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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

There will never be another game that kills World of Warcraft.

Posted by Teala Monday July 13 2009 at 7:50AM
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Wow Kristi, the title of your thread is laughable at best.  How can you say such a thing?   Simple.   Because it is true.  It is true so long as game designers miss the very things that made World of Warcraft a success and fail to follow suit.   Before you start flaming me and tossing insult bombs my way, please "read" why I think the way I do.   Then if what I have said still makes you wish to flog me with a flaming cat-o-nine tails and then laugh as you toss salt onto my wounds - have at it.   I can take it. 

OK, so why will no new premium AAA pay to play game ever kill World of Warcraft.   Well to begin with, you have to look at the one thing that made World of Warcraft such a success to begin with.   Blizzard knew their player base.  They knew their target audience.    They went so far as to even ask players what they would like to see in their game and then to top it off they didn't even have an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) like so many other games.   Blizzard was really open and honest about their game.   No hush, hush or we're not saying, or we cannot discuss that right now.   Nope.   Blizzard developers and designers said this is what the game is and this is what you're getting and if we cannot do a particular thing this time we'll try to get it in at a later date.    That in itself was awesome and no game company to this date has been so open about their game,   

Then lets look at the game.  It was designed to be played on computers that your average house hold might have.  You didn't need a super computer to run the thing.   If you're computer was nothing more than a monitor attached to a hand-held calculator from a gumball machine, you might find in your local super market , WoW could probably run on it.   World of Warcraft was programmed by the McGyver's of the game design world.   They managed to create a game that was huge in scope and yet easily accessible by the masses.    Anyone and everyone could play World of Warcraft on their computer.  

Advertising.  Blizzard got this right and continues to get it right.   They advertise their game and they do it like no other company does.  They target their audience with great graphical theatrics type posters and cardboard cut-outs.   Go into any legitimate game store and you see what I am talking about.   You can't help but gaze at the colorful box covers or the beautiful unique artwork you'll see on their display stands.   Like a fancy plumed peacock looking for some loving Blizzard's colorful advertisement screams - "Look at me!" - and people do.  Then they buy it - because it looks so very colorful and wonderful - in a Disneyesque sorta way.   Blizzard's art department knows their stuff.  They know how to make people sit up and take notice and their advertising people make use of this.   It works - because World of Warcraft is constantly in the top of games sold across the world.

The game is simple to learn.   You do not have to be a rocket scientist to play World of Warcraft when you first get into the game.   Again this comes into the realm of accessibility.   Blizzard took a lot of the steep learning curve that generally comes with a game of this genre and smoothed it out.   Then once the person gets a feel for the game the learning curve goes up a notch.   Then another and then another.   World of Warcraft is what most games should aim for - easy to learn but hard to master.   There are many ways to build a character and then to play that character once you get to the end game.    It takes some serious number crunching and knowing how to spec out your toon to get the most out of them and it is not for the faint of heart.   I say this because once you figure out what it is you'll need to do in order to optimize your character to get the most out of them - you, like me want to just scream.   OMG I have to do what and go where to get that?  It's going to take how many people to do it?  Are you kidding me?   Nope.    Once you get to that level of play in World of Warcraft you are definitely crunching the numbers and learning to master the game.

Let's look at another aspect that many people over look.   The game is filled with fun and funny stuff.    The people at Blizzard have a wonderful sense of humor.   Their game is laced with Easter eggs and satire the likes of which have never been seen - except maybe in your favorite episode of Family Guy, the Simpson's or South Park. have to admit, those things help take the edge off and they seem to do it when you least expect it.    This is good.   It lightens the mood and reminds you, the player, this is game - enjoy it - do not take it to seriously.   LOL!  You know subliminal messaging is alive and well and Blizzard does it so very well.   Remember "Stay away from the Voodoo man."  LOL!  OMG you have to love it.

Polish and more polish and when you are done with that polishing - let's polish it some more!  Face it.  Blizzard gave gamers the kind of game we like.   A game almost devoid of bugs and polished like no other game that came before it.    The game in this respect has not been matched since.   Oh sure there have been other games that were pretty much bugless when launched like City of Hero's, but City of Hero's was not as big and did not have the same kind of seamless world nor the depth of game play World of Warcraft had when it launched.   What Blizzard did was set a new standard for how games should be when they are launched and no game company since WoW's release has even remotely come close to how polished and bug free World of Warcraft was at launch.    If more companies put as much effort into the little things as well as the big things in their game and made sure they worked as well - there would be more games with subscription numbers as high as World of Warcrafts.  Unfortunately though to many of these game companies do not seem to realize this one very important aspect to a successful game.    So get to polishing - woops!  You missed a spot!  "Where?"   There silly developer - right there!  ::points::  Hopeless I tell you - just hopeless.  When are the other companies ever going to learn.  ::shakes her head::

Know your audience!  Know your market!  Know your product!  Blizzard knew this.  They knew it well before WoW Online was even a thought in a designers mind .  Remember these are the same guys that delivered such games as Starcraft and Diablo to the gaming masses.  Let's take Diablo.   Diablo was one of the most played games online even before Ultimate Online was out people were playing Diablo.   Diablo had upwards of 4 million people playing it at one time.   Think about it.  That was back in 1996!   Even then Blizzard was doing something right.   They gave players what they wanted and they learned how to do it.   Is it any wonder why World of Warcraft is such a success?  Seriously.  Think about it.    Blizzard cut their teeth many years ago when they designed and launched Diablo.   They knew they had a goldmine - even back then.   Foreshadowing of things to come?  Possibly.  But one thing is for certain, that experience Blizzard garnered from Diablo was incredibly valuable to them when it came to creating World of Warcraft and it shows.   Sorry people, but Blizzard was way ahead of their game when they launched World of Warcraft and they can thank Diablo for that.  Diablo showed them the way and Blizzard took it and ran with it.

They took the knowledge Diablo gave them, and the knowledge of other online games like Ultime Online, EverQuest and such and then made World of Warcraft.   They knew what they wanted in their game and then set about doing it.  They took this from EQ and that from UO and that from DAoC and oh yea that from AC2 and this from Diablo and then made them part of their game and did it better.   They didn't try to re-invent the wheel - Blizzard created it!   What the others had done before in MMORPG's was "try to invent a well running wheel".  One that didn't wobble or creak or go thump, thump, thump when it was running because it wasn't round enough.  They all just managed to get by with their thump, thump thumps and wobbly, creaking wheel.   No Blizzard took that wheel and made it round, and then they added a rubber tire to it, and then they took that tire and galvanized the rubber and they added treads and in the end Blizzard gave us the wheel we were all looking for.   They could do this because Blizzard really did invent the wheel long ago...and back then they called it Diablo.

These key things are why World of Warcraft was and remains such a success.   Until other companies follow suit and use plays out of Blizzards play book - there will never be another game that is as successful as World of Warcraft and there will never be another game that kills it.   Sorry.

Addendum:  Do not think I am advocating game designers to make nothing but cookie cutter games like World of Warcraft because I am not.  What I am doing is pointing out the key ingredients as to why World of Warcraft is such a success.   That is all.   If game makers like Funcom and SOE ever expect to get the kind of subscription numbers Blizzard sees with their games then they need to really just follow the simple steps Blizzard took to make WoW.   It didn't take rocket science to figure out what made WoW such a success.   It just took common sense and that seems to be one thing that many game companies and publishers lack.

 Another Addendum:  This article is about a pay 2 play subscription game and its impact on other premium p2p games and how they do in the North American and European Market.   Sorry I was not more clear about this.  I  did not realize that so many people that visit this website are from anywhere but the US/Canada and Europe.   Forgive me for making that mistake.  Thank you in advance.



beauturkey writes:

There are already games that have killed WoW in numbers, although quality depends on the individual.

