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The Official Runes of Magic Blog

The goal of this blog is to present a behind the scenes look at what's being developed, what's been implemented, and who the team is, behind Runes of Magic. If you haven't played it yet, you're missing out!

Author: RoMblog

A Day in the Life of a GM on Runes of Magic

Posted by RoMblog Thursday December 10 2009 at 7:42PM
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The cornerstone of any game, game masters, or GMs, take most of the responsibility in making sure things go smoothly in Runes of Magic. Jacks of many trades, these hardworking employees work around the clock to make Runes of Magic an enjoyable experience for everyone.

But what do the GMs of Frogster America actually do in the game? Every time a player sees one, they may feel a little burst of excitement and admiration seeing the all-powerful GMs — and maybe some jealousy of their impressive armor. Always friendly and helpful, the GMs are still somewhat mysterious ... until now. Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of “A Day in the Life of a GM.” In this interview with Brittany Watson, aka GM Eres, she shares her perspective on the job of a GM.

What are your typical daily duties?

GM Eres: We are like patrol officers of the community. Our biggest goal is to help the community. Unfortunately, sometimes we also have to put some people away when they break the rules, but it is always for the greater good of the community.

The players turn to us for fixing their issues, looking for new information about the game and events. Our job is being there for them when they need us.

What is the most common misconception about what a GM does? Do players ever think that you play the game all day?

GM Eres: Yes, I had a few ask me if I actually play on the same server as them and if I could join their guild.

What is the best part of being a GM, and what is the worst part?

GM Eres:
The best part of being a GM is it’s just not your ordinary job. Not everyone knows what a GM is. It’s something different, and when you tell people what your job is, they look at you with amazement and curiosity.

The worst part about being a GM has to be disappointing the players. The players don’t always get to know what is happening behind the scenes and the reasons why we make our decisions. The players then may turn their ire and anger on the GMs.

What’s the funniest thing a player has asked or said to you in-game?

GM Eres:
This one is a tough one ... hmmm ... I think the funniest thing is when the players sometimes act like
we are the most wonderful thing to gaming. They want our high level, the armor we wear, just to be a GM overall.

Anything you think all RoM players should know?

GM Eres:
The game masters usually take the heat when it comes to something a player disagrees with.

The players should know that game masters do not develop the game, and the company as a whole makes the decisions they see. We are here to help and gather feedback.

What was one of your favorite events you were recently involved in? What was unique/special about the event?

GM Eres:
I like all the events that GM Eres hosts. *wink* My favorite event is the “Trapped in your house” event because it was the first event that was ever held on the U.S. servers. I pretended that I was trapped in my house and I needed help getting out and then had players guess my house password. The first one to enter my house wins the contest. After that we eventually started building the event team.

I also have been holding some events through my Twitter page ( Recently, I held an event where players could show creativity by updating their Twitter backgrounds with a Runes of Magic holiday theme. I keep the page updated with news about Runes of Magic, and it’s another great way that players can get to know more about what goes on behind the scenes.

What are some things the GMs do to involve the community?

GM Eres:
There are many different ways that community members can become more involved in the operations of the game. We recently introduced a volunteer greeter team to inform new players about the mechanics of the game, and we also have a volunteer events team that helps out with holding events. Another important way community members can contribute is by being GTMs, who volunteer to monitor the forums and manage in-game relations.

We also went to PAX ’09, the Penny Arcade Expo, where we met fans and gave out game tours and T-shirts. For the players that couldn’t attend the convention, we had a live webcast on that led to some funny moments, like falling into a box by accident.

(See the link to a funny video of GM Eres at PAX : )




Wizardry writes:

I hate to have the first comment be a negative one,but i do not respect or like the REOM GM's at all.The reason i quit playing was a combination of Item Mall pushed way too far and what i saw of GM interaction in forums and the game,made me want to slap somebody.

I am extremely honest when i say,if those GM's were in a game i ran,i would fire them in quick fashion.They make forum rules that pretty much restrict all personal opinion,they act like a Hitler regime,ruling with an iron fist,very immature imo.

They also are imo by their actions extremely detrimental to the game and it's community,witch is btw another one of their lame rules.This is fact by the many that have complained of the GM interaction like banning people for complaining about not recieveing their guild castles.You would think the mature attitude would be to comfort the players by offering constructive help,but NOPE bans.

No i was not banned in this game,i am giving a view a a player that DID support this game,but lost his taste partially by the way GM's act.

Fri Dec 11 2009 1:03AM Report
Wizardry writes:

BTW,,what i meant to say is the GM's do a horrible job in FORUMS..IN GAME and in SUPPORT.

That is like three strikes and your out IMO.

Fri Dec 11 2009 1:05AM Report
giantsquid writes:

I have read hundreds of posts just like this on every F2P game I've played, which is all of them...well, except Fly For Fun and maybe another one.

That's a very common mass viewpoint.  I'm sure the new game Allods is already having players with very similar posts.

Fri Dec 11 2009 11:45AM Report
HannahMontan writes:

I think the GM's do an awesome job. I love Gm Eres events & she is great.! In game she always says hey and tries to help me with my issues.

If you have something bad to say about them its because they are doing there job. As a person Im sure there great. I mean look at that video. I lol so hard.

Fri Dec 11 2009 11:51AM Report
Myndy writes:

I am a player in game and have been playing for months on end. I absolutely love the GMs in game. GM Eres , Gm Icarri, GM Ithiel, GM Tenmei, Gm Aaheli are all wonderful Gms. I love it when they come in game and to watch all the players high and low flock to them like a kid to candy. I have had nothing but wonderful experiances with the GMs.There is one mind set of player that has nothing better to say than Wizadry did above are the ones that have broken many rules in the TOS or because of their behavior in game been ban.  With the balance that is kept because of RoMs awesome GMs and their watchful eyes and ears it makes it a enjoyable experiance for those of us who enjoy the game. So with this I say to those who whimper whine complain and act like two year olds, the ones who throw temper tantrums because they didnt win an event  or get their way, Maybe its a great thing you left the game it makes it more peaceful and enjoyable for real players.

Mon Dec 14 2009 9:09PM Report
Myndy writes:

GM Icarii* misspelled above

Mon Dec 14 2009 9:12PM Report
miccers writes:

i wish they would give more priot warning of when/where an in game event was going to happen....its game event almost always on the other side of taborea where it takes me 10-ish mins to get to the 'event' site and by that time the event is over...overall tho great job

Wed Dec 16 2009 9:01AM Report
Axewielderx writes:

Anyone who thinks the gms in this game are worth the time it takes to piss on their graves is sadly mistaken. Hope nobody ever harrasses you in-game and you complain about it. They will ban you,not the harrasser. Oh,and if you think blacklisting and reporting peoploe as spammers will stop harrassment,you are dead wrong. Wait until someone send you in-game mail or spams you with invites.Neither of these are blocked. Just don't report it,you will be banned.

If you think that is what good gms do, they feel free to hand them all your money, they do want as much as they can milk you for before banning you. They do not want to actually work for that money though.

This game and it's gms are one of the biggest wastes of space ever to oocupy this planet.

Mon Jun 28 2010 2:49PM Report
Axewielderx writes:

You can read more about how people are banned for reporting harassment here-

Fri Jul 02 2010 10:45AM Report writes:
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