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I miss my Daoc

Posted by Shawk Friday January 25 2008 at 3:38AM
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Where or where did my daoc go..

I know, they have classic servers, but those are a pathetic attempt to bring people back to a game that is just far far gone. I'm not bashing daoc how it is right now, well.. yah I guess I am, but I dont want that game changed.. I just want servers that are REAL classic servers.

What am i talking about?

OLDSCHOOL Daoc, the way it was released.. problems and glitches and bad graphics still intact, I dont want your better looking models, take back your instances, take back all the expansions, give me day 1 release of daoc and I will pay you 50 bucks a month just to play it.

I'm serious, and I know alot of people that would do the same. There was nothing wrong with that game, there was no reason to go an destroy it, to be honest to date, that 1v1v1 rvr pvp aspect was the best pvp i have ever played, it was the best idea ever created pvp wise imo, then they went and destroyed it.

What I loved was the problems, Scouts overpowered, Enchanters insane aoe.. but it was all balanced in a way, people avoided the scouts, which they should, and people avoided an enchanters pvp, which they should.. I could use a thousand other nerfs as examples, but im sure i could use the same lame excuse as "which they should.." on everyone of them.

I just hate how developers seem to think they can keep people addicted and entertained by just adding stuff untill the game is completely slaughtered. facts are, i would probably have left that game for another one, but right now, I would have went back and played again.. maby on a alt.. who knows, but i would have went back.. and stayed for a while, but its to far gone now, that game is a 8v8 hell hole that very few people can actually enjoy without being the best of the best in the best of the best guild.

/vent off

CyberWiz writes:

DAoC at launch was not the best, it was in it's prime during the Shrouded Isles era imho.

Improvements and additions to an mmorpg are good and needed, developpers just have to realize they can not change the foundations of the game.

So far the only mmorpg that stayed true to itself and its ideals is EVE-Online.

However, if EA Mythic ever decided to put back the heart of DAoC, I am sure it would be possible.

Restoring realm pride, nerfing ToA and deleting Classic servers would come to mind.

Nef Frontiers was also too big of a change imho.


Fri Jan 25 2008 8:48AM Report
CyberWiz writes:

I But yes I miss DAoC as well

Fri Jan 25 2008 8:49AM Report
Shoal writes:

I left when they changed the 1st person Staff graphic such that it stuck up in front of your face 100% of the time.  Blech.

Fri Jan 25 2008 9:23AM Report
devacore writes:

Pretty sure the fun factor was the newest variable.  So unless you go back in time, it just wouldn't be the same.

Fri Jan 25 2008 12:17PM Report
Skuldin writes:

I played DAOC in Beta and I played it for four years off and on.  Hell last summer i was in the final interview stages to be a content writer for DAOC until I found out it paid well enough for a single guy but not a married father of two. 

DAoC in Shrouded Isles was at its height.  I personally did not hate Trials of Atlantis like most people but apparently it started to decline with its release.  For my money there has yet to be a game with as much long term draw to it for me that DAoC had. 

The games as they are coming out now have built in tread-mills poorly disguised time sinks like in WoW with the 1.1 million faction grinds and PVP gear grinds. 

DAOC hid their grinds far better and in some ways didnt really have a ton of them.  I mean leveling artifact weapons in ToA was child's play compared to the Scryers rep grind in WoW.  The Realm Points and Realm Abilities is STILL by far the BEST pvp reward system.  It isn't even close. 

Gear as the only reward really does.  I want my character to kick ass naked and I think a lot of people agree.  Giving my guy special abilities that I could purchase really made the quest for more Realm Points meaningful.  Buying another piece of trash gear that will be replaced next expansion isnt. 

I have high hopes for Age of Conan and I truly hope that either AoC or Warhammer online succeed in bringing back meaning to online games.  Permanent housing, a real penalty for death (xp loss is a must), a way to make a permanent or semi-permanent mark in the game are all ways to keep people coming back.  Grinds can be fun if the reward is permanent (realm abiliities) and not trashed in the next expansion like a piece of gear. 

I too miss DAOC

Wed May 07 2008 1:27PM Report writes:
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