 WoW is not the largest game in the world.


Mon Jul 13 2009 8:19AM Report
Teala writes:

Chinese and Korean internet cafe's do not count.  Sorry.  Plus, this article was intended mostly for US and European market.   Plus, name me one other MMORPG  in the US and European market that has more subscribers.  Just one.   Thanks.

Mon Jul 13 2009 8:26AM Report
Wyldsong writes:

One other reason WoW will remain a powerhouse:  system specs.  You can practically run WoW on a machine put together with popsicle sticks, chewing gum, and being powered by a mouse running on a wheel.  This makes it readily available to even the gamer that can't afford a hardcore gaming machine, of which there are more of in the world than those with the top notch PCs.

In the end, the only thing that I feel will kill WoW will be time.  One day it will go the way of the dinosaurs, but that day is not today.

Mon Jul 13 2009 8:41AM Report
Toquio3 writes:

I believe the one game that will top blizzard's behemoth is blizzard's new behemoth. Or whatever their new mmorpg will be called. I played wow before, dont play it anymore. Unlike many, I dont hate it. I remember it fondly. And I cant wait for their new mmo.

Mon Jul 13 2009 9:36AM Report
Ephimero writes:

Do Chinese and internet cafes count when blizzard boasts about their 11M players?

Mon Jul 13 2009 9:36AM Report
Frostbite05 writes:

well just because they play in internet cafes doesn't make the players individual account that they own doesn't count. They just have to play in intenet cafe's

Mon Jul 13 2009 9:41AM Report
Teala writes:

A lot of internet cafes in Asia buy blocks of accounts and then charge customers to use those accounts on thier computers.    That is what I am referring to.   As for Blizzard counting cafe's accounts.  Even without them, name me one MMORPG from the US or Europe that has as many subscribers.

Mon Jul 13 2009 9:49AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Do you really think that all the players in the rest of the world are not only Chinese or Korean but playing in internet cafes? And where do you get this information?


 Break out a map. Ask yourself where other players might be found. Also, while many players DO play in these cafes, do you think that the majority of them around the world DO?

And sorry if I missed it, (I'm sure I did, it's early) but where in the article did you say "in North America." The developers for these games do not just look at NA, and are looking at the numbers from the rest of the world even more so now.

 While there might or might not be that many subscribers in the US for non-WoW games, there are plenty of games that are making plenty of money by using a different model.

 It seems to me that you are saying " WoW cannot be beat in the US.." but other games have already started to show themselves. Look up Mabinogi and how it is doing, look up MapleStory...many other games. Not only are they taking up plenty of room in the gaming market in the US, and gaining more, but around the world games like that are king.

 So yeh, in the very limited argument of "Is there another classic sub-model in the US , other than WoW, that has it's numbers of4 million?" the answer is no, not yet.





Mon Jul 13 2009 10:02AM Report
onelesslight writes:

Thanks for the article, you hit the nail on the head

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:04AM Report
Compwinner writes:

I honestly disagree. WoW will die one day even if nothing else gives the same polished overall. 6months, a year, 2 years, 5 years, a decade? Even if no game is released with the same effect as WoW it's subs will begin to drain with inferior mechanics and graphics. Also I find their humour childish and satire is generally a more adult theme. Furthermore, its good at bringing in new subs, and getting them into the genre. WoW is very accesible to newcomers of the MMO genre, however, IMO at the expense of severe depth such as in EVE or SWG (Pre  NGE). The average MMO'er does not need his hand held at endgame. So I query how many millions of casual MMO "newbies" reside on that game?

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:05AM Report
GreenChaos writes:

You are missing three important points.

1. Name recognition: Blizzard was one of the most respected PC game developer names out there.

2. Timing: WoW came out at a time when Millions of people wanted to play but were hesitant because of all the talk about Everquest, how addictive and time consuming it was. Remember the story about the Woman who left and killed her baby in the car because she was playing Everquest? One of the big selling points for WoW was that is was not as Time consuming as Everquest. So millions of people who had just been waiting to try a MMO all went to WoW.

3. Popularity: Once WoW became the most popular game out there, they used that as a selling point, they even sold more than half of their subs on the cheap in Asia to do this. MMO players want to go where the people are. And the people are playing WoW.

So really it was Name recognition, accessibility, timing, and popularity. But you are right it won't be done again.

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:08AM Report
Yakbutter writes:

Doesn't this article backtrack a little towards the end?  It basically says that until someone produces a game that beats WoW, there will never be a game that beats WoW?

Furthermore, as to demanding people prove their claims by providing figures:

First, you can't start qualifying your statements in the comments section of your blog rather than in the text of your article;

Second, it's your claim - you should provide figures to show that WoW is the giant you claim it to be,

Third, these figures should include the Asian market AND the internet cafe accounts.  These accounts are purchased based on a commercial demand - if the demand and players were not there, there would be no purchase.  You can't arbitrarily exclude aspects of the statistics related to a game because they don't tally up with your idea as to how the popularity of a game should be assessed.

Note that I don't disagree as to the popularity of WoW.  I just feel this article is a little scattershot in its aim and approach.

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:17AM Report
Jpizzle writes:

Some points are exremely subjective. Like humor. I find WoW's attempt at humor boring and simple minded.

I have to agree with a lot of it though: They did things right from a business aspect. They certainely are successful.

But, in the long run, I think the game has "dumbed down" the genre so much, it's a worthless victory for all.  

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:19AM Report
Yakbutter writes:

Perhaps the more honest title would have been -

'There will probably, at some point in the future, be a game developed and sold in Europe or North America which objectively beats WoWs subscription figures (not including internet cafe accounts!) but only when developers learn from Blizzard's success!'


Mon Jul 13 2009 10:23AM Report
Tiller writes:

Who the hell coined the phrase "WoW killer" ? That would take a bit of research and Google. That person should be immortalized in the next WoW killer IMHO xD


Mon Jul 13 2009 10:30AM Report
Teala writes:

beau in southeast asia, the majority of gamers are playing out of cafes, because they cannot afford their own systems or internet connections from their home.   I know because I traveled those parts of the world frequently.   Your average Malaysian and your average South Korean player will be found in one of the hundreds of gaming cafes in those parts of the world.   Are there othr plaecs in the world WoW is played.  Sure...but not in the numbers you're suggeting and certainly other games are not being played in those areas for the same reasons.    How many gamers are living in Western Sahara or the Congo?  What about Iran what about Pakistan.   Yeah - thought so.  So don't try to derail the topic by bringing in such things when they re moot.

As for games like Mabinogi or Maple Story - again...their numbers are not coming from the US, those games garner their player base from such countries as Philipines, Taiwan, South Korea and such. 

Plus you're talking apples and oranges here, because F2P games are not P2P games.   I would expect games like Mabinogi to have larger player bases because thy cost nothing to play and that is why they have the numbers they do and why they are so popular outside the US and Europe.   I bet if they started charging a fee per month like WoW does those F2P games would be non-existant.

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:30AM Report
Artaryl writes:

Actually, one thing will kill WoW and it's WoW itself. All things that go up, go down eventually.

AS for why WoW itself, well, let's just watch what came to it in the years it was online and you can hear plenty of pleople saying they're getting tired of the change made or that they get not enough content etc. The numbers of subscribers does go down at that point and it will continue.

Then there's that other MMO in developement by Blizzard which will move part of their WoW population to it as well.

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:37AM Report
Teala writes:

Yakbutter I only qualify because someone seems to like to discuss apples versus oranges and I needed to clearify that.   My blog entry is not about anything other than the fact that people seem to suggest that WoW is some freak of the gaming world when in reality it isn't.   Blizzard was drawing in millions of players with Diablo.  Millions.  This was long before any MMORPG ever hit the market.   What my blog entry is about is what it is about.    What it will take for another game to see the subscription numbers Blizzards sees with WoW.

