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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Star Wars - Clone Wars - Coming to a theater near you!

Posted by Teala Monday August 4 2008 at 11:55AM
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I just don't get it - though I will try to understand with these ramblings.   Maybe my brain has been so crammed full of Star Wars movies, shows, games, books, documentaries over the years that I am just about all Star Wars'd out and just don't care any more, but this newest version of an all ready released title ("Clone Wars" from the Cartoon Network )doesn't seem to add anything just rehashes what we've all ready seen - but uses CGI instead.   On top of that we're expected to pay money at a theater to see it - when we've all ready basically seen it.  Why - what am I missing here?

Lucas running out of money?  I doubt it.   Did he change the story that much form the original we saw on the Cartoon Network?   I doubt it.   Does it fill in missing parts of the Clone Wars storyline?  Seriously...please do not go there.   Star Wars itself is so full of plot holes an armada of Death Stars could fly through them.    So why remake the story of the Clone Wars - again.

My only guess is that Lucas is just having fun now using the different mediums available today to tell his stories - live action one time, cartoons another and CGI this time around.   He has always pushed the envelope sorta speak when it comes to making his movies and I think this is probably no exception.   Lucas has found a new medium and is making use of it.     The question is....can he re-tell a story we have all ready seen, for the most part, and bring a new fresh look at it with the use of CGI? does sorta look flashier and such...but I must ask it worth going to a theater to see it?

Personally...I liked the Cartoon Networks version.   It was very stylized and told the story well enough.  I do not think I need to see it again in CGI - well let me put it this way...I will see it...but I will not pay to see it if I can help it - I just don't see it being worth it. 

For some Star Wars fans(I am a Star Wars fan btw) this will be a must see, simply because they can't get enough of the stuff...sorta like Trekkies.   They eat this stuff up.   They are more than ready to consume all things Star Wars, like hordes of locust,  just as soon as they can.   Hey...knock yourselves out fellow's your money...well soon to be Lucas's...but I understand...I am an MMORPG fanatic and I consume online games like candy...nom, nom, nom. 

As for me...I'm going to go online and review all those old cartoon network versions of the Clone Wars...they were so cool! 

Link to the new Star Wars - Clone Wars  <<<< click here!  

Coming to a theater near you!  08.15.08! 



Psymyn writes:

Ya its a crap move, so freaking lame, im no star wars convensionist, but i love star wars, and this my friend is garbage!

Mon Aug 04 2008 12:49PM Report
Ascension08 writes:

The CN episodes, from what I remember, were kind of a prequel to Episode III. I remember the last episode where Greivous killed some Jedi, that's why he has four lightsabers. I don't know much about this new movie but you're right, it seems to be the same thing...only in CGI.

Mon Aug 04 2008 12:55PM Report
streea writes:

I love the Asajj/Obi-Wan relationship. But I doubt I'll see this in the theatre anyways.

Mon Aug 04 2008 1:50PM Report
sigamon writes:

you dolts its not the same things rehashed. its the things that happened between the movies we saw in theatres. and the new one coming out soon is what happened between episode 2 and 3. I think its awesome being a star wars junkie. so go kiss a bantha

Mon Aug 04 2008 2:07PM Report
puffmouse writes:

sigamon you missed the clone wars and clone wars 2 cartoons that already filled in what happens between episode 2 and episode 3. go suck a bantha

Mon Aug 04 2008 2:19PM Report
KaltesHerz writes:

I got the entire clone war series from netflix and seeing it all at once was much much better than when I watched it in 2-3 minute shots when it first came out on cartoon network.


I however will not be paying to see it at the theaters until it's proven it's not just a rehash of what's already available. Even if it is different it won't take but a month before netflix gets it and I'll just order it from there.

Mon Aug 04 2008 3:28PM Report
razor7136 writes:

I mean really! How many of you who say i'm not going to see this movie have seen plenty of other crap movies that were continued from there series. You can't say u have not. It's Star Wars if your a true fan like you all say you are then stop the bitchin and go see then then say your piece about the movie. Me i'm excited about it. It's Star Wars! I've been there back on opening day in 1977. I personally will go see any and everything Star Wars!


Mon Aug 04 2008 4:02PM Report
KaltesHerz writes:

I consider myself a fan of star wars, but that doesn't mean I'm going to fork out money for everything that says star wars on it. Being a fan doesn't equate to stupid, and not wanting to waste money on a remake doesn't equate to not being a fan.

From what I've seen it's just a rehash of what we've already seen, and I don't feel that it's worth wasting my money on it.


So you go right ahead and gobble up anything thrown your way with star wars written on it, even if it's a rehash, or a joke like the prequels were.


