there are no skills(in skill trees) that have anything "not" to do with combat.   Welcome to space invaders SW:ToR style!

Sorry Bioware gets an F in RPG.

It is, despite what certain zealots might say, is just a "WoW clone" - yes a WoW clone, but instead of elves, orcs and whatnot we get Jedi, droids and wookies.   Just like WoW, you'll end up with a cookie-cutter character that looks and plays like the one standing next to you.   I couldn't even connect with my character no matter how hard I tried because in the end she was no different from the other Jedi Consular standing next to her.   I guess I shouldn't have expected this game to be different from all the other thempark based games - I was hoping we might see the end of that with this game - we're not - so better to be forewarned.  You have been warned.

Yes the game does have it's own little things that differ from WoW, like the "story driven" quest, the crafting is definitely different in that you have others do it for you, but under neath - it is all themepark.   Do not go into this game with the idea that it has any kind of sandbox game play - it does not - it is all themepark.  From start to end.  Quest hubs, lead you by the hand(even in combat with the cheesy cover skill - (oh look hide here!)

Even combat is boring as watching glass flow.   MOBs are stagnate objects that have no AI whatsoever.   It is the quintessential whack-a-mole game.  Combat animations are decent and the sounds are very Star Warsy - iconic, but due to the nature of the game you'll be whacking away at things(I guess lightsabers are not the ultimate close quarter weapon we saw in the movies - how any thing could survive the onslaught of multiple saber strikes boggles the mind), and you will, it gets old really fast.   It is still the same old tab target and mash away.  :)  "Nothing new here - move along."  

I can say that the story driven quest were intersting the first time through, but after that I can see them getting vapidly aggravating.  And despite the so called, make a choice story driven quest, it's all still linear and inconsequential.  Like most MMO's of this nature your character is forced to go exactly where and when the developers tell you to take your character.   You have no choice because if you don't you can't proceed to other areas.  You are locked into a certain path and there is no way to deviate from it.  Typical themepark game play mechanics.  

Another thing that really BBQ's my chicken is the same-old, same-old gear driven centristic game play, with the end game being made up of raids and PvP instanced battlegrounds.   If that floats your boat to do the same things we did in Aion, Warhammer, Rift, and WoW - knock yourself out.  

Worlds are more stagnate than WoW.   No weather, no night, and day cycles, no critters running about.  The world just seems so dead.   NPC's stand with no way to enteract with them.  Most NPC's stand around and do nothing - might as well be cardboard cut-outs.   When it comes to immersion this game lacks it in a huge way.   At least in other games the developers made an effort to make their worlds come to life, that is not the case in SW:TOR.   It's as if you are walking through a picture or painting, but just like in the picture you cannot enteract with the world.   There is so little atmosphere, no sounds of birds chirping, or conversations, and when attacking NPC's they don't yell out or make a noise - they just stand there and shoot their blaster or use whatever weapon they have.  Even creatures you fight are like this.   Everything just seems so- dead.. 

Game is just - so been there and done that I actually ended up giving away my first beta key, and then somehow I ended up with a second one, and gave that one away as well.   By the time I got my Jedi Consular into her teens I was ready so disliking the game I could'nt even log on to continue beta testing.   So I called up a gaming friend and gave them my key.   I wish I could like this game, I mean it is Star Wars - right....right...well for me that was not enough and I'll be saving my money.  I can't even get excited about this game it is so mind numbingly boring.

Unless Bioware ramps up and pushes some new content that alliviates this feeling, I suspect many gamers will burn out on the game within it's first month and not renew.   There has to be a hook...something...anything to catch a player.  From what I can tell this game has nothing that will hook a player beyond the initial story.   When I game has only one mini-game(space mini-game) and no side game mechanics, like fishing, cooking, other mini-games(pazaak anyone) - you know typical themepark game play stuff to keep people playing beyond the story, or to break up the constant grinding of kill x and fed-x quest - well, the game is just not going to do all that well.  

At least in other MMO's there was more to do beyond raiding, and PvP'ing but I guess Bioware didn't get that memo.