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:39AM Report
Yakbutter writes:

And more qualifications appear.

Why are comparators restricted to Europe/US, pay to play, non-internet-cafe account games?

Your stated criteria, in the article itself, is merely that the comparator be a game.  Construed carefully, I suppose you could restrict this to mmos, given the requirement for an ongoing measurable player-base.

Otherwise, I think it's only fair that you edit some of these qualifications into your original article, if only to give us a clearer picture of the statements you are making.

Yes - people in Asia use internet cafes.  So?  Do they not count when considering popularity?  I'd like to see something that backs up the argument that these accounts aren't representative of the numbers of players who play the game.  Are there thousands upon thousands of inactive accounts in these cafes? 

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:42AM Report
Yakbutter writes:

I see now your point from the comment above - I think the issue here is perhaps the sensationalist title/statements which garnish the article. 

This has obviously caused a degree of confusion and does not mesh with your stated purpose, which makes a lot more sense taken when isolated from the sensationlist claptrap which accompanies it.

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:45AM Report
Teala writes:

Yak you're talking mostly f2p games.   That is apples and oranges.   I am discussing AAA premium based games and  I would figure that the readers that read my article are familier with the topic I am discussing because the people who are likely to read this are people that frequent this website and know what it is I am talking about.  Sorry if you do not see it.

I added an addendum just incase - OK.  There you go.   Glad you took the time to read it though.  Thank you.

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:48AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 No, we are not talking apples and oranges.

 We are talking "which game is more successful?"

 Again, since I do not feel like reading it again ( seriously I get migraines from this ugly black and white text MMORPG has) did I miss it where you said "Name me one normal subscription based game..." If you deny the popularity or the money-making that is going on in F2P's, just for the same of showing how your artcicle was accurate in ignoring those F2P's, then all you are showing is that you are being very narrow-minded.

 Money is money. Why do you think RMT is even being discussed alongside WoW now (meaning Kaplans (?)  comments on the possibility of WoW going F2P) besides the fact that RMT/F2P's are more popular and make more money than sub based games?

 Your point might have some ground to stand on for the moment. All I am saying is that, despite the reasons WHY players pay for their gaming in different ways, or pay for items in a cash shop, more players are playing in other ways than in the classic way. The classic way is the thing that you are talking about "not being beat." But it already has started being beat.

 Free Realms has 4 million registered users. Now, that could mean 4 million free-loaders or 1.3 million cash-shop spenders or 3 million subscribers. Doesn't matter. The point is that the entire paying model is changing, slowly but surely. WoW making (example) 10 million off of subs one month is impressive, but MapleStory making 15 million off of cash shoppery is even more impressive.

 And yes, Mabinogi AND Maplestory's numbers (2 million for Mabinogi according to Nexon and 4 million for Maplestory--the rest is for the rest of the world) ARE coming from the US.

 What you have to ask yourself is : in a cash shop game with 4 million US players, how many are paying at least 15 dollars a month in the cash shop? How many are paying way more to knock that average up?







Mon Jul 13 2009 10:48AM Report
Teala writes:

LOL!   When Mabinogi becomes what people qualify is a North American and European premium game - let's talk.  Until then...we're talking apples and oranges.    BTW I was just in two of my local game stores - one is Gamestop the other is Electronics Boutique and I saw no Mabinogi nor MAple Story on the shelves there and niether did I see advertisement of such.

When I see that happening, maybe then I can believe what you say...but honestly I do not.  Sorry.

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:55AM Report
BadSpock writes:

LOL at whoever said the "average MMO'er" and talked about EVE and pre-NGE SWG.

You're an idiot.

The average MMO'er is playing World of Warcraft. Sorry. 99% of people on this website are not in that average.

If you have played more then one MMORPG in your life you are NOT the "average MMO'er" just accept it.

I agree completely with the OP's article.

But I agree that name recognition was huge, people knew Blizzard from the WC RTS games and Diablo / Starcraft etc.

Problem is, name recognition isn't everything. How many people knew Star Wars? Guess what, that game = epic fail before and after NGE. Yes, pre-NGE SWG was an interesting experience I enjoyed but in terms of a commercially successful and marketable game it was NOT a huge success.

It barely limped on until most people left due to poor mechanics and broken gameplay system, so they tried to completely re-design the game and bring new players in but oops, all those new players were playing WoW because it was 10x better and all the old players who liked their buggy holocron-grind fest game left too.


Mon Jul 13 2009 11:02AM Report
Strayfe writes:

I agree with some things you said, except for the assertion that WoW was bug-free on release.  Perhaps you weren't around for the beginning, but WoW was one of the buggiest releases of all time, in ANY genre.  It took several months before the game was anywhere near polished.

If you want to compare to a game that released with no bugs, look at Lord of the Rings Online.  That is how a release should be done.

Mon Jul 13 2009 11:23AM Report
Kainis writes:

While I agree with much of your post, the part about polish at launch is a bit misleading. It took WoW nearly 6 months to achieve a "playabilitiy" state. Back then, the mmo market knew and expected that sort of thing, so we were much more forgiving. However, today's market is what is known as the "microwave market", in that they want gourmet tv dinners (AAA superpolished with 20 years worth of content and double that for endgame)- now. Probably part of the reasoning behind this, is that much of the market got its feet wet on a "fixed" version of WoW.

They also get a lot of free marketing, in the form of celebs occasionally bragging about playing the game on late night shows. Until you start seeing a lot of popular celebs doing the same for other titles, it won't be as vogue around the watercooler to talk about them. I dare say about a 5th of WoW's numbers are due to the watercooler viral marketing. So until this changes, that 600 lb gorilla is going nowhere.

Mon Jul 13 2009 11:26AM Report
Ozmodan writes:

Beau seriously, do you realize how ridiculous some of your arguments are.  Most of us are laughing at you.  Find a topic you know something about and stick to it.

Mon Jul 13 2009 11:31AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Ok, so now the rule is that the local game store has to mention you or you do not exist or are not successful? Can you define AAA? Does that mean how much is spent in development? Does that mean how many developers they have?

 I think you mean to say "Games that come from the circle of 5-10 NA games that I have played." 

 Look around, Teala. MapleStory has game cards in more stores that WoW does, for sure. You can deny it, but it is there. Do some basic research. Even on both EB games and Game-stop websites (owned by the same people) there are Maplestory cards.


 After reading that, I am now convinced that you haven't stepped too far out of the NA gaming circle, which is kind of sad. There are more games out there doing more than WoW ever will, or could. I do give you credit on saying "There will, maybe, not be a North American market sub-based game that will have more subscribers than 4 million, for at least the next year." Pretty specific argument, but you did say it.

 If you want to keep the discussion that narrow, go for it. Meanwhile, the rest of the world and the worlds gaming community are busy playing the other hundreds of titles that exist. Look at the gaming list on this very site. I can point you to a great number of them that will gladly list their numbers, and that list number equal to or greater than WoW.  Could they be lying? Yep. So can Blizzard. It's all a matter of trust for all of us, being that none of us now the truth. It is also up to you, since none of us know for sure, to guess at how many of the "50 million" players that play a game like MapleStory pay money into the system. Could it be equal to or greater than the money that Blizz is making? In Nexons case (makers of MapleStory AND Mabinogi, as well as KartRider) they are making millions and millions. Of course, they could be lying. (google it.) 

 The point is that if you think that World of Warcraft, with it's 4 million US subs, is somehow not beatable in the grand scheme of MMO's, then you are craaazzzzzyyy. Sorry if I missed where you stated the specifics that I (maybe, maybe not) missed.







