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Restless thoughts.

Why do many players defend their chosen MMO and bash on all others so aggressively?

Author: Sepulcher

Why we fight: Part 1

Posted by Sepulcher Thursday May 22 2008 at 8:55PM
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So I have been doing alot of thinking lately about why people get so intense when talking about MMOs.  No one can make a criticism or point out a something positive about any MMO without being attacked from all sides by fans and/or trolls.  If someone says that they don't like the graphics for a particular game they are quickly told there is more to a game than graphics.  If they say they enjoy a certain gameplay mechanic, the nay-sayers will fall from the sky and point out how that playstyle is pointless.  It is their choice to decide what makes the game fun for them, it is not your place to decide for them what matters in a game.

Why do players do this?  Why do you feel compelled to spew your opinion at other people as if it were fact?  What makes your style of gameplay better than theirs?  The amount of hate that exists on any MMO forum is mind blowing.

It reminds me of hardcore religious fanatics (pick any religion you like) and their closed minded opinions towards others.  It is as if you need to attack other MMOs to justify to yourself that the one you chose was the smarter choice and try to get converts to your cause which further strengthens your beliefs.  Afterall no one wants to be the fool and when you waste $50 on a piece of trash you sometimes cling to it as if it were gold. If you admit that the game sucks then you feel like you fell for the hype and just threw your money away.  The same could be said for people who play game X and then game Y comes out and starts selling a ton of copies.  Why do you care?  What does it matter to you if someone else preffers game Y over the game you are playing?  You didn't make game X did you?  So why insult someone because they dont like what you like?

Also the amount of people playing the game does not make it better.  We all know WoW is a huge success.  I've played it and enjoyed it, many others have as well.  That does not mean it is the best, it only means it is making the most money.  Thats like saying , and it has been said before, that vanilla is the best flavor because it sells more icecream.  Well what if you don't like vanilla and you preffer chocolate? Are you an idiot because your have different tastes? Why can't people just live and let live?

That leads me to my next point, why can't we have more variety?  So many players have the "There can be only one" mentality when it comes to MMOs.  Why can't we have 3 successful games?  Why not 10?  If your game doesn't do as well thats not the fault of the people playing the other games, its the fault of the developer for not making a better game.  If that even matters to you.  Some people preffer to play games that only have a few thousand players instead of millions.  Why can't they enjoy their game without being laughed at because their game isn't making as much money?

Seriously, I think the MMO community needs to mature a bit.  All that matters is that you enjoy the game you are playing.  The amount of money it makes, number of players, style of gameplay, graphics, and everything else does not matter if you are not enjoying it.   It will be a great day when we see  MMORPGs, MMORTSs,  and MMOFPSs (and any other type of style you can toss the MMO prefix onto) on the shelves.  Variety is the spice of life.

So the next time you feel the urge to insult someone because they play a game you don't like, stop and think.  "Why do I care about what that other person enjoys?".

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