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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

No - I will not be playing The Secret World, Tera, nor Guild Wars 2

Posted by Teala Sunday March 4 2012 at 3:12AM
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This entry is for people that send me emails wondering what I think of these three up coming games.   No I will not be beta testing or playing these games.  I have no interest in them whatsoever.   Why?

1) I am tired of the lack of persistent open world MMORPG's.

2) None of them have anything that interest me at all.  They have very little game features other than killing things and collecting gear.  Though TSW is not really about gear perse, it still doesn't interest me like it use to.  I saw some game play videos and I do not care for what I saw. 

3) I know they are MMO's.  I know that two of the three are trying to do something different with the genre.  Still do not care.  I'm done wasting my time on dead end, shallow games. 

Yes I see them as dead end, shallow games.   ::shrugs::  So shoot me.

Right now the only game I am looking forward to is ArcheAge.   Nothing else looks remotely interesting.   So I am going to be taking a long break from my blog - I might write something off the wall here or there in the future, but this genre is currently just not doing anything for me.  

Until then...ta ta...and thanks for all the fish everyone!

Waaagh writes:

I love to hear your opinion on OTHERLAND I looks promising

Sun Mar 04 2012 8:55AM Report
Damon writes:

I agree to some extent, but my boredom with existing games will continue to drive me to new games, in the hope of finding something I can enjoy for more than a month or two.

Sun Mar 04 2012 10:56AM Report
calranthe writes:

Damn got yourself some bitter jaded vet syndrome there :), I am myself  looking forward to TSW because I do believe funcom even with there false starts build pretty good inovative mmo's  (my fave mmo of all time is Anarchy online, will rejoin once the new engine is in).

ArcheAge will I believe be a complete letdown especially to western players and even though I am impressed on there ideas, I see human nature and how we act in mmo's will destroy that game before any of the ideas get of the ground.

Take a break. I myself am spending a month in ME3.

Sun Mar 04 2012 1:01PM Report
Sector13 writes:

Coming from the person who said they wouldn't play SWTOR and still did, let me take this post with a grain of salt.

Sun Mar 04 2012 5:49PM Report
Teala writes: Sorry sector13, you are sadly mistaken. Sun Mar 04 2012 8:35PM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

@Teala, lemme know when you hit up ArcheAge. I'll come with ya :3!


I'm so very tired of this genre in its current state. People just don't care about quality & respecting Lore anymore.

SWTOR literally gutted the genre, and even I could have predicted how much damage it has done.

Mon Mar 05 2012 12:40AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

[edit]: I cannot seem to edit my previous post in this blog? I typed "and even I could have predicted how much damage it has done." but wanted it to say:

"and even I couldn't have predicted how much damage it has done.

Mon Mar 05 2012 12:41AM Report
makesense writes:

Most of the people see the problem in the wrong angle. Games were those back in the day when you bought them, installed or just inserted them in the game console and start playing, whille asking friend for tips or having 1-2-x people around you making comments about the game or trying to help you bypass some ingame problems. Games where those who managed to bring a bunch of friends tougether in same room, or in a net caffe, playing a multi-playing game laughing of eachother mistakes, or praising otherone skills. But now games, whille evolving, became from a place or instrument of spending some free time whille enjoying, a sick form of auto-mutillation. Now most of the people don't play games to enjoy and relax in a holyday, a evening or when they don't have someting better to do. Now they play games to achieve someting. Maybe someting they can't achive in real life, or maybe in real life they feel noone notice them, or they are don't sadisfied with curent life. Don't know. But game developers make games only to exploit that side from us. They made "features" to keep players online, like events, special dungeons, raids or daily quests. Features who make people feel that they have a chance to get someting special, when they only get a huge chunk of time and effort lost and maybe money to.Games are becoming more and more some kind of sick work. People are not sleeping well, are not working well, they think that damn, i have to go to work, but i miss that event or timed dungeon or whatever. When actually they don't miss events ingame, they miss events in real life. Game also are not meant for kids, are meant for adults, endangering theyr life. Why i say that?. Well sitting in 1 point of map, killing same mobs, with same skills for hours it's not a game. Doing a dungeon 20 , 100, 111111111 times in order to get "that" thing or exp from it, in order to reach next stage of game, or next dungeon, well, that's not a game. Spending money in order to get a item, with a small chance and random, to a + 122131 , in order to have a stronger char, or trying to get a specific item in a game in order to be more strong, well, that's not a game. All theese it's work work work. More tiresome that real life work. And what's the worst part of it?. In real life you work and get payed. Atleast most of the time. But in games, you work and in order to have a succesfull work, you have to pay.