I really don't know what to say, the game is what it is - a themepark game and if you wish to play a decent, well made, whack-a-mole thempark - then this is the game for you!   Enjoy!

I give the game a 5.0 out of 10.

Paragus1 writes:

It is sad to me that they had this huge amount of money to spend, and probably the biggest IP imaginable and decided to play it safe by doubling down on the same formula instead of making a real game changer.

I'm not sure if by walking in the footsteps of those previous titles if it will end the same way, but part of me hopes it does so that we can finally start getting a new game instead of the same one over and over with a different skin.

Fri Nov 18 2011 5:18PM Report
MMOtoGO writes:

I really expected more from this game.  I hope that many people find years of enjoyment, but it didn't take me long to figure out that I wasn't going to be one of them.

Fri Nov 18 2011 8:17PM Report
Rommie10-284 writes:

I'm going to get it and play it, but I'm hoping and praying I'm not back here in 3 months for a piece of "I told you so" cake.  I really should know better by now, and I just have a bad feeling...

Fri Nov 18 2011 8:33PM Report
Anolev writes:

Not an RPG?  Huh?  This game is the quintessential RPG.  You have a character, the game itself acts as the DM, the quests and stories are the dungeon modules, and although you're guided through the module by the DM, you also have the ability to branch off and explore along the way if you so choose.  Just because it's not a "sandbox" doesn't mean it's not an RPG.

The game has its own "little things" it does differently like the story?  You call that little?  This is a fundamental difference between this game and any/every MMO that has ever come before it.  No other MMO has ever had a fully voice-acted, fully cinematic experience where the player is part of a virtual movie.  You may not care, you may be so hung up on "sandbox" that you can't get past this style of game design, but to arbitrarily dismiss it as "a little thing" is amazingly short-sighted.

Furthermore, to tell people that this game is not a sandbox is like telling them that the sky is blue.  C'mon... you can do better than that.  We all KNOW it isn't a sandbox, we've know that for years, nobody has ever suggested otherwise, so why blog about it?

Combat is boring, and AI is stagnant?  Well first, welcome to MMO's... I know what you really want is M&B style combat (great commercial success THAT game was), but that simply doesn't translate very well into a Massive world.  Personally, I found the combat to be a heck of a lot more visceral and exciting than WoW, EvE, LotRO, etc. etc.  And to say AI is stagnant?  Did you really play?  I had NPC's constantly jumping behind cover, lobbing grenades at me, stunning me, etc.  <boggle>

Quests interesting the first time through?  Good.  Better than every other quest I've ever mindlessly clicked on, clicked accept, and then ran off to complete the tasks at hand.  You're given choice?  Good... name another MMO that does that.  Linear?  Well again this is the same-old "not a sandbox" argument dredged up again.  We get it.  You want 100% autonomy.  Have fun with... uhh... EvE I guess, since basically every other major MMO is themepark linear. Or go have fun by yourself playing Skyrim, while the rest of us socialize.

Same ol' gameplay?  Yeah... imagine that, an MMO that stands on the shoulders of giants and gives players what they're familiar with.  Sounds like a success to me.  BioWare never claimed they were trying to change the world.  They're trying to take a known succesful design, and build their own unique elements on top of it (meaningful, emotion-driven story).

No weather?  OK you obviously did NOT play this game past the starter worlds.  Yes the worlds have weather.  Rain storms on Dromund Kaas, blizzards on Hoth, sand storms on Tattooine, etc.  No night/day cycles?  True.  So what?  What's more important?  A cool engaging story, or "gee look the sky just turned black and the stars are out"?

Next time Teala, all you need to do is write the final sentence of your entire blog... but I'm not even sure that's necessary, given that we all know what you're going to say before you've written it - "... it's a themepark, thus it's boring... I want an MMO version of M&B..."


Sat Nov 19 2011 12:47PM Report
Teala writes:

Tell me JPTX, what does the Bounty Hunter class in ST:ToR do that is bounty hunterish?  How about Smuggler what exaclty does this class smuggle?

