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Would you play this MMORPG?

Posted by Shawk Sunday February 22 2009 at 2:45AM
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Lets take 4 Factions. (Think Daoc with 4 factions instead of 3..) Lets call them Albion, Hibernia, Midgard and Undead..

Put those 4 factions on a big square map with no instances. All Dungeons are open to anyone and all areas are completely unlocked. There is no leveling, gear is not a very important thing, 3 guys with the basics could take on one with the best gear for example.. skills get learned once then they become more advanced as you use them.

Now, Everyone on the server fights for control of this map and the map is roughly the size of all of WoW. all over the map there are mines, forests, lakes, ocean, all the basics, all these things however serve a purpose, Mines give you steel/gold/copper etc to make armor/weapons etc. forests give you trees for wood which can be used for weapons/siege equipment.. and just like any RTS game you can harvest and gather these things.

Use the wood you gather to build houses/barracks to better equip your individual guilds/alliances. Hire guards/peasents to gather these things for you aswell.

The basic Idea is it would be a MMORPG RTS In a huge 1v1v1v1 battle for control of the map with WAR/WoW game engine and servers that can hold 5-10,000 players. A Warcraft 3 MMORPG but instead of you controlling a bunch of little dudes, you are those little dudes and all you little dudes have your own minds :)

The question is, would you play something like this?

Why Warhammer Online sucks..

Posted by Shawk Sunday February 22 2009 at 2:20AM
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From level one to about twenty I was decently happy, I tolerated the scenario instancing for realm points and leveling because it didn't completely force it on you like other games did. They had some neat ideas like the Public Quests, Objectives and allowing you to level while Pvping etc.. all that stuff was great.

However, in the end, all that stuff was completely destroyed for me once again by Scenarios, it became impossible not to go into the instances to RvR(Pvp) if you didn't want to go into a Instanced scenario to pvp, you didn't pvp. This game could be most compared to Daoc obviously, but the thing about Daoc is it wasn't instanced and for that reason Dark age of Camelot gave a COMPLETELY different fealing, in WAR you get that same sence but no real fealing that something is being accomplished, you could look at your map and see that your side is winning an area, but in the end.. none of it mattered.

In Daoc if you were fighting in a RvR zone you could check your map and see that you were actually making some kind of impact on the map, which eventually lead to your real earning a relic etc.. there was true purpose to what you were doing. In WAR it is just a statistic that you have no control over unless your real outnumberes the other 10 to 1 and by random chance all tiers work together.. which is basicly impossible.

Now, this all might have been different if instancing was not in this game. Why? cause that would force people to fight in the games real world and actually have an impact on the game outside of instances, people would be forced to fight in those areas and try to actually take complete control of an area, instead whenever it gets remotely dead people just jump into the instances for convinience.

WAR is no better then WoW pvp wise, it just lies to you just alittle bit better.

Take out instancing from WAR and then you have yourself a O.K game.


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