Mon Jul 13 2009 11:33AM Report
Starsteele writes:

I do appreciate your addendum, but I have to ask why you make the assumption that anyone who argues about the F2P game model is not from US/Canada or Europe?

Mon Jul 13 2009 11:36AM Report
spector75 writes:

First of all, Teala, if your going to make a post like this might as well not make it fully bias... You could also mention how WoW has kept its sucess by siphoning the crativity off other companies. Every time a different game comes out with something new, WoW clones it... Not hard to be the "king of the hill" if you steal every idea every other contender has.


Second, and for sake of making this short lastly, it's rather small minded of you to only look at north america and europe when talking about gaming considering on average the "Western" market is about 1/4 (if that) of the asain market.

Mon Jul 13 2009 11:47AM Report
Clattuc writes:

This article demonstrates that no game will ever beat World of Warcraft - because even if the game has more subscribers, makes more money, wins more awards, etc, etc, we will always find a way to redefine "beat World of Warcraft" so that it doesn't fit.

WoW did a bunch of things right and still does, but the biggest thing it did right was to be first out of the gate at a tipping-point moment in MMO's.  Sony's games were begging to be surpassed.  WoW took the big chair - and then turned its dominance into a marketing tool.  The strength of that meme is evident in these endless "killer" threads.

The next big game will be 3-D.  Technological changes bring the tipping points.

Mon Jul 13 2009 11:50AM Report
Compwinner writes:

Idiot? You are the idiot for not reading my post. I said WoW has recruited millions who otherwise probs wouldn't have played MMOs anyway. Granted, I guess now, you could sickeningly call that dumbed down game players "average" MMO'ers, but I meant average when the industry wasn't ruined by WoW. I guess what I mean to say is more Old School, what WAS average 5 years ago..

Mon Jul 13 2009 12:16PM Report
Swiftleaf writes:

That was very good written, Teala.

If you try Age of Conan, Lineage II or any other MMO after you played World of Warcraft.

You really feel the difference and it's not so much matter of taste.

Just the quality and fun from the game really put such a high standard to the MMO genre that if you try anything else then World of Warcraft you will be very dissapointed.

This is only my opinion.

Mon Jul 13 2009 12:20PM Report
Teala writes:

Quit.   Just stop.   I know some of you wouild like nothing more than to turn this into some kind of RMT/f2p vs P2P game crap.   That is not what this article is about.   If a f2p game has more subscribers in China or Taiwan or South Korea or across the world - so be it.   Those games for the most part are not even on the same level as World of Warcraft - at all.   I have played my share of them and the majority are not all that.  They are rehashes of existing games.   All are pretty much fantasy based, all pretty much play the same and all are grinders and few and I do mean few have the same depth of game play as say World of Warcraft or Dark Age of Camelot  or any premium pay to play NA/European game title.  

So stop.   I have clarified what this article is about.  If you wish I will gladly do an article on why I think free 2 play games are going to ruin this market in the long run.   Then again...I won't, because some of you think f2p will give us the kind of games we all want.   Which couldn't be further from the truth - here in North America and Europe.   So quit.   Want to discuss f2p and RMT and sub numbers for those types of games...go create your own blog and discuss it there.  Thanks.

Mon Jul 13 2009 12:34PM Report
Vrazule writes:

Don't Asian countried regulate subscription rates?  I could have sworn when they first released in China, we found out in articles that the Chinese payed substantially less per month than Westerners because of government intervention.  Would that not mean that while Eastern numbers tend to be larger, they still make more profit off of Western subscribers and THAT is why they try so hard to get and keep numbers up in the U.S. and Europe?  Isn't this also the reason why we are seing Asian companies trying to grab  market share in the West?

Mon Jul 13 2009 12:35PM Report
Thorkune writes:

Blizzard will be the WoW killer. They are already dumbing it down. Blizzard used to be known for not caving to the players and the game stayed pretty solid. Now, it seems like they do everything that the whiners ask.

Mon Jul 13 2009 12:37PM Report
Loregothe writes:

One thing EQ proved, and WoW is proving again. Games do not rise and fall as a result of another game. They rise and fall on their own merits. EQ is not what is was, but there are still a lot of people who play it. WoW will not be what it is today 5 years from now. They will wane a bit. It is natural. Someone will subscribe to any great game as long as the company keeps the servers running.

Mon Jul 13 2009 12:55PM Report
Ngeldu5t writes:

The thing which is amazing is that some people has put WoW to such a high standard that it can only be "Be all,end all".The word WoW killer is a myth such as "unicorn or going to heaven to have 99 virgins".

EvE is a successful game but people seems to forget that,Why? Because it doesn't have 11 millions players.And like Beau said there are lots of successful game out there.




Mon Jul 13 2009 12:57PM Report
brad813 writes:

I look to Aion to kill WoW.  From the betas I have participated in it is simply amazing, far more so than WoW and EQ combined.  I know the non-disclosure agreement prevents me from informing about content, but when it hits the market in early September, I see alot of players converting within a few short months.

Mon Jul 13 2009 1:23PM Report
Tarkheena writes:

I have to disagree on one thing.  Vanguard Saga of Heroes took the "Let the community develop the content" to a much greater extent than WoW did.  I was in the beta for both.  Unfortunately, internal issues killed Vanguard. 

As to the mythical "WoW Killer"...why does there have to be one?  No one will ever hit the kind of numbers that WoW hit.  Look at Warhammer.  That had as much or more of a fanbase than Warcraft and look what happened to it?  There is room in the Universe for more than 1 MMO.  The problem is that WoW put Dollar Signs into too many software companies eyes and now if you don't threaten WoW-like numbers of subscribers, you are considered a failure. 

I am back playing WoW again after a long hiatus and I have to say that I am enjoying it.  I think that you will find that one of the things that makes WoW unique is the simplicity of the game.  In our guild, we have children, teens, adults, and even a few Senior Citizens who play.  WoW brings that unique ability that frankly none of the other MMO's I have played have brought.  Universal appeal. 

Mon Jul 13 2009 1:29PM Report
drhigh writes:

Hi... I love wow and i love Blizzard, from the begining warcraft , starcraft... was the best games ever, strategy graphic and so on.. With WoW was a new breaking... , but. I want to say the WoW is at his END, it was great at the beggining now remain only the nostalgy of it. Graphic is way back in front of a lot of new games from today, yes it's true those games with good graphic didn't beat WOW, BUT, starting from this end of the year, when new games will break the market, and i want to add a few titles, AION (NCsoft)GuildWars 2( in 2010 i hope), and Star Wars, Star Gate, Star Trek and so on. AION  will break WoW for sure ! And GW2 surely do, GW is made from the haf part of the developers of Diablo, si the part of the blizzard team who left Blizzard and work for NCSOFT.  

Mon Jul 13 2009 1:40PM Report
Thunderpeel writes:

one word Aion what a beautiful game.

Mon Jul 13 2009 1:41PM Report
gradysan writes:

Coming from a FPS background, then playing WOW for years, I'm still waiting on the married version of the two.  Let me put that another way:  I'm still waiting on a successful version. 

Many of the people I've played with on-line came from FPS games and moved onto MMO type games. 

This will be the type of game that moves me away from WOW personally.


Mon Jul 13 2009 1:41PM Report
raystantz writes:

OP is 100% correct in the confines of her article.

WoW is the most successful pay to play premium primarily US based MMO on the market. And it will remain that way for a long time.

so, when you try to talk about F2P games that are successful. Noone is denying that. Unfortunately that wasn't the topic of the article. And since, these games are "Free" it somewhat changes the outlook as to what success is measured by. F2P are more successful than any other type of mmo at getting people to try them.. why? because they are free.

