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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Oh, to be a kid again...just for a day - once in awhile.

Posted by Teala Wednesday November 25 2009 at 8:33AM
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Not far from where I live, there is a stand of woods that I often go walking through.   Trails permeate all through them from the many kids that play there and often when I go walking along those trails I can hear the kids playing off in a distance and it takes me back to my childhood days and the many times me and my brothers and sisters played in woods not so different from this.    We would play pirates, Robin Hood and  all manner of games, like hide-n-seek.   We'd go on adventures to discover some long lost buried treasure(of that which we never did find) of some King that once ruled over the land(though not likely seeing how we lived in the Pacific Northwest - didn't care - we were kids and we imagined).

Our swords and spears were sticks.   We slayed many a foul beasties in those dank, dark woods, and oh the tales we had to share when we got home with our mother of how we fought off  the dragon that lived in a cave(an old mining tunnel that had long since collapsed and only went back about 30ft or so)...didn't matter to us though - a dragon lived there and we slew it!   LOL!  So much fun.

Today, I sit on my balcony overlooking that stand of woods not far from where I live and wish that I could somehow magically go back in time to those days when I was a kid and go adventuring again.   What a magical time that was and oh how I miss them.    


Well those days have come and gone, child hood is over and frak I grew up!   With it came, work, relationships, a job, rent, marriage, kids, a husband, pets, car payments, and a myriad of other things that tends to muck up our lives, like drug addictions, the passing of friends and family,  the world going all crazy and going by so fast it makes you wish even harder that you could turn back that clock and be a kid again when all you had to worry about was eating, playing, going to school and doing a few chores.

What does one do when they wish to be a kid again if even for just one day?  You do what a lot of us do.   You play an MMORPG!  Yeah for MMORPG's!  We can forget the world and our lives for brief stretches of time and become that child that ran around in the woods slaying the beasties with your wooden sword and finding the buried treasure.  We may have to grow up and be adults, but nothing says we have to stay there all the time.   Online virtual worlds allow us to escape the realities of our lives and take us to places we dreamt of as children, when we only had our imaginations - only today we can see those castles, the cave where the dragon lives and those beasties come to life in a way that they some times haunt your dreams while you sleep.  

Even though we now have these virtual worlds, I see the woods and they call to me...they say, "Come play Kristi.  There is a foul beast that lives here that needs to be driven out or the lady of the castle will have to remain trapped behind the cold damp walls of the tower for ever more."    Virtual worlds online are only so good...but my imagination is stronger.   Oh to be a kid again..if just for a day - once in awhile.


Midare writes:

Have you considered finding out if there are any LARP groups in your area? I know it is super geeky, but there are groups of grown ups who get together, "...if just for a day - once in awhile" to run around in the feilds and woods waging wars with foam weapons and fake armor. Slaying "monsters" and the like.

I feel as if I've heard of some in the Pacific NW specifically, and I'm sure a Google search would find you groups that run from historical re-inactment to fantasy D&D style.

Wed Nov 25 2009 9:11PM Report
Acidon writes:

Beautiful read.  Thanks a lot for sharing. I still get that small electrical charge of giddiness sometimes when I enter a dungeon for the first time with high hopes of crawling it to the end.

I know exactly what you are talking about.  And yay for mmorpgs. =)  That put things into perspective for me a bit.  I appreciate it.


Thu Nov 26 2009 1:25AM Report
wootin writes:

Heh, I bet your Bartle profile starts with an "E" like mine :D

Fri Nov 27 2009 3:46PM Report
Toleran writes:

Did you ever wonder what happened to all those you went on adventures with?  You shouldcall them up and go for more adventures.

Fri Nov 27 2009 6:46PM Report
Tethered writes:

ah the memories, of times long past and the carefree days we all loved and lost too soon.

Ah frak-all, off to find some poor-sap to kill or ransom...

Actually I do more walking with my dogs these days but I too still reminisce of those happy times.

Thanks for the read.

Fri Nov 27 2009 11:21PM Report
Teala writes:

Thanks for the comments everyone and yes Toleran, perhaps I should.  ;)

Sat Nov 28 2009 2:42AM Report
Azareal writes:

Excellent blog Teala. I always look back and always thought how odd it was that when I was a kid I would wish I was an adult (so people would stop ordering me to brush my teeth, do my homework, stop playing in the rain :P etc.) and now that I'm an adult with the same crappy responsibilities all adults have...I desperately wish to be a kid again. So I don't have to worry about the bills, watch close friends/family get buried one after another, sit in an office every day with no sunlight, and most importantly, not be able to read/watch the news and fully understand that the whole world is going to hell in a hand-basket.

Incidentally, I stand by my argument that playing in the rain is very efficient in that not only do I enjoy and get to play but...I can take a shower at the same time.

Tue Dec 01 2009 2:39AM Report
TJKazmark writes:

A wonderful read. I remember the days when my friends and I would go into the woods and make 'fortresses' and fend off beasts (squirrels), giant insects (mosquitoes and beetles) and dragons (mostly birds). Oh, to be a kid again and not get that 'silly' feeling. =/

Wed Dec 02 2009 10:59AM Report
Oridi writes:

Hey- thanks for this.  Most of my wanderings were solo as a child (yes I was a nerdlet even then :-) but I can remember spending hours building intricate villages and cities out in the "woods" (prolly 3 or 4 trees close together lol) in the back yard.

I appreciate the reminder - it renewed and recharged me.

Wed Dec 02 2009 6:45PM Report
Rayx0r writes:

I gotta say, even though some of your writing can be pretty chaotically thought out and written, this really seemed to come from the heart.

I think its something all of us adult gamers think about from time to time and its the reason we get so linked into our games. 

Nicely put

Mon Jan 04 2010 5:57PM Report

Take you kids out on adventure, and tell them all the cool stories and play with them. Just seeing there faces and the fun they have will take you back to the time you self where a kis. That is what i do, and the kids love a father that is the huge killing robot(starwars team) ore a horrible monster ore a huge giant roamint the forres locking for some one to rob ;)

Sat May 01 2010 1:11PM Report writes:
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