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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

EVE Online: Hunting for the elusive, 'la petite mort'.

Posted by Teala Friday August 13 2010 at 5:01PM
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Playing EVE is like having sex while enduring a root-canal at the same time - it can be a pleasurably painful experience. No seriously...there is so much right with the game, and yet so much wrong, that I think most players are willing to endure the bad to get to the good - even if the good only last for but a brief time - sorta like hunting for the elusive 'la petite mort' (when the sex is not all that great --- if you know what I mean?) .  Now I am not saying outright that EVE is a bad game, on the contrary, it is a great game; that once you have really started to play it, and get into it, there is this great game in there.  Soon, though, you start to notice things...things that are not kosher in the least, and sometimes downright painful things to endure - yet we must, because EVE’s designers must secretly wish to be dentist, and watch their players squirm, while giving them a root canal, and tickling them.

I am going to give you some examples from someone(me) that primarily mines ore in game. That is all my character does mostly is chew asteroids, day in, and day out. In the process of being a miner I have found many things that just annoy the bejeezes out of me, and I cannot help but wonder why some of these annoying aspects exist in game.

For instance.

You warp into a bookmarked asteroid belt location that you set using an asteroid from the belt as the target for said bookmark(saves you time doing this so you do not warp to the belt beacon that is anywhere from 25-45km from the nearest asteroid, making you have to travel in a slow arse moving exhumer to get to within range of the asteroids you intend to mine). Here is the problem though. If you warp into the bookmarked asteroids location at the wrong angle, or the wrong trajectory, and end up dropping out of warp next to an asteroid, your ship gets ejected from the belt at extreme speeds, sending it careening off away from the belt. You cannot stop the ship from doing this. Mashing the stop ship button has no effect. It just goes flying off(at some incredibly high speeds for an exhumer - I had no ideal my ship was capable of such awesome speeds without a micro-warp drive and even then, a micro-warp drive cannot match the speeds that bouncing off an asteroid can produce!), and eventually it decides when it no longer wishes to be traveling at 500+ m/s - and by that time, you find yourself wasting time turning your ship around, and flying back the 40+km distance your ship just traveled. To those that play. You know this to be true. You also know that warping in at 10km distance does not solve the issue either, 90% of the time, because the game will still warp you into an asteroid and ‘zing’’re sling-shot off toward anywhere, but where you wish to be.

(Note to new players: In order to avoid this - drop an empty canister about 10km from the asteroids you wish to mine and bookmark it and this will not be a problem for you - drop it to the side, top, or bottom of the asteroid belt - never within the asteroids themselves, as this would defeat the purpose - and then just warp to zero on that bookmark.)

Another thing that annoys me while mining,(and you learn really fast is), do not mine from among the asteroids. Seriously...if you get in there, getting out is nearly impossible...keep your distance and here is why. Because of the way the collision system and hit boxes of objects in game are done, you can collide with things before you actually make real contact. You can be 100 meters from some things, and this can send your ship spinning off away from the object. If you are in a nest of asteroids this will have the effect of a pin-ball machine smacking around that silver little ball. Yes...again this is true. Once your ship gets to bouncing around in there it is nearly impossible to get it out. Your ship will just bounce around between the ‘roids and you can’t tell it to stop, and you will never warp out of it either. You just have try to pick a spot in space, and double-click it, and hope that your ship turns toward the direction free of asteroids, and doesn’t ricochet off the asteroids you are trying to free yourself from.

Another thing that I find kinda silly, and makes me scratch my head, is the way I can go into overhead view, and have my ship be able to show my every object in a given distance from my ship, merely by clicking on what I wish to see on my overviews list.

For instance.

