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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

CCP will, in the end, do the right thing.

Posted by Teala Thursday June 23 2011 at 5:39AM
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The recent bruhaha over the game of EVE Online regrading their microtransaction store and the types of things they intend to offer players(possible buy-to-win items) is disheartening to say the least.  If the alleged Internal memo is for real and not a fake, then I can only say it makes my heart drop.   I for one cannot believe the CCP would be so foolish to do such a thing to such a wonderful game.   This will drive their current, long standing vet fanbase away(the exodus of long standing players has all ready begun) and turn EVE into just another buy-to-win game that this genre does not need.

But call me little Ms. Optimistc, I do not believe that CCP will be this self destructive.  It is one thing to place vanity only items into your MT as Blizzard has done, but to add anything other than vanity items into your MT, things that will unbalance the player machinations that drives this games virtual economy, territorial control and basic game play will bring it crashing to the ground.   EVE is a sandbox and as such it is a unique gaming experience and in such, as it is, all it takes to toss the game into chaos is to introduce an element that will unbalance that fine line it walks right now.   In mine and other players opinions that play EVE, the addition of items that will unbalance this virtual universe will be overwhelming.  As I said, to add strictly vanity items is one thing, but buy-to-win items will ruin EVE.

So if the rumor is true and CCP intends to add such things, EVE as we know it will become just another bad game added to the sea of other bad games - unless CCP does the right thing.

Face it, they do not have the subscriptions a game like WoW has to play Russian roulette with their base fans. EVE is nothing without its fans. In today's gaming market a game company cannot expect to get away with whatever they want and neglect their base fans - period - end of story. CCP does not have this luxury. If they really believe this, than they have been living in a cave in Iceland the last few years(I hope that is not the case).

Just give them the time they need to sort this mess out. I love Incarna and I want it to succeed, but not at the cost of the games fans. Without them, this game becomes just another POS game on a market all ready flooded by those types of games.

So here is hoping the people in charge at CCP understand that if they want to be an SOE and drive their main fans away and make them bitter - they can do this, but be prepared for the backlash. It will be fierce. Ask John Smedley if he regrets what he did with SWG and the NGE and if it was a good business move. SWG still hasn't recovered from the NGE(in the last week they are removing 2 more servers and moving players to the remaining ones - there is probably less than 30k people actually playing SWG today compared to the 450k they had before the NGE).  Update 7/2/2011: SWG is closing its doors.   It will no longer be available to play as of 2012.  SOE announced that they were taking the game down for good. (see what happens when you are out of the loop for 2 weeks)

I would also, like to add one other comment. " ARE YOU INSANE CCP?! "  If we break down the cost of some of your current vanity items based off the cost of converting real world money for the cost of say that monocle in the MT store(by taking the cost of Plex and coverting it to Aurum) it comes out to roughly $60 US.   Really?!  ::rolls her eyes::  Please, this is just insanely high for a virtual item.  All your virtual items for that matter are priced insanely high.  Be reasonable and lower them - a lot!  It is crazy to think you'd place prices so high on a silly virtual item.   Some of the clothing items in your virtual store cost more than real world items.  This is game - and you're no Saks Fifth Avenue.


So chins up! Give CCP a chance to make this right(the MT stuff), and get the rest of Incarna out, and lets see if they can continue to deliver the game we have all come to love. If they can't and won't - then to hell with them - I'll be the first to biomass and cancel my sub.


Side Note:  I am in the process of relocating.  I am heading back to the west coast!  Yeah!   \o/   Hate the hot muggy East Coast.  Back to my mountains, oceans, rivers and the great Pacific Northwest in general!  So it'll be about a weak and a couple of days before you hear anything from me again.  Also, you can now follow me on Twitter!  Yes..I broke down and got a Twitter account.   Just look for TealaTeJir and add me!  It'll be fun!   So until next time.  

EVE Onilne - CCP MONEY GRAB - Yeah let's go after the little guys!

Posted by Teala Wednesday June 15 2011 at 4:52PM
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Seems somebody at CCP has this ideal that 3rd party app developers(EVE Mon, DotLan, etc, etc) need to be charged  99$ US, a year, in order to allow their services to continue to exist.   See many of these free 3rd party apps make no money on the services they provide to the players.   Some do(barely).   Some actually allow players to make donations(real money) to help the developer of the 3rd party app continue to update and provide online services.  

It seems CCP now wants to start charging a commercial license fee to allow these websites to continue to operate.   In other words, pay up, or we'll shut you down.  

This also includes websites that take ISK as donations for services provided.  

This has money grab written all over it.    What is up with CCP?   These 3rd party apps like EVE Mon, Battleclinic, Dotlan and such barely break even to keep operating.  What about EVE Radio?  Will you require a commercial license from them as well?

Many of these 3rd party app people do this out of love for the game and are not in it to get rich or even make money, they ask for donations simply to recoup the cost of actually having a website up to provide the services they do.   

What will this do to the 3rd party app provider?  They will either start charging for their services and require players to pay them to access their websites and or use their 3rd party apps.   Players all ready pay to play the game, now they maybe asked to pay to use 3rd party apps that at times actually enhance their game play experience.  How many players are going to willfully subscribe to such a service?

All this will do is cause these websites to fold up.   Good going.  NOT!

Imagine other game companies doing this with their 3rd party app developers?  Games like WoW and such would lose so many subscribers it isn't even funny.   3rd party apps in some of these games actually enhance a players game play experience and are free to download and use.   What if Blizzard started requiring these 3rd party app developers to buy a commercial license?  LOL! 

Personally - to me - this is a MONEY GRAB.   I use to have a lot of respect for CCP and then they go and do something like this?  Really CCP are you going to be a little slimy worm?  

I was sympathetic to CCP's plight when LuLzSec pulled their little DDoS attack on you the other today, maybe not so much.

Read it all here! BizDev CCP Blog

Oh and here is the players responses to this >>> DevBlog Thread   They are catching lots of hate and flack for this.  If CCP wants to kill their game, this will do it.

Little Update

Posted by Teala Saturday June 4 2011 at 10:18PM
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Just to let you all know, those that read my blog on a regular basis, I have not stopped blogging about gaming; just took a short break.    Next week, or the next couple of weeks, I will be doing entries surrounding the game of EVE.    My love/hate relationship with the game continues.   EVE is a unique game and in being unique CCP has unlimited opportunity to do things with it many other developers cannot do with their games.    Since CCP is about to unleash the first part of their Incarna expansion I thought this might be a good time to do some writing on the game.   EVE is, as I said, a guilty pleasure of mine, that intrigues me and also infuriates me, and makes me question my own beliefs on what makes a an MMORPG a good game worthy of paying a monthly fee for.  With that said, I look forward to the next couple of weeks, because CCP is one of those game companies that is constantly improving their game in ways that only make playing their game that much more enjoyable - the question is; how far are they willing to go to take the game to new levels?  Will it still be a game all about Internet space-ships, or will it grow and expand into other avenues of game play, increasing the size of its sandbox even further?  Incarna is merely a stepping stone.  Dust 514, again, just another step added to the stairs.   In my up and coming entries I really hope to discuss the old EVE and the new EVE, and find a happy ground as to what CCP really needs to concentrate on to make EVE the very best and unique gaming experience available online. 

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