No game currently available has the amount of success that WoW does in the confines of the model WoW is based on..

ie. EQ2, CONAN, LOTRO.. etc.

Mon Jul 13 2009 1:48PM Report
Bzrk writes:

Very good read, but not entriely true imho.

Having no NDA does not contribute on making the biggest and most played game in the world. What is does do is make it accessable from the start. If players come up with a crappy idead, Blizz (like all others) still would shoot that one off. The fact that they do (or did) that openly doesn't change a bit about making it to the game or not.

Then there is the spec thing. WoW came out in 2004(?). You still needed a pretty darn good system if you wanted to run it on the highest settings. No matter what you state in your article, that just isn't true. And you know it. At least I hope you do ;)

Advertising: Agreed. No argument there. Best advertisement ever. And still going strong.

The learning curve is indeed easy, but does not EVER (imho) makes sure the game will be as successful as WoW now is. It sure helps, but there are more mmo's with little learning curve. There are also games with a very steep one that still are very successful. So it's redudant for your point.

Fun stuff is always nice and will make you laugh from time to time, but is also NEVER the reason why a game is so successful. People won't play a game that has many fun stuff and funny things in it when the games no good.

Polish: Agreed. The game worked like crazy when launched. One of the very few out there.

Bit of an easy one with the "know your audience" thing there. Warcraft was already a great IP which sucked in thousands right from the start. But hey, so did SWG and WAR. No guarantee for succes. The way WoW grew has little to do with how they know their audience. These days there are more people playing WoW that didn't (and still don't) know the Warcraft RTS and/or Diablo games. It's not Knowing your audience and knowing what appeals to a large group of players (which is the case imo) is a different thing. But a good job they did at that nontheless.

I totally agree with the fact that Blizzard did indeed rounded the wheel and did an excellent job doing it. But for the most part of the article, I don't see enough good points on why others won't kill WoW.

That said, I also don't think there will be others that will kill WoW. The only one capable of doing that (and it will) is WoW itself. Give it a few more years.

Well, here we are. Hope you've got some comebacks on some of my points :)


Mon Jul 13 2009 1:50PM Report
Postal13 writes:

Maybe poeple aren't counting Maple Story and Maboingboing because they're not triple-A rated games?

So, give us a name of a triple-A game that has more than 11 million paying subscribers.

Mon Jul 13 2009 2:42PM Report
Postal13 writes:

Also, for the actual article - Blizzard did have a very poor launch....I could barely login for the first 2 days.  Although they were nice enough to give me 3 days worth of credit :)

Mon Jul 13 2009 2:43PM Report
mdgilbert writes:

 I agree with most of the post. I do take issue regarding the launch. WoW had its fair share of problems early. Granted most of them were due to lack of capacity and not game design, but you seem to indicate that launch was flawless. It was not. I remember the free days and the additional rested bonus they gave us.

Ironforge was a major lagfest for several months, if not the first year. And we all faced several rollbacks early on.

Don't get me wrong, the game was and is awesome for most of the reasons you state, but a flawless launch is not one of them.


Mon Jul 13 2009 2:57PM Report
BlackJoker88 writes:

The major reason WoW is so big is the same reason the Wii is. It appeals to a larger and more diverse audience than an MMO that is considered quality by the majority of the actual MMO niche. The Wii is not and will never be the best console when all things considered, same as WoW in the MMO world. Quality is not a prerequisite of popularity unfortunately. But now that WoW IS so big. They have the funding to have made it seamless, bugless, and continue to financially back its marketing to make it almost unstoppable. Not to mention people are the best form of marketing and it has plenty active subscribers. (not 11 million if you take away bots, farmers, boxing accounts, and inactives like myself, etc.) So all-in-all if we're measuring success by, if an MMO can out subscribe WoW, either time will have to kill WoW or something similar to FreeRealms (2 million subscriptions in 3 months from launch, not considering it a "real" MMO) in mindlessness that is more seamless will have to come out to be considered better than WoW, unfortunately, very unfortunately.

Mon Jul 13 2009 3:30PM Report
solareus writes:

"Chinese and Korean internet cafe's do not count. Sorry. Plus, this article was intended mostly for US and European market. Plus, name me one other MMORPG in the US and European market that has more subscribers. Just one. Thanks."

So basically , your entire speech is viod. WoW's asain sales , 3/4 of which are through diftributors of Chinese Cafe's ?

Mon Jul 13 2009 3:44PM Report
Hagrin writes:

I have to agree fully with the OP, beau and Yak are the 2 typical players that failed at WoW and went to play L2 or something like that and have to talk crap about wow now, truth is WoW is the king, it came out as the king and continues to be the king.

Oh and to those that said wow was not playable at start? LIES... I was a tester since closed beta and there was some bugs at beta, but when it launched it was playable, got to 60 in 3 weeks, so if it was not playable how the hell did get to 60? It was very well playable, so if you are a wow hater too get out of here please.

I worked for SOE 2 years and had discussions with some of the devs about why their games are not so good, they try and they try, they lauch failure after failure, so now they went to the F2P market with FreeRealms, the problem is to make money on F2P is way harder then P2P, thats why P2P games are SUPERIOR, they make more money, and in the real world like it or not success as a company is measured by money, Blizzard wins... No contest.

There will not be a WoW killer untill someone other than blizzard follows suit and beats blizzard at its own game and i dont see that happening any time soon. We still got to kill Arthas and I know a ton of people that want to do that, and then Sargeras, and a crap ton of baddies in between, WoW lore is way better than any MMO lore out there.

Mon Jul 13 2009 4:24PM Report
Hagrin writes:

Solareus ur an Idiot, Asian sales are 1/4 of wow sales, I worked for SOE and i saw those numbers every day, to each MMO you have to discount 1/8 of sales cause they are farmers... ANY MMO...

Seriously stop posting just because you can...

Mon Jul 13 2009 4:26PM Report
Thorkune writes:

Has anyone read the new article in PC Gamer in regards to SW:ToR? The writer stated that SW:TOR is a "credible WoW killer". If you haven't read the article, I would highly recommend it. I am even more anxious to play it.

Mon Jul 13 2009 4:48PM Report
Stitches540 writes:

Well written article. Sadly this debate will never end. The fan base for blizzard and world of warcraft is a force. Sadly there will be a downfall of WoW  someday. That killer is named Blizzard. Innovations are great,but sadly I have seen alot lately that makes me happy I play a lesser loved game. From the recharacterization to being able to transfer alliances, the learning curve has taken a serious beating to make it the easiest mmo I have played to date.  Sadly the only thing that wasnt easy to do was spend all my free time pvping so I could have decent gear, yeah, I am one of those people that believe that skill should outweigh time spent in pvp. Sadly the skill part of WoW pvp has went by the wayside before The Burning Crusade was out of beta. 

I will give WoW its propper salute saying that it is the biggest mmo to date, as far as community, though it is not the best. In my opinion no mmo will be as good as EQ1 pre-planes of power. Again that is my opinion, so try not to blow a gasket fanboys and girls.  

Mon Jul 13 2009 5:02PM Report
solareus writes:

No wonder SOE is failing, they hire assholes like Hagrin... /dun dun.....dun~!

Mon Jul 13 2009 5:03PM Report
lizinverse writes:

Teala has it summed up nicely with and placed a pretty bow on top. WoW is going to dominate until they kamikaze themselves into a brick wall, because they give people choices. They have choices for PvP, PvE, crafting, farming whatever. You can make that game as hard or as easy as you'd like.

Most games these days, even Aion (and I've played the beta) although very pretty to look at do NOT have the end-game appeal that WoW has. You either PvP or you just sit on your thumb and hope, HOPE that they put in some content that does not have an 18 hour lockout on it. That is the failing of every other game (F2P and P2P both) out there, regardless of one having better 'balance' than WoW, or being more visually appealing than WoW....WoW listens to it's customers to make it more appealing instead of ignoring what the masses want in favor of one demographic over another.