Well, better take that chunk of time, effort and money, and invest in a better thing, like a real life relation, ocupation or hobby and you all will have a better life. Don't get stuck in this no-life activities witch never bring someting good. It's all a industry witch make huge proffits and make you loose your life.

Mon Mar 05 2012 2:39AM Report
makesense writes:

to reach and have and write this conclusion, i've played like 90-95% of the mmorpgs. Most of them right in closed/open beta, then after i stopped playing, i redownloaded and played them again for a few days/weeks/months. The only game in all this years witch really was worth my time was Atlantica Online. Before the Item Mall really crushed the game. WoW i played right in the begining, several years ago, and SWTOR i only tested it. And about the ice age, would be a really brilliant game if the combat would be manual. But it sems a good game.

Mon Mar 05 2012 4:04AM Report
makesense writes:

erm, ArcheAge..:)))

Mon Mar 05 2012 4:07AM Report
jinxxed0 writes:

I'm thinking Archage will still require everyone to do some type of fighting. I'd be impressed with a game that allowed people to process in other aspects such as cooking or making clothes and doing quests/missions related to that without ever being a fighter or mage of any kind.


I do, however, like fighting, so I might go with Tera because the combat is pretty satisfying, and I'd definately get GW2 because it seems legit like GW1. With the secret world, the only way I'm playing that is if it goes F2P and you can already tell that's where it's headed.

Mon Mar 05 2012 5:13AM Report
nolic1 writes:

Well theres still alot of good games out there Sis even though oyu might not like them theres PS2 seeing how you got meinto the first I surprised your not talking about it. Also try some of the other games out that have gone F2P like Fallenearth, AoC, or even DCUO all these games are all content well except AoC but you can play them all to max lvl and can enjoy them for what they are games to mess with. 

I would like to see your thoughs on the F2P market still sense you have not done any write ups on them to date. Maybe you'll find something fun to write about even if it is to critic there F2P shop and or gameplay and compare it to AAA titles I would like to see what you have to say on this matter maybe bring to light some false hood to the F2P market that most people don't see.

Mon Mar 05 2012 10:34AM Report
Cheopis writes:

I have to say that I feel much the same way.  I'm currently bouncing from game to game to game looking for a game that's actually not a cookie cutter hack and slasher, and so far the only thing I've found is Wurm Online.  However a lot of people just can't deal with the awful avatar and mob graphics.

The good news is that there has been a fundamental change in the graphics support in the game.  The Avatars and mobs are going to be seeing a move from GI-Joe Kung-fu grip graphics to skeletal animations soon.

In Wurm, if you so choose, you can contribute to pvp and not be a fighter.  Highly skilled craftsmen are critical to the survival of a village or alliance in Wurm.

There is NO 3rd person view.  Entirely first person.  Full loot on PVP servers.  No PVP at all on PVE servers if all you want to do is craft.

Most of the things I hear people lusting after in a sandbox game are in Wurm.  It certainly has it's warts, and you have to play with one hand holding your nose until the skeletal animations and character customization are fixed, but it's well worth trying.

To be clear, however, I am most certainly looking forward to Archeage as well.

Mon Mar 05 2012 7:37PM Report
Tiller writes:

ArcheAge may takes years to come to N/A if it ever does at all. Pretty much you either conform, or play nothing...I chose the later.

Mon Mar 05 2012 7:48PM Report
NameWasTaken writes:

Indeed, I know that feeling. I canceled my order for The Secret World(War), since that is going to be another SWTOR fiasco all over again (aka. WoW clone with [insert new weapon type here], this time guns rather than light sabers.)

TERA I'm still willing to try, mostly so I can get my stable of FRAP-worthy half naked elves to fawn over. ;)

Also Guild Wars 2 is going to be popular with my guild, so I'll probably get into that game too. Also the lack of a $15 month fee, is a nice sweetener for my GW2 purchase.

So aside from those two diversions, I'm going back to single player games. Since if I'm going to solo, which I mostly do, might as well play a game built for it.

Tue Mar 06 2012 11:02AM Report
ThemePork writes:

"...I am going to be taking a long break..."

Same here... Time to quit MMOs until AA comes out in the West. Till then it's LoL for the daily PvP fix and lots of movies :D

Tue Mar 06 2012 12:09PM Report
Alleneira writes:

Game industries follow some simple rules on how to make an MMO:


Its not about boring worlds or anything, but how MMOs are made adictive with repetive things... basicly they put you in a skinner box.

If you read that article and compare it to all recent MMO's, it is quite shocking how true it is.

Tue Mar 06 2012 11:13PM Report
Teala writes:

Allereira, perhaps you are onto something there.   Maybe that is why I am loosing interest in the newer games because they have become nothing more than a skinner box.