Sat Nov 19 2011 2:36PM Report
Anolev writes:

I'm not sure what that has to do with the rest of your blog, but I'll answer anyway. 

The smuggler smuggles weapons in the very first quest on the very first planet, as part of the central class story.  The bounty hunter is involved in the great hunt, basically a huge bounty mission that spans the galaxy, also from the very start of its class story.  Further, both classes stick pretty darned close to the look and feel from the movies.  Bounty hunter gets jet packs, missiles, a flame thrower, etc.  The smuggler is all about cover and duel blasters, light armor, etc.  I also felt the quests for both felt very much like I was right in one of the books/movies.   

Sat Nov 19 2011 8:52PM Report
Anolev writes:

Correction, I see what your questions have to do with your blog after re-reading it (though they have nothing to do with the rest of my response - that's what threw me).

You are indeed correct that there is no "smuggle" button.  I'm not quite sure what a "smuggle" button would do mind you, since smuggling is a profession, not a "skill" per se.  As for smooth talking, well that's the whole point of the dialogue.  You can choose to smooth talk people, or take the full frontal combat approach.  Did you try?  I loved that I could completely avoid one path through a quest altogether based upon my dialogue choices.  That's what I think RPG players are looking for, not a skill or a button.

Also, BioWare games are all about being a hero in your own story... I personally think that the act of combat and "saving the princess" so to speak is a lot more heroic than "I pushed a button and snuck some stuff past some guards".  It sounds like what you want is, literally, a simulation. 


Sat Nov 19 2011 9:05PM Report
Jinxys writes:

I wanted to like this game, I really did. Very dissapointing :(

Sun Nov 20 2011 3:35AM Report
FateFatality writes:

i told you so TOR fan boys just wait for guildwars 2


i am sick and tired all of these gullable people that fall for every new game that comes out its beyond a joke how people do this


FAIL PLOX WoW Clone with light sabres in SPACE with ARCADE style and NO RPG



Sun Nov 20 2011 5:27PM Report
Saydien writes:

While I in general enjoy reading your blog and agree with most you wrote there I still totally disagree with your statement about TOR not being a RPG. I've read so many definitions of what makes a game a RPG but this one must be one of the most nitpicky ones. The storylines and the actions you'll can or have to perform in your personal story role is definitely enough to name it a RPG.

The claims of it not being a MMO already were pretty silly and I consider your reasoning pretty flawed there too. I might give you that certain skills might have deepened the roles further but that's about it.

Sun Nov 20 2011 5:47PM Report
SuperXero89 writes:

It must suck to be you.  World of Warcraft, Rift, Lord of the Rings Online, Everquest II, Warhammer Online, and Age of Conan are all decent to great MMORPGs that have been released over the past 6 years or so, only according to your blog, you won't play them because they aren't RPGs.  They can't possibly be RPGs because they're all so similar to SW:TOR.

For that matter.  Dragon Age I & II weren't RPGs,  the KOTOR games weren't RPGs.  The Mass Effect series weren't RPGs.  Baldur's Gate wasn't an RPG.  

For you, there's always EVE, Darkfall, and Mortal Online.  World of Darkness will be right up your alley  whenever it finally sees a release.  You guys had your opportunity to play as Uncle Owen from Star Wars with SWG, but we all know how that went.  Of course, we're too quick to forget all the whining and complaining on the official boards, in-game protests, and subscriber drop offs that eventually led to the NGE.  We simply think SOE invented that idea of out thin air.

 Wow, though.  While the rest of us are enjoying space-invader style games like GW2, SW:TOR, TSW, and ArchAge, I guess you'll be PvPing it up in Mortal Online?  I'm really glad I haven't grown so jaded as to only have those three games to satiate my interest in the genre.  In fact, if I was, I probably would have given up on the genre all together, which begs the question:

Why are you even here?  Why did you take the time to post this long winded blog when you clearly abhor what this genre has largely become?  There wouldn't be such a large contingent of themepark games if they hadn't proven to be what the masses want to play.  Suck it up, you're a minority.  BioWare wasn't pulling the wool over anyone's eyes, when they said that they were using WoW as a touchstone.  They advertised chicken salad, you ordered it, and that's what they gave you.  Don't complain saying the chicken salad should have been fettuccini alfredo.

