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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Immortality Is Just A Click Away

Posted by Teala Thursday November 15 2007 at 3:22AM
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The year is 2075.   Today is the day, you've made the decision, and now all it requires is a click of the mouse and immortality will be yours.   You've put a great deal of thought into your choice of cyberverses you'd consider to live in and you've narrowed it down to just one.   With the help of a AHCG, short for advanced human cyberverse generator, you've created the perfect body that will be you in the new cyberverse.   You're not've nothing to loose.  Your body is ravaged by a new strain of DNA Virus 3, and you've been given a year to live.   So there you sit in the reclining chair.   A thin mesh metallic like membrane covers your head.  Attached to it is a small remote transmitting unit.   This thin membrane known as a DCMU, short for dynamic cerebral mapping unit, will use the latest technology to map your brain down to the last electron.

There is one catch though...when it is done your brain will stop functioning.   It  will stop functioning because you've decided that anything is better than death, and well, you've been told that when you start your new life it will be in a new world, in a new universe, and you'll just simply wake up in it and thought you had been asleep when you traveled to get there.    You'll awaken in a universe as vast as the one you are coming from, only this universe fits into the latest Intelecron Quantum Processor, which is about as big as a scrabble tile game piece.  All the physics of your real world will be present in this world.  You'll swear you are still made of skin and bone.  You'll breath, you'll sweat, you'll cry, urinate, have to eat, drink, sleep and even be able to conceive a child in this new universe.   Your old human body will be cremated and that will be that.  You'll have joined the 2 billion other people who have all ready uploaded their mapped brain, their very soul, to one of a dozen cyberverses available.

In this universe you can never die.   Well, not really, because you can be killed, however the strategically placed soul stones throughout this universe senses your passing and when you die in the new universe your body turns to electrons, and is reformed at the closest soul stone.   So for all intent and purposes, in the new cyberverse you've chosen to live in, you are essentially immortal just as long as the memory crystal and Intelecron Processors don't give out at the same time.  If one goes, it can be replaced and life will go on.  If they both go...that cyberverse and everyone, and everything in it, will just blink out of existence.   For a death it would be quite painless because it would happen in a nano second.  

Your arm relaxes and your finger is poised to click the mouse button.   Images of the new cyberverse you'll be a part of in a matter of hours fade in and out from a 3D holographic viewer in front of you.   It is a cyberverse based loosely on a late 20th century computer game known as EverQuest.   Only this EverQuest Cyberverse is as real or will seem as real as anything you've known except...there be dragons there, and elves, and orcs...and you.  You close your eyes and click the mouse fall asleep as the click activated the sedative that would put you to sleep forever on this world....

Sounds too weird huh?  Will this really be possible in the future?

Scientist seem to think so.   Studies are underway to map the very neurons of the human brain and even deeper with new technologies as they become available.   So in essence they say they'll be able to map or "Transferring of 'the immaterial essence of an individuals life, the individuals total self, and immortal part' of an individual to some digital format."  - upload your soul.  

Scientist have even gone so far as to say this is how the human race will travel the stars.  It won't be via spacecraft navigating worm holes, or racing through the heavens at the speed of light or faster, but ships that carry virtual cyberverses in them in which live the future colonist of a distant world millions of light-years away.   The theory is that if you could transfer peoples souls into this digital format they could live on in a cyberverse until the spacecraft reaches its destination.   In the cyberverse they'd not know how long of time had passed because the cyberverse coding could basically reset everyones internal clock to make them think they had been asleep for eight hours, when in actuality they have lived a thousand life times as they traveled millions of light-years through space.

When the spacecraft eventually finds a suitable world for the cyber colonist, in the cyberverse, in the real universe as we know it, then their souls will be re-transferred into human clones that are created via an invitro method of conception from frozen embryos on board the spacecraft when the time is right.  All this will be automated.   Once the clones are ready to receive their new souls the cyberverse colonist will be uploaded to their new bodies and voila'...the human race colonizes a new world millions of light-years from home.

However, one of the other reasons scientist are looking into this is for the very survival or the human race in the near future.   They fear that eventually the Earth will become over populated and there won't be enough resources for the projected 20+ billion people.  So the question is what do you do with all the access people, there is no way to feed them all and it could cause the extinction of mankind.  You create a cyberverse and stick them in it!  That's what you do.   Today people spend thousands of hours immersed in online virtual worlds and this would just be the next step into feeding their addiction.   So scientist figure it will not be hard to find volunteers who'd gladly upload their soul into a cyberverse if it meant living on in a world of their choosing - be it a fantasy based one ala EverQuest or  a sci-fi one based on the Star Wars Universe or one of a dozen others that will be available.