Mon Jul 13 2009 5:06PM Report
Baltizaar writes:

It's hard to see if this basic point has been made before so forgive me if it has but all of you even Teala (I know you mentioned the funny stuff but it goes much farther than that) has missed the one thing that WOW has to make it successful.


Out of all the the MMO's I've played ( EQ, EQ2, Matrix, COH/COV, Lineage 2, RF online, Star Wars Galaxies, Guild Wars, and of course WOW) I have Never seen an MMO go to such lengths to entertain its players at every step of the way.  It does it as Teala said through comedy but that is only a small part of the entertainment package that has addicted so many to this game.  There is entertainment in so many forms a separate article would need to be written just to cover them.

In many ways I see Blizzard grabbing onto the same creative and entertaining foresight that Walt Disney had.  Lets just give one small example.  In the Magic Kingdom in Disney World there is a train ride that goes around the park to help with transporting people to different parts of MK but Disney wanted his guests to be entertained with everything in the park so he had sets made that could only be seen by passangers on the train as they went from point A to point B.  Now look at the Griffon or Bat rides to get from point A to point B in WOW.  There are many things set up in areas without much action purely for your enjoyment as you enjoy the ride.  Sure you may be AFK now on the griffy but when you first rode the transport I bet you were watching everything every step of the way being throughly entertained.  That is true secret to their success. Not the cool art work or the advertising or knowing their audience.  Sure those things helped but the one thing that pulls them all together and makes the game so playable to so many is its entertainment value.

Mon Jul 13 2009 6:26PM Report
Nifa writes:

Maybe I read this too late?

"OK, so why will no new premium AAA pay to play game ever kill World of Warcraft."

Generally, when someone discusses WoW, they are not including games which use any other subscription model - they are discussing the P2P side of the genre.  Unless the OP added the above highlighted sentence at a later time via an edit, she's pretty clear about what she is discussing.  Even if the statement was added later, I can't think of too many people who hear "World of Warcraft" and start thinking "Free Realms," "Guild Wars," or "Gekkeiju Online."  The business model for F2P games is completely different from the business model of P2P games.

I have tried many of the F2P games and, to be perfectly honest, it's my opinion that they are free to play for a reason - God knows I'd never blow $15 a month on anything with such crappy graphics, gameplay, and a community that frequently speaks my native language in such a manner that it takes me ten minutes to decipher, "hello.  How are you?  Would you like to group up?"

Worldwide, Blizzard's WoW subs top 11 million.  In North America, they hover around the 5-6 million mark.  That is impressive by anyone's standards:  that 5-6 million Americans and Canadians are willing to pay $15 per month to play a game is a feat that no other P2P game has accomplished.  That another 5-6 million Asians are also willing to pay to play the same game is simply more impressive because typically, the North American market games do not appeal to the Asian market and vice-versa.

As far as I can see, the OP is not saying that F2P games are inferior to P2P is my personal opinion that, had she said that, I would not disagree with her assertion - I have played many F2P games over the past 5 years or so and all of them were absolutely horrid in my opinion.  As in...Pong Online would be more fun - on a Commodore 64 or Atari 2600, no less!  But that is solely my opinion.

As someone who took every possible opportunity to trash WoW over the past several years and who now, having played the game, has found that World of Warcraft is a very enjoyable game in comparison to much of the garbage currently on the game market (both P2P and F2P), it's my opinion that the OP is pretty spot-on in her assessment regarding why WoW has been so successful.

Seriously...the blog post (blogs generally being someone's opinion of an issue and not documented fact) simply went over the reasons for WoW's inarguable success in the genre.  It was not a personal attack against F2P or any other game.  Lighten up.

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:23PM Report
brostyn writes:

People said they same thing about EQ.

IMO, WoW is already an industry laggard. With all that money they do nothing to add to their game. Patches are no bigger than with these smaller games. I think DDO has added more free content, than WoW. WoW has a 2 year head start.

One problem with these older games is the top heaviness. It killls the grind to max level, and twinkage in WOW is insane.

The sad thing is WoW appears to still be the best thing on the market, especially if you look for social interaction. Hopefully we can find something a bit different soon, but just as popular. Hell, half as popular would still be a wildly successful game.

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:25PM Report
Velsha writes:

I like the comment one person said, "Why does there have to be a wow killer?" 

Why does there have to be one?  Why can't wow co-excist with another big title?  If Bio-ware does things right and Lucas Arts has learned to keep their hands and focus groups out of the creative process (reason behind SWG's failure) the KOTOR mmo should have a huge following and player base.  I would expect it to rival wow, if they do things right...if. 

I know we aren't talking about free to play games here but a western free to play title that hasn't been mentioned yet is FreeRealms.  They reported 3 million users in the game's first month.  How many of them are paying users?  Dunno, but at 4.99 a month I would expect quite a few.

I believe WOW's key to success has mostly to do with timing.  Timing they fell into or timing that they created for themselves.  During the early years did  you guys notice that wow would hold on to and then release content at the same time another company would be releasing product?  Some might call this polishing time others business...either way Blizzard got the numbers.

Wow has the numbers now but I wouldn't call the game great.  IMO, there are many other games in the market that surpass wow in quality and entertainment.

I wonder how well a Harry Potter MMO would do?

Mon Jul 13 2009 10:42PM Report
Oddbot writes:

"What Blizzard did was set a new standard for how games should be when they are launched and no game company since WoW's release has even remotely come close to how polished and bug free World of Warcraft was at launch. "


I dunno what launch you were playing, but WoW's launch was a DISASTER. The servers were down more then they were up those first rough weeks. And the game had its fair share of bugs... when it was actually up. It really took WoW a few months to really come into its own.

Also, while I'd agree that launches of recent MMOs have been... err.. not so good (AoC WAR) LOTRO was an incredibly polished game at launch and the servers ran great.

Mon Jul 13 2009 11:16PM Report
Teala writes:

You people seem to forget.  I was at WoW's launch as well and they one thing that made it a bad launch was the lack of servers.   Blizzard misjudged the populaerity of their game and was not prepared for the tremendous crush of players those very first days.    That was really the only issue I experienced.  Took awhile for Blizzard to get enough servers up to accomadate the players that wished to play.    Were there bugs...a few but  nothing like what we saw in many, many other games.

Tue Jul 14 2009 4:14AM Report
rteker writes:

heh, I guess Blizzard isn't affraid of Star Wars: The Old Republic despit the SW:TOR won ALOT of the awards at E3

Tue Jul 14 2009 4:34AM Report
Shaolang writes:

Very Well written Ms./Mrs. Taela... My hat is off to you

Tue Jul 14 2009 8:41AM Report
just1opinion writes:

Teala, GREAT article.  It's well-written and vibrant and full of win. :)  I've been gaming since PONG and Atari.  But after that came my obsession with the rpg (and a little rts). I played Diablo, and Diablo 2 LOD Online, Starcraft, and Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne.  I played games from other developers as well, such as UO, EQ, Neverwinter Nights, etc. 

What you said about quality, commitment, and polish rings true with me. One thing Blizzard did right is DEVELOP a massive fan base through their OTHER games over the years, so when WoW was released....they ALREADY had a massive following of gamers from their previous games.  Those of us that played them, and there were many many many.....we expected quality from Blizzard. And they delivered.  And we....were the core of their gaming population in WoW, when it began. It grew delivered up fun, whimsy, and wonder....on a silver platter.

