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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

When Things Were New and the Future Was Full of the Unkown.

Posted by Teala Thursday September 17 2009 at 1:42PM
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Wow...a post in the forums today made me all nostalgic.   I started to remember when the Internet was in its infancy...yes I was there and yes I am old enough to remember.   ::sigh::   Let's not talk about my age though, because I hate the fact that I am getting older!   So onward we go into this little journey of remembrance.

It seems like another lifetime ago and to be honest it was.   I was just a teenage girl living on a ranch in the Northwest of the US.   My father had always had a love of gadgets so we always had access to things like calculators and the first computers that were on the market back in the day when they were new like the TRS 80 and and Apple II.   Though I was an infant when those came out we still made use of them for playing games and what not later on when we got older.    Dad had the latest greatest and we got his old stuff to dink around on.    Didn't matter if it was already obsolete - we had lots of fun playing those older games and stuff on them as we grew older.

We played games like the old Gold Box series of Dungeons and Dragons.   Yes I was into gaming back then, I had brothers(many brothers - 4 to be exact) and they were all into swords and sorcery stuff back then and of course me being a bit of a Tomboy and always running with the boys I got hooked on the games as well.    Had to.   I wasn't about to let my brothers have all the fun.   So I played their games with them.   On the weekends after chores and doing whatever when the sun was up, we'd head into the game room where the computer was and start playing those old games for everything they were worth.    OMG we had so much fun and the hours we burned were many.    My love for computer gaming grew out of us all huddled around that one computer having a blast as we adventured through the lands of the Forgotten Realms.   Though the graphics were archaic at best, back then it didn't matter, we still had our imaginations and it filled in the gaps of those sprite graphics.   

Then we got our first modem and we could dial out and get on BBS's.   This was the infancy of the Internet.    Way back...back even before AOL.   On these BBS's we found games!   Yea!  All prose and no graphics.  But what these games back then lacked in graphics they made up with story and game play.   Some of those older prose based MUDS were really deep in story and rich in lore.   The cool thing was we were able to play with others that shared our love of fantasy games.  Thus began my love for online gaming.

Later we kids got our own machines and with it came the age of the Internet and AOL.    When we first got AOL I was really curious as to what it offered in the way of games.   So off I went in search of games.  At first I was drawn to the prose based gaming forums scattered about chat channels of AOL.   Like the Red Dragon Inn and Red Star Station.   It was all free-form and no real rules except the ones we created ourselves and agreed upon by us players.   We could weave our stories and roll our virtual dice and play together - the words on the screen were our world and our imaginations fed and created them.   What a wonderful fun time we all had back in the day.    Seriously...back before UO and such we had Gemstone and it was all prose with a couple of graphical interfaces.

I remember the numerous discussions we had back then even about the future of online gaming and where it might go.    This was back in like 1994.    Back then I was like, someday we're going to be able to control a virtual avatar and run around in virtual worlds slaying monsters and crawling in dungeons and doing whatever.   Many people seemed to think computers would never be able to handle such stuff back then...but I thought differently.   I was sure that someday it would happen.    That day soon came with games like Diablo and Ultimate Online.   Though it was still 2D we were closer to seeing 3D virtual worlds than ever before.

Then in 1999 came the release of EQ and soon after Asheron's Call and I knew I would be an online gamer for the rest of my life.   Here  I am 10 years later and I am just as enthusiastic about online gaming as I ever was and do not see me ever not being an online gamer.    I am not really sure what it is that keeps me playing these games other than I just love that it enables us to be a part of something not real - it is a window into make believe worlds where we players can be more than just mere mortals.    We are warriors, healers, thieves and vagabonds wondering along tendrils of light, in a virtual universe, in search of adventure that cannot be found in our real world.    We are online gamers, dreamers of dreams, and the games we play are part of us and we are part of them.

Kyligraphy writes:

heh... I see stuff...


did you know the community is lacking? Did ya know that there are actual reference and insight in some games? I never knew these things until I had a recent insight into these things, then my head went "BOOM" and I found a new interest other then games.


 Not to burst your bubble on video games, but sometimes I see these and think to myself... are these games, or am I just the only one who looks into these things once in awhile...

Tue Sep 22 2009 5:15AM Report
Gorakkh writes:

Great post. Brings back memories of when I use to play games on the mac when I was just a little boy and later on my first time playing UO and EQ :)

I especially enjoyed reading the last paragraph. Reminds me of when I first played an MMORPG and the magic that It was.

Tue Sep 22 2009 2:21PM Report
FelnorTalon writes:

I was just discussing this very thing with a friend of mine today.

It seems forever since I first logged into EQ with my homebuilt 586 and 56k modem. Since then I have I enjoyed game after game and it is alot fun to compare how things used to be in the gaming world to how they are now.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Wed Sep 23 2009 8:13PM Report
NeokiNaomi writes:

Nice timelapse there Kristi, heh gave me some flashbacks of gameboy days with tetris hooked up with my friends dueling it off.

Wed Sep 23 2009 10:41PM Report
Tisiphone writes:

Great flashbacks, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Thu Sep 24 2009 12:25AM Report
cukimunga writes:

Yeah I remember watching friends play UO and thought man that is sweet. Then when EQ came out I bought it but found out I didn't have a good enough Videocard. So I ended up playing Runscape cuz I really wasn't a computer Nerd back then. I mostly used computers back then for chatrooms and Napster. But finally I ended up getting a computer to play EQ then a month Later me and my friends moved on to FFXI.  I knew from then on out  that I would be an online gamer forever too. Well as long as they made interesting games that is.

Tue Oct 13 2009 7:28AM Report
Nachetka writes:

  Yeah, this does bring back memories.  Playing "Temple of Apshai" on the old Amiga 64, or just the late nights of old pen and paper AD&D .  Sitting around the kitchen table with my brothers and exploring some distant land full of mist and mystery, never knowing what lies over the next hill or around the next corner. 


Tue Oct 13 2009 9:14PM Report
sijmister writes:

Nice article. I am probably a lot younger than most of you guys because the first version of AOL that I remember using was 4.0, and I didn't even know Everquest existed until it was about 3 years old or so, cuz I was still playing my little gameboy and N64 RPGs and all that good stuff.

The first MMO I ever played was WoW when I was 16, but I've been into RPGs since I was about 8 and it was pretty cool to me that I could finally have that RPG experience with other people online, since I never got into MUDs, EQ, UO, or AO or Live Role Playing or anything like that. It really seemed to fill out that bit of the experience that I always found lacking in the single player RPGs, as fun as they were. Great blog, it was nice to get a peak into your Online gaming journey.

Mon Oct 26 2009 11:01AM Report
sijmister writes:

Sorry, I meant AC, not AO =P.

Mon Oct 26 2009 11:04AM Report
wootin writes:

Hmm, it's possible that Mortal Online will bring back that thrill of danger in combat. I too hate the numbers game that is MMO combat nowadays.

Sun Jan 17 2010 10:33PM Report writes:
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