Sun Nov 20 2011 7:47PM Report
nolic1 writes:

Well The game has been played and tested and not ust by Teala and alot of the reviews by most players have said pretty much the same thing even I would say the same thing your choices still lead to the same places and things no matter the out come go play more then one character I did and my Jedi had did and went the same way everytime with every choice it never changes in 6 different characters all the same class in Jedi not differant same. The choices make very to no difference at all.

This isnt star wars its WoW 2.0 in space we all knew this but where hoping for more. As for the whole it's not SWG from the poster above you even griped about almost as many games as we all have and how they are all going the same path so you can say all you want it was the none theme park fans that are a minority but in truth we all want a game thats not go A,B, and C and repeat all the time we want new stuff not same old just cause you add full cinamatic voice over crap its no different the writen dialog cause it never changes it will always be the same no matter what so sorry no its not any better. I say dump the whole quest / gear progression alltogether and make a game thats totaly free roaming and with ust hints on things and let the players make there adventures there own.

Mon Nov 21 2011 12:18AM Report
Zylaxx writes:

Agree with you 100%.  just another WoW clone with ZERO innovation (I am sorry but sitting through quest dialogue isnt inovation)  Ill be passing on this till GW2 or TSW, and if those dont work Ill wait on Copernicus.


God where is the exploration, non hand-holding, classless, MMO's like from 12 years ago.

Mon Nov 21 2011 1:43AM Report
Loke666 writes:

Wow, you actually know what a RPG game is and why Diablo ain't one, few people really do. :)

It is kinda sad because Bioware used to be good with the non combat stuff, like in NWN. Plenty of non combat skills there, I ran my bard for a long time on other peoples servers there and I was far from combat specced.

Combat is an important factor in MMOs but it shouldn't be the only thing to do besides some rather lame crafting, but really few games get that.

Mon Nov 21 2011 2:08AM Report
Vesavius writes:

The game, IMO, is linear directed unambitious and unimaginative. Just boring in the extreme. Add to that the fugly character models and cloned progression and it's a real dissapointment.

Mon Nov 21 2011 3:17AM Report
SuperXero89 writes:

Many of you simply need to stop being so damn jaded.  MMORPGs aren't the only genre of video games that are being "dumbed down" and "homogenized."  Take a look at the first person shooter genre.  Nearly every FPS in the last six or seven years is a Call of Duty knock off.  It's not going to get any better.  I can tell you that I personally don't play video games as much as I used to.  I play a lot of WoW, NCAA 12, and most recently Skyrim.  Outside of that, nothing holds my attention for more than 5 minutes.  Rather than spending my time on message boards crying that something is not the way I want it, I let people actually debate about what that thing actually is rather than what it isn't and spend my time more productively by doing things I actually enjoy.

Again, it's not BioWare's fault you failed to research the game before boarding the hype train, but some of you have such an adversion to SW:TOR's style of play that I honestly don't know why you still play MMORPGs.  I have no problem with a WoW clone as long as, in my mind, that game plays better than WoW.  Everything I've seen from SW:TOR tells me that's the case.  

Pretty much all the negativity is focused on what the game "isn't" rather than what it is, which shows me that there's a lot of people who should probably not even be giving this game the time of day.  I mean, how can you form an objective opinion about the game when you can't even find the time to objectively comment on what is actually in the game rather than what you wished it was? 

Mon Nov 21 2011 5:00AM Report
MMO.Maverick writes:

The same old predictable stuff: blogger has burnt herself out on themepark MMO gameplay years ago, loves sandbox MMO's and has been unable to enjoy as good as all current MMORPG's. Which such an intense dislike towards the themepark style of MMO gameplay and towards SWTOR beforehand, can it be any surprise that beta didn't do it for her? Not at all, very predictable, with such a narror range in taste.

