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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Gamers that Smoke Need a Healthier Alternative

Posted by Teala Friday March 5 2010 at 3:45PM
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So you are a gamer and you smoke.   You've been smoking for a few years or more and you know it is killing you slowly.   People have known for decades the harm that comes from smoking and the American Lung Association estimates that smoking kills four hundred thousand annually.   If you look at what is in a cigarette and then realize that it is not just the smoke from burning tobacco you are inhaling, but a chemical smorgasbord of deadly toxins and compounds(over 4000 chemicals and compounds 125+ which are known to be carcinogenic) it makes you wonder how such a deadly product can remain on the market.   But it does.    Since we all know that nicotine is the number one reason people tend to keep smoking once they begin due to its addictiveness(as addictive as heroine if not moreso) there has to be a better solution to delivering nicotine without all the bad stuff that one finds in a cigarette.   The solution has been found.  Not the patch, not gum, no pill, no oddly shaped inhaler that just delivers nicotine...nope...something better and it works.

The electronic cigarette.

Though the ideal of the electronic cigarette has been around since the 60's it wasn't until a guy from China in 2003 finally made a version that worked.   This electronic version of a cigarette is by far safer(despite the FDA's false claims) than a real cigarette due to the fact that electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine in the same manner as a regular cigarette without all the harmful things like carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia and the 4000+ other bad things.

Before someone screams "Yeah, but the FDA said this and this."

The FDA's test was faulty and bogus and not very good science.  In their test the FDA tested two brands of electronic cigarettes and their cartridges(the cartridge is the part of the electronic cigarette that contains the liquid that is vaporized) of the 18 tested one cartridge contained less than .01% of a particular substance that is known to cause cancer.  This same substance shows up when you smoke a cigarette and one cigarette produces 14000 times that amount of the same substance!   So because this one substance shows up in barely measurable quantities(as per FDA's own words) they deemed e-cigarettes unsafe and tried to have them banned.   They failed.   The courts recently told the FDA that they had no grounds to ban the sell of electronic cigarettes do to the fact that they are not a drug delivery(e-cigarettes are not marketed as a drug delivery system) system and not a tobacco product in the sense that a regular cigarette is.  

Latest safety reports (which can be found here Lab Reports) clearly show that electronic cigarettes do not produce the kinds of toxic fumes that one would get while smoking a regular cigarette.   The vapor, not smoke, contains mostly propylene glycol, nicotine, water, and flavorings and that is about it.   The propylene glycol that is used to deliver the nicotine by vaporizing the e-liquid that contains the nicotine has been proven to be non-toxic and has been repeatedly tested since the 1940's to see what effects it might have on the human body.   As of this date the test have shown no negative impact on the consumption or the inhalation of this substance.    It actually has benefits.  According to test that were done on the propylene glycol it is a great anti-bacterial substance and kills harmful airborne pathogens like the kind that cause the common cold and certain forms of viruses that induce pneumonia.   This substance is found in toothpaste, mouthwash, candies, drinks, bread and all sorts of other consumables and even sanitizers and air fresheners.  

Now about nicotine.   Nicotine is a known addictive substance.  Does it by itself cause cancer?  The answer is no.   In all the years that nicotine has been tested and scrutinized and all the studies show that nicotine unto itself is no more harmful than say caffeine.   It is a very potent chemical though and can cause a since false euphoria and has been known  to help relieve stress be causing the brain to release endorphins.   Now I am not saying that nicotine is not harmful in mass amounts, because that would be a lie.  To much nicotine and we're talking a lot here like a drinking a cup full could kill you.    So can to much of anything.  But in the amount that is delivered by an electronic cigarette it is not going to kill you.   You'd literally have to drink a lot of nicotine for it to kill you - vaping it will not do that.  Recent studies also suggest that there very well maybe good benefits to nicotine - try googling it(not going to get to deep here on the subject).

So why bring this up at all?  Because you can give this new system of getting your nicotine and still enjoy what some of you really like to do(smoke) but not have all the bad stuff that goes with it.   Think about it.   The vapor produced by the e-cigarette is harmless water vapor that dissipates faster than cigarette smoke.   No bad odors.   That means you'll not smell of smoke.  Your house will not smell of astray.  Your car will smell better.   You'll breath better.   You'll taste things again.   You'll be doing your body a favor by "not" inhaling bad things like carbon monoxide. ammonia, and tar!  No need to go outside for a smoke break.   Seriously...never have to go outside and smoke in the cold and rain again.  Never have to tell your raiding party..."Hey, going to take a break and have a cigarette."   Why?  Because vaping doesn't produce stinky smoke that gets all into everything!   

