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Nine Classes, One Destiny...

Tian Long Ba Bu — or TLBB — is one of the most successful MMOs in China.

Author: TLBB_EU

Contributors: sanzaburo,Moto8,

TLBB Goes Commercial with New Expansion

Posted by Moto8 Wednesday August 25 2010 at 11:30AM
Login or Register to rate this blog post! (EU) Ltd. has today announced its latest additions to hit martial arts based MMO, TLBB. With a number of key features and in-game events said to be available to players, version 0.85 is set to launch both the expansion pack and commercial release on 1st September, 2010.
“We’re really excited for everyone who’s been keen to find out more about the next instalment of TLBB. Now is a better time than ever for people to jump into this ancient Chinese world and witness the genuine feel it has to offer with the inclusion of some great features and a token shop that caters for everyone. The expansion, titled The Shadow Curse, is a thrilling milestone for the game, bringing with it new weapons, scenes, quests, bosses and more which will also be of value to new players wanting to experience TLBB”said Christian-Peter Heimbach, European Marketing Director for
Early indications suggest that one of the game’s main features will comprise of special artifact weapons that become available to those dedicated and persistent enough to get them. “The designs are based around ancient Chinese artifacts and updated with a modern twist to accommodate the game’s style” said one of the developers when asked about the look and feel of the weapons. Other unique features about the world include an ice cool scene as well as a snow covered area around the northern territories of the map.
The game’s Community Manager, Michael Doroszuk, has also stressed his excitement by adding “Our players have been asking about both the shop and what will be available in the upcoming expansion. With the official commercial launch of the game and the fantastic storyline that goes with the expansion, we hope their questions will be answered. On a community side, yes, we do have a number of fantastic events lined up such as the TLBB Connect event, which has proved very popular among players so far. Others that are based around some of our social networking sites include Facebook and Twitter. The only other piece of information I can give players is to look out for a special event on launch date for the expansion. There, I’ve said it”.
For all the latest on the upcoming v0.85 ‘The Shadow Curse’ expansion, please visit:
Now exiting the beta phase of the game, (EU) introduces a highly anticipated assortment of goodies in the token shop that allow players to further enhance their journey. With the inclusion of item types such as ‘Gems’, ‘Fashions’ and ‘Mounts’ that become available for purchase on the 1st of September 2010, players will be more equipped than ever to customize their characters and enter the token shop launching alongside The Shadow Curse expansion.
‘The Shadow Curse’ follows the story of an evil curse that has long been forgotten. When an unidentified disruption enters the kingdom, a messenger brings word of the threat and carnage that lies ahead, placing the Emperor in troubling circumstances that only he can overcome with his influence and power.  
Following a successful campaign in the last year of operations inside of Europe, has spread across the western market and begun to establish its name as one of the leading game publishers for Chinese martial arts MMOs. With one review saying “TLBB brings a sharp tip to an already growing martial arts MMO sword” and another quoting it as “truly the most powerful martial arts experience of your MMO life”, The Shadow Curse is said to be jam packed full of new storylines and features that will have players on the edge of their seats, wearing down the cushions.
For more information about the latest TLBB expansion (v0.85), please visit the expansion page:
For more information about, please visit:
For more information about TLBB, please visit the official website:
Join in on the fun:

60 Second Interview with Tengfei Wu

Posted by Moto8 Wednesday August 11 2010 at 8:44AM
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Renowned Illustrator Tengfei Wu gives his account on TLBB’s trusty and visually spectacular mount designs...



Please introduce yourself and what you do at
My name’s Tengfei Wu, I’m 25 years old and I’ve worked as an illustrator now for over two years… I’m in charge of the TLBB project here.
‘Mounts’ are among the most popular features of TLBB. What inspires you when creating these fantasy creatures?
There are so many things that inspire me. From watching fantasy movies, to marine life and ancient legends that I might come across in museums or read about, it can be the smallest of things that trigger an idea in my head. With a creative mindset, I’m always aware of the little details surrounding me which I try to implement in TLBB.
Mounts are seen as a way of ‘showing off’ and getting around quickly. Do you take these two points into consideration when in the design process?
Both of them should be considered. I am more concerned about the visible result of the mounts and the cool appearance of them that satisfy the gamer’s needs rather than the ‘speed’ functionality which isn’t implemented until a later stage of the development process. On a design point of view however, illustrators will try to avoid the appearance of a slow mount, just because they are much cooler when they move quickly.
Some of the Mounts in TLBB are specifically designed for speed, others for looks, but each class boasts its own mount. How did you go about choosing the mount design for the specific classes?
When we design mounts for classes, we tend to know the features of the classes first. Knowing this makes it a smoother process when choosing the most suitable class mount. There’s no specific formula or reasoning behind the decision, we simply choose which we think will go best.
How much creative freedom do you have when designing these mounts? And how much of it follows a brief?
Most of the mounts are creative freedom. Some of the mounts are designed with the intention of meeting gamers’ needs but most of them are from our own creative brushes which are in line with the feel, look and story of the game.
For more about TLBB’s story, please visit:
What was your biggest challenge when creating these mounts?
The biggest challenge is how to design different mounts, whilst meeting the gamers’ needs at the same time. In order for our players to be happy, we must listen to the community and what it is they want within the game. We also want to show the diversity of the game and create new and exciting visuals when it comes to future expansions and features. All these elements combined, give us a starting block and from thereon we begin to design mastery.
Which one are you most proud of and why?
The Yan beast has to be my personal favourite. It’s overbearing, strong without clumsiness and very hot tempered. Like me!
If you could choose one mount to convert into your real life mode of transport, which would it be?
I would choose the Phoenix or the Dragon so that I can fly from my home to the office without having to use the lift!
For more information, please visit the official TLBB website: for all discussions and giveaways, please visit the forum:

Joy for TLBB in Shanghai

Posted by Moto8 Wednesday August 4 2010 at 9:51AM
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Cosplay girls, spectacular stages and one beautiful game. How one of China’s most successful MMOs managed to capture the eye of thousands of visitors at the 2010 ChinaJoy spectacle.

On a weekend where most Chinese modelling agencies can rest assured that business will be open as usual for at least another year, the Far East’s version of E3 was swarming with thousands of visitors surrounded by some of the best games on the Asian market.
With around 200 exhibitors on site, top game publishers were proud to display one of the most exciting and impressive stages among the array of cosplay aficionados at this year’s ChinaJoy event. And with top titles such as TLBB (now available in Europe) sweeping audiences worldwide, has witnessed a remarkable surge in players and fans who turned up to impress with their own version of TLBB cosplay.
Not only were they poised to show their loyalty towards the martial arts based MMO, but they donned some of the most flamboyant and vibrant outfits photographed in the Shanghai International Convention Centre. Needless to say, the cosplay girls surrounding the event also sparked much of the interest from visitors, one of whom described the event as “a great place to enjoy the true atmosphere of gaming and the strong community feel it brings to China, the eye candy wasn’t bad either”.
When asked about TLBB, one visitor said “the show looked fantastic, the costumes, the designs, the people; everyone was in a fantastic mood. It’s clear the game has a strong hold in the Chinese market and I’m glad it’s spreading across western communities”.
TLBB boasts a devoted audience that spreads across each continent and, with reports that the upcoming month of August has a new development in the games’ progress, many European fans are already anticipating the next chapter in this captivating MMO.
For more information, please visit the official website

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