Tue Mar 06 2012 11:55PM Report
Alleneira writes:

I've also played some of these high praised AAA titles and the skinnerbox system is a big reason why I started to dislike them.

It was always about doing that and that raid xxx times to get that and that item so that you are able to go into the next raid or to be competive in pvp... I just got sick of it...

What I search in an MMO is more somekind of big world with several possible adventures... adventures which may even change the gameworld... leaving a footprint, you know?

Adventures which I can participe with friends... or even have to do with others. Adventures in which we have to socialize even... noticed that in most MMOs there is hardly an "Hi" or "Wanna join my group to do xxx?" anymore? ... you just plainly ignore each other and do your own stuff. I think most MMOs turned into bad solo games already which are about to farm items.

Adventures which are about exploring something and having a challenge, while still providing a nice atmosphere.


Most of these things just get lost when you notice that it is all about gear only. You do the same stuff over and over, which never changes the game world, with persons you never speak with.

Hence I have somekind of hope in GW2. From what I've heard, the game isnt that much about gear, adventures are more dynamic and may change the enviroment around you and I hope that it doesnt feels that much on railroads like TOR for instance... at least that is what "THEY" said about GW2 and we all knew what everyone says about the game they release... bit like politicans, promising much... delivering nearly nothing.

But I doubt that GW2 will be the holy grail... it might go into the right direction at most. Still I hope that GW2 will be rather successful so that other game companies see that we dont only want the same stuff over and over and want some changes.


But in the end, we will never escape the skinner box, if we keep playing mmos.

There is always the lever which we pull over and over to get something. May it be an item... or achievement... or an yellow-green-pinkish hat, we still do the same stuff over and over to get that. In the end we maybe even get an totally freedom-open world-dynamic-mmo but when we finally build there ower own castle.... or just our own little shack out of rotting wood, we will be stuck in a skinnerbox aswell to keep the hous sustained and we will still pull our little lever to build a garage for our shack... well... at least that would be a more fun skinner box then... one with tapestries, carpets and classical music.


Also Teala, maybe that interests you:

Still doing only its baby-steps and I doubt that the world will be very MMO-ish like, but it is the closest to an multiplayer Skyrim we might see.

Wed Mar 07 2012 7:00AM Report
Nightkin writes:

Guild Wars 1 and 2 is not about grinding gear or killing braindead NPC-s. It's totally different from the other things what are called MMOs. I think an MMO must be more than grindfest or "kill 15 xy" quests.

Wed Mar 07 2012 7:28AM Report
fenistil writes:

I share your thoughts Teala.


I might play GW2 though ,- just out of interest of b2p model but then I might not play it. Still haven't decided.


Other than few short beta tries here and there (Swtor, Tera and few others) I am mmo-homeless since 06/2011. 


Thought it would be harder when I decided to not play current design mmorpg's anymore.


But yeah only game I am really looking forward to and only that have potential to get me back "full-time" to mmorpg genre is ArcheAge only.


There are also few indie titles but sorry indie devs - after supporting indie sandboxes few times I cannot do it anymore.

Great ideas and visions but I cannot stand huge problems those games have cause they lack funds & resources so much.


So yeah - mmorpg genre got very sad and shallow. I am just gonna be very very picky and only play open-world virtual world type of mmorpg;s.

Oh and I won't play freemium / f2p crap again. Got my share when I tried a few (my previous main mmorpg went freemium and I tried hard to still play it despite) and I really was open-minded - that backfired hard on me. Just cannot get enjoyment as this model ruins gameplay & my personal immersion too much.

Thu Mar 08 2012 7:13AM Report
Alleneira writes:

Have to disagree with the point that "freemium / f2p" is crap. The system can be rather appealing and can bring more players into the game while still delivering enough funds for development... problem is that most companies fuck it up bad.

Like at gamedesign, companies dont want to take big risks at the business model and so they try to take already "known" routes... and the known route they mainly take is the "customer is our enemy"-route.

If you want a deeper look on HOW microtransaction games (f2p games/freemium) should be, you can take a look at this:

Thu Mar 08 2012 7:44AM Report
ProfRed writes:

What about Darkfall 2.0 and World of Darkness?!? 

So maybe Darkfall 2.0 is quite niche, but World of Darkness could be pretty special.  Single shard, social sandbox game set in a real world horror/gothic vampire setting made by CCP.  Gotta keep your head up and your eyes on the horizon.

