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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

EVE Online TV show - just exactly how will this work?

Posted by Teala Monday April 29 2013 at 3:50PM
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As we learned from EVE Online fansfest this year, CCP announced that a television show based on the EVE universe was in the works.   This would be very cool.   I love the EVE Universe and think that a TV show about it would be awesome - except - I can see a few problems all ready regarding this.   

How will CCP make a TV show based on EVE when the game centers around spaceships and big space battles?    There is no avatar game play, so depicting people walking around making shady deals, or going to a lounge, or a bounty hunter killing someone in a station just isn't keeping with the lore.   Is CCP going to change the lore in order to make the TV show more palatable for viewers? 

What is every episode just going to be some group of ships wondering around getting into fights?   Or how about an episode about some guy spinning his ship in the hanger as he/she trades in a station.    Oh I have a better ideal!  How about a show about a miner, mining roids.   Yeah!

Seriously though...people won't give a rats arse about a TV show that is only about ships.    Would you watch Firefly if you never saw Cpt Reynolds?   What is the Millenium Falcon without Han Solo and Chewbacca?   The show will have to be about characters - not ships.   Not characters stuck in pods of goo.  But characters, that eat, drink, sleep, fight, talk, walk, breath, fight, and make love.    How inspiring will all those space battles be without the characters behind them to make the viewer care about what they are watching?

I suppose CCP could do a series about the people that don't actually fly the ships - maybe do it on the ruling families of the major factions - like the Amarr and Calradi and the ships are just used as a background means to depict how these factions stay in power - but then, that really isn't EVE now is it?

So...will CCP break with the lore and tell the story of people or will they stick with the lore and tell the story of a space ship?

If they break with the lore, how will they explain to viewers that the game that is EVE doesn't have ship pilots walking around space stations or going planetside.   That in reality, ship pilots are stuck in a closet when not flying and when they are flying they are in a pod of goo?

Will CCP show the reality that is EVE game play - or will the show be a totally contrived and make believe version of the EVE Universe?


chilltime99 writes:

I'm excited about the show!

I hope it isn't centered around endless spaceship battles. Eve is really deep. In the Eve universe, there is so much going on that doesn't take place in ships. Yes, these activities have been reserved for NPC's and not the players.  But, just because the players haven't activily participated in these "behind the scenes" activities doesn't mean that they do not exist.

To me, Eve is a living, breathing universe that is thriving beyond the capsuleer. The story, lore, and life of Eve can be found in the many chronicles, short stories, and books published since Eve's birth. I've always thought that the tales in these stories would make a great movie or TV series. Now that thought is finally being realized.


Mon Apr 29 2013 8:26PM Report
toxicmango writes:

The story and lore of EVE is stagnant and stale because it is not a sandbox, RP events were rigged, and it is on rails.

The TV show is just the latest in a line of gimmick ideas, like the walking in stations and like the old defunct novels or equally defunct card game.  CCP has a history of flinging money on empty smoke and mirrors style bling and these projects inevitably wither and die once the next shiny project is pushed by whatever internal studio faction is on top.  There is no follow through on the endless promises.

Tue Apr 30 2013 3:53AM Report
Jeauseoff writes: I have to say, this entry is taking the idea of an EVE TV series far too literaly when it comes to how the lore & gameplay of the game will translate to the small screen.  Perhaps this is mostly tongue in cheek, but it seems asinine to think that a show based on a game would strive to mimic the gameplay - it doesn't even make sense to attempt it IMO.  It seems more reasonable, (and fairly obvious,) that the show will most likely follow the standard sci-fi show formulae that have been in place for decades:  Crew of a ship (most likely on the run from some person / group); their place in the larger galactic conflict; commense scurrying from place to place to survive / avoid capture, etc., etc.  i.e. - more likely a DUST-like series than an EVE series. Sun May 05 2013 2:18AM Report
tiefighter25 writes: I think I've watched every submarine movie ever. I may be in the minority, but I would definitely watch a show about ships battling each other. Mon May 13 2013 3:03AM Report
tiefighter25 writes: Then again I liked all the Midway, Bismark movies and the 900 hour Das Boot film. Mon May 13 2013 3:08AM Report
Kuinn writes:

How the heck is it "breaking with lore" if you are going to tell stories about actual people in EVE universe instead of just ships? That's what people WANT to see, they want to see what happens on the colonies, on stations, what kind of people lives in the universe!


They already spend 100% of their game time spinning ships and ganking people for no reason so how about the show actually giving immersive stories and characters from the EVE universe.


WoW movie is "breaking with lore" if it does not show people running warsong gulch over and over again, while the open world sky is filled with people on different coloured dragon mounts...?

Wed May 15 2013 10:45AM Report
Eridanix writes: It could be interesting quite enough. I definitely would follow that TV show. I myself wrote some fanfiction about the life and mislife of what i considered the happening breath of a so rich universe... and its miseries and glories.... Sun May 19 2013 9:44PM Report
MrDoogan writes: Has anything ever been mentioned again by CCP about this show idea? Mon Sep 16 2013 9:20AM Report
Teala writes: @MrDoogan, nope haven't heard a word more about it.    Mon Sep 16 2013 2:55PM Report
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