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30 most offensive games: WoW in list

Posted by Streamlet Saturday January 10 2009 at 1:19PM
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The conservative Christian investment firm, the Timothy Plan, has released a list of the 30 most offensive games on the market. This list details the areas of sex, nudity, gay / lesbian, violence, cartoon violence, language, comic mischief, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, demonic, and game addiction as things that are against any "morally responsible" mutual fund to invest in.

In other words they don't want you to invest, like they don't, in companies that make games which deal with any of the above areas.

World of Warcraft is on the list. It has an overall score of a 9, which means it is half as offensive as Grand Theft Auto IV. According to the Timothy Plan, WoW is morally deficient in sex, violence, language, alcohol, and game addiction.                           WoW Gold

Some investors will take this advice, and that's their right to do so.

After the break we'll examine areas in which WoW is morally deficient, according to the Timothy Plan.

Area 1: Sex

"Suggestive Themes: Some suggestively dressed female characters and sexual allusions."

Yup. WoW has some pretty attractive females. Night Elves dancing on mailboxes, Dwarf Priests jumping around in their Tier 2 gear, and don't forget the mating of two sea-lions. /phew!

Area 2: Violence

"Blood, Violence: A reasonable amount of fighting interspersed between various missions. Many attacks can cause enemies to bleed."

I can agree with half of that. There is a reasonable amount of fighting. You have to kill monsters, bad thieves, and your enemy on the battle-field. But unlike the text which the Timothy Plan lives by, there are no descriptions of a man being strung up on a cross with a crown of thorns on.

The second part of the violence statement, that many attacks can cause enemies to bleed, is wrong. The bleed effect is only applyable by a few number of classes and their abilities, and only by a few weapons. By no means are "many attacks" able to do this.

Area 3: Language

"Mild Language: You may find a very occasional 'd*mn.'"

If you think that's language, you should hear what I yell at my computer when I wipe on a raid boss for the umpteenth time.

Area 4: Alcohol

"Use: Players have the opinion of purchasing and consuming alcohol, even the ability to get drunk."

Players also learn an important lesson, when you get drunk you can't walk straight and are extremely less effective in everything you do. In fact, you can't fight well at all while drunk. You might even say that WoW tries to impart the antithesis of what the Timothy Group is trying to say. WoW tells you getting drunk is bad.

Area 5: Game Addiction

"Addiction: Due to the nature of the game and its length, it is extremely addictive. Time limits need to be set when playing the game."

WoW is an addictive game. If you have an addictive personality, then you are at risk of becoming addicted to WoW or any other game. I don't want to get into the physiological responses of the body to addiction, but needless to say, addiction is real and there are physical as well as mental reasons for it.

However with that said, there are lots of other things you can become addicted to as well. Watching TV, drinking, risk taking, sex, or basically anything that releases endorphins into your brain to make you feel good.

While I'll leave it up for you to decide the general merits of this list.


Soupgoblin writes:

How odd that a company that invests in the manufacturing of real weapons that kill real people would be upset about a game that contains pretend violence.

Sat Jan 10 2009 2:07PM Report
NotArkard writes:

One correction: I'm pretty sure by "bleed" they did not mean the actual "bleed" effect. At least not entirely. Graphical blood is usually what these sorts of groups are against. In that sense, there are a ton of abilities in World of Warcraft that cause enemies to shed graphical blood. While it looks more like a blob of red shit than blood, I guess you can't really expect christians to be reasonable.

Sat Jan 10 2009 2:10PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

This, my friends, is why I abandonded the structure of religion and just left myself with "There is a god, and things happened"

Its not surprising at all to hear they invest in ACTUAL weapon manufacturing.  Leave it to the christian moral groups to tell us pretending to kill people is bad, but its totally swell to actually kill them as long as they don't worship god...or one of our clergy say its okay....or god decides to get funky wit it.

I hate religion, I hate it soooo hard.  Its THESE people that make believing in god so hard sometimes.  I just remind myself that an all-knowing god probably understands why they are so stupid, and that I should probably at least give them the benefit of the doubt.  Besides, they'll probably get themselves killed one day anyway. 

