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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Welcome to Incarna - Welcome to the Catwalk

Posted by Teala Saturday September 10 2011 at 11:01AM
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Incarna was suppose to be an expansion that would bring us captains quarters and walking in stations, where players could enteract with one another - in stations.   When Incarna did finally launch, we got one CQ, with the promise that more CQ's would be released by August.   Then in August we were told that the other CQ's would be released sometime before the Winter expansion.  Now we're told that the CQ's and WiS will be added in the Winter expansion.   With this constant promise of "Soon™" I am really becoming less and less a fan of CCP(I know this is nothing new for CCP and a inside joke between the players and CCP - but we all have to admit that lately it has gotten really bad and it no longer funny).   The last year they have promised us players much and delivered very little.   With each patch we get more bugs and no fixes...and the funny thing is many of these bugs they are aware of and do not even bother to patch them!

For instance, the sound strip miners make when it is in operation.  It is suppose to play continuously(loop).   Instead it plays once per cycle of the strip miner.  They have said this was a bug and that they will fix it.  It has been over two months and we're still waiting.   Is it really so hard for them to fix what seems to be a very simple sound bug?  Ah...but you will say, "Kristi, you're being silly...this is just a minor, none game breaking, bug.  Stop being so stupid."    See that is where you would be wrong, this is just the tip of the iceburg, and there are more problems with the game that go back almost 8 years that CCP has failed to address and yes some are game breaking.   CCP over the last year has gotten worse about even attempting to fix broken things in EVE.   There was a huge list of issues with this game created by the players recently regarding CCP's lack of attention to fixing problems.   CCP's response.

Welcome to Incarna -  Welcome to the Catwalk.<<< clicky

So this is were valuable resources go toward instead of fixing their game.    Instead of fixing the UI and giving players the abiltiy to make fonts bigger(fonts in EVE are super small and hard to see with no way to adjust them in certain UI windows - players have begged CCP to fix this for over 6 years!  To this day - we're still waiting.)  they spend valuable assets and resources on a something like the video you just watched?  If you do not think this did not take time, effort, and resources away from EVE you're crazy.  

Is it any wonder the player base of EVE is turning on CCP?   

After reading Willaim Murphy's piece on "the Future of EVE", he recently wrote here at, I am thinking more and more that Incarna was not only a test bed for World of Darkness and Dust 514,(CCP's other MMORPG's they have in the works) and the players of EVE were merely guinea pigs for it, but also, Incarna will just become a means for CCP to sell more virtual items in their online store.   They may have at one time thought of adding Incarna and WIS to EVE to expand game play into the realm of avatars...but that got lost in all this "micro transactions" and the NEX.   Now it seems all CCP has their eyes on is $$$ and how they can milk their player base of their cash.

Instead of adding what they promised they decided this was more important.  Making a virtual catwalk, to show off EVE fashions at a fashion show.   Instead of fixing their games bugs - this was more important. 

Incarna has become the worst game expansion ever released on a player base next to SOE's  NGE.   It not only was poorly implemented, it completely failed to deliver what CCP promised it would deliver and has added nothing of value to the game that is EVE.    And with the direction CCP seems to be going with EVE and turning Incarna into nothing more than a store front window with a catwalk for their MT items, I have to wonder how much longer EVE will be around.   Add to that the whole "greed is good" philosophy of the guy in charge, the ongoing mess between the players, the CSM, and CCP, it makes the situation even more dire.    When you add all this up and put it into perspective - you have to wonder - wtf is CCP thinking?

So to CCP I say.   Congrat's CCP - welcome to douchedom.

Tivian writes:

They have been promising the ability to paint ships. They have yet to impliment something so trivial to the game.

CCP has quite frankly taken a great franchise and original idea and ruined it. By interfering with in the game and favoring players over others. I have witnessed this first hand since beta II.

 Now they are going to screw up DUST 154.  With PS3 only release...screw the pc gen that got you the ability to make it in the first place!