Since I am a miner, I can go into the overview display controls and pick from among the list of many things like asteroids, stations, and such. Clicking on the word asteroids displays a long list of all the types of asteroids I can choose to have my overview display, at anyone time. So if all I wish to see are Scordite asteroids, I click on the little box, and instantly all the asteroids near my ship that are Scordite pop up on my overhead view list. Doesn’t matter if it is 200+km shows up. Now here is where this becomes an issue.  It is so cool that my ship, without a survey scanner, can not only see at great distances - but it can discriminate out everything I do not wish to see on my overview. If all I wish to see on my overview is Scordite based asteroids - my ships built in scanner and overview display can do this. However! --- my ship fitted with a tech II survey scanner can only scan out to 22km, and you cannot discriminate what it scans in the way of asteroids.  Want to talk about wasting time training up a skill only to find it is is pretty much useless! is. Why bother training up a skill like survey as a miner, when the ships built in system scans further(instantly mind you - no cycle time like a survey scanner has) and can discriminate out all the other stuff you’re not interested in? Makes no sense whatsoever, and when it dawned on me just how useless survey scanning for mining is, I was like ‘crap I wasted time training that when I could have trained a more important skill!’

(Note: The only benefit survey scan has is that it tells you how much ore an asteroid contains in units.)

::sigh:: Lame.  Seriously...didn’t the guys at CCP see this? Did they just write up a bunch of skills to add to the game(survey being one of them) and toss it in and say - ‘Hey look, look at all the skills you as a player have to choose from...we have this and this and this and this...and...’ to make their game see more complete than what it is? Honestly.   So here is an ideal.

Remove the stupid ability for ships to see asteroids without an actual scanner, so that all that time we spent training survey was worth the time, and effort! Second...not only increase the speed at which the survey scanner scans at per cycle, per skill point, but also extent it’s range accordingly, so that it actually gets better as you train it! Also! Allow us to discriminate out everything except for what we are looking for! The ship can do it! Why can’t a survey scanner, that is suppose to be worth having, do it?! Seriously...I am not trying to be mean here. I am trying to figure out CCP’s reasoning behind this, and why they did it this way because to be honest with you - it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever - none.

One last thing about scanners...have them constantly on when we click them, and then have them, in real time, monitor the amount of ore still contained within the asteroid, so we know how much remains as the lasers removes ore. For those of us that are not macro-miners(bots) it would be nice to see that we’ve depleted an asteroid, and can turn it off, and start mining a news one - instead of wasting half a cycle time on a mining laser that has all ready finished mining all the ore from the asteroid. Please! One of the most annoying things is to be mining an asteroid that has like 25k units and instead of your mining laser just shutting off automatically when the asteroid is depleted - it just continues to run for another minute, mining empty space! A, real time, ore amount monitor would greatly be appreciated! Please!

Mining lasers are so frakking cool! Seriously...I love to listen to their pulsing sound, I actually find it relaxing when I am listening to it and some music while mining. One thing though that I noticed is that the laser color itself is always the same color no matter what ore or what laser crystal you have installed. This can lead to issues between other miners when you pull into a belt and start mining. I’ve been sent messages from other miners asking me what ore I am mining because they like to think they claim dibs on certain ore in that belt, because they got there first. Cool...I am completely OK with this, nobody wants to move in and start scarfing up asteroids on someone else, trying to scrape up the little amount one might find of a certain ore: in a given belt, in a given system.  So here is a suggestion CCP - give us colored lasers based on the type of crystal we are using or the type of ore we’re mining. There are more hues to the color spectrum than just yellowish-orange. Really...not only would it help us miners to see instantly what others are mining, but it would be very pretty to have different colored lasers as we mine. Red, purple, green, some with sparkles(some with - some without)...just anything would be so much better than the same-old, same-old, confusing light-show we currently have. Please.