I wonder, can anyone who dislikes over 95% of the available MMO's still call themself an MMO gamer or fan of MMO's? Can a pop music fan still call themself a pop music fan if they loathe most of the pop music around, or a jazz fan still a jazz fan when they intensely dislike as good as all jazz music out there? In my eyes, not really, their taste range has become too narrow to really be a fan or lover of said interest.


For sandbox lovers and themepark haters/critics and all those jaded, tired MMO drifters who have burnt themselves out on themepark MMO gameplay after playing them too much and now have lost the ability to enjoy such MMORPG's, this is a good blog. But then again, have they really heard something new with this blog?


SWTOR is a themepark MMORPG, those people that still are able to have fun in themepark MMO's, SWTOR will be a great addition to that genre, those people that despise themepark MMO's, it's unlikely that SWTOR will change their minds.

Blogger Teala has shown her intense dislike and hatred towards current MMORPG's often enough, SWTOR included. Predictable as it is, of course the beta wouldn't have changed her opinion, with such mindset and narrow taste range that doesn't come as a surprise.



Mon Nov 21 2011 7:29AM Report
DeadlyByDez writes:

TL:DR Version

SWTOR not sandbox so you are not playing.

Mon Nov 21 2011 10:02AM Report
Athcear writes:

To be fair, Han Solo did not once ever smuggle anything on screen.  He, Luke, and the others hid from some enemies, put on disguises, and snuck through the enemy base.  I've done that in several games already.  Smuggling goods is just putting stuff in your ship and going from point A to point B without going through official channels and trying not to be observed by anyone.  Did your smuggler really never do this?  Never had a dialogue with a docking bay official and lie about why you were there and what cargo you had aboard?

This is not supposed to be SWG.  It's not about living in the Star Wars universe.  It's about movie-eqsue Star Wars adventures.  The things you never saw Han and Luke do on screen, you won't see these characters do on screen.  Not that I wouldn't like to see another game like SWG, but there's honestly nothing wrong or un-RPG-like about a themepark game.  Are Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy lesser games because you follow the story they present?  No, of course not.

So, let's drop the mantra of sandbox = good and themepark = bad, okay?  It's stupid.  Good = good.  If you think otherwise, try to tell me that Arkham City is better than Arkham Asylum.  All they did was add sandbox, and it made it worse.

When I want a game where I try to sneak goods around on a spaceship, I'll play EVE.  But to demand that every game be EVE is stupid.

Mon Nov 21 2011 11:32AM Report
omome writes:

All consulars are the same? It dosn't even sound like you played TOR. Certainly you had no idea what was going on when you did.

Oh, and smugglers get a group stealth ability so they can smuggle their party members past baddies.

Mon Nov 21 2011 9:00PM Report
omome writes:

Consulars can spec to Heal, Tank or DPS, advanced classes allow them to focus on eith melee or cating...or a balance between the two.

pretty much all consulars are different.

Mon Nov 21 2011 9:05PM Report
Gormok writes:

If you have been in this genre for over 10+ years and non of these so called theme park WoW clones don't appeal to you, and there is no sandbox games that catches your attention. Than I think it's time for you to move on out of the genre.

Your blog and none of these old hags that support your way of thinking is going to change anyones opinion on the game. I for one think that sandbox games suck because I feel that there is nothing to do it them, but I do not go around making pointless blogs about them.

Tue Nov 22 2011 2:01AM Report
Catbertz writes:

Huhhhh... funny... All this hate on a game that is in BETA and has yet to even think about releasing its first content patch.

Why don't we let the game actually, you know... come out.... and have a a few months of release time before we decide its garbage.

This seems pretty typical of people... "QQQQQQ This game isn't as good as the other games that have 2 - 7 YEARS of time on the market... its bad"

Judging a game based on its quality in beta is for people who have NO IDEA how to critique games or know nothing about gaming in general.

This is Biowares first ever MMO-RPG after only making single player games for a long time. Let them get acclimated before we bash them.

BUT... This is a blog... and everyone is entitled to there opinion and I think this is a fair one to have reguardless of how I feel, because what you have stated in this blog, is a pretty common opinion for most people who have played this beta.