It's very likely, in my opinion, that WoW will last as long as EQ has, and that the next MASSIVELY MASSIVE  MMO success....will probably also come from Blizzard. Whether some of the people on these forums like it or not....they just have a proven track record with making games that run smoothly, are light-hearted fun, and very accessible. That seems to appeal to a wide variety of people.  I think the "hardcore gamers" think they are the only kind of gamers.  Not everyone is interested in the likes of a Darkfall-esque kind of experience.

Tue Jul 14 2009 9:09AM Report
Onecrazyguy writes:

Yeah there are some mistakes in the blog. WoW was CERTAINLY NOT bug free when it released - remember they were overwhelmed with people trying to get in which crushed their auth servers, servers crashing all over etc, bugs with spawns, people falling through the world, etc. If you qustion this and have been a subscriber for a long time, go back and look at how many "free" days have been given to us, you'll see WoW was hardly (and is hardly) bug free.

As for NDA, because I'm in the industry, I got into WoW at F&F and there was an NDA in place from that time until the "open beta". They did NOT allow people to talk about it, nor would they. In fact Blizzard is famous for not telling people anything (we can't even get a date when the next patch is coming, you think they are going to tell us about even more important things??)

As for other mmo's, I have to agree with Beau and others, you are claiming apples vs oranges and yet you're including all of t he asian subscriptions (which according to mmo report is over half of WoW's subscriptions) but then excluding asian games. Not quite fair but anyone can make stats say what they want.

Lineage is also a game that's been p2p and has a very large following although as with WoW it's hard to tell how many of the subscriptions are "real".

Cyber cafes or "bangs" as they are called aren't only because the people can't afford the connections, it's a social thing for their culture. They gather at these places to socialize and play games much like NA's do with bars and parties, only they play games.

Anyway I love your blogs, but I think this one is a little off.





Tue Jul 14 2009 10:57AM Report
darkgudda writes:

Seems we seem to forget that WoW had good timing, there was nothing like WoW when it launched referring to game play.  If you think about it if Warhammer came out  before WoW then we would say War Killer.

Also we have to look at the games concept its hard to say this is a WoW killer for example Aion some say WoW killer I say FF11 killer only due to the gameplay and graphics seems similiar with Aion as an improvement (i beta Aion and FF11 then played FF11 for 3years till WoW).

Tue Jul 14 2009 5:37PM Report
kevinargh writes:

It will die of old age eventually. No game lasts forever. Eventually it will get so outdated that the field will open up again, and it will be up to Blizzard to replace WoW to stay on top. They're fully capable of it, but lightning doesn't always strike twice.

I got bored with the game after about 3 years and I'll probably never go back. Granted, lots of people -- millions, in fact -- lasted longer than me, but if a great game with similarly modest system requirements hits at the right time as people get bored of WoW it could deal a fatal blow to an aging game.

Tue Jul 14 2009 6:23PM Report
araut writes:

An interesting post, as were the one found at, last week, about same subject, but with different opinions. I'm wondering for how long blizz will continue the hard labor on wow, now that there are other projects inside the company, and a 'secret' project of a new franchise. And Diablo III.

   Sure there are many teams now, working on different projects, but the gurus of the company can't be in 2 places at same time, and most of the older, more experienced designers and lead employees are leaving old projects to take care of these new babies to be born.

  We already are witnessing some minor bugs and errors in game now like we never had before (i have a grea red elekk as mount, instead of a great red elekk - minor, but it's there for sometime; some chairs inside the skybreaker show their object name of programming in their tooltip, just to name a couple of those minor bugs) and patch 3.1 had a major blackout in its launch. 

  Some say that the new venture made by blizz and activision wasnt a good idea at this time. Others go further, and say the company start to loose its grip in the arriving of Vivendi. I'm not sure i agree, but the signals are there. Are the game now still in capable hands? No doubt. But as it was before? I doubt.

Tue Jul 14 2009 11:22PM Report
DragonOrder writes:

WoW sucks.

Wed Jul 15 2009 5:24AM Report
Fr0z1nDuDe writes:

lol is such a wow hating paradise there is no point in trying to talk senses into these stubborn people's hopelessly lost minds...

all we can do is get some popcorn sit here and read their whine cry complain QQ about how wow suks and every other game that is not wow suks...

and then point and laugh at them because they have no balls to go out there and make the game they want on their own instead they just sit there and QQ T-T wah wah all day long...

even if they did make the game they want no one would play and because it would be a phail game which is why no one is making to begin with and darkfall proves this look at it it's a phail game with phail ideas and phail concepts all phails lol...

Wed Jul 15 2009 12:38PM Report
Despized writes:

LMAO No developer would ever willingly take any aspect of AC2 and place that in their game.

Wed Jul 15 2009 1:00PM Report
Darksec writes:

Wow in my honest opinion gets old fast and is far too boring, its a game for orc loving geeks. End of the day i could care less who they had in an advert or whatever its the game that counts and for me its TOO simple and very uninteresting. IMHO

To say this cack will never be beaten is a little niaeve to say the least,  yeah you love it and clearly get off on it but i reckon it will be toppled in coming years as people get bored of it and as it becomes dated over time, i wouldnt discount Bioware just yet for instance. Cant say what for sure would topple it tho my money is on Star Wars TOR


Fri Jul 17 2009 4:10AM Report
Fr0z1nDuDe writes:


1. your opinion will be the doom of you...

2. "it will be toppled in coming years as people get bored" that's what you and all the other morons said FOUR YEARS AGO LOLOLOL!!!

3. "my money is on Star Wars" say bai bai to your $$$...

Fri Jul 17 2009 9:05AM Report
daggereye writes:

I didn't read all the comments but I think you forgot to say that also a big part of wow's succes is from the warcraft lore, probably 80% of people that played warcraft 3 played wow once in a while, and one day maybe there would be a game that would kick wows a$$.

Fri Jul 17 2009 4:46PM Report
Asellia writes:

Honestly, I've been reading the comments and while I do understand that it is your choice to include certain MMORPG, I have personally paid more money for the game Mabinogi then WoW by far (I paid for WoW for 2 years), and mabinogi i've been playing since release every single day.


WoW is popular only because it is simple, and easy to access. The graphics are outdated, the amount of time required to be devoted is insane, and the community (For the most part) horrific. The only thing that kept me playing until Mabinogi was the fact that I had nothing else to play, and I could play while watching TV.

WoW is not a bad game, at all, but certainly not for me, and I take much offense when you are saying the Asian Market does not produce quality games, because while a lot that have come here were bad, it was due to they were geared towards a different market. And for that fact, the ones that do come here AND are popular here should be counted, as WoW gains most of it's popularity from OUTSIDE the united states.


Looking at the even bigger picture, if WoW loses service in  China, Aion will come very close, or surpass WoW in numbers. Then what? Is a AAA P2P game not counted because it beat WoW?


I've played many games from Korea and Japan in their native language, and in fact, most of their better games never made it over here, probably due to the price the owners want for them to be moved over here. I personally take much offense to Teala's argument, and believe this, and her entire blog should be buried until removed from the Top Rated list.

Fri Jul 17 2009 7:54PM Report
Jatwhal writes:

More hot dogs are sold than filet mignon too... 

Fri Jul 17 2009 11:09PM Report
firesnake77 writes:

Kristi's sexy when she writes.

Sat Jul 18 2009 3:45AM Report
Laughing-man writes:

Considering that unless WoW finds a way out of its lawsuit in China I think that WoW will kill itself...


Sorry to say....

Sat Jul 18 2009 11:13AM Report
choujiofkono writes:

This'll get me konked in the noggin but Runes of Magic is awesome.  For the non-pvp inclined I think it's every bit as fun as WoW if not more.  Of course there isn't the same amount of content... yet.  But as it grows and people realize just how little they give up from the pay to plays, I think it can only evolve into an even greater experience.  It's all the fun without the time-sinks and irritation of most of the other mmo's.