Please --- please, increase the distance a mining exhumer can target another ship! Even with long-range targeting almost maxed - you’re telling me I cannot target a ship 45km away! Why? A stupid lowly frigate can target me at that and distance and further! It is annoying to have to wait, and wait for something to get into range(especially when you have the skill trained that is suppose to give you greater range!) before you can actually target it - if it actually needs to get closer. I know there are limits based on ships type and what not, but it is crazy that a hulks targeting range is so poor compared to other ships. I’m not asking for a lot here - just enough that it gives us time to actually target something(that is not a long-range based sniper boat) before they might be in range to do whatever it is they intend to do to us. It might just give us miners(that are not botters!) the time we need to do something to protect ourselves from gankers.

There are little tricks us miners can do, to one person suicide ganker,(if they- the miner - trains the right skills and fit their ships properly) and if that ganker is not all that skilled, that will give us time to either fight or escape. So many times I have come close to being ganked, because I was not able to utilize my full set of skills and abilities at the onset of the attack. It was only due to shear luck, and quick reflexes, so far that I have avoided being ganked and I generally escape with my ship spewing fire and smoke. I, and I am sure many other miners, would appreciate it if we could make use of our skills that require targeting other ships. By us not being able to target ships at greater distances in our exhumer’s, we’re at even a greater disadvantage due to the fact that we’re not using a combat vessel to face a combat vessel. So please...not asking for a lot here...just 15 to 25 more km. That isn’t to much to ask for.

Another thing that is mining related that is painful to deal with is transferring ore from a barge/exhumer to an Orca. Yes...CCP we have a problem! Why is it that if I am moving ore from say my items bay on board a station to my ship and the ore happens to be in a quantity that is to much for my ship to haul it ask - “The ships hold is not capable of holding x amount of ore - do you mind if we only transfer what it can hold? Yes or No. yada, yada, yada” Cool...makes it less painful when this happens don’t you think? I thought so too and I applaud you for that....however, why doesn’t it do this when transferring ore from an barge/exhumer to an Orca? Why? Seriously...why doesn’t it do this? When the hold is almost full and you try to top it off - it doesn’t give you the little question. No instead it requires that you pull out a calculator and to perform math, to determine how much room is left in your Orca’s hold so that you can transfer the right amount without it rejecting the transfer. Funny thing is that the Orca pilot can transfer Ore from the corporate Ore hold to the Ocra’s own cargo hold and it works as it is suppose to, and will ask if you wish to transfer only enough to fill the hold. If the Orca pilot tries to transfer the Ore from the Ore hold on the ship to the corporate hold on the ship - no go...if the amount exceeds the amount of space that is left in the hold. Again you have to pull out the calculator and do math. Hey I do not mind it...really, I am just curious why it works only in certain instances and not all of them. I just find it a little mind boggling that it only works in certain instances...I guess those particular holds sensors are pre-year 32000AD and cannot assist the pilot with the transfer of ore the way other holds can do.

And one of my other main gripes is...we spend all this the time training to be miners and to be the best at it, yet when we do finally reach the pinnacle of mining we find out that from tech I to tech II mining crystals we get .125 greater yield. Yep... .125 is all you get. I know I was astounded to learn that that is all we get, for taking the all that time to get into tech II crystals, and all we get is a meager .125 more yield. Don’t believe me...look for yourselves. A tech I Veld crystal has a modifier of 1.625x and a tech II has 1.75x - crystal stats below.

What kind of gratitude is being shown to players that painstakingly endured the time it takes to train up to be able to use such an item only to learn that it is only .125 better than a tech I version.  That is not love you're showing us...that is more like - here, let me whip you with a burning leather strap, then rub salt in your wounds afterward.  OK...maybe I am being a little over dramatic...OK...maybe a lot,  that doesn't excuse you from this.   We do what you ask and train, and train, and train some more, and all we get is a little more crumbs.  I feel like poor little, trembling, Oliver Twist, holding out his bowl for a few more scraps of gruel asking, "Please, sir, I want more." it to much to ask for a bit of a boost - didn't we earn it?