Tue Nov 22 2011 8:51AM Report
Excession writes:

Teala, give it up, stop blogging, you obviously have nothing new to say, checking back over previous blogs, you say the same things in them about other games/topics as you do here, almost word for word with some paragraphs.

Another thing, tjhis blog is just your opinion, stop writing as though what you say is fact.



Tue Nov 22 2011 3:05PM Report
Teala writes:

I do not think that'll happen Byrhoren, for the simple reason that as long as these game makers continue to copy the paradigm of WoW and do a half-arse job at it.  If the game is a WoW clone - I'll say it is - and leave it up to the reader to decide if they wish to play that game or not.    Read what I the end of my piece.   Nowhere do I ever tell anyone not to play this game.

Tue Nov 22 2011 3:23PM Report
teakbois writes:

I dont see anything here that was particularly unfair.  The themepark genre has stagnated, and in many people's eyes ithasdevolved since the first two of the true modern themepark, Eq2 and WoW.


Since then, games have become more and more linear.  Even those two games have themselves become more and more linear.


And basic mob AI has not improved at all since EQ1, and EQ1 mobs are probably smarter than what youll find in Rift and SWTOR.


While Rift tried to advance things with an attempt at dynamic content and more freedom in class structure, after playing Rift for a couple of weeks the 'dynamic' content never surprises you anymore, the soul system feels watered down (probably due to need to balance), and the added AA system is 100x more boring and inconsequential than EQ1.  And the leveling process reminds me of FFXIII.  Nowhere to go but where the game pushes you.


Its just depressing that the star wars lisence is being used for WoW in space, while not advancing the gameplay in any way.  GW2 is at least hope for advancing the genre.  Will be a bitter pill to swallow if it doesnt at least partially live up to the hype

Tue Nov 22 2011 5:35PM Report
Spike_S writes:


"Huhhhh... funny... All this hate on a game that is in BETA and has yet to even think about releasing its first content patch.

Why don't we let the game actually, you know... come out.... and have a a few months of release time before we decide its garbage."

I have 3 words for you;

Final Fantasy XIV

Just sayin...

Wed Nov 23 2011 12:14AM Report
Kabel writes:

Finally, someone states it like it really is.  I'm tired of reading reviews that go something along the lines of: "Nothing new here, but they do a great job at it!"   This game is so mind-numbingly boring I can't even bring myself to log back in.

Wed Nov 23 2011 12:32AM Report
nationalcity writes:

And yet again I'll say see everyone that's bashing here on release cause we all know that's where you'll be.....

Wed Nov 23 2011 12:16PM Report
Yellowbeardd writes:

Someone obviously over thought the way the game supposed to be taken and yes a wow clone well any mmo that comes out will be a wow clone and sad to say only reason why people use that term is because wow got big well wow only got big because they copied everyone else's  great ideas and put into a game not hard to make a good game from that lol.

Also if you want to over think the names of the classes you should put more thought into what you are trying to say and stop over thinking it , they are just names nothing else you can probly go pre tend to smuggle something if you wan't that is why they call it role playing duuuuuu and that is what games are about really.

I can't beleave people listen to this guy he can't review a game to save his life sorry to say and his dumb rants and rages are even more sad to the fact he is wrong and is biased which you have to be open minded when you test a game and not be like oh WoW clone i quit lol what a retard.

Thu Nov 24 2011 4:14AM Report
Digna writes:

As someone pointed out there IS a smuggle skill though it is to stealth march your group. I more or less knew what Teala was going to say in her post. I assumed it would be a re-hash of all her rants up until now and I wasn't disappointed. *shrug* I am tired of theme-parks too but after testing SWtoR am (still) amazed at how positively zinged I am am about this game. This is the first time in years that I've researched class, skills, support actions (crafting) in any serious manner

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Mine is positive. Thank you BW for infusing some life into my flagging MMO enjoyment levels.