I am like you pretty much.  I have probably played 3 months of MMO's in the past 2 years because of all of the utter crap they are throwing at us.  I did make the most of Darkfall and had some great experiences with it.  I keep trying all the new games hoping for something special and they keep letting me down, but that has been the pattern for the last 8-10 years now.  Every once in a while you can find something special in a title that makes it worth it.  SWG at launch, EVE at launch for me exploiting the market, Darkfall, FFXI in its own weird way, and even some of the world PvP from WoW at launch the first month was pretty fun.

Guild Wars 2 will be what it is, but hopefully the ARGS from TSW and unique take on some things will give me some of that fun.  Just keep on trucking.

Fri Mar 09 2012 10:27AM Report
futnatus writes:

I downloaded something to let me play 'abandonware' and haven't gone back to MMOs.  Classics, yay.

Fri Mar 09 2012 4:54PM Report
Beezerbeez writes:

I feel your pain Teala.  I'm enjoying modding Skyrim and then seeing if my son can complete the content.  It's like I'm a DnD GM :D

Fri Mar 09 2012 7:13PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

I don't think AA will reach NA for atleast 2 more years. That being said, it does look like a very promising game. However, I never see myself just dropping MMO's altogether for a significant period of time. Which is why I'll most likely be playing GW2 since it's WvWvW style of Objective PvP seems very similar to DAoC's RvR system which I consider #1 in terms of MMO PvP design. I really miss Classic DAoC. =(

Fri Mar 09 2012 8:42PM Report
Jumdor writes:

Nooo! *sniffles* Ah, well. *pats on back* It's all good. I haven't seen really anything so far worthy enough to climb a pile of bodies for, but maybe one day an unexpected goose will lay a golden erm- chunk of shite. Yeah, not much hope. *dusts off hands and backs away* Hey could be worse. We could all lose power and not be able to play anything. Good gaming to all! =)

Sat Mar 10 2012 3:00AM Report
Xzen writes:

GW2 and ArcheAge are the only 2 MMOs I'm going to be playing in for a while.

Sat Mar 10 2012 12:39PM Report
JoeyMMO writes: AA all the way for you. Good luck with that sandbox, I hope it works out for you. Sat Mar 10 2012 1:21PM Report
Jupsto writes:

not that I care but fyi archeage will be earliest 2013, probably 2014 looking at how long other korean games take to port.


Sat Mar 10 2012 5:21PM Report
MurlockDance writes:

I don't mind having one of the "shallower" themeparks to play. I play WoW currently, but what is scary is that it seems to be "deeper" than a very many of the MMOs that have come out sense. The problem is that one has to go back to 2004 to find a not-so shallow game (not considering VG, but that game has a very big population problem). WoW is still open world, which seems to be rarer and rarer these days. Back 10 years ago, I would have said that games would have developed better technology to handle bigger and better open worlds, and that we would have massive yet streamlined worlds that would completely trump all that came before, yet alas the game industry has gone in the opposite direction, with smaller and smaller worlds and more instances.

I am sort of interested in GW2 though, mainly because it is a different style of game much like GW1 was different too. I have some trouble calling this style of game a proper MMO. Knowing that it might be instanced though and perform like a game with many different social hubs/cities but otherwise is more like a small multiplayer game does not bother me in light of the fact that there will be no subscription and that I personally would not see it as an MMO.

Otherwise, I think Archeage might be the next best bet, which is an odd feeling for me, because I always looked towards the West for innovation and now it seems that it is coming from the East. I have not tended to like Asian MMOs, but I am keeping an open mind to see how it pans out with this one.

Sun Mar 11 2012 4:05AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

Er sense in the above post should have been since.

Sun Mar 11 2012 4:06AM Report
Superduper69 writes:

Thank GOD!! that means i don't have to read more whinning about three games.

Sun Mar 11 2012 6:15AM Report
Unlight writes:

Enjoy your long night in the wilderness because morning won't be coming any time soon.

Sun Mar 11 2012 7:33AM Report
Roland_Aseph writes:

Playing Vanguard till Archeage comes out...more people of late seem to be coming back like I did. SOE has announced some up-coming changes, new content and mechanic updates...and rumor mill churns out the prospect that it will go FTP.

A mixed bag for sure...but the game has a lot to offer fans of "open world" mmo gaming, and with a little (lost needed) love from the dev's it may even rise out of the dust quite easily.

