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Restless thoughts.

Why do many players defend their chosen MMO and bash on all others so aggressively?

Author: Sepulcher

Fanbois and flawed logic.

Posted by Sepulcher Wednesday July 2 2008 at 6:02PM
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So the latest thing with the MMO community is the "wait and see" mentality.  Everytime a game company promises something and does not deliver, the fans always tell others to give it some time.

My question is why should I?  If a company says something will be in a game and that feature is not in the game when I buy it, why do I have to wait until it is?  I do not owe said company a second chance.  I do not have to give them time to catch up to their bold promises.  I could buy the game and set it on fire when I got home simply because I decided I didn't like the box art. 

The old saying "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me." applies here.

The fanbois need to do a reality check.  Using the excuse "thats how MMO's work" is a complete cop out.  If the game designer can not release their game with all listed features functioning they should not be making MMOs.  They need to pick key features and flesh them out to completion.  That doesn't mean it has to be bug free.  As long as all the bugs that are known prior to release are fixed, thats the best we should hope for.  If new bugs arise once the game comes out do to unforseen events that is understandable.  But releasing a game when you know aspects of it do not function or are non existant is complete BS.

Anyone who decides to stop playing said game because they feel disapointed in the product is shot down by fanbois who have absolutely nothing to stand on in support of their game. They say things like "Oh well I am liking it so you are wrong" , "your computer is crap so it is your fault", "When I play I find groups every 2 minutes and money falls out of the sky when I log on", and "Me and my guild blah blah blah".

They fail to realize that the average person is not willing to put up with lag, graphical errors, bugged quests, broken classes, or missing game mechanics just because "one day it will be fixed".  I also enjoy the fanbois who hide behind the EULA to support their game.  "Well the EULA says they can change whatever they want whenever they want and you agreed to it so STFU".  Thats fine, but I can also stop playing the game because of the changes.  Just because someone buys a game it does not mean they have to play it until the fanbois tell them it is ok to stop.

This mob mentality that the gaming zealots have is rediculous.  They band together and insult everyone who does not agree with them.  They then sit around and pat eachother on the back about how cool they are because they are enjoying the broken game.  I see tons of threads that are nothing more than fanbois talking about all the people who do not like their game (or people who like other games) are idiots.  They think they are so smart because they are willing to "wait" for their game to be finished.

Intelligence has nothing to do with it.  You may have more patience for that particular game because you enjoy it, but that does not make you smarter than the people who do not.  It is a game.  The success of the MMO has no bearing in that persons life.  Its success or failure does not help or hinder them.  So why should they care?

I will get right into the issue using a recent game release as the basis for my example. 

Now before the "OMG your a WoW fanboi" replies come let me say this.  I played WoW for over 3 years. I cancelled my account on a few occasions and I currently have no plans of returning to that game because it is moving in a direction I do not wish to follow.  I have no vested interest in the succes of Blizzard or any of their properties.  Nor do I care if they continue to make billions on the sale of other games.  If something is good I will play it.  If it sucks I won't.  That definition is completely up to me since I am the one in control of my game time and no one else.  I care about the game, not the company.

First we hear that game X has sold Y thousands of retail boxes.  Good for them.  The marketing department for this game words everything in such a way that it is obvious to anyone with a brain that they are not doing as well as they want everyone to think they are.  Never before have I seen a major MMO release information about sales in ways such as "over X amount shipped to stores!" or "over X amount of accounts created".  Why not just say "We sold X copies to customers" and "we have X number of subscribers"?  I will tell you why.  Because they are so full of their own hype and the idea of being a "WoW killer" that they will go to any lengths to come off as a runaway success.

Why does it matter?  Why does everyone care so much about how much money their game makes?  As a player your concern should be "is the game fun?".  Everything else means nothing if the game is not fun for YOU.  I am just sick of all the flame wars, all the bashing, all the egos, and all the other crap you read on nearly all MMO forums.

I come off a bit negative myself.  I understand that someone is bound to jump on my blog and come up with something clever to say, bashing me.  That is fine.  The truth is what it is.  No amount of insults will change it.  If a game is broken and full of bugs than that is what it is.  You can enjoy the broken features as much as you like, but if they are clearly not working as intended or at least functioning, then the game is incomplete.  You may enjoy paying to play in a beta test, that is your choice.  But trying to convince other people that there is nothing wrong with the broken game because you a so invested in the game is pure stupidity.

This recent group of fanbois, for the above game I hinted at, are so much more rabid than others I have seen in the past.   I think they invested so much effort into supporting the game, hyping the game, bashing other games, and paying for the game that they can not accept anything other than their game being a blockbuster.  Even if the facts show otherwise, even if they know there are things wrong with the game, and even when they can see the developers track record with their own eyes, they still support the game.  If they stop playing or even utter any form of criticism they will be cast off by their fellow fanbois and listed in the ranks of the trolls.

That fear is what keeps them going. The fear that they were suckered and took the bait.  The fear that if they admit the games faults others will fall upon them like wolves. The fear that they will have nothing better to do with their time if they stopped.  That is what fuels the fanbois.  Them vs the non-believers.

I am in no way bashing people who play any game that I do not play myself.  If you are enjoying yourself, more power to yah.  I hope your game continues to grow so that you can keep enjoying it.  What I do not like is the fanbois who lie to themselves and falsely represent the game they play. My entire topic is directed at fanbois and that is all.  I used only one example because it is currently a heated topic and many people can relate. I realize there are many games out there that have crashed and burned.  This topic applies to them as well.  It also applies to fanbois of successful games. Just because a game is successful does not mean it is without flaws.

bufford writes:

I'm a straight shooter, while I don't intend to directly insult, straight talk is often taken as insulting because the truth laid out in front. Having said that, your ranting, and yes its nothing more than a long winded rant, about something thats been around since the first mmo.

