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MMOs Through My Eyes

A collection of random rants about my experiences with games, game design, and MMOs in general.

Author: Stormreaver

Another Look at EVE

Posted by Stormreaver Sunday January 13 2008 at 12:30PM
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So I got bored with EQ2 quickly. It's truly not my cup of tea, but I can see why some people would be attracted to it. Regardless, I was looking for another game. I'm pretty active in the Dev forums (once in a while) and I've recently been brainstorming ideas for a sandbox game. Maybe I'll get into that at some later date, but it occurred to me that EVE had a very cool sandbox aspect to it. I decided to give the free trial another go, so downloaded on a whim and started up a Minmatar character.

I'm having a much better time than I did last trial. I'm amazed at the fact that EVE runs on one server (which is huge by the way), and makes every event that happens in the game a part of the history. Just looking over forum posts and seeing the player-recorded history of corporation wars etc. is a very unique aspect. I love the concept behind this game, but let's talk about the actual gameplay.

Combat is much more fun than I remember it being, especially with multiple enemies. I have yet to PvP (and I don't know if I will have the time to in 14 days) but I hear that PvP is even more fun. I'm currently piloting a Destroyer, and love the freedom I have to customize and fly. The community is helpful in general, although chat is overrun with gold sellers. The player-run economy is awesome, and I can see myself having a very good time playing with the market.

One gripe I have is that new players spend a lot of their time not doing anything. Skill training can take up a good while, and while training all my Learning skills, I really haven't been able to do much besides run some easy agent missions. I'm hoping this will improve by the end of my trial period. I also dislike the fact that you can only train one character per account at a time.

Depending on how the rest of my trial goes, I might even stay on another month to see what else awaits me. I'd love to join a corp and get caught up in... whatever they do. I feel like EVE has a lot of possibilities, and I could really enjoy it once I get past the early-game grind. Unfortunately, that same grind might be too much for me to keep interest and so, once again, I will opt out after my 14days are up.

EVE also gave me a lot of ideas on what I'd like to see in a similar MMO. I might outline some of my ideas later, but for now I've got to surf the internet for 8 hours while Instant Recall trains to rank 3.


FenikSar writes:


As a 4year play id suggest scrapping the learning (maybe get learning to 4) till you decide to play proper that way you can spend more time enjoying the game. Any questions send me a mail.

Sun Jan 13 2008 2:04PM Report
Thaliost writes:

when you join a corporation you will feel a much greater sense of belonging, goals and will make friends.

Sun Jan 13 2008 2:15PM Report
Distiler writes:

Don't train learnings in the trial, you are just loosing time for other skills (ships, weapons, etc).

And if you subscribe, until the first 2-3 months in where you get somewhat comfortable, don't invest too much tiem in learnings either because you don't now if you're going to play for 2 months or 2 years yet.

Sun Jan 13 2008 3:54PM Report
siegedelux writes:

The new changes are quite impressive but i doubt it will keep me interested but will have a try, since i got an old account lying around :)

Sun Jan 13 2008 4:21PM Report
myrddinstarh writes:

SilverDrill's Beginners Guide to starting in eve.  bye Gilliana SilverDrill,  Kulelen star system. " silverdrill " player chat channel.

I run a player run training school in Kulelen to help beginning players get started in eve. its not a corp yet but is free-form to help you get started with ships equipment and advice on how to start through the first couple weeks of play.

Training can be done offline so you don't have to do it while online. what you start learning depends on whether your planing on going pvp, mission running only or getting into the industrialist base of manufacturing and research and the economy which is my preferred area. 


when starting a character for any class get ship command and your racial frigate skills to level 3 the learn the destroyer skill which applies to all races. while doing this finish the 10 mission starting tutorial "Mountains to Molehills" to learn the basic game mechanics. the tutorial can be completed in 2 to 3 hours. on mission 5 though they are having you research how to make an item. there is no such thing as a "Villard Wheel" so you have to take the blueprint into the next system where they have a research facility and  do an invention research on the blueprint to get it to a tech 2 perpetual motion machine then make this and return it to the agent.  in another part they will give you a ship. " this is the worst frigate class ship there is for your race so don't use it. just save if for later as you'll have to make a ship and you can just turn the one they gave you in to complete that part.


i suggest you buy 2 frigate's when starting the Game. look at the attributes for the frigate's in the market. one will have a large cargo hold and many low slots for fitting expanded cargo holds. buy this ship for mining and buy some good mining lasers. the basic mining laser and mining laser 1 are junk. look at the properties for them and click the variations tab to see what varieties exist in your area. right click on the variations listed and check the market availability to get them as they don't appear in the general market settings.  compare the CPU usage and ore yield rates to balance them for your ship. the variations change from region to region as people do material and efficiency research on them making some better than others through player researching on top of the basic blueprint.  

the second ship should be a combat ship outfitted mainly with weapons.  look for ships with plenty of high slots for weapons and medium slots for shields and defence accessories.  i suggest buying the 125mm railguns for basic projectile weapons and standard missile launcher if you have missile skills. not all races start with missile skills so their ships don't have missile turrets. i also recommend hybrid small antimatter rounds. equip as many as you can to your ship.  get a small shield booster and small shield extender to provide protection and a small armor repairer to repair the armor when you take damage rather paying out your hard earned "ISK" to having the station repair your ship all the time. if you have extra medium slots get a small hull repairer and maybe a cap battery to give you extra fighting power for shields and weapons.  

for mission and pvp players after getting into a destroyer you will want to focus on getting leaning to level 4 to speed up your training but do levels 3 and 4 in each of the learning skills offline while your logged out. rumour has it that if you can get all 11 learning skills to level 4 within a month you get a full set if level 4 implants but i don't know if that's true.  combat and mission players will want to focus on learning their shield skills under electronics, weapons skills under gunnery and missile skills for ranged attacks if you can use them.

