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A Gamer's Perspective

In this blog I'll be blogging about anything from MMOs to PC game releases (old and new). My mission is simple: Blog from MY perspective and mine alone. I am the gamer after all. Warning: There may be some ranting involved. Enjoy (or not).

Author: Razeekster

Why I think developers & gamers are some of the worst people around

Posted by Razeekster Sunday June 16 2013 at 5:48AM
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These are my three reasons why developers and gamers in general are some of the worst people (in my opinion).


1) Racism: This one is mostly for MMO developers. A lot of MMOs don't give you the option to make a black character. For example in Mabinogi, they have elves and the elves all live in a harsh and hot desert environment. Now, genetically this is bound to produce at least some black-skinned elves, right? Right?! Well... Apparently not in Mabinogi! Mabinogi has a 100% pure white elf population... That all live in the desert (cus' logic doesn't exist in Erinn1).


It's not only developers though as gamers seem to love the word "n*gger" and are some of the most racist bunch of people that I've ever had the displeasure of being in the same games with. At least that's what many general chats seem to tell me. I've played with a few Africans and African Americans in MMOs and actually asked them on the matter and what I got was that they just basically get used to it and usually don't even share their race with other players because of it. As a gamer and a human being I find this just to be unacceptable, but what the hell can I do? Nothing really, as this seems to be the mentality of gamers.


2) Homophobia: Games in general don't give players gay/lesbian options. It's always straight or nothing. When Mass Effect 3 gave gamers gay/lesbian romance options outrage ensued. It's mostly the gay romance options that caused the mass (get it... "Mass." Mass Effect... Nevermind *cough-cough*) amounts of rage. In fact when a video was leaked showing off the gay-romance option on youtube there were disgusting displays of hate and some of the worst homophobic comments I've ever seen being spewn forth from gamers. The video has over 3000 dislikes as of now with only 2000 and something likes.


As soon as ME3 came out players went out in large numbers to give the game scores of 1.0 and 2.0 on Metacritic simply because it had the gay-romance option, even though the game never forces you to have this romance option (in fact you can go through the whole game without doing any of the romance options). And please, don't tell me it was because of the game itself when thousands of people were giving this game these scores on the first day the game was released (it takes more than 24 hours to finish the game).

It's not only the unwillingness from developers to create games that have gay characters (which serves to make games unrealistic since come on, there are gay/lesbian humans in the real world, but games? There's no such thing silly!) or the many jerkwads of the games from the PC or console world (console gamers really love the word f*g. I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with nag), but also the gamers of MMOs.


After console gamers, I've honestly never met a more homophobic bunch. For example, after Corpsegrinder went on a rant about how non-hetersexual the Alliance was in WoW and made some extremely rude and basically homophobic comments that were caught on video (at BlizzCon), you know what Blizzard did? They actually showed the clip and then let Corpsegrinder play at BlizzCon! Yes they rewarded the band after a rant that included words such as "c*cks*cker." And players loved it! For the video here's a link (be warned, some brain cells may be fried in the process of watching the clip):


3: Sexism: Good freaking, mighty sploosh of a fluck, gamers and game developers are some of the most sexist people around. If games such as Queens Blade and the fact that in SWTOR you can have a shock-collar-wearing female slave that you can abuse in multiple ways (something that I saw many Sith Warriors actually bragging about in general chat, and no these weren't role players) doesn't prove that then I don't really know what does besides the constant barrage of breasts that I am assaulted with in any given MMO or video game. I wouldn't be bothered about this at all if males were given the same treatment, but I rarely see scantly clad males in games. The thing is it completely breaks immersion for the most part, as males are given realistic armor that looks like it would actually protect them while females are given a type of armor that befits more of a stripper lifestyle.


As a side-note, I do think that Bioware had less to do with the general sexism and horrid treatment of slaves within SWTOR, and that the Star Wars IP had more to do with that as Star Wars has had a rampant history with sexism within it's lore. In fact, in Del Rey’s nine novel series Fate of the Jedi, a first major anti-slavery movement in the galactic history is revealed to be just an evil plot by a group of Sith (for the nerds and non-nerds of Star Wars... I'm a Star Wars nerd *cough-cough*).


