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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

EVE Onilne - CCP MONEY GRAB - Yeah let's go after the little guys!

Posted by Teala Wednesday June 15 2011 at 4:52PM
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Seems somebody at CCP has this ideal that 3rd party app developers(EVE Mon, DotLan, etc, etc) need to be charged  99$ US, a year, in order to allow their services to continue to exist.   See many of these free 3rd party apps make no money on the services they provide to the players.   Some do(barely).   Some actually allow players to make donations(real money) to help the developer of the 3rd party app continue to update and provide online services.  

It seems CCP now wants to start charging a commercial license fee to allow these websites to continue to operate.   In other words, pay up, or we'll shut you down.  

This also includes websites that take ISK as donations for services provided.  

This has money grab written all over it.    What is up with CCP?   These 3rd party apps like EVE Mon, Battleclinic, Dotlan and such barely break even to keep operating.  What about EVE Radio?  Will you require a commercial license from them as well?

Many of these 3rd party app people do this out of love for the game and are not in it to get rich or even make money, they ask for donations simply to recoup the cost of actually having a website up to provide the services they do.   

What will this do to the 3rd party app provider?  They will either start charging for their services and require players to pay them to access their websites and or use their 3rd party apps.   Players all ready pay to play the game, now they maybe asked to pay to use 3rd party apps that at times actually enhance their game play experience.  How many players are going to willfully subscribe to such a service?

All this will do is cause these websites to fold up.   Good going.  NOT!

Imagine other game companies doing this with their 3rd party app developers?  Games like WoW and such would lose so many subscribers it isn't even funny.   3rd party apps in some of these games actually enhance a players game play experience and are free to download and use.   What if Blizzard started requiring these 3rd party app developers to buy a commercial license?  LOL! 

Personally - to me - this is a MONEY GRAB.   I use to have a lot of respect for CCP and then they go and do something like this?  Really CCP are you going to be a little slimy worm?  

I was sympathetic to CCP's plight when LuLzSec pulled their little DDoS attack on you the other today, maybe not so much.

Read it all here! BizDev CCP Blog

Oh and here is the players responses to this >>> DevBlog Thread   They are catching lots of hate and flack for this.  If CCP wants to kill their game, this will do it.

shava writes:

First off, no, this will not kill their game.  US$99/yr is trivial.  Many of the sites make far more than that from advertising and other channels (selling game cards and so on) from their sites, although they also put a great deal of work into the sites too.  The question is, can those sites monetize their API-based services with the fan base?

Many games don't open their data via an API at all.  Many, like say LOTRO, open it just a tiny bit.  CCP really blows it pretty wide open, and maintains it very well, with the full and limited key system.

How would you feel if they said, "You know, the amount of grief we are taking with the API system is too great.  We're deciding it's not worth it, and we're going to stop serving API data."  Now *that* would shut the game down.

Now, they've simply laid it on the 3rd party app devs to squeeze blood out of the stone(d) users rather than raise prices on everyone to fund maintenance of a facility which is only heaviy used by a subset of users. 

Personally, I have no problem with that.  If 10,000 users use EveMon, that's...gee, you play a spreadsheet game, you do the math...:)

Wed Jun 15 2011 8:10PM Report
GhostKrook writes:

It's good if the site is a for profit site, but charging sites that are non-profit is not so good. I read the updated dev notes, and they say that the 99$ fee would not make a difference in their balance sheets, so why bother charging a fee at all then?

It really only gives the advantage to the sites, so they may be able to profit from sub accounts, and donations. I actually gave this game up earlier this year, and without some major content changes I won't bother revisiting it. So this matter doesn't effect me either way. It's curious to see CCP doing this though.

Thu Jun 16 2011 12:31AM Report
Codenak writes:


It could actually kill their game very easily. Greed is a very visible and very ugly vice. If it causes a number of those who were previously movers and shakers in the Eve community to move on, others will also move on. This can become a self  re-inforcing death spiral for a games community as more people leave because others have left.

Trust between the games developers and community is everything in an MMORPG, if that trust dies there is no community and without a community there is no game.

Thu Jun 16 2011 8:57AM Report
DKKOberon writes:

Learn to read please....


From the blog:

Non-commercial websites and apps will now require a (free) license


Thu Jun 16 2011 3:14PM Report
Excession writes:

its just a storm in a tea cup.

people that cannot read properly jump to conclusions and make knee jerk reaction posts full of assumptions.

the only people that will have to buy a licence are the people that are already charging for what they do.

end of story really.

Sat Jun 18 2011 8:20AM Report
Lateris writes:

So Non-commercial websites and apps will now require a (free) license- free is good. And those that want to sell Eve apps pay a license fee?  

Wed Jun 22 2011 7:55PM Report writes:
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