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The Wild Adventures of a Dragon

Seeking fame and glory? A way to master the art of loading your bank? Or a top notch on the field of battle? All is revealed! -Achaea

Author: SnJ08

A tale of a weary wanderer and the home he found.

Posted by SnJ08 Wednesday April 25 2012 at 7:50PM
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A tale of  Achaean wanderers and how they can find their place in the world.  Achaea like many of the other great MMORPGs has derived a way for even more detailed roleplay through player run organizations.


More specifically houses are organizations founded by players with beliefs predicated around the central beliefs of the city they're based in with some of its own original goals and philosophies. Houses are a must for true newbies to the realms. Not only do house members aide you in learning the abilities of the class you have chosen but help you with overall learning the realm itself on a more intimate level then just a rogue you meet on the street or even common citizens will. The nifty thing is theres a house for anyone and everyone, so no one is left out. A lot of houses have guidelines to joining them, such as what city you are a part of or order you serve in. For example you can't join a House in Shallam if you're a member of the chaos city, Ashtan. Below is a list of all the houses and cities they're based in.





 A Listing of the Houses of Achaea
Short Name   A  In Which City  Long Name                                      Patron
--------------    -        -------------  ---------------------------------         ------------
Sentaari           Y  Shallam        The Sentaari                                Pentharian
Sentinels          Y  Eleusis        The Sentinels of Nature                 Artemis
Blacklotus        Y  Hashan         The Sect of the Black Lotus          Scarlatti
Druids                Y  (no city)      The Ancient Circle of Druids        Melantha
Templars            Y  Shallam        The Templars                              Miramar
Serpentlords       Y  Hashan         The Cult of the Serpent Lords      Ourania
Occultists           Y  Ashtan         The Occultists                               Babel
Empyreal           Y  Shallam        The Empyreal Assembly              Pentharian
Shadowsnakes    Y  Ashtan         The Shadowsnakes                      Babel
Crystalline        Y  Shallam        The Crystalline Circle               Pentharian
Crownmerchants  Y  Hashan         The Merchants of the Crown        Selene
Warlocks        Y  Ashtan         The Warlocks of the Rising Phoenix   Babel
Dawnstriders    Y  Shallam        The Dawnstriders                       Miramar
Ashura          Y  Ashtan         The Ashura                                      Ourania
Spiritwalkers   Y  Hashan         The Spirit Walkers                         Ourania
Wardens         Y  Cyrene         The Wardens of the Cerulean Spire   Phaestus
Mojushai        Y  Cyrene         The Mojushai                                    Kastalia
Cij                   Y  (no city)      The Carnivalis Institute of Jester     Scarlatti
Maldaathi        Y  Mhaldor        The Maldaathi                               Keresis
Arcanekindred   Y  Cyrene         The Arcane Kindred                        Lupus
Naga                   Y  Mhaldor        The Naga                                    Keresis
Congregation    Y  Mhaldor        The Blood Congregation             Keresis
Sylvans             Y  Eleusis        The Sylvanic Fellowship                Valnurana
Ebonfist           Y  Mhaldor        The Ebon Fist                               Keresis
Tybeirdd           Y  Cyrene         Ty Beirdd                                     Valnurana




Be that there are many classes throughout Achaea there are just as many houses that match up with them for each city. From the Sentaari Monks of Shallam to the Ashura monks in Ashtan. You could be servant of evil and view chivalry a different way in ranks of the Maldaathi Knights or view honour as most do and prevail for good in the House of the Templar Knights.


I myself enjoy my place amongst the Crystalline Circle in Shallam, where I serve as a Magi. The house hosts a Master Crystal for fashioning crystals to use the skill of Crystalism as well as several enchanting rooms so I can capitalize on the profitability of the enchantment skill. Below is what the structure of houses look like, some different than others but this gives the general idea of houses are operated and managed by players. Each position defined by the house with specific powers bestowed to each.




Through hard work and dedication obtaining one of the positions listed in the house structure is quite fulfilling. I've had the pleasure of being a house leader, the head of newcomers to leading up several different combat academies. Its enjoyable and a well of knowledge. Just another piece of Achaea to enjoy! IRE also has others that offer similar benefits. writes:
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