I do not think mining is the only profession in EVE that has its issues. I haven’t spent enough time doing much else in EVE other than mining really...oh I do some salvaging now and then and a little trading...but haven’t really dove in deep enough in those aspects of the game to make any kind of assessment to the problems other professions may have, and I am sure there are plenty if mining is any indicator to the rest of the game. I know it seems like I am knit-picking and really hammering EVE lately, but come on --- the game has been out for 7 plus years, and these things are still an issue. I have just touched on a few of the things that miners have to deal with --- just a few. There is more, less annoying, but still annoying things(what the frak is up with anchored containers anyway - the largest only holding 3,900m/3 at a time - really CCP?! Really!)...just do not have the time to list them all right now...those I’ll save for another day and another entry. ::sigh:: Polish CCP - polish...that is what makes a great game awesome, and that is what makes an awesome game a great lover - to the fans that love MMORPG’s.

Where is the love CCP - where is the love? ::sniffles:: We fans love you, and your game, and we show it by saying as much, and by continuing to play --- and what do we get from you? We get our teeth pulled, and our fancy's tickled, and then just before 'la petite mort' --- you excuse yourself, roll over, and go to sleep!

How is that fair?!

erictlewis writes:

I played ever for a while. I gave up a long time back.  So many things about this game just irked me.  Sneeze to close to somebody else asteriod and you have a corp war.

There were a few things i like, but when they started all that nonsense of training licenses as well as skills to fly your ship is when i left.

I feel your pain with mining, i had mined trained all the way up and would gather tons of ice.  When I was not mining i was ratting around trying to take out rats bothering folks who were mining.  I do miss my raven. 

I will say this you really needed a good corp and protection to keep from being ganked.

Tue Aug 17 2010 10:02AM Report
sadeyx writes:

All I can say is


Some people just never get it do they?..  You QQ about things which dont make sense almost as if your trying to say that everything else in life DOES make sense.


This is life, learn to play.

Fri Aug 20 2010 5:48AM Report
Teala writes:

Sadeyx - it's a game I am talking about...not real life...a game.  OK.  Huge difference.   :p   Developers are in control of the digital worlds our virtual characters live in so I expect that world to be less chaotic and a lot less buggy sense virtual worlds are just lines of code that can fixed with a few keystrokes.  

We have enough issues in the real world we have to deal with, we certainly do not need more to be added to our real lives from the games we play.  Unfortunately that is not always the case and game makers need to realize that we come to play their games to relax and to be entertained - not be be plagued by asinine issues that anyone with half a brain would recognize.  Everything I stated in my blog is a real issue in the game of EVE and it shows a lack of polish the game should have obtained at this point in its existence.   BTW thanks for reading my blog and your comment!  ^_^

Fri Aug 20 2010 8:54AM Report
Mithios writes:


Sun Aug 22 2010 2:43PM Report
Mithios writes:

Although most of my issues about EVE that I don't like are more by design, I do completely agree with you on the bit about crystals and the ammount different between T1 and T2.

For example, There are dozens upon dozens upon dozens of combat ships to chose from and only a handful of mining ships. As if that isn't enough, The gap between the mining ship is so long, it makes one want to give up. Fighters can go from frigate to destroyer (if they so chose but don't because the only thing destroyers are worth is salvaging) to cruiser to battle cruiser to battleship, etc... Miners start with a frigate (which shouldn't even count as frigates are by nature, combat ships.) and then continue down the fighter path to mine in larger ammounts or jump right to a retriever, but making noting while you wait for all the skills to train, unlike fighters tha continue to make decent isk along the way because they can actually use the skills they are training on the way up.

Another thing. fighters get this amazingly huge aray of weapons, ammo, armor, mods, etc to chose from. Miners get a laser, a handful of upgrades, and some drones if you've trained. Where are the options for miners? Such as being able to order drones to take ore directly to the orca that is supporting the mining party, or dropping the ore in an asigned can or from my ship to the orca (and yes the cans are almost useless). Fighter drones can be sent to other ships to assist them, why not better AI for mining drones.