If there is any will be because of a gun their investments helped pay for.  Even better if its being fired by someone among the many other religions THEY'VE killed throughout history.

Sat Jan 10 2009 2:40PM Report
xbellx777 writes:

im a conservative and a christian but i think this is a joke. honestly wow is not bad at all to me at least. its a videogame which no one should take seriously and we live in america where we have the right for free speech. there are certain things that offend me and certain things that i do not do but i dont go around telling ppl what to do. just my thoughts tho

Sat Jan 10 2009 2:55PM Report
xbellx777 writes:

i read that article and while i see the hypocrisy in it if im right that company only supposedly supports America and only provides bullets for us. now im totally cool with that because there will never be peace on this earth and we will always have to go to war to protect what is ours. i support any company that helps my nation (America) stay afloat and healthy (although we arent too healthy right now)

Sat Jan 10 2009 2:59PM Report
Enahowae writes:

Meh...these guys are full of crap. They're invested in oil companies and defense contractors.

Sat Jan 10 2009 3:13PM Report
Korgak writes:

They've got it all wrong, Warcraft isnt offensive.  The playerbase is.

Sat Jan 10 2009 4:33PM Report
Quizzical writes:

Different people are offended by different things.  Groups of people who are offended by different things who rate games on the basis of what they're offended by provide a useful service to those who may be offended by similar things.  This is especially the case when they break down which particular potentially offensive components are in a game.

It's not a case of saying that companies shouldn't be allowed to make games that are offensive to some people.  Rather, people who are offended by particular types of content should be able to avoid it by not playing the games that involve that content.  In the case of this particular rating system, people who are offended by particular types of content ought to be able to avoid investing in companies that produce it by putting their investments into other companies instead.  I don't see why anyone should be particularly upset by that; indeed, the common refrain is, if you don't like this or that, then don't buy it.

As far as oil companies and defense contractors, there are quite a few people who view those as doing far more good than harm.  With no weapons or defense contractors, we'd have no military or other means of defense, and promptly be overrun by the first mad dictator who was inclined to invade.  With no oil companies, we'd have no oil, and hence no petroleum products--such as the computer you're reading this from.

If you think that A is offensive and B is not, and someone else thinks the reverse, that doesn't mean either of you are a hypocrite.  It only means that different people have different values.

Sat Jan 10 2009 4:40PM Report
caemsg writes:

every time i see an article on these christian extreaimists i say to my self im not going to go off at how stupid they look this is the exact reason that all religion is bad it only causes problems by takeing things to the extreame and promotes a simplistic view of the word and in many cases starting wars and damageing socioties

and while defence contractors and oil companies do produce useful products its selling and produceing too much and to the wrong of the product all in the prsuite of profit that is so bad about them

and i wish churches would stop trying to act so goody 2 shoes all the time there are many cases where they dont actually care about people and are only interested in their own closed views that they are willing to sacrifice their own morals that they say they stick to over all else for it at least games companies are actually open about what they do

Sat Jan 10 2009 6:52PM Report
Quizzical writes:

If you want to go off about how horrible religious people are, you would do well to note that more people were killed by atheistic communism in the 20th century alone than by all the religious wars and persecutions in all of human history--even though most atheists aren't communist, most people have always been religious, and most of human history isn't in the 20th century.  If religious people are bad, then non-religious people are worse. 

Sat Jan 10 2009 7:08PM Report
AlienShirt writes:

I think Korgak said it right: It's not the game, it's the playerbase.

Sat Jan 10 2009 7:41PM Report
Thradar writes:

I could give a steaming pile what a conservative Christian investment firm thought about games.  In fact...I think I will go out and buy some of these just for S&G now.

Sat Jan 10 2009 7:57PM Report
UncertaintyP writes:

Why are you singling out Warcraft like they're just wrong about this one? They're wrong about everything they think.