Plus!  You'll save so much money!  A pack of cigarettes runs upwards of $5 dollars US.  Just one pack!   If you smoke one pack a day that means you're spending close to $150 US dollars a month on smoking!  Vaping cost a far less than that.  Imagine getting a kit for $35 dollars and then a 30 ml bottle of e-liquid for a few dollars more.   The kit will last a long time, months buy some estimates if you take care of it.   Then all you need do is spend a few dollars a month to replenish your e-liquid.   Think of all the money you'll save!   It's another win for you!

So if you have not tried an electronic cigarette...maybe now is the best time to do so.   I have done the research for you even.  Do not waste your money of those expensive e-cigarettes sold at kiosk in the malls.  They are not all that good and cost way to much!   Instead I recommend getting what others suggest and go with a 510.    They come by many names like Joye, Vapor King and Dura.   These seem to be the best and deliver that feeling of smoking that many smokers say they need to help them kick they habit of smoking regular cigarettes.   There are other models out there and things called mods.  Mods are e-cigarettes that have been modded to produce more vapor and provide longer battery life - one of the best I understand is called the Janty Ego.   Whatever you do stay away from mall kiosk!  They are rip-offs.  Just find a reputable Internet supplier like Janty,,, or PureSmoker.    

Why am I writing a blog about e-cigarettes?  Because I wished to bring this safer alternative to smoking to the attention of gamers that have tried to quit or wish to quit and have not been able to quit.   Well, now you don't have to quit...just do it more safely!   Enjoy that feeling of smoking without smoking!  Turn to vaping and save you, your loved ones and your gaming friends a lot of headaches because of that nasty habit.   Seriously...this really does work if you do it right.   People I know who have smoked for 15 to 30+ years have stopped by switching to electronic cigarettes.   The key is to educate yourself and then buy the right product to fit your needs.

Do yourself a favor and visit this forum   You can thank me later.     


just1opinion writes:

My mother actually bought this set up for me. I tried it. You have to suck pretty hard (okay...stop laughing), and you do exhale "smoke" or what looks kind of like....idk....steam.

It's probably a good alternative if you really really WANT to quit. with all other smoking cessation aids....if you're not ready and committed to's not any better than anything else. I'm still smoking, and my e-cigarette pack and charger are sitting on my desk shelf.

So....definitely worth a try if you honestly think you're ready and sincerely WANT to quit. Probably would feel more like "easing off" than that of the patch. I quit for a year once by using the patch. I quit for EIGHT years once when I got pregnant. THAT was the most successful smoking cessation helper for me.....BUT....I don't intend to have another baby just to help me quit smoking. lol

Fri Mar 05 2010 5:57PM Report
StoogeMonkey writes:

I have a family friend who jumped on this the second it was 'perfected' hes basically dominating the dubai market, moved through the middle east and europe, and just after this court hearing is starting to creep into the U.S, needless to say hes a rich man lol, he sent my father a large premium pack, (as its still illegal to sell them here in Australia),

I have to say, i cant think of a more convenient thing for an mmoer, the pack consisted of over 20 different interchangeable flavours, choclate, vanilla... every fruit you could think of, caramel, mint, etc, the barrel of the ciggerette is a battery which can be charged on a USB port!

Considerrng each cartridge is the equivelant of 20 ciggerettes and they sell for around $1USD each, electronic ciggerettes definetley arent going away

Sat Mar 06 2010 7:00AM Report
Nominal writes:

 The Joye 510 is my fav atomizer, but I have a Puresmoker Protege, and buy 24mg liquid at as well as Runs me about $0.50 a day. Geekgirl: if you have to suck really hard on the cart then it's either a bum atty or you didn't get a good overall unit. I don't have to draw hard on mine at all and get a TON of vapor production. I'd suggest trying a 510 kit but these aren't even meant to be cessation aids, they're an -alternative-. :D

Sat Mar 06 2010 12:24PM Report
Muffpojken writes:

Snus ftw 'nuff said!!

Sun Mar 07 2010 6:36PM Report
sunlion69 writes:

Just a question about your mentioning of a certain substance causing cancer in of of the items tested. By the numbers you listed cigarettes contain 140 % of this substance. Was curious as to what it is.

Tue Mar 09 2010 12:07PM Report
Teala writes:

Sunlion69, the cancer causing substance is a tobacco-specific nitrosamine.   In the FDA test they found in one of 18 cartridges of the e-cigareettes they tested they found 0.693 ng/g(nano gram per gram) of this particular substance.  In the Marlboro cigeratte that they tested the electronic cigarette against the cigarettes they tested produced 11,000 ng/g of the substance.  