Mon Aug 04 2008 4:24PM Report
Majinash writes:

Ok I gotta say it... I think the CGI movie looks TERRIBLE.  not the content, I have no idea how that is, just the style.


the cartoon network version was interesting, but this just looks plain ugly, and we know they could do better if they wanted to, Square-soft made spirits within like what? 7 years ago or something? and that was freaking beautiful, why are we stuck with this?

Mon Aug 04 2008 5:56PM Report
DeaconX writes:

I'd love to see KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC stories told as CGI Star Wars movies or any other Star Wars tales, but not in this terrible style.  The faces are just so ridiculous.  I'd prefer something like the style of FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS from the Animatrix series. = shmexy.  Gimme that, in Star Wars ;)

Mon Aug 04 2008 7:17PM Report
Eussic writes:

The Clone Wars takes place between Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.[2] The eponymous Clone Wars rage between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Republic. When Jabba the Hutt's son, Rotta the Hutt, is taken by a group of renegades, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi depart in search of answers: where is the Hutt's son, and who is controlling this mysterious renegade group. Yoda sends Ahsoka Tano along as Anakin's apprentice.[2] Count Dooku will unleash his minions, including Asajj Ventress and General Grievous, to cause havoc for the Republic and to make a three way war between the Galactic Republic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Hutts.


Before you make comments research what your commenting about. I have never seen a star wars movie/TV series where jabba the hutt has a son and is  stolen. Now once again research something before you post/comment it just makes you look like a jack ass.

Mon Aug 04 2008 11:22PM Report
Soara writes:

It's a family movie at the same time guys, back the heck off.

Sure, the new Lego models made for the movie you all love so much aren't COMPLETELY awesome awesome for us older Star Wars fans, but for the younger ones, this plain rocks, and I'm sure it will definately preserve the Star Wars spirit far longer.

Once they get into this, they will know what the other Star Wars movies are.

Therefore, you have another large generation of Star Wars lovers.

Tue Aug 05 2008 12:31AM Report
Reklaw writes:

I love Star Wars, but never could get into the Clone wars series and am also not looking forward to the movie, might see it when it's released DVD/Blueray perhaps.

Last week saw Batman and it showed theClone Wars Trailer, which was nice if it wasn't translated into dutch, I didn't understand why they needed to preview the trailer in Dutch at 22.00 hours.

And even thought the Clone Wars is still a expensive movie it's definitly not the cost of what it would have would they have made a normal movie, and I feel that's the deal here cause the cost are far to high and the expectations Lucas saw from his last 2 SW movies made sure he doesn´t want to invest that much money into it so a CGI version is the most logical solution to continue his brand and at the same time might catch a new age demographic. Meaning in my opinion CLone Wars might also atract allot of younger people those who never seen Star Wars the movie´s or atleast not seen them when they where released the first chapters or need to say the last 3 chapters which where hte first movies.

Tue Aug 05 2008 1:36AM Report
razor7136 writes:

First of all I like what  Eussic said about researching movies before you start talking trash about a movie. Second just by seeing a trailer how can you say it looks like a rehash. It is far from that . Like Eussic said  the other CN shows didn't have Jabbas son in them or Anakin having a padawan by his side so research my friend! Last of all by your wonderful way with words just called every Star Wars fan who will toss there money to see a movie with the logo of Star Wars on it STUPID! Besides those last 3 movies might of not been as good as the first 3 but we are talking about a new generation to see Star Wars for the first time and i'm sure the are now hooked on the movies. Like we were or I was when I saw the Star Wars IV for the first time on a huge screen! Thank-You to Eussic for bringing the reseach part into play you have proven my point about opening your mouthe before seeing this movie and see how it really is. To all the fans May The Force Be With You and keep the spirit of Star Wars alive for the generation to come!

Tue Aug 05 2008 1:55PM Report
claytondora writes:

I love Star Wars, I have all my life. I must say however that this movie is somewhat of a let down. There is so much more they could do with the Star War universe then rehash the same time period again and again. The Clone Wars era has already been beaten to death. There was 2 movies set during it, a mini series, many books, and the whole republic comic series. Now they want to add another movie and television series to that list? It would appear to me that they are trying less to produce new interesting content and more set on milking cash. As a die hard Star Wars fan this almost makes me want to cry at the lost opportunity here. If ILM was to do some of the  CGI work they are so capable of, just imagine what could be accomplished. Final Flight of the Osiris/ Advent Children CGI quality coupled with The New Jedi Order or KOTOR era story would be insanely awesome. If only...

Tue Aug 05 2008 2:42PM Report writes:
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