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Posted by Shawk Friday January 25 2008 at 3:25AM
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Gotta love them, gotta hate them.

This is my frist blog in my vent station, i tend to go on and on as I type and usually none of it makes any sence.. but that's what this is, if you dont like it, that's fine.. if you do, tell me.

Ok so first, instances and why they have destroyed my mmorpg experience. First, I think of Everquest, way back when there way no instances, no expansions, no nothing.. I loved that game how it was, I was a low level almost the entire time i played that game and I loved it, I was completely satisfied and most other people were aswell, then expansions started getting introduced. Expansions wernt the problem, Kunark was fine, Velious was awsome.. but it just went downhill from there.

I honestly dont understand why instances were created.. On one side I understand from a server point of view, it really helps a server, but it destroys the MMORPG *feal* for me.. I know that sounds corny but it really really does.

Ill explain why... It doesnt matter what game you use this example with but just stay with me, everquest.. lets use Black Burrow, it was a small zone off Qeynos hills that was very popular, everyone loved it.. Now if you think of that zone when you use to play everquest, you probably think of Shout: Train to zone!!@#!!!!! and having to always zone out everytime you heard that.

To me, that small little thing creates a community.. you talk outside the zone about that train and you talk inside the zone about that train that just killed u, you talk in /shout about that train and blah blah blah.. but its more then that.. say your sitting at a zone talking in /shout just medding, SoWing (giving faster run speed) people just cause, having them /bow or thank you, its a good way to make friends and a good feeling, you are part of the whole community. if that were an instance, you would go in with a group, do your crap, then leave...

Ok, another example.. im using alot of Everquest I know but that was the best game I could think of that was destroyed by Instances.

In Qeynos hills there were these 2 mobs that were needed by druids for something.. I cant remember, but it was a quest item or something. Anyways, Druids camped those 2 alot, people would go by druids there all the time, druids would give them SoW's and Buffs, this was a lower level zone, with something that higher levels needed. Having those higher level players buff you or even grace you with their presence gave them a huge amount of respect..

Now if those mobs were instances.. none of that would have happend.. they would just go in their instance 10 times untill their item dropped.. no relationships.. no respect.. no nothing.. just leaving a zone, going back in, leaving.. going back in.. about 10 times.. no fun imo.

The Arguement people have against me is that instances allow no more camping of mobs.. but what is wrong with camping? you are waiting your turn.. its you wait your turn or you go into that instance about 20 times to get that item you wanted. Camping mobs creates community believe it or not, instances.. destroy a community.

Instances are a lose lose, you lose community and you lose everything a mmorpg is.

/vent off


Supermax writes:

I very much agree with you. Whereas there are some worthwile games that use instancing, they should not call themselves MMO(RPG)s, because they aren't. MMOG stands for "Massively Multiplayer Online Game", and if the game world is nothing but a glorified "Lobby" from where groups of players enter their instanced quests, then the game doesn't deserve that description.

For me MMO(RP)G means all players share one world (or maybe one shard), not a bunch of isolated instances for a handful of players each.

Instancing is the developer's way of cheating.


Fri Jan 25 2008 11:56AM Report
Skuldin writes:

Agreed.  I dont mind "certain" areas of instancing but for example could you imagine how horrible DAOC would have been if instead of a really cool frontier to fight in with castles or even their Battlegrounds for lower levels they had instances?  I HATE timed fights....absolutely hate them.  It makes people rush rush rush like in Alterac Valley.  It's not a "war" but a rush for honor points.  That is instancing at its worst.  I want a non-timed battle like the old DAOC battlegrounds and frontier.  That is true immersion.



Wed May 07 2008 1:44PM Report
Magiknight writes:

I feel the same way.  There is nothing massive about instancing, besides the economies.  People who claim everyone would be fighting over certain mobs without instances lack imagination.  They can not imagine a game that has certain mobs that only spawn every few days, if not weeks, and mobs that not everyone can take down.  That would limit the number of people competing for it.  There are other options too......

Fri Dec 25 2009 12:19PM Report
darkb457 writes:

Uh, this again, guess it's part of the reason I switched to MUDs.

Look, instancing is pretty much the only way to give you things like dynamic enviroments, non-linear gameplay and non-grinding PvE.

And besides, you think the massive is the only thing that makes a good online game? Instancing opens doors. I'm not saying it's perfect, all I'm saying is that you can reach a much greater depth with them and minimize lag.

Oh and by the way, making a mob only spawn every couple of days, will actually make it more coveted and more people will fight over them.

Thu Jan 14 2010 9:26PM Report writes:
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