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Diary of a Casual Player

Here I talk, rant or praise about crafting in games. Also, I comment on the community and other things that I happen to like about my favorite games. I've started my own blog at

Author: Realedazed

So, I like crafting virtual stuff...

Posted by Realedazed Monday August 18 2008 at 3:54AM
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I forgot I even had a blog here.  So here's the first in what I hope will be a very interesting series of blogs.  if not interesting, at least i get to get various things off my chest.

I was just thinking about why I like crafting in with MMORPGs. I find that I'm always the support character, so I'm almost always the crafter and sometimes a healer. I guess I just want to be needed.

I'm a Roleplayer at heart. Who knows when, back in the days of AOL, I found Chatroom based RPs and soon after MUDs and MUSHes (I still play, actually. When I have time, that is) When I do, I'm always the healer or the Master Herbalist or something along that line. So, I guess it just carried over to my MMO-playing.

I think crafting and other tradeskills such as harvesting and such give players something else  a break from killing and questing. Or, it could be just another  skill the grind.  There are a few games that I've found recently that have systems that are much better  and much more involved than just: "Got mats, got skills, click craft x100 and level" 

I like the crafting systems that are much more. How much you make and the quality of what you make are determined by the skills of the character as well as the player behind it.  To me, this is good. It leaves the profit to those who are either very lucky when it comes to pressing buttons and stuff or the really skilled and dedicated.

So far I've found EQ2 - You gather the mats then you click create. But, then there are events that you have to react to. You can do much more than required to pump of the durability of the item or speed up the process. You have to get  to know the crafting arts a little bit to make sure you can make it all the way to the end.  I've only been playing EQ2 for about a day or so, but this seems like a cool distraction from questing.

Also there's Puzzle Pirates. Of course. everything is tied to puzzle.  Last I checked (a few months ago), almost every craft had a puzzle associated with it.  The better you did at the puzzle, the better quality of the work. For example, beginners may get basic labor while more experienced players may be able to land more "Vagases" and "Donkeys" to be able to get expert labor.

Well, I'm going off tangent and this is turning about to be a lot longer than I thought. Plus, I'm getting sleepy. I guess I'll rant and rave about MMO crafting later.

StreetSweepr writes:

I also really enjoy EQ2 crafting.  I have 7 level 80 crafters on Nagafen PvP server (Jeweler, Armorer, Tailor, Weaponsmith, Provisioner, Sage & Alchemist) and my Armorer is also a 75 transmuter.

However, I recently took up Vanguard and I have to say the crafting in that game is very cool and challenging.  Much like old EQ2 crafting.  Might want to check it out, especially if you already have the SOE station pass thing...

Mon Aug 18 2008 6:03AM Report
Daelus writes:

I personally found the EQ2 crafting system rather dull and extremely grindy. Then again they may have made crafting a little more valued recently, I heard they revamped many of the crafted items.

Maybe I was just spoiled by the ridiculously deep SWG crafting.

Mon Aug 18 2008 10:35PM Report
Ozmodan writes:

You like crafting, try Eve, everything in the game is made by the players.  While most people associate Eve with pvp, I am an industrialist and rarely get involved in fights at all.  The number of things you can make in Eve far surpases any other game.  Eve is even better than pre NGE SWG where I also crafted until SOE destroyed the crafting system.

Mon Aug 18 2008 11:23PM Report
Drazkathan writes:

While the act of creating items is not too hard. Blueprint of item being crafted, minerals (which you mine from rocks in space, you get certain minerals based on the rock you mine, than you've got to process it, depending on your skills you'll get a certain amount of waste lost in the process of refining) and find a manufacturing installation to install it (which is nigh impossible in certain systems and constellations) and install. This is all Tech 1. Tech 2 is much more involved and costly, I've not gotten into that.I'm usually my combat pilot rather than my mining/manufacturing alt.

Mon Aug 18 2008 11:59PM Report
Realedazed writes:

StreetSweeper: I never thought about trying Vanguard, since there wasn't a TRY IT! on the SOE Launcher. I've been too lazy to see if there is another way to get one. The web site piqued my interests, though,  but my wallet tells me that I can't just buy a game without trying it first.

Daelus: I can see what you are saying.  Maybe after I've done it a few hundred times I may feel the same way. I'm just happy its a bit removed from the "click until I run out of mats" way of crafting. I've been wanting to try out SWG, but I've heard so manay negatives.  Its still on my "MAYBE" list though

Ozmodanan and Drazhathan: I tried Eve a while ago. All the stories I've heard about Corps being scammed made me various curious. Too bad, I didn't have too much time to really get into it.  I think I played about 2 or of my 14 day trial and most of that was spent doing missions and chasing 'rats.

Maybe this weeken I'll give it another go. I hear there is a bit of Corp RP to be found there, as well. So why not?

Thanks for the replies!

Tue Aug 19 2008 8:36PM Report writes:
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