What about specialized mining ships like the combat pilots get? There are so many fighter ships with various bonuses based on what type of fighter you want to be, but for miners, just mining. No ships that get a bonus to certain types of ore (which coupled with a stip miner with a right type of crystal) such as 25% bunus to Omber mining.

Also, fighters can assist each other, such as physically repairing thier fleet member's ships, giving them capacitor, etc... Well what about miners being able link up and phically boost thier fleet members mining yield like a pilot can capacitor. This would be a nice added feature to the industrial ships. Afew skills along the way to help. Mining assist yield and mining assist ore specialization.

I'm sure I could think of more but jeez, isn't this enough to begin with?  CCP really should give some more love to the mining part of the game.

P.S. sorry about the faux post. MMORPG really needs to fix the some of the forum bugs

Sun Aug 22 2010 2:47PM Report
toxicmango writes:

I doubt you will see your issues and suggestions addressed.  CCP's attitude is clearly that of favoring combat over trade, mining, and other non-combat activities which from their perspective exist only to support the fighters.  That is what comes of having skewed viewpoints with their own developers entrenched in 0.0 groups engaged in endless pointless turf wars.  Miners are lowest on the EVE food chain, particularly when there is mass sweatshop or macro mining going on. 

Frankly I think the bigger question you should be asking yourself is why bother paying real money for this

Sun Aug 29 2010 9:23PM Report
Asellia writes:

Admitedly, when I did play eve, I never got to ExHumers (Though close!), I had been mining in a Catalyst (R was it a mining barge? I don't even know anymore!), so I never experienced some of this, but it does sound like it'd be considerebly annoying.


All the same, from what the "Bouncing" and "Flying Back" from asteroids sounds like, it would not be a few simple keystrokes. It sounds like a physics problem, which would mean having to recode a lot of the physics system.

Wed Sep 01 2010 4:15AM Report
Inktomi writes:

I like your post and some of Mithios' ideas. I agree with you and was recently looking at the difference in mining crystals. Your right, not much bonus and many hours of training doesn't seem to pay off in the end. 

Unfortunately, there are many elitists in this game as well as other mmo's (all really) that need to have the best of the best. The dev's know this and implement this to keep people playing longer. Its not a big secret that EVE was designed to keep players around longer. All MMO's were for that matter.

Anyway, I fall into your category and don't need the BESTEST of everything. I use T1 crystals for everything. WHY? Because I can make them cheaper, they do the same thing and last just as long if not longer than T2's. 

On the other hand, A GSContainer gives you 3900 M3 but only costs 3000 in your hold. Not a bad trade off if you ask me. 

I can ask a million questions about EVE, but to me, its one of the better (if not best) MMORPG's I have played it it never fails to keep my interest. 

Good post and that offer for a mining op is still up. I should be moving into a WH soon so we can get access to some good stuff. 



Thu Sep 09 2010 12:44AM Report
RobertDinh writes: I like your writing style but was sad to find out you were not a virgin. Wed Sep 15 2010 2:18PM Report
Fishmitts writes:

Are smartphones and tablets going to be our portals to MMORPG's and other games?  Will they replace the desktop PC as we know it?  The answer is yes ---  emphatically yes.

Emphatically stupid.. Will they be an extention? yes. I would love an app to send my minions off to do my bidding while at work because I just dont have the time to gather the stupid stuff.  But you are missing the emersion factor. Yea, you may be able to play on another device, but nothing right now beats a large monitor in a dark room with the head phones on. No way will I feel the fear of a ninja zombie robot attack on a stupid smart phone. Not gonna happen..

Tue May 10 2011 12:52AM Report
elaflo123 writes:

I don't get it, why is mining always in a mmorpg? Cant you think of anything else? I love cigarettes so maybe you can get an smoker avatar or something. LOL

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Wed Mar 19 2014 10:37PM Report writes:
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