Tue Mar 09 2010 3:45PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

Sounds interesting. I am a smoker myself and hadn't really heard much about these products. I prefer to smoke in the house in the winter and have a hard time with family members because of it.It would be nice to be able to smoke inside without the smell or harmful second-hand smoke...

Sat Mar 13 2010 10:05PM Report
Nifa writes:

 They're not bad.  Give me a wee bit of a headache but holy wow have they helped me cut way back on my smoking.

Mon Mar 15 2010 5:18AM Report
Jinxys writes:

I wish my father had of had these when he was trying to quit.... I guess it's a bit late for him now.. He's totally buggered cause of smoking, can barely walk to the front of his room. Definitely will be telling my friends who smoke out these, what a wonderful alternative.

Sat Mar 20 2010 5:35PM Report
PerfectLife writes:

I read this, then read the forums, and then figured... well what the hell I kind of rule the world, why not try it out.

I hate that China is leading in this but whatever, it's mostly cause I can't read or write Mandarin.

I'll repost when my kit comes in. Don't expect any name dropping on my part, not after I had to educate myself on the topic. =)

Thanks. Maybe. If they don't totally suck. I guess they can't be as lame as cancer, right? (you have no idea how much I dislike compromise)

Sun Mar 21 2010 5:18AM Report
gbooster writes:

 I would recommend just quiting smoking cold turkey. That is how I did it and it is not that hard. It is just a mental thing, the physical addition is not like heroin... it takes 3 days to get nicotine out of your system and you won't experience convulsions like you would on heroin.

It's all about will power and not being a pussy.

Good luck.

Sun Mar 21 2010 5:23AM Report
hatebrood writes:

There is no other substance that will addict you more in the long run than smoking cigs. Even if that were not true, the danger of smoking is that it doesnt make you go into convulsions. It is the enemy that you dont see coming. Its danger gets underestimated because it takes years to kill.

No matter how you do it, you have to. Good luck man.

Wed Mar 24 2010 12:58AM Report writes:

Was smoking from 14-21.  I stopped smoking because of my girlfriend..well she's gone now but when i started smoking again(when she left me) i was really pissed about how i sucked at i stopped smoking again..clean since 5 months now.

I think you need to find something giving you a reason to stop smoking. Money and health are no good since you won't see an effect right away. Sports did the trick for me.

But in general i agree with ghettobooste "It's all about will power and not being a pussy."

Wed Mar 31 2010 1:46PM Report
Suo_Eno_1357 writes:

Teala thank you so much for this much needed periodic public service of a blog post.I'm a smoker.Been lighting up since I was 15 and pushing 31 now.Had a 3 year break in between but obviously that didn't last.

Thing is vid gaming kinda reduce it for me more or less.Can't really bother when you have to use both hands on the keys and mouse.Maybe sometimes in some MMOs I've touched and gone it's the "chill" times off combats such as the usual trek back to town to replen,regrouping with guild somewhere and/or checking out the stash or market that's when "the urge" starts to kick in hard.

IRL at or after work,back home doing the routines and balancing daily commitments with my better half I'd rarely exceed past half my 14 sticks quota.And I skip a pack every 2 days.For real and voluntarily with much relief I might add.But that was before I've got my futsal and soccer sessions off my weekly planner.Couldn't juggle it in as I now have to clock 13+ hours a day coz ya know...the economy.I'm not looking to score a brownie point here when I say that I get depleted on weekends starting from Friday nites as per my gf's suggestions that Fri - Sun are our designated 6 hours "sexy" times (random..we pull a cut paper to see which hourly intervals of the week out of the jar) mandatory for both of our sakes AND as a fun and fulfilling way to exercise,relieve stress AND keep the flames burning so to speak.

I'm figuring now that maybe I somehow need to reassess my weekly plans and thrown in my bootcamp sessions back and ASAP.When you regulate your phys activities,it's not that easy to light up.The shock that comes after that could get you to throw up real fast and believe me when I say it's not as therapeutic feeling as some may describe.

Mon Apr 05 2010 7:03AM Report
slashbeast writes:

Had mine for about a month now. I've gone from smoking a half pack a day to only one cigarette sometimes none, a day. Really does work.

I will say this though, if you plan on getting one for yourself: MAKE SURE YOU READ GUIDES TO TAKING CARE OF YOUR ATOMIZER. I went through 2 atomizers in 2 weeks because I wasn't cleaning it properly. These are very delicate pieces of equipment so you need to take care of them.