Thu Nov 24 2011 7:54AM Report
skulljoe writes:

That sucks. :(

I just wished this game played like SW, instead WoW 2.0 

Thu Nov 24 2011 12:57PM Report
Moirae writes:

Then good riddance. This MMORPG is a good game. Whether you like it or not.

Thu Nov 24 2011 10:02PM Report
teakbois writes:

Its a good game.  But is it a good MMORPG?

Fri Nov 25 2011 4:09PM Report
Soultice writes:

Teala makes valid observations about this game.  I honestly felt like I had been there and done that already, with starwars skins.  The game is mostly solo I beta tested it as well.  The acting on the quests gets real old fast and you should be able to qucikly get thru it unless it is going to award good or evil points.

I hated all the running around in the noob zone myself.  Way too long to get out of there.  Most players already know how to run and click, read and navigate on a map. 

The city npcs actaully suck no interaction and no one there to pint out where to go for the noobs.  The maps are cool and all but if it is on a different level you did not know that. 

Play the game if you like it by all means.  Alot of us felt like we had been there and done all of this already.  Yet Bioware will want you to drop a game your playing to play this and that is not something this game will do in my opinion.  Why do more of the same ole stuff when you already have a maxxed out character on another game?  Just my thoughts on this is all do not get upset if I really did not like your new game.

Tue Nov 29 2011 4:06PM Report
kaibigan34 writes:

Late comment but....

The RPG aspect is in the dialogue. That is where the bulk of it happens. You have multiple choices of dialogue and those choices do affect how your character is looked at. In the Sith Warrior storyline there is a part where you decide the fate of three prisoners. Your decisions will affect how your Sith Masters will look at you. Choose poorly and your chastized. Choose correctly and your looked at as great.

Smugglers do smuggle. Its in the story. Bounty hunters do hunt. Its in the story. Imperial Agents do spy. Its in the story.

Did you just hit space bar through the storylines? I played an Imperial Agent first and stopped at 10 because I didnt want to ruin anymore of the story. It was that good to me. Same with BH and SW. I didnt want to ruin their stories. All classes I want to play at launch. So I then picked Jedi Knight. The one side I despise and class I hate. Because I knew I wouldnt ever play that side. And wow, I was surprised. Even that class story was good with good choices.

Everytime I finished the leg of a story I felt as if I was important to the story. Yah a ton of others doing the same storyline. But because I made my choices the way I wanted I knew not everyone picked what I picked. Some of it was fluff yes. But in the end it helped me to really relate to my character.

On the stagnant worlds, I agree they do feel somewhat empty. There are NPCs all over but they just stand there. Didnt see many walking around. Some talked but not many. As for weather, some planets do have weather effects. Some dont. On Hutta I remember it did rain but only once.

Now developers have said more is coming after launch. So if I was you, I would give it another look 6 months or a year down the line. Of course the developers also said there would be a grace period. So take that advice with a grain of salt.


Sun Dec 11 2011 9:34AM Report
Teala writes:

kaibigan, that is just it, it is in the dialogue, beyond that, when you're through the story what does a smuggler do?   What does a Bounty Hunter do?  All you become is an avatar with skills releated to combat and your smuggler does nothing remotely related to what they are named for - smuggling?  Do you as a smuggler get to run guns for the republic past the Imperial blockade surrounding Coruscant?  Do you smuggle hijacked goods in the secret holds of your freighter to some some Hutt crime lord on Hutte?   No..outside the story there is no game mechanics in place for you to do this - zero - none.

Same goes for any of the classes in  the game.  Byond their story there is nothing for the classes for which they are named to do - except kill things.   Bounty HUnters have no skills to track targets.  Smugglers have no skills to be smugglers.   Do Jedi Consulars have any skill related to peace negotiations(other than a lightsaber? hahaha see what I did there?).   No they do not.  

That is why this game is not an MMORPG.  It is an what it is, an MMOG - it is not an RPG.  Sorry.

Even in games like Planetside and MMOFPS/RPG the various classes had skill pretaining to their class in what they do.  Engineers could do you know engineeringthings, snipers could snipe, medics healed, hackeres hacked...Planetside and MMOFPS/RPG is more of an RPG than least as a medic you can play as a medic.