It is impossible to forsee all issues that come up in the coding world, therefore some things can only be added after the fact. It is impossible to work out all issues unless the game is being played on the open market. There are so many variables involved it takes a full comunity to find them, root them out.

You bounce on people that you believe are fanbois, people who stick up for the game they play then on the other hand say you are not bashing who play games they enjoy, contradiction. Fanbois can be very annoying, they tend to get very dramatic and overbearing but they do admit there are problems with a game and issues that need to be resolved. They just stay positive about the issues.

Your blog lacks any real thought to the real world process of mmo's and the popualtion that supports their game. Its clear you have little knowledge of the level of technical intelligence it takes to code a game and the continuing efforts to solve issues and implement new content.


Wed Jul 02 2008 7:53PM Report
Sepulcher writes:

Well you either did not read what I wrote or lack the cognitive faculties to understand it.  Very nice attempt though bufford.


Wed Jul 02 2008 8:52PM Report
VPgearchin writes:

i think what the blogger was pointing out was not the coding problems but people who say" gameworks as intended and if you dont like it, though we do and nothing needs changing you are trolling blah blah", those people need reality checks.

Wed Jul 02 2008 9:28PM Report
VPgearchin writes:

i am with you on this one Sepulcher.

Wed Jul 02 2008 9:29PM Report
bufford writes:

Amazing, you don't have any idea what it is you wrote about and you found one follower to join you in the trivialization. Failed blog, plain and simple.

Wed Jul 02 2008 10:06PM Report
sdozer writes:

The problem is when a developer advertises features that are in actuality broken. BUT you can't really expect them to say "Oopsies. We made a mistake. This feature won't be in." So they continue on while everyone thinks that a certain feature will be in. People who dislike the feature being broken leave.

Now this person who leaves bashes the game for being incomplete and the fanbois being complained about in the blog, from my interpretation (maybe sepulcher can confirm. I am a pretty stupid person) are the ones who go on like "Oh just wait for the devs to fix it." "It's not a bad game. It's a great game but you need to have patience." Nope, not a great game. It's broken, or incomplete. Leave your fanboyism for another thread. Key: Maybe it will be a great game when it's not broken. So it might be a great game after your waiting time.

So all I can say is delete the fanboy posts because they support false advertising, and check up on MMORPGs in general. You might see the game fixed and then it might be a great game. Treat it like a longer development phase. Warn people that it's broken though.

Thu Jul 03 2008 12:08AM Report
sdozer writes:

Now I have more to say. It's like where Chris Rock said "I love rap music. Can't defend it." If someone says they like a feature, cool. If someone says they dislike a feature, cool. If someone says that a promised feature isn't there as it should be, prove them wrong or gtfo; but don't defend a broken feature, trying to lighten up the game. State what it is good, the OP states what is broken and maybe what he/she did like, and then people can get a good idea of what is there. The fanboi response of "Patience young padawan" is supporting the developers' false advertising.

Thu Jul 03 2008 12:24AM Report
grimfall writes:

I too admit I am a little confused with the logic behind this blog entry.  It's like you bought AOC and didn't like it and then quit playing, then 8 'fanbois' (whatever that is), broke into your house, tied you infront of your computer and made you start playing AOC again.  Then, when the servers were down, they made you log on to and start arguing with other fanbois online.

I submit that this didn't happen.

If you don't like the game, don't play it.  If you don't want to talk about it, don't talk about it.

The only thing different about this blog entry than baiting AoC fans on the forums is that you have the ability to delete comments you do don't like.

It's funny how many people forget, but how many Dragons were in place when WoW launched?  But they had pictures of dragons on their website 8 months before launch.  Did WoW launch bug-free?  I am sure there are thousands of people who had to CTR-ALT-Delete out of looting a mob (looting a mob, you know the 3rd thing you do in the game!), who can assure you it didn't.

If there was a game that  told developers it was OK to release with missing features, it was WoW.

Thu Jul 03 2008 2:57AM Report
katriell writes:

Sometimes the developer has no choice, their publisher and/or funding providers forcing them to release before development goals can be completed.

Thu Jul 03 2008 7:10AM Report
grimfall writes:

It's not always easy to coordinate when you set your release date when all features are implemented and all bugs are squashed, especially when you consider the complexity of these MMO's.  And as katriell  noted, there may be external forces at work as well.  Not only pressure from your publisher, but also knowing that you have a certain window and not wanting to release at the same time as a Blizzard expansion or Spellborn and WAR coming out.

Anyone else notice that Blizzard who takes their $50 million of monthly revenue and delivers very little new free content for WoW now seems to be able to develop 4 games (Starcract2, Diablo3, WoW expansion and another MMO) simultaneously?  In just over a year LOTRO has delivered more free additional content than WoW has in 4 years, with a subscription base some people claim is less than 1/50th the size.

Thu Jul 03 2008 10:17AM Report
Sepulcher writes:

Man I love you grimfall.  You never have anything important to say and yet you act like you do.

I blogged just to get a thought out of my head.  Not baiting fanbois, nor do I delete posts I do not like.  As I said before, the truth is what it is.  Deleting a post also implies that I care enough about what was said to be offended.

This is just my observation about how fanbois react to their chosen game.  I find the whole thing insane, that people are so devoted to a game that they feel they need to defend it like rabid dogs.  I also enjoy reading various forums and hearing what people have to say, as long as it is intelligent.

So my gripe is this, whenever someone makes valid points about anything there is a fanboi there to slam on them with absolutely no logic or intelligence to back it up.

I can not change the fact fanbois are idiots.  I sure as hell can make a blog about it though.

Thu Jul 03 2008 10:45AM Report writes:
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