I get my stuff from

This thing really does work and it's nice not having to get up and smoke outside every hour when instead I can just grab my e-cig and vape away while playing w/e game at the time. My uncle also quit cigarettes using the e-cig. He was a 2 pack a day smoker for almost 30 years. He's now 3 months without any cigarettes.

Tue Apr 27 2010 5:17AM Report
scuubeedoo writes:

What ghettobooste wrote above. It's all a mater of willpower. I quit it exactly like that 1 year ago and never looked back. In fact, from the people i know, i should be the one becoming more annoyed when i smell now 2nd hand smoke.

Didn't really understood what you mean about gaming/MMOs though, i mean how it correlates with smoking, if it does.

Tue May 04 2010 8:15PM Report
fervor writes:

Great article and headsup for the people regarding e-cigarettes.  I wrote a similar article about them on my mmo blog as well.  They really made a huge difference for me.  Since I started using e-cigs, I haven't lit up a single cigarette.  I had been a smoker for over a decade, peaking at over a pack a day.  I had tried to quit smoking dozens of times before and failed miserably every single time.  With e-cigs, it was so easy.

Thu May 06 2010 6:05PM Report
Obakemono writes:

I don't know if you're a shill for these companies, or just a misguided consumer. E-cigarettes are by no means "safe."

Yes, as a smoking cessation aid some people fine them helpful. Like nicotine gum, e-cigarettes can be used to gradually reduce one's nicotine intake and minimize the withdrawl symptoms. However, unlike cigarettes (which are regulated) there are no regulations on the ammount of nicotine allowable in the vaporizor sulution in e-cigarettes. The nicotine concentration in e-cigarette solution can be far greater than the nicotine concentration in cigarettes.

While you are correct that many of the cancer causing compounds found in cigarettes (there are hundreds, by the way, not just one) are not found in e-cigarettes. However, nicotine has many negative health consequences of its own in the absence of cigarette smoke. Nicotine is a potent vasoconstrictor which may lead to hypertension. Nicotine intake is also associated with an increase in the rate of cholesterol deposition in arteries. That cholesterol deposition (athersclerosis) can lead to stroke and heart attack.

And all of the above is in addition to the fact that niocotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man. While the cost of e-cigarette fluid varies widely, imagine what you could do with that money if you hadn't puffed it away on e-cigarettes.

Wed May 26 2010 12:36AM Report
eyeswideopen writes:

First, just to point out to Teala, just 60mg of pure nicitine will kill a 150lb adult.

60 milligrams = 0.00211643772 ounces

Much less than a "cup full".

As for the person above me, the e-cigarette is safe when used as directed. First of all, YOU decide how much nicotine goes in. The nicotine comes in a vial, it is in its pure liquid form. It is not pre-measured like the nicotine in a cigarette. So you can use much much less nicotine than even the "lightest" cigarrette. The nicotine in a regular cigarette is not what kills you, only what addicts you.  The thousands of chemicals and preservatives included with the nicotine in a cigarette is what kills you.

By allowing you to cut the nicotine while removing all the extraneous chemicals at the same time, THAT is what allows you to finally be weaned off and quit.

Fri Jun 18 2010 1:11AM Report
Killerbee124 writes:

If your a smoker who games, or a gamer who smokes, there is a problem. you've been caught by 2 horrible addictions. both can kill brain cells and make you do violent things. I find the irony of being a gamer who smokes amusing.

Gamer: can you hand me a cig

Friend: you've had enough for today

Gamer: awe come on.

Friend: Nope

Gamer: Fine then i'll just go play MW2!!!

Friend: can i come?

Gamer: no.

Friend: why, i'm level 69 10th prestige and all i need is a headshot :(

Gamer: yea sure come along.

Friend: really?? you mean it?

Gamer: psh no!

Friend: (displeased) :(

Sun Jun 20 2010 4:28PM Report
Ataaka writes:


Find something else to do, please.

Some people drink alcohol; Some eat snacks; Some neglect family members; Some don't pay their bills; Some lie, cheat and steal; Some have garbage mouths (profanity); Some hate; Some grief; Some flame; Somecheat on their spouses...

I could go on...but this stream is ignorant, at best.

Mon Jul 19 2010 1:09AM Report
Malsoz writes:

I gotta say I did smoke all told me to quit smoking. So I did and after 3 months with no cigg I hade stroke  vein illnes and my stomach is fucked up.

Í just got the word from a Specialist  DR saying if I dont start again smoking I may die of  a inflammatorisk sickness.

The thing is the Tobacco is healing the wounds I have in my stomach if I dont smoke I die..


O smoke Tobacco not ciggs..

Sun Aug 08 2010 6:58PM Report writes:
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