Sat Jan 10 2009 10:28PM Report
methosk writes:

 Nice job with the hidden "WoW Gold" add you snuck in there lol

Sat Jan 10 2009 10:43PM Report
Bintowe writes:

Give me a break.  They're entitled to their own opinions, thanks very much, so screw you whoever thinks that they shouldn't be allowed to have their own ideas.  You're as bad as they are.

I also object to the idea that these guys are representatives of most Christians.  News flash...they're NOT!  Most Christians are going to be you're neighbors, you're friends, you're co-workers, etc.  I garuntee you know far more Christians than you think you do...

In the last...I'd like to point out that you're attitudes are exactly the same as theirs..."Oh, these guys are idiots, they don't know what they're doing, they're immoral, etc."  In the end, by saying and thinking the same way they do, you're just the same.

Sat Jan 10 2009 10:48PM Report
vinzone writes:

 My opinion is that jesus was black.

Sun Jan 11 2009 12:30AM Report
DrChicken writes:


Ok, check out their description for Army of Two - this entire .pdf is completely and utterly whack.

" GAY & LESBIAN: Homosexual Themes: Although never spoken of, undertones of homosexuality are present. Weaponry in the game can be decorated to be anything from diamond encrusted to gold plated. You share a parachute with your partner, and the riot shield system allows one player to use a shield or car door as portable cover while the other cuddles up close behind and dispenses "lead" from his"iron". "

Sun Jan 11 2009 4:21AM Report
BarakIII writes:

It might have helped had you gone into more detail about the scoring system.

As it turns out, each game is scored in 13 moral grounds. Now if any one area isn't even mildly offensive, it receives no score. Those areas that do receive a score are scored from 1 (mild) to 3 (intense).

WoW received a score only in 5 areas receiving three 1's and two 3's. The 3's were on the alchohol and game addiction.

These people are just rating 30 games, it's not a top 30 worst list like the OP suggests and as scores go WoW is pretty low. In my opinion the OP is just stirring up contorversy where there is none.

Sun Jan 11 2009 5:43AM Report
gbooster writes:

These people do more harm to their religion than good.  Most normal people who arent involved in this religion get so turned off by Focus on the Family and the Christian Right that they end up despising Christianity and the church.

Sun Jan 11 2009 7:03AM Report
slask777 writes:

Religion..haha..The problem with religion is that it need people to believe in it. Remove all the nitwits that believe in religion, and religion is all fine. Glad I left that funhouse at a young age. Never looked back and all that even though I still got family that take their religion very serious. Can't see why though, they actually believe all the worlds animals at one time in history lived in walking distance to Noah's Ark.

Sun Jan 11 2009 9:39AM Report
patrikd23 writes:

Haha some funny stuff right there :)

Sun Jan 11 2009 9:49AM Report
BarakIII writes:

I don't see what you people are going on about. There's no difference between what these people are doing and what ESRB does. The only difference is the mode of rating. These people rate by number and ESRB gives rates by age.

If you're gonna hate on these people for having a moral opinion, then you should hate on the ESRB much more since they're the ones who have an actual impact on the industry. Not that many parents actually care enough about their kids to pay any attention to ESRB ratings.

Sun Jan 11 2009 9:50AM Report
axlezero writes:

I won't let my kids play wow, and it has nothing to do with the ratings, religion, it has to do with whats not mentioned.  The community, there were so many F bombs and N words and various other crude and offensive racial slurs, and none of it seemed to be punished.

I use curse words like shit and damn(mostly in guild channels or in tells, occasionally slip up in general, but I know I wouldn't want my kids reading it, so try and be respectful of that), but wow was way beyond that, and its definitely not crap that I want my children to read, see, or be exposed too. 

They should have that as one of the categories, community, wow gets a 3.  (I won't even mention the whispers female toons get from guys, my wife got a comment like "Take off your clothes b----, and sit on my face."  and that was one of the more mild comments)

Sun Jan 11 2009 1:05PM Report
FadeToBlack3 writes:

As much as some of the opinions discussed in the article are rather badly represented or just plain humours, I had to think that this is among the more reasonable arcticles of its type that ive had the chance to read.