Sun Dec 11 2011 5:01PM Report
kaibigan34 writes:


Sorry but there is RPG in TOR. More so then any other game. You like MMORPGs right? Tell me this. When you get a quest to kill someone do you get to chose to smart off to the guy giving the quest or show him respect? No he just hands it to you and you are off. When you get to the guy your supposed to kill do you get to actually choose if the guy lives or dies? Not if you want the reward you dont. Its kill him PERIOD! After you have completed the quest and go to the quest giver do you get to try to force the guy to give you more money? Nope. Your stuck with the reward. That aint RPG. That is just scripted bull fluff to make you think its an RPG when it isnt. But TOR lets you do all those things. You get to make the character how YOU want them to be. Want them to be a sacarstic prick? You can do it. Want him to be a bounty hunter that has honor and wont go back on a contract? You can do it. You can do all these things. But not in other MMORPGs you cant. You have to follow the scripted story to the letter. So if TOR isnt a MMORPG then neither is any other one out there.

The smuggling is in the story. The bounty hunting is in the story. But I know what you want. I know what you are getting at. You want to do those things outside the confines of the story. Ok that I can agree would be cool. And maybe in a year or two it might be added. But this is a themepark MMO... You knew this going in. You really shouldnt be trying to review something based on what it isnt. I could go review Battlefield 3 right now and say "Oh it sucks because there is no RPG in it." Guess what? Its a freaking FPS not a RPG. I could review Skyrim too. "My friends cant play on the same server I am on so it sucks" and again.... Its a single player RPG not a MP RPG.

You cant go reviewing a game and then chastisizing it for what it isnt. If we did that then there aint a game out there that would be perfect in everyway.

TOR is a themepark MMO. And all themeparks are about the story. Now TOR does one up the traditional themepark. By letting you make decisions in the story that affect the outcome of the story and sometimes affect the story way far down the line. You cant do that in other themepark MMO that I have ever seen. Your spoon fed the story and told what to eat when. "Well I want to eat the peas next."..... "NO! You eat the potatoes next!"

I played one class, the jedi knight three seperate times in beta. Because I didnt want to ruin the sith stories and I found out that the story was a little different each time. Why? Because I was making different choices. Try that in WoW. You cant. Those stories are the same each time you do them. If you think that is NOT rpg then you might want to try pen and paper RPGs. That is the only place you can get complete 100% freedom.


Mon Dec 12 2011 12:11AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

I guess you hit the nail on the head for how I feel about ToR, Teala. I wish I had seen your blogpost on it before. ToR seems very limiting by what it offers.

I really wish that ToR had been another virtual world à la old SWG. To me, ToR is just an interactive movie. SWG was an immersive world one could get immersed in and become part of an online community. Though flawed in its execution, the structure of the game was great and I wish that it could be improved and built up on in a new game. Smugglers existed in SWG, and got into trouble with the Empire if caught smuggling. I remember stormtroopers going after someone smuggling illegal weapons in Mos Eisley for example. And it was because the guy was selling these weapons to a weaponsmith who wanted to sell them in his store, no quest involved. Whatever happened to having systems like that in place in a game that actually flesh out the gameworld?

And to above poster, what you describe there is not a real RPG. Roleplaying is not picking out of choices on a menu, it's actually taking on a role that involves other players and perhaps a game master. Artificial intelligence is not good enough yet to make a real roleplayer.

Sat Dec 17 2011 2:32AM Report
deadmanbell writes:

I can sum this game up real easy. You know those cars at Disneyland that  not matter how bad you steer as long as you push the gas peddle you go around the track.= SWTOR.

No thanks BIoware, EA, Lucas (Mucas)  you can get some other stooge to pay you so they can go around and around on your little track. There might as well be a small world playing when you jump in one of the Taxis.

In the famous words of Rodney Dangerfield." Tell the Chef that this is low grade dog food"


Fri Dec 23 2011 3:02AM Report writes:
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