Epic Fail

Sat Sep 10 2011 3:26PM Report
NeokiNaomi writes:

I quit playing shortly after the Torpedo Nerf 3-4 years ago, and the fact that their version of "space reality" physics is nothing close to what "physics" really is.  Their contact in their astro phsyics department obviously failed ASTR 30100. But this game has always been "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and their fixing of bugs has always been "Rock, Paper, Nothing". Some things never change, every time I feel like resubbing and hoping back in, I notice old bugs that STILL have not been fixed, as you stated.

In my book, a game with new shinies and no maintenance on core components, is nothing more than a masked Titanic meant to set sail for failure. Good write up Kristi.

Sun Sep 11 2011 6:24PM Report
Mors.Magne writes:

I was hoping that WiS would take off in a big way. Then just last week, a CCP dev posted that WiS will be a sideline and they'll concentrate on FiS. I've never know so much hype and expectation result in so little. However, I still live in hope, because the game has huge potential.

Wed Sep 14 2011 5:52AM Report
Inktomi writes:

Such a great post. EVE is beginning to sound more and more like a sad 2011 version of a Star Wars Galaxies Post-NGE saga. The story of a little game that had absolutely everything going for it and unfortunately the corporate entities quest for bigger money totally forgot about the people that got them there. 


The fact is that CCP is become more aggressive with its MT tactics because they are looking to expand into 2 other markets.  One is the FPS and the other is a pure avatar-based, story driven campaign being World of Darkness. These are both expensive campaigns and someone has to pay for it all. So they looked and devised a way to milk the cash cow most efficiently. 

Research has been done and done and done thats proven us, the MMORPG to be a vanity-driven community that doesn't mind spending the extra cash to look cool in front of our friends. Just look at all the designer jean manufacturers that get away with selling $150 jeans when they do the same exact thing as a classic pair of levi's. Except these jeans are what all the cool pirates are wearing. I don't mean to digress with my metaphor, just sayin' that its a proven method.

I've since the whole Incarna "greed is good" mess cancelled both of my accounts and have pursued other avenues. I loved EVE because it gave me a rush that no other game has to date. I just wanted to fly around in a cool, blinky space ship and shoot at people with it. EVE scratched an itch that not even WOW can.

If they had taken a different approach and given players a chance to land on these planets and then break into FPS mode, that would have been great. But the fashionista angle is way off the mark of what the hardcore players really wanted, it was new content, new ships mainly T3 frigs and BS's. That has been the on  the short list for many of the CSM meetings. Even though the CSM got a lot done, in the end, they were closed out when big corporate was making their big moves toward the playerbase. This is why The Mittani said things were going to get messy.

And they are going to get really messy when the cash cow is not producing enough milk to fund CCP's new pet project. Thanks for the post Teala +10.

Thu Sep 15 2011 9:55AM Report
Wizardry writes:

CCP has had more than long enough to make a completely whole new game let alone add to the existing one.Even the VERY simplest of things like combat mechanics,Eve has very few,it's like the whole game is just based on spread sheets,it is really a cheap product.

IMO when Eve was released it was not even 25% of the product it should be.Other games like AOC for example were ridiculed for not having the over all content.Why have so many allowed this CCP to rape people of their money for a half finished product?Because there is nothing else?

Fri Sep 23 2011 7:02PM Report
Xondar123 writes:

CCP has jumped the shark. EVE has gone from innovative sandbox game to cash cow ripe for the milking.

I was excited for Incarna as I thought it meant the next step in the evolution of EVE so I was very disappointed to find out that Incarna would only be a little side game. It seems obvious now that CCP doesn't ever intend to let EVE players have anmy sort of depth with Incarna, there won't be any walking on planets, avatar combat, or anything other than browsing player shops to buy the latest fluff sold by CCP in their shameless cash grab.

EVE is not the MMO I wanted it to be, I have no interest any more.

Sat Sep 24 2011 2:14AM Report
ArcheusCross writes:

I feel sorry for you all. I feel like whats happening to you is what happened to me and many others when swg pulled a nge. RIP another good game lost to greed. Maybe indie games really are the wave of the future.

Mon Sep 26 2011 12:54AM Report writes:
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