Atm...I'm having fun exploring, questing,crafting and getting lost lol




Sun Mar 11 2012 7:58PM Report
AtmaDarkwolf writes:

U know I respect the fact that someone wants to stand up and delcare what they want, instead of just 'trying to fit in' with all the new 'junk'


I Hope that someday soon, everyone (ALL of us) who 'drive' the mmo market, do the same, and refuse to try to 'pound the square peg into the round hole'


Maybe if enough people keep our cash out of the sludge of what is considerd 'mmorpg' nowdays, those money grubbing 'must sell fast' dev's will start to make games WE want rather than what THEY want to sell. Cuz thats just what it is, wow worked, so now every game since has tried to profit on that idea, which after how many years, is long past. Most of us want some of the older 'make you think' type of game rather than just more of the 'grind to cap in 3 days, spend next 9 months getting gear so that u can spend another 9 months getting 'better' gear' games.


I stand by this and hope I can also 'wait' (I get the shakes if I don't get to play something :D, damn adict I am)

Sun Mar 11 2012 11:01PM Report
Nitth writes:

I see you talking about swtor all the time because its "popular news",

But you wont be persistant and express comment-opinions on other upcomming titles?

Kinda goes against the blog discription right?

Wed Mar 14 2012 4:11PM Report
OSF8759 writes:

What happened to SWG in 2005 was a foreshadowing of what would be happening to the industry as a whole not long after. The entirety of MMORPGs have been NGEed.

Thu Mar 15 2012 4:43PM Report
Auzy writes:

Arent all games dead ends...and shallow if really examined?

Sat Apr 07 2012 2:21AM Report
Digna writes:

Not sure they are all boring but there are certainly a lot of cloned elements in MMOs coming out. I am also dis-heartened and may end up hanging up my MMO hat for a while (going to try TSW and GW2 in the hopes they bring something I can latch onto).

That said, why is this blog here if all she is going to write is 'I'm not playing any of the regular titles this year, ta-ta'?

Thu Apr 12 2012 2:29PM Report
wizyy writes:

I am waiting on ArcheAge as well, but after I got some playtime in Guild Wars 2, I'm sure I will have some VERY good entertainment while waiting on AA. :)

Thu Apr 19 2012 10:59PM Report
SteamRanger writes:

I still count Horizions: Empire of Istaria and Star Wars Galaxies as the two biggest wasted opportunities the history of MMOs.

Sat Apr 21 2012 1:47PM Report
meesha035 writes:

Resubbing to Asheron's Call while I wait for ArcheAge.

Tue Apr 24 2012 12:11PM Report
moyraine writes:

Haven't visited this site much since my one post back in '08. Glad I did today, as I ran across your blog. Spot on from everything I've read in it. Totally could not agree with you more.

Sadly, today's MMO market is comprised mainly of the vast 'unwashed masses.' Which possesses the IQ of a BB if that much, and they would never open their wallets for a game that didn't lead their brain dead selves around by the hand.

Imagine a game like the classic EQ being released to todays market with all the flashy gfx. Exp loss on death, CR's, no in game map with everything marked up and tagged, gear with +1 to [a] stat(s) (that was considered l33t in that era of gaming.) Quest givers with no glowey mark above their heads, that you actually have to find them 1st, then 'talk' to them, and use intelligence (or sheer repetitive response variations,) to sift out the necessary keywords, to trigger the quest line dialogue to gain their quest. Definitely the next 'WoW-killer' Eh? ;)

Chuckling in my chair at that. The moronic masses of fanboi/gurls and idiots that make up the current MMO market would be rage-quitting in droves. 'F'ing game is too hard!' *laughs*

Challenging, sandbox, MMO design where we actually can become immeresed as players, and roleplay as we like, went the way of the do-do with the release of World of Warcraft.

No, that's not a bash on WoW, just a statement of my heartfelt opinion. We as intelligent gamers are an extinct breed. Most any game that would appeal to us would only be a niche market, and it's not going to be developed by any big house name with a multi-million dollar budget. Sadly, our exticntion I think is also a comment on the death of intelligence in the human species. :)

Sat Apr 28 2012 10:40AM Report
Inktomi writes:

...And another one bites the dust. Good luck  in your travelsTeala. I am going enter back into the building because I am impressed with GW2. And also that it is summer and have more time. 

By the way, all of gaming is a skinner box, some are just more noticable that others.

Sun Apr 29 2012 8:58PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

I've been around the block when it comes to gaming and I'm not referring to just MMOs either. I really don't read a lot of blogs since I find most of them to be nothing more than glorified thread posts with a name attatched to it.

I guess I'm here to try and figure out why you feel ArcheAge provides anything more than any other MMO you described as beneath your expectations.

Don't get me wrong, if ArcheAge came out, I'd definitely be playing it, so I'm not here to dog on the game. I just find it amusing to see you disregard pretty much all current MMOs as useless skinner boxes, yet ArcheAge is not. Please tell me castle / house building isn't the only thing your basing this on.

Sat Jun 16 2012 5:43AM Report writes:
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