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Sentinel Heroes

Sentinel Heroes (formerly known as Duty of Sentinel) is a role-playing game merged with turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about the Epic War between Sentinel and Scourge.

Author: SentinelHeroes

Sentinel Heroes Guide-Heroes

Posted by SentinelHeroes Thursday July 17 2014 at 10:46PM
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Sentinel Heroes is a strategic RPG game in which the player has access to hundreds of legendary heroes, all of which have normally two unique abilities. So, to play Sentinel Heroes, you should get to know the heroes first.

Types of Heroes

Before you jump into a game and start playing, you’ll need to first choose the Hero (the character) you’re going to play as. There are three heroes to choose from in Sentinel Heroes - Phantom Assassin, Sacred Warrior and Silencer, which respectively represent the three main types of heroes in the game, namely, Dexterity, Strength and Intelligence.

Dexterity heroes are known for high physical attack, high critical strike and high dodge while Intelligence heroes are famous for high MP and high magic attack. Strength heroes with relatively high HP and high armor can be the best tank.

There is another type of special heroes, Wisps. Generally speaking, a hero can be compounded with the same hero only; however, Wisp breaks the boundaries and can be used to compound any hero of the same rarity.

In Sentinel Heroes, the rarities of heroes are color coded and divided into five levels, ranging from the most common white heroes, to uncommon green heroes, to rare blue heroes, to legendary purple heroes, and to epic orange heroes.

How to Get Heroes

Since hero is one of the key elements in the game, there are not only lots of different heroes but also many different ways to get them. Here are the 4 main ways. 

1. Recruiting

Recruiting is the most common way to get heroes. Once you pass a level, you can recruit the defeated heroes. The success ratio of recruiting decreases as the rarity of the heroes increases. For example, the success ratio of white heroes is 20% and that of blue heroes is only 0.5%. You can also pay some diamonds to increase the success ratio. As you adventure goes on, you will find more and more heroes available for recruitment - the premise is that you can hang on until the last minute of each sinister encounter battle. One tip, don’t forget to check the Talent System; there are some good recruiting related talents, such as “Speech Works” that can increase your success ratio of recruiting any hero by 0.5%.

2. Soulfusing

If you prefer DIY, creating a blue card by yourself is absolutely an enjoyable experience you’ll never want to miss. In the more challenging Boss Levels, you may get the soul of a legendary hero and the recipe to revive the hero. Follow the instructions on the recipe and collect all the required materials, you can 100% bring back the legendary hero. The process requiring a bit of luck and a little patience is called “Soulfusing”. Many heroes may have heard of “Soulfusing”, but don’t have the opportunity to have a try, because the soul is very, very rare. However, if you’re lucky enough to find one, you’d better give it a go.

3. Reputation Rewards

To get the highest reputation points means not only fame but also nice reputation rewards. There are heroes offered as reputation rewards in Sentinel Heroes. From green heroes, to blue heroes, to purple heroes, the higher your reputation points are, the better heroes you can get. The best part is, claiming the rewards won’t cost you any reputation points.

4. Hero Quests

Only careful players can find the clues of hero quests in the Chronicle of Heroes. Currently, I found three ones. For example, in the chapter of Furion, the Chronicle of Heroes records that Furion “always waiting for the summon from the one with star-shaped medals” and in the chapter of Ogre Mauler, the Chronicle of Heroes records that “resolving the card will generate a star-shaped medal”; so the hero quest for Furion is resolving Orge Mauler to get a star-shaped medal and then using the medal to summon a Furion. Based on the information in the Chronicles of Heroes and proper reasoning, we can also find the clues of other heroes, such as, resolving Ogre Mage will lead you to Magina and resolving Harpy Stormhag will help you get Admiral. Obviously, to get heroes through hero quests requires not only carefulness and patience, but also luck. writes:
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