Those are the three major reasons that make me think that developers and gamers are generally some of the most foul people on the Earth. Now before people start giving me angry comments and ranting at me, I will say, I have met very wonderful and kind people in MMOs and in the gaming community as a large that are respectful and accepting of all sorts of people be they gay/lesbian or of a different ethnic group. The sad thing is that because these are of such a rare variety, even in guilds deemed "family-like-guilds" I never have the urge to share gender orientation. When some of these guilds have asked me if I had a girlfriend I just simply say "no" and move on. And I usually suggest the same to other gay gamers because when it comes down to it, it really isn't worth the hate, or the hurt feelings it creates. I've experienced enough of that to leave a lasting bitter taste in my mouth.


And I suppose in the end sexism will reign supreme in the gaming and MMO market (I don't know how it can continue to last with more and more female gamers coming into the picture but I guess I'll see).


Anyways, that's my rant for today, share your thoughts and opinions and remember to please keep it civil.


1. Errin refers to the game-world which Mabinogi takes place in.

Limitations writes: I'd agree fully on racism. The other two, partially. I know i'm racist when I play video games. I'll admit that, but you know... It's a sad thing, but it happens. Sun Jun 16 2013 11:39AM Report
Mangonisium writes:

Racism, very much. I'm always appalled at how prevalent it is in the chat space of many MMOs. Homophobia is also up there in the romance department for games in general, but yeah, homophobic "curse words" are the most common in competitive play games.

As for sexism, I find it's become a trope of the genre that will be hard to shake off. I'm not sure what could be done to change the "femme fatale"-looking female protagonists, and the general stripper look of female "armour" in MMOs. Maybe every game is going to need a DA2 Aveline. Doubt it'll happen. I believe this is a trope that the gaming community has resonated with at large.

Sun Jun 16 2013 3:33PM Report
Razeekster writes: I sort of could have understood the sexism when MMOs were mainly played by males, but now more and more females are playing them and I don't know if they are just okay with being treated like sex-objects or if they have no choice in the matter. It'd be awesome to see a large-scale survey of some sort done on the matter by, but I doubt that they'd do something like that since they don't like to get into the politics of gaming. Sun Jun 16 2013 7:53PM Report
Lithuanian writes:

OP finds problems where they are almost non-existing. Let me state clearly: a**holes who slander other people because on nose form or skin colourm, unfortunately, exist and should be perma-banned from world wide web.

Now to Racism. We are talking about fantasy race of elves, correct? Since it is fantasy world with dragons and elves, dwarves and golems - it cannot be qualified as racism. Sometimes it is dictated by in-game lore (like Lotro), sometimes developers -for some reasons- thought they would avoid it. But thje players do demand it (like OP mentioned, darker skin) almost all the time.

Sexism: non-existent problem. If player A dislikes gay "marriage" and player B like gay "marriage", it is their own points of view. If majority of players won't purchase Battle Poodle mount from store, you can:

a) blame all the players and developers for lack of non-poodlephobic vision;]

b) acknowledge that at the moment most players are poodlephobic and maybe later their attitude will change.

And well, if OP feels like besieged fortress: why not start a gay mmorpg? Kickstart this, start your own niche game and you will succeed (since it would be niche game, it would just take all almost all gay players).

Last note:please, do not be so radical with titles like "gamers are some of the worst people around". Not all gamers are bad; it's like saying "all dollar bills are fake, because I was given 3 fake dollar bills last year". There are good people, there are bad people...and you think all people around are bad, maybe the problem is you.

Mon Jun 17 2013 1:08AM Report
Razeekster writes:

Yes, I'l go start a Kickstarter when I am not a developer or an MMO designer. We'll see how that turns out. The thing is why should I anyone have to go out and make a gay MMO because there are a bunch of homophobic assholes in games? Your solution is basically: "Go away and start your own MMO for your kind." No thank you.


And what does lore have to do with skin color? There are such things as dark-skinned elves.


Also as I stated in my opening sentence it is my opinion that developers and gamers are some of the worst people around. You don't have to agree with it, but I'm not going to change it for you. 


It's not really that radical either. Just read the general chat and see what people talk about and you'd have picked up on that a long time ago.