Sounds almost to surreal, or too ZOMG, for this to ever become a reality, but just remember this -   people once thought the Earth was flat, and that we never fly, or walk on the moon.   Twenty four years ago the Internet was born, and who would have thought that millions of people would be playing and adventuring together in virtual online worlds?  Movies have been released that touched on the subject of realistic cyber worlds like the Matrix.   So just think about it.  Think about the possibilities...think about the ramifications both ethically, morally, and spiritually - and ZOMG would a guy choose to upload his soul into a cyberbabes body, or what about the female that chooses to do the opposite.   This kinda possible future drums up hundreds if not thousands of questions of what uploading our souls will do to the human race on the whole...and what if "immortality were just a click away"?


Wish to learn more, here is a link to more info on uploading your soul.

Stormreign writes:

I'd definetly be one of the first to volunteer for this. Hell, i'd volunteer to be part of the testing process even if it was dangerous. Is that sad? Probably. Do I care? Nope!


Reality is simply a matter of perception. If I can feel it, see it, smell it, is it not real?


Besides, for all we know the entire world as we know it now is just a computer simulation ;P

Thu Nov 15 2007 4:02AM Report
Shadin writes:

Very good read honestly...

Though tempted, I'm quite attached to my human body - and foremost my fiancée.. so I think I'll stay here for now. ;)

Thu Nov 15 2007 4:26AM Report
Seith writes:

I'd volunteer as well, maybe not for the Beta Test though. :P

Thu Nov 15 2007 7:13AM Report
Kenny3000 writes:

it might possibly be well...Possible But i have one thing to add. i doubt by the time we have 20 billion we will be able to upload into clones. more likely we will be uploded into fake brains in fully prothstetic bodies. if youve read the new popular science you know its only another 10-20 years before we start replacing outdated human parts and organs for new faster betted efficeint prothstetic ones. they now (2007) have a hand that looks next to real minus the skin, moves just like a hand, and it can crush a  baseball bat. i think real bodies are on the way out and new prothstetics are on the way in. the rest of the article i agreewith you on every level. oh and i would rather stay out of the game in a prothstetic body. that basicly immortality, just replacing parts that wear out.  and think  of the knolage you could gain from being alive that long. over the thousands of years traveling in space you could read every book and article known to man!

Thu Nov 15 2007 8:20AM Report
JB47394 writes:

The only difficulty with all that is the metaphysics.  Will you wake up in the cyberverse, or will a copy of you wake up?  Does your consciousness actually transfer?  In that we can't prove the presence of consciousness yet, we wouldn't know, even after completing the process.

Scientist: "Process complete.  Are you you?"
Subject: "Yep, I'm me."
Scientist: "It worked!"

Also, once I'm in a cyberverse, I can have as many copies of me made as I care to.  Or I can upload those copies into as many clones of me as I care to.  Which one is me?  If consciousness is truly transferred, perhaps only if all the clones share the same consciousness could the very concept of consciousness be proven.  Do I get a vote for each clone or only each consciousness?  Do I need to even use the same starting clone or could I clone into a bunch of different bodies?  Sounds like a science fiction story to me.

Me, I'll just go quietly when my time comes and save myself the metaphysics-inspired headache.

Thu Nov 15 2007 9:50AM Report
Flungmuk writes:

I'd probably do it. After all, 2075, I'd be over 100 years old. :)

Good read though.

Thu Nov 15 2007 1:01PM Report
Tiller writes:

Wow, Fn crazy, but I have no soul to upload. SOE took it.

Thu Nov 15 2007 2:18PM Report
neschria writes:

I would do it. I'll be 104 in 2075, so I am pretty sure my new digital body would be in better shape than my physical one. I want to be perpetually young and blonde in my digital life, and I never want to sleep or have to go to the ladies room ever again. I only want to eat for fun... and stat bonuses!  :)

Leaving aside that I believe that consciousness and personality are separate from the soul, I think I'd be ok with being dead in fleshspace and a copy of me carrying on in a virtual world.

Could different copies of me live in different cyberverses and then get together on a hub server for a convention once in a while? Could I continue to make decisions for myself as a being in the larger universe after I entered a cyberverse?  Could I still enter into legal contracts with fleshpeople? Would I be limited to interacting with other cyberized people, or could my family jack in and visit me? Could I still call them and send them messages through whatever incarnation of the Internet is out there in 2075?  If they reach a point that they can map everything that well, could I selectively remove my worst memories from the digital me? Or insert memories of things I wish I *had* done before I went digital?

The mere idea of this technology raises a forest of questions. I can't imagine how much regulation would end up surrounding the practice if it ever became possible.

Tue Nov 20 2007 3:48PM Report
Vundal writes:

some one just  finsihed reading the Electric Church by Jeff Somers.

Wed Aug 27 2008 3:28PM Report
lifesbrink writes:

I have actually given a fair amount of thought to this particular subject.  I also have noticed you are a girl, and outspoken on you must be a guy! (secretly)  Girls are a myth!

Thu Jan 22 2009 12:46PM Report writes:
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