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MMOs Through My Eyes

A collection of random rants about my experiences with games, game design, and MMOs in general.

Author: Stormreaver

Weighing the Possibilities of EVE

Posted by Stormreaver Monday January 21 2008 at 1:08PM
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As my 14 day free trial of EVE online comes to an end, I have start thinking about whether or not I intend to continue playing. Earlier in the trial period, I had a great time running around doing agent missions with some fun PvE combat to spice it up. I watched a few fleet battles from the 4th Alliance Tournament on EVE tv, and became inspired. However, this meant that I now had to play as if I really was planning to continue in the future. Needless to say, this decreased the fun I was having in the trial. Nevertheless, I know it to be a necessary evil if I intend to continue.

Currently I'm running my destroyer as a mining rig in a high sec, just picking up little 42k ISK shipments of ore to sell nearby. Meanwhile, I'm training up various skills in hopes that I will be able to have another glimpse of combat before my trial is up. If I were to continue past the trial period, I see myself training up my industrial ship skill in order to make my mining more efficient while I spend the next month training up in order to fly. After that, I would seek out a decent PvP corp and hopefully get some glimpses of what EVE is all about.

So now it comes down to why I'm even questioning not continuing to play. I like the game, and I understand that I need to get through the boring part in order to get to the fun part. However, I have basically committed myself to playing WAR with a group of friends. Also, my social life seems to be picking up (not to jinx anything), but that's a whole other issue. Anyways, WAR is set for a Q2 release. My problem is that I don't really know how much of EVE I will be able to experience in the 4-5 months before WAR arrives.

So I'm looking for some feedback from EVE players. I need to know if 4-5 months of playtime is worth it. I would greatly appreciate this, because I really don't know if buying this game will be worth my while. Thanks.


Hrothmund writes:

Its all relative. How much did you really dig the game, in short, is point-and-click PvP your thing?


Personally, I would wait for Jumpgate Evolved.

Mon Jan 21 2008 1:23PM Report
Sornin writes:

EVE is actually a great game if your social life is picking up, I'd imagine, since your skills are always training, even if you are not able to play a lot. Of course, to enjoy a game you need to play it.

I only played EVE for a month or so before growing hopeless bored/frustrated with it, so I am not the best person to offer any advice. The time-based advancement angered me to no end, as even if I played 10 hours per day I could not get around my skills training slowly, and mining soon lost its charm.

Mon Jan 21 2008 1:29PM Report
g8torskull writes:

I have played eve since beta, and to be honest it does get boring quite quickly. With that being said, it is a game unlike any others. you dont really have to grind to build your skills. but basically all you can do in the beginning months is mine or do missions to build your bank account. Find a good corp to help you out and such is really sequential. I have 2 characters one of them is able to fly a dreadnaught but cant afford to buy one for supporting the 2nd who is a pvp character. Also it is really wise not to jump into bigger ships before your skills are ready to let you fly them at a capable rate. ie... dont fly anything you cant afford to lose. Although my 2nd character is pvp, he cannot even fly a battleship after 3.5 years in the game. 56 million skill points, I made him to specialize and that he is doing but I have no use for him as my main has 10x more pvp kills. Anyway in the begiinning months it is wise to do as many missions or mining as u can to build your wallet, without the big wallet you will be in small ships and really unable to fully enjoy the game. PVP really gets your heart rate jumping though so the time toiling in the game to get good enuff to be a tackler the damage dealer is really worth it.

Mon Jan 21 2008 2:00PM Report
Katsuhiko writes:

EVE's non pvp-gameplay is something great to play, say, tabbed out a work if that's your thing.  I couldn't imagine playing it as a main MMO for entertainment.

Mon Jan 21 2008 7:01PM Report
oramio writes:

Well, not easy to give an advise, all depends what you are looking for. First of all, as a player tasted EverquestII and Warcraft, I can say that you don't need to hang on to the game that much to grind to get on to good ships and equipment. You certainly need to play it to get money (missions, mining), but most important part of the game is skills, and you continue getting skill points at full speed even offline.

PvP is the thing makes your heart beating fast, and I definitely advise to find a good corp loving to help each other and have some goal of moving to low security area. (You cannot survive on your own that easily in low sec area)

It is a different game, and I continue on loving it for 3 months, and I think I'll be playing it for some long time becouse of the endless possibilities in the game.

It is thrilling that you can take out a much bigger ship having tons of armor and shields then your small shippy if you fit it wisely and your opponent doesn't have the equipment to counter you at hand :)

Mon Jan 21 2008 7:27PM Report
phreack writes:

You got farther than I did. EVE is DEFINATELY not a new player friendly game.

Mon Jan 21 2008 8:33PM Report writes:
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