Sat Jul 18 2009 10:28PM Report
Astralglide writes:

Beau- I think I speak for everybody when I say, STFU! Really? Quit your whining and complaining- this was a well thought out article and all you can do is whine because she wasn't discussing Asian-centric games on a website dominated by English- Speaking Europeans? Give it a break. And, btw- comparing any p2p with free asian crap makes you look stupid

Sat Jul 18 2009 10:40PM Report
Jatwhal writes:

Astralglide- That's the problem with people like you, you always think you speak for everybody...

Your first two words had you in trouble from the get go. "You think"

Well thought out article? Addendum, Another Addendum:

The article reads of a dazed, crazed fanboi and your replies make me wonder if your just a kiss azz mmorpg site fanboi- which makes you look stupid...

Sun Jul 19 2009 5:39AM Report
dcostello writes:

You have perfect, 20/20, hind-sight.  However, your methods constitute as explaining after the fact, yet your reasonings could really be attached to almost any other MMOs success and/failure.

Sun Jul 19 2009 7:33AM Report
zzza24 writes:

Hmm... hehe they pay you to write that?  To say Wow is "perfect" in every aspect seems to be just a bit short sighted.  Been in and out of Wow for 4 years now, and honestly I'm bored as hell.  They could come out with expansion after expansion, raise the level cap to 180, and offer mounts that fly into outer space.  Still the same game.  People will get bored, and they'll move on. 

Sun Jul 19 2009 2:54PM Report
Tiller writes:

It would be funny if there is a game that comes along that actually manages to take a lot of players from World of Warcraft and other games as well within the first year of it's launch. I would have this Blog printed on cardstock, with hahahahaha across it, framed and shipped to her. No idea what game will do that though. We shall see.

Sun Jul 19 2009 7:41PM Report
SaetiaBelle writes:

Wow is not able to be played on rubbish computers, I speak from experience. I used to have a pile of crap PC and wow was extremely laggy to the point of not being able to play anything but solo play. My graphics card would shut off after about an hour and at one point opening my inventory caused a blue screen of death.... So you're wrong. I had to go and buy a new PC to be able to play the game. It won't play on my 5 year old laptop either. So ner.

Mon Jul 20 2009 9:05AM Report
softscent40 writes:

in my opinion WoW was an will never be great i don't like the game play or characters there like ,my opinion ncsoft game develpers are much better there character at least are more fun to play

Mon Jul 20 2009 10:11AM Report
Kyleran writes:

IMO, being the phenomenon that WOW is, when the decline comes it will be as breath-taking as its ascent was.  Will it ever die? No, but it will slowly fade away as all MMO's eventually do.

Mon Jul 20 2009 11:42AM Report
illanadan writes:

 Take a look at Ultima Online, it is still around. To say that WoW will just stop one day is plain stupidity. I hated WoW, from the cartoony graphics, the lack of true PvP, boring repetitive quests (You forget, I am a true UO player), to the kids running around everywhere thinking they are uber l33t. Even with this hatred I still realize that WoW was and still is a hit. To say that people wouldn't be playing MMO's if it wasn't for WoW is also sheer stupidity. It would have simply taken them longer to find something they did like. If LoTRO came out before WoW with the same system specs wouldn't we be saying "who is the next LoTRO killer?"

Mon Jul 20 2009 2:34PM Report
Darksec writes:

For god sake listen to yourselves.

Wow will not die out completely, yes,  just like ultima etc but likewise it is totally untrue and equaly stupid to think that a game as basic and repetative as WoW will last forever no game will. It will live on with the Orc, elf and wizard loving geeks of this world whom love doing the same things over and over and wont even mind when graphics are dated BUT to predict the game will never topple from the top of MMO's is blind stupidness.

Other MMO's will eventualy over take WoW i am 100% certain of that its the laws of gaming lol.

I said my money was on SWTOR as that is the most promising on what we can see so far IMO, this is no guarentee as much the same for anyone to be saying it has no chance.

Writing off games well before their completion is just stupid and has no backup/ground for argument, only time will tell who or what will be the first to overtake WoW as time passes and it dates and subs drop. There will always come a point where people want to try something new and friends will soon follow.

I dont know for sure what will over take i just know that something will and there is no reason that Wow cannot still exisit for those fanboys/girls that want to carry on with it and ignore all other MMO's no matter how good etc cos i know there are idiots in this world who do dismiss other games with knowing little about them or ever trying them.

Tue Jul 21 2009 6:10PM Report
Tara_Windwalker writes:

Yes, there will be another.  

Wild Divine has had a game out for a number of years that aids you in learning how to meditate and to breath better, called "The Passage".   You wear 3 finger sensors that track your body's heart rate variability and skin conductance.    You actually levitate a monk and find things by using your breathing and controlling your physical senses.

Once other game developers begin to incorporate sensors like this, then gaming goes up another level ... advancement in the game won't be from buying a mount or more powerful clothing ... it will be skill ... physically controlled skill.    


Tue Sep 22 2009 2:00PM Report
BlackOokami writes:

When it comes to World of Warcraft I do have to admit I'm not all for it but I don't put down people that play it. I do have to admit that your right about everything such as advertising, gameplay, beginning stages but I don't think it will be around forever on top of every MMO about to be made or planned to be created. Then again in my honest opinion I can't exactly say that since it seems all of the new games have the exact same features (I don't mean like "TH1S GAmmE H4z WARIORZ ZOMG WOWz Cl0NeSZ!!!1!1!eleven) but that when you do something like picking up an item to "gather" it for a quest you see the SAME bar pop up and everything. I guess I'll just hold my breath for some MMO company to stop being a pansy and step out of the same routine. Lastly,  I have to admit that your pretty persausive with that paragraph about how WoW got it right and it's made me somehow respect it a little more. xD 

Sat Sep 26 2009 9:58AM Report
Ataaka writes:

Teala I have three letters for you, 'Wow'!

Your article didn't bring a tear to my eye, but it was well written to the point that my eyes burned when I failed to blink while reading line after line of truths.

People hate WoW? Who knew?!?

I didn't care for the whole BattleGround Reward System, when it rolled out some time ago. Lets face it, without gear people are less likely to party with you. The original BG rewarded PVP and punished non-pvpers by denying access to the same type and level of loot...They even gave the pvper's titles which are no longer obtainable.

Nope...that didn't even come close to making me a WoW Hater.

WoW attracts those from 8 to 80, and if you wait until 8 to start playing, your friends will have a huge advantage over you LOL.

I cannot add a single word to describe how WoW is the greatest success ever and that every other dev that followed has not taken care of the single most fustrating thing the plagues all games...bugs.

Blizzard massaged the beta bugs; the launch bugs; the update bugs; the expansion bugs; they must have taken MicroSoft's failures and massaged them too... They work and work until it works!

Some games can't even get the bugs out of their logon...  Sheesh!

When the hype about WoW becoming a MMORPG became a reality, Blizzard ensured that it lived up to the hype. I was thouroughly entertained for three solid months after launch. I was highly entertained for the entire length of the Beta. Not once did I ever say, 'They launched too early.'

The game launched 5X smalled than Blizzard forecasted...There was lag, there were problems associated with bandwidth and netcode. But, LOL the engine performed like it was at the pole position at the Indy 500.

Years Later...

I'm seeing first time WoW players talking like WoW-Nerds in just a few weeks of play. I see nubs amassing great wealth, fortune and fame in only a few months. I hear that players are creating capped characters on 5-10 different worlds.

There is no end to this madness because Blizzard made it too easy to logon. Great job Teala. You have Blizzard quality...If only you could program.

Much Love




Sun Jul 18 2010 11:47PM Report writes:
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