Industrialists and miners will want to learn industrial ship skills so they can get a hauler to place canisters in asteroid belts for storing ore while mining. trial account players cant anchor canisters so use the hauler to drip one off in the belt. fill it with the mining ship then use the haulers to pick it up again and take it back to base.  some players use jettisoned items to make canisters for putting ore in but that's not wise unless your in a fleet mining with others. many players do whats called can tipping where they will warp in on your can and empty it. you cant shoot at them as cor-sec will warp in and blow you away so you cant stop them.  hauler with level 2 industrial skill can hold 2 giant canisters if you put on extended cargo holds. they take up 3000 meters of cargo space each but hold 3900 meters of materials. remember to password protect the cans though and name them so you can keep track of who's is who's and only you can access them. with 2 good mining lasers you can fill a canister with 3900 meters of ore in a short time.  industrialists will want to focus on mining skills and ore processing skills in the beginning so minimise waist of materials. in the beginning areas get the scordite first, once in other areas stick to the plagioclas and peroxes ores when you can to get the higher level minerals for manufacturing. also during the tutorial you have a mining mission where your a decoy mining while your waiting for a person to come attack you. after you blow his ship away and capture him spend some time mining out the kerdite asteroids as you'll not find them again until you go into low security areas. when running missions always look out for rare ores in the dead-space event area as you'll not find them easily in high security safe areas. dead-space event sites are generally safe from thieves unless you invite them in so jettison cans are fine. you can often mine resources there safe from thieves and most pirates without being hustled. especially in storyline missions keep an eye out for omber asteroids. in the kidnapping storyline mission there are 3 omber asteroids in one of the rooms that each hold 80,000 meters of ore. this is one of the rare times you'll find omber safe to mine in a high-sec area so don't worry about the time bonus. the ore will pay many times that and you'll still get your implant. just not the bonus cash.  with the omber though you will have the isogen and mexallon to make ships with and those rake in a lot of money.

Industrial fortunes for beginners.

make and sell basic ships and equipment in the starter systems for good fast cash when starting. you can make the equipment in any system and haul it back to sell for fast cash but ships you'll need to haul the materials into the starter system and build them there as they are too big to transport easily when made.  buy blueprints for 125mm railguns, 150mm railguns, standard missile launcher, small shield booster, small shield extender, small cap battery, and the 3 frigate blueprints for your race. thees should be the mining ship and the top 2 or 3 combat ships. make and sell the ships in the beginning area as they often sell for double what they sell for elsewhere. even a couple jumps away. also buy the blueprints for the small hybrid ammo and for the missiles as they are always in high demand in starter areas.

implants and Story Line Missions

for every 10 missions you do for the same agent of faction you'll get a storyline mission. you need to complete all 10 mission on time though and without skipping any so do the courier missions even if you don't like the, storyline missions give you implants that add bonuses to your stats. thees are important to speed up your training. you can buy a full set of 5 level 1 implants fairly quickly and sell off the ones you earn or save them for when you get pod killed. higher level implants often sell for millions of Isk.

Finding an agent.

in your map feature under the map color tab there is a sort criteria where you can flag under your settings to display agent available to you. this helps finding agents to meet the type of missions you want.  start with agents with negative quality mission levels to start. as you build up standing with an agent he will give you higher level missions. if he is a Q-17 agent and you have a 5.0 rating he will give you Q-12 missions.  as your skills improve you can look for higher quality agents. you don't want to start to high though as you wont survive the missions he gives you.  mining and astrogation agents will give a lot of mining missions that are good for money with little combat, usually only 1 or 2 pi-"RATS". and their storyline missions usually have rare ores. security and surveillance are mainly combat missions with occasional courier trips. remember if you skip the courier missions you won't get the storyline missions.

loot and salvage.

when you blow up a pirate ship it will often have loot on it you can collect. weapons and ammo to use or sell and make money from. if you learn the salvage skill you can also salvage the empty wrecks for parts used to make rigs. the rigs are used to add special modifications to a ship and can cost missions so salvaging the wrecks can be a profitable business and selling the parts to industrialist players. a tractor beam can come in handy to pull wrecks you destroyed to you. they don't work of ships flagged yellow though as you don't own them. you can salvage ships others have destroyed but if you loot them your flagged as a thief and they can kill you without cor-sec intervening.

if you have any questions look for me online as gilliana silverdrill or join the silverdrill player channel and i'll do my best to give you some help starting out.  I have played many mmorpg's and realy like this one. with teamspeak or another voice over IP program this game realy comes alive and has a great veriety for many tasts of gameplay.

Mon Jan 14 2008 5:07AM Report writes:
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