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Sentinel Heroes

Sentinel Heroes (formerly known as Duty of Sentinel) is a role-playing game merged with turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about the Epic War between Sentinel and Scourge.

Author: SentinelHeroes

2014 FIFA World Cup Arrives in Sentinel Heroes

Posted by SentinelHeroes Monday June 16 2014 at 2:21AM
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During the World Cup (2:00 a.m., June 13, 2014 - 2:00 a.m., July 13 , 2014 (Orson Calendar)), every player in Orson Land is welcome to claim the special world cups for Sentinel heroes.
Here are the details:

1. Gold FIFA World Cup:
can be bought at Nucky's Grocer with diamonds or made by yourself.

Use the cup, you may get:

Blue Card Chest,
or Small Money Bag,
or Rum,
or Fragment of Blue Wisp,
or Fragment of Purple Wisp,
or Soul of Blue Wisp,
or Soul of Purple Wisp,
or Soul of Furion,
or Soul of Magina,
or Soul of Admiral,
or Dazzling Physical Attack Gem,
or Dazzling Magic Attack Gem,
or Dazzling Armor Gem,
or Dazzling Magic Resistance Gem,
or Chronicle of Heroes


2. Silver FIFA World Cup:
can be bought at Nucky's Grocer with gold or made by yourself. The Purchase CD is 12 hrs.

Use the cup, you may get:

Blue Card Chest,
or Small Parcel,
or Small Money Bag,
or Healing Valve,
or Fragment of Green Wisp,
or Fragment of Blue Wisp,
or Soul of Green Wisp,
or Soul of Blue Wisp,
or Art of Training,
or 3 diamonds


3. Bronze FIFA World Cup:

random drop in Boss levels.

Use the cup, you may get:
1000 gold,
or 10000 gold,
or Oath of Sentinel,
or Silver FIFA World Cup,
or 5 stamina


4. How to make Gold or Silver FIFA World Cup by yourself:
Get Fragments of Gold FIFA World Cup or Fragments of Silver FIFA World Cup at Boss levels and buy Recipe Scroll of Gold FIFA World Cup or Recipe Scroll of Silver FIFA World Cup at Nucky's Grocer, and then you can make the world cup by yourself.


Duty of Sentinel Officially Changes Name to Sentinel Heroes and Enters OBT

Posted by SentinelHeroes Thursday June 5 2014 at 1:33AM
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Sentinel Heroes Studios announced that Duty of Sentinel officially changes name to Sentinel Heroes and enters OBT on May 23, 2014. If you haven’t joined in the epic adventure yet, now is your chance! Take a breath and prepare to start recruiting legendary heroes, building your teams, and dueling players from all over the world in a strategic RPG for everyone ( ).

During 2 months of Closed Beta, Sentinel Heroes Studios has been closely monitoring many aspects of the game and releasing numerous modifications, fixes, and tweaks to bring a better gaming experience for everyone. If you join the game now, you can not only access all the contents of the CBT, but also enjoy all the new features introduced in during the CBT, such as Talent System, Strengthen System, Wisps, and Eclosion, which have largely expanded the gameplay and increased the playability of the game.

Still, another competition way “Knockout” makes its official debut in the Open Beta. There are 3 different thrones up for grab. Every player is allowed to knockout the king to claim the throne. Once you take the throne, Hulk will start timing for you – the longer you can defend your throne, the better the rewards will be and the higher the reputation you’ll get. Hulk believes that players will take their length of reign into consideration when they compare their strength and understanding of tactics from now on - numbers speak louder than words.

Players are also welcome to claim all the 8 giftpacks and join the 2 forum events during the OBT:

1. Starter Giftpack (Mysterious)

2. Legend Creator Giftpack (Worth 2000 dollars)

2. Level Cap Giftpack (Worth 1000 dollars)

3. King of Dungeons Giftpack (Worth 800 dollars)

There are also generous rewards for players, who can dominate Ranking Challenge, who can get the highest reputation points, who can excel at compounding or strengthening, and etc. In a word, all the efforts of players are cherished and rewarded in Sentinel Heroes.

All the details of the giftpacks and events for the OBT can be found here:

Play and enjoy Sentinel Heroes now - see you in Orson Land!

About Sentinel Heroes Studios

Inspired and raised up by Worldcraft, one of the greatest game, Driven by the big dream of making a great game for everyone worldwide, Five young and passionate people gathered together and started the journey. Till now, we've got 19 members in our team, different personalities, different background, but we share the same dream.

As a team, we are small in size, but we are big in creativity!