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Diary of a Casual Player

Here I talk, rant or praise about crafting in games. Also, I comment on the community and other things that I happen to like about my favorite games. I've started my own blog at

Author: Realedazed

Ultima Online (Rant Ahead)

Posted by Realedazed Wednesday January 28 2009 at 1:59AM
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 Can't say that I'm too impressed with Ultima online. There's some good stuff and, of course, some bad stuff.  

I have to start with the bad stuff, however.  What is a blog without the obligatory rant?

I was bored and ran across this game.  I really enjoy roleplaying games and from what I read, this game has it.  It does look a bit dated, but I guess that adds to its charm.  Also, I'm obsessed with player made content. In this game, I can buy a house and plop it right inside the game world some where.  Sweet!

So, I log in ready to take the newbie tutorials, mine up a bunch of ore to sell to lazy vets or maybe learn up some magery so I can light up some bunnies and orcs for gold. Then, get a house by the end of the week. But, no!  New characters have to wait 15 days before housing can be bought.  That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I uninstalled and went to cancel.

Opps, I'm getting a head of myself.  The fully customizable housing system was the reason I logged on and the only reason I stuck through the first 2 fustrating things on my list. I took up a blacksmith template. This game is completely skill-based, but you can start as one of the usual tempates: Blacksmith, Necromancer (tempting!), Warrior, whatever.  Naturally, as a virtual crafter, I chose blacksmith.  I got on the newbie quests that supposedly allowed you to get from level .01 to level 50 quickly.  Mining was no problem for some reason. I made about 200 ignots and I was done.  Blacksmithing, however, took forever! I inched up by .01% incraments from 30 to 49.01 on those 200 ignots. Then, I completely stopped leveling.  I gave up mining and just bought ignots from gold made from newbie escort missions. I used about 200 more and still haven't gotten anywhere toward 50.

I just quit the quest.  And the game.  I uninstalled the game quickly. But, then I was bored again and happened upon the UOGuide and forums. Poked around abit and found some stuff that I should have read before starting the newbie missions. I shrugged it off, since I just happened to be in a better mood.  I also browsed around and found some cool houses. I'm not sure why, but I wanted one.

Luckily, I uninstalled the game, but didn't deleted the setup. So, I tried again. This time going with Warrior/Tailor. Which was easy: hunt, skin, make stuff, sell. It was easy enough.  Bought a housing thingie then found out that I can't even play with the housing.  I had $15 to burn, why not subscribe and waste some time there for a month.  Then I found out, late again, that even if I subscribe I still have  to wait. On top of that, all of the cool furniture and stuff has to be bought with RL money.

I uninstalled and deleted the setup, yet again.

To ad insult to injury, EA charged me 1.00 to try their "free trial." I don't remember reading anything about that. Also, as of 5 mins ago, I just happened to check my online bank account and EA charged me 14.99 for freaking POGO. WTF?? Customer service is convientantly closed, too.

Well, I was going to say some positives. But I've riled myself up again. So positives for you today Ulitma Onine.

Whew, it does feel good to rant.

Thomas2006 writes:

 Well I can't speak for EA's billing system other then its a joke. I think most of us know that, or atleast anyone that has bought a EA game through there store.

The $1 charge will be returned to you since it is only used to verfy that you are who you say you are and make sure your CC account is active and not just a dead card.

The whole 15 day waiting on houses is there for a reasion. Back in the day there was a very large issue with people createing secondary accounts and such just to buy up a house and turn around and resell it. Unlike most games UOs game world has limited amount of space since houseing is NOT pushed off into its own instanced area. Way Way back in the day you would be hard pressed to find any place to drop a house down. You where looking at close to a mil gold just to buy up any house that happened to be for sale.

Anyways sorry that you had such a rough start with UO. And for the record no I don't play UO, Haven't played it in over 6 years.

Wed Jan 28 2009 10:26AM Report
stayontarget writes:

I enjoy your writing, Thank you.  "waiting for the next one" :)

Thu Jan 29 2009 5:39AM Report
talismen351 writes:

Well first off...what did you expect...that you would become an instant GM blacksmith? Do you expect to log onto WoW n in a couple hours be at level 70 or 80? Skills take time to go up and alot of raw materials. Probibly takes something like 100k ignots or more to get anywhere in smithy.

As Thomas stated, the reason for the waiting on houses is so people can't make a trial account, place a house then make a quick sale.

And where did you get the info about furniture needing to be bought with RL money? I just cancelled my sub with UO last week. Never did I have to buy one single peice of furniture with money. Pretty much everything in the game is either a crafted item, or some kind of vet reward. So on that note...perhaps you can put up a link where it shows you need to pay to furnish your house.

UO is not what it once was, not by a long shot. But you sound as if you expected to log on n within a couple days have max skills and a castle.

Thu Jan 29 2009 9:13AM Report
Aesdyn2 writes:

Well, my game will hopefully bring back the magic of UO, I know that it sounds crazy but I'm determined to build a flexible crafting system and a very nice player housing toolset.


Thu Jan 29 2009 9:23AM Report
Realedazed writes:

Talismen,  Maybe I'm not as good with words as I thought.

I never said I wanted to get to GM. I expected to get from 49.00 to 50.00 in a reasonable time.  Compared the amount of  time it took mining to go from 30.00 to 50.00 and even the amount of time and materials it took blacksmithing to go from 30.00 to 49.00, I was surpised it took me so long for .10 experience - with accelerated newbie gains, I might add.  Maybe there was something wrong, there. Could possibly be an error between the monitor and my chair? 