Sun Jan 11 2009 1:18PM Report
Qilin writes:

Only agreeable one is violence for me, which is already in %99 of the games. Community is ten times better than F2P games. And I know more people addicted to online-poker than WoW. (Really, not, maybe) I don't remember quest wants you to drink alcohol, it's just a feature, use or not, your choice.(As in real life) 

And sex? Night Elf Hotties dancing on mailboxes? OH YES PLEASE I LOVE IT! :D

Sun Jan 11 2009 1:34PM Report
YvetteW writes:

I am a Christian and nothing irritates me more than christian hippocrits.  I believe in God.  I play WOW!  Am I going to hell because I play WOW?  I seriously doubt it.  I get so aggravated that Christians do nothing but judge and it clearly talks about judging others in the bible.  Also, one thing I am confused about; Christians say Lord of the Rings is okay because a Christian wrote it and Chronicles of Narnia is okay because a Christian wrote it.  Well, I have news for you.  It has witches, demonds, wizards, magic, blood, and all of those things in both movies, but that is okay I guess because a Christian wroter wrote the story.  Just like Halloween.  You say Halloween is the "Devil's Holiday", well you certainly celebrate it by throwing all of the Fall Festivals, you are just calling it something different, but still celebrating it on Halloween.  I cannot figure some of you people out!  That is being such a hippocrit!  Oh, and I do drink a little too, I must be one seriously messed up Christian!  And games can be addicting, but so can anything else in this world.  You are responsible for your own actions, you cannot put blame on the games or the alcohol or the TV, put the blame on yourself.  

Sun Jan 11 2009 5:30PM Report
BarakIII writes:

Sort of like how you're judging them right now?

Give me a break, these people aren't even close to suggesting that playing these games, watching certain movies, or reading certain books will cause you to go to hell. What they are suggesting is that some of them may not really be very good for you.

People call Christians hypocrits all the time, but in truth they don't know the first thing about what a Christian believes. They think that because a Christians call sin what it is, and then sin, they must be hypocrits. Frankly, if you think that then you don't begin to know anything about Christianity.

Everybody sins, Christians included, the difference is that Christians struggle against sin. They make no claims that this struggle against sin earns them a place in heaven, it doesn't. It is only thru the free gift of grace thru God's son, whom paid the price for sin Himself, that salvation is obtained. What they do teach is that sin, first of all, is bad for you and can destroy your life, secondly that God hates sin and if we love Him then we should struggle against it.

So when a Christian blows it and sins is it hypocrisy? Maybe. Does God view it that way? I doubt it. One thing I do know for sure, when a Christian does sin, all they need do is turn to the Lord in prayer and ask God for forgiveness, and God forgives them. That's the nature of God.

Sun Jan 11 2009 6:21PM Report
cryodancer writes:

It always amazes me how many people come out the woodwork when a Christian or supposed christian organization or  person slips up. When normal people make mistakes  we  sit and say " Heh this guy is an idiot" However when A christian goofs  or says something  along lines that goes contrary to  popular thinking the counity as a hole gets  blasted. Ok so this company thinks WoW has some  spots in it that are Iffy in this guys that makes all christians  hipocrits? Oh and for all the people saying religion this and religion that. theres a  huge difference  between bieng  religious and bieng a christian. Dont beleive me? go ask a Chirstian Pastor about the difference some time.Going to church or reading the bible  may make you religious  but it doesnt make you a christian. Having a  close  personal relationship with God. That makes you a christian and like  the guy on the post above mine said Everybody sins, just like everyone goofs how about  we stop assumin one idiot speaks for everyone?

Sun Jan 11 2009 8:42PM Report
Kalafax writes:

"I've often thought the Bible should have a disclaimer in the front saying this is fiction."
-Ian McKellen

Sun Jan 11 2009 10:00PM Report
BarakIII writes:

"The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God'."

-Solomon through the inspiration of God.

Mon Jan 12 2009 5:36AM Report
YvetteW writes:

Well, whatever.  I just know that a lot of christian people hide who they really are and what they really like because they are afraid of what people might think.  The guy that started this blog probably plays WOW himself. 

Mon Jan 12 2009 9:14PM Report writes:
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