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Bring back OLD Everquest!

Posted by Shawk Wednesday May 7 2008 at 4:09AM
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SO again, I was thinking about this and just thought I might as well put it into writing for once ;)

I was watching a few videos on youtube about old everquest, i'm talking old old, bad interface, bugs and all, and I got to thinking, I would actually pay a monthly fea for that back, bugs and problems included.

Then I really started to think about it, why don't they seriously do this? Why don't they jump back to the release of everquest and do it all over again, start with the first eq, without any expansions, then maby a 5 months later, throw Kunark in, then Velious.. then leave it at that, forever.. no new expansions. Treat it like any other release of a game, announce that they are released Old Everquest, make a release date, release it, and have everyone start from scratch again.

Some people say, that would be borring.. ive already played that game, why would I want to do that again? I honestly don't think it would be borring, at all.. I loved EQ for a reason, I didnt even reach have the content that was given to me, because I never wanted to, I loved the world, I loved the graphics, I loved the community, I honestly loved everything, even the problems.. How people interact, the music, the scenery, the trading... EVERYTHING was perfect, it did not need to be fixed for me.

Maby I'm just a stupid 22 year old fool that fell in love with a game when I was 14.. But to be honest, if they did not put an expansion in that game, I would still be sitting at Qeynos Gates with my druid giving free SoW's to newbs.

I think at the very least, they should do this just to give other people that fealing we old timers felt when playing Everquest 1.. It's still a story, and that story is still good.. eventhough it was destroyed by to many systems and content.

IF anyone agrees, shout it, it's Sony.. if enough of us want it, we might actually get it.. $$$ talks.


Kyleran writes:

You can never go back.  Those things you say you'll live with, the bugs, the imbalances, the graphics, they were all changed/fixed for a reason, because the players at that time were complaining about them.  People clamor for new gear, new worlds to explore, new content in general, so the developers give it to them.   You are remembering your early MMO fondly, and if you saw it today it would not impress you.

Wed May 07 2008 6:11AM Report
rjfras writes:

didn't they do something like that with the progression server?

Wed May 07 2008 9:28AM Report
NotNiceDino writes:

Yeah I remember a year or so ago they launch like "Legacy"servers or something which require the player base to make certain acheivements to progressively unlock the expansions. I actually thought it was neat and resubscribed to... but really it wasn't that cool. To be honest it wasn't really the OLD Everquest. It was just the current Everquest with a bunch of things locked.

Wed May 07 2008 2:55PM Report
Tenebroso writes:

your right.....$$$ says goodbye!

Wed May 07 2008 3:49PM Report
Giddian writes:

one word


Wed May 07 2008 4:39PM Report
Astrina writes:

I loved EQ. I lived EQ for a looooooong time. 

What I loved most, was the OOC chatter. It always made the game feel alive. I loved the "camp checks". I loved Fippy. I loved my cleric. But most of all, I loved the feel of the game, the personality it had. Even with the bugs...I remember falling off the ship and dying, losing all my gear...and tossing my keyboard across the room.

I wish we could go back, but I too's not likely to feel the same now.  I hold the memories dear, but to return...even to start again, would probably not give the rewards I would love to see.


Wed May 07 2008 7:34PM Report
Tatum writes:

I never played EQ and it wasnt really my style of MMO, but there are some features from that game that Id love to see in current MMOs.  An extensive faction system, a mix of some powerful mobs in lower level areas, more challenging travel, more risk...

Wed May 07 2008 11:32PM Report
Damage99 writes:

Tue Jun 01 2010 8:23AM Report writes:
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