As for the furniture, you have to be a veteren to get some of the cooler things. From what I've read in OUGuide, they were given out as event prizes, anniversary awards, etc.  I didn't go down the list of all things needed, just l clicked on a few random ones, or pieces that I liked. But alot of stuff can be crafted by players or bougt from a NPC. Just the stuff, I wanted couldn't.

Also. I just wanted a simple house, no castle. I realize that in 2 weeks I can't do much, but my expectations were not that high. Dispite what it may seem, I do have some inkling of a life and didn't really want to grind for 15 days to get to GM or a castle.  I just wanted to try out the housing system. If I could most likely I would have loved it. UO would have had another customer. But i'm a  moody person and I got fustrated easily. If I had written that post today, it may have been a bit better.

Here's a link to the Wiki guide as well as a link to the EA UO Store were you can buy a code for it.

"They were originally given one to each player with an active account. You could then buy codes for $1.99 each in the official store. Most recently, they were a selection on the 9th Anniversary Heritage Tokens."

If I'm wrong, I apologize. 



Thu Jan 29 2009 10:40AM Report
Realedazed writes:

Oh! I can"t complain and not offer suggestions.  These may been eaiser said than done, but it would be awesome if newbie could buy and place houses. With the following restrictions of course:

  • Only one per player (I think that's in place already though)
  • Only a few styles availible.
  • Untradable or sale-able for 15 days
  • If the player doesn't subscribe within 2 weeks after the trail runs out, the building is automatically condemned. If I have my OU lingo correct, then it can be deleted from the server or bought by another player.

I think that the housing is a huge draw. For me that is. But, I don't think I'm alone in this. I don't think my market is huge, but its there.  In 15 days you can try out everything else, why not that.



Thu Jan 29 2009 10:48AM Report
stayontarget writes:

I do hope you get a chance to test out crafting in Aion when it comes out.

Fri Jan 30 2009 4:13AM Report
Stymie writes:

Nowadays in UO ever on the most populated servers, a new player can find a place to drop a small house. But they have to wait 15 days to do so. The reason this was implemented was shady people would create Trial Accounts and hang out at IDOC's( condemned housing about to collapse) and run scripts that would drop a house on the location as soon as the house collapsed. Then they would turn around and sell the house and location for millions of gold. This kept people not running Illegal Scripts from obtaining good housing spots. The 14 day Trial Account was basically a disposible account as soon the the ill gotten house was sold. So UO put the 15 day requirement on Housing as a way to combat this. They have also taken additional steps to combat the Scriptors by preventing any new houses being built for a random time set.

I personally liked these changes as it helped to prevent the Illegal Scriptors from having a leg up on Legitimate Players. UO like many other MMO's has it's share of people who like to used Illegal Programs and Scripts to cheat within the game. It's nice to see the Dev's take steps to help curtail these cheaters.

As for training your Blacksmith, you should be happy that you had skill gains as fast as you did. Back in the Old Days, crafting skills gains were horribly slow. There was a day when seeing a GM Crafter was a rarity and was quite an Honor to achieve. I myself have a Legendary Smith, and it took me somewhere between 6-8 months to get there and I burned up several 100k in ingots. My Legendary Tailor didn't take quite as long, but still took me 3-4 months to get there. And that was doing so with 6 years of experience on how to train skills. I'm sure there are people that can tell you they did it in 2 weeks, but for how many hours a day? Did they enjoy the process of crafting and the people you meet and converse with on the road to GM? Or was it just a Blur?

You can't play UO for 2 weeks and expect to have achieved the same status and level of experience as someone who'd played for years. And if you could, would you have really enjoyed yourself doing it. My bet is you would be bored in no time. You would have missed out on all the great interaction with other players in the community that makes UO so different than any other MMO on the market. That's one of the reasons why so many people end up coming back to UO.

Fri Jan 30 2009 8:35PM Report
RPGOmen writes:

Yeah it took me around 540,000 Ingots (plus smelting) to get to Grand Master Blacksmithing back 1999 or so; though I enjoyed every minute off it.  Spending all night mining and then using it all to get a few % was a very enjoyable experience as I loved how you could mine anywhere and use pack horses and the like.

I also managed to get a different book of ores which lead to each rare ore spawn and made about 2,000,000 gold a night making GM Valorite armor and such.  XD;

Good times.

Took me about nine months to become a GM blacksmith but I was incredibly rich thereafter; I loved the crafting so much that I GMed every craft on various toons and soon I set up a restaurant and various guild events via carpentry and such.  Making tables, chairs, plates, cooking food, placing the plates on the tables, placing the food on the plates... it was just grand.

Ultima Online had the absolute best crafting system back in the day; I went back to it but I couldn't get into the new setup they have.



Sun Feb 01 2009 5:51AM Report
Respit writes:

Well, fwiw, there is an off-line utility that will let you design/build a house. Probably not what you are looking for, but anyway.

The best way to try the game really is to try to find a retail copy of the 9th Anniversary Edition. I think the last one I bought was $9.99. You get 30 days free, and with some work, you should be able to get the ~40k together for a small house/plot.


Sun Feb 01 2009 8:58AM Report
Realedazed writes:

 Respit: I  just may do that one day.  Thanks for the tip!

RPGOmen: Hey, didn't know that  you could make plates. Then, put food on them. That's extremely detailed.

Sun Feb 01 2009 11:22AM Report writes:
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