Mon Jun 17 2013 11:35AM Report
Nephaerius writes: Racism, homophobia, and sexism all exist in the population at large and probably in much worse degrees than indicated here.  I don't understand why you've basically labeled gamers and devs as some of the worst human beings on the planet when there are literally people comitting mass genocides based on the ideas you have discussed (racism, sexism, homophobia).  Mon Jun 17 2013 12:04PM Report
Popori writes:

It should also be noted that gamers and game developers are people, not some special sect.

Also, trying to appease every race, religion, culture, gender, etc isn't the job of games or game developers.  Books and movies don't attempt to do this either.

Why should it even matter?  Unless the game is specifically trying to tackle a story of race or sexual preference why is it important?  Would it really make a game better to just toss in "Yeah Bob is a homosexual by the way" and then never mention it again?  Aside from skin color (because if the guy is white, he's white) I can't recall many games that really harp on any of these topics and am thankful for it.

And as far as fantasy races etc not having dark/gay/whathaveyou counterparts, they're fictional.  Whoever made them did so of their own accord.  Associating Elves and Dwarves and lizardfolk as black/white/etc just kind of speaks for the mentality you have moreso than racism on behalf of others.

Most MMOs don't have formal marriage of characters, so sexual preference is up to whoever you decide to cyber with.

Mon Jun 17 2013 4:32PM Report
Razeekster writes:

What? Popori, I don't you got this article at all. Cybering has nothing to do with it. And you also based it all on "Whatever the developer/creator designs" while my article blamed the developers and designers for perpetrating the ideas of racism, homophobia and sexism.


And I love how 4 people buried the article. Just showing me that all my points were right and players are still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to social issues.

Mon Jun 17 2013 7:09PM Report
Popori writes:

I've never understood the "no one agrees with me and that means I'm right" mentality.

The topics you discuss have nothing to do with anything in gaming in particular.  They're social issues that leak over into gaming.  You'll find similar issues in all forms of media.  Why you choose to single out gaming as rising above the rest is beyond me.

Mon Jun 17 2013 10:03PM Report
Razeekster writes: <span com_body"="">

If you came to my blog to get some self-gratification then you're probably at the wrong place. This is my blog and therefore my perspective. If you don't like it don't read it.

Also how did my article not have to do with gaming? It talks about games. Obviously it has to do with gaming. Did you not read it or did you just focus on the title and skim the rest, going to "instant hate" mode because that's what I'm getting from your comment.

And I choose to focus on gaming because this is A site for MMOs which are games... Your comment really didn't make sense. "Your articles have nothing to do with games" and then "Why do you pick on games for social issues, pick on something else." You completely contradicted yourself.


And also, some people do agree with me (obviously). I even got a message asking if they could repost this blog article to their blog on another site because they thought it was such an important issue that wasn't really being addressed in gaming (not bragging, just disproving your comment).

Tue Jun 18 2013 3:03AM Report
Popori writes:

I'm not here to hate on you or your article, you're just jumping to the defensive.  I'm stating my opinion from my perspective, as you are doing yours.

I didn't say your article had nothing to do with gaming, you made it quite clear.  I stated that, in my opinion, the issues you're relating to gaming aren't unique to it and singling out one form of media when all forms are equally guilty is silly.

And as for the 'no one agrees with me and that means I'm right' thing, I was referring solely to your comment " I love how 4 people buried the article. Just showing me that all my points were right" statement.

So yeah, I've never claimed to hate you or your article, or even that games aren't guilty of perpetrating the stereotypes you claim they do.  I was just trying to express the opinion that blaming a small group of people for something that a larger group of people are also guilty of isn't right.  All forms of media shove tits and hate in our faces.  Remember how much poo was stirred up by Brokeback Mountain and 50 Shades of Gray? Do you think everyone watched Xena: Warrior Princess for the great plot and awesome acting?  When is the last time you saw an ugly weather girl?

But yea, the hate, racism, etc is all just part of internet culture (which by the by is just a nice way of saying its a part of human culture and that people generally just suck and only reveal their prejudices when no one can call them on it).  Its not gamers, its every-damn-body.

Tue Jun 18 2013 8:43AM Report
Razeekster writes:

Well Like I said before, this is so I write about games not other types of social media.


As for my comment it was meant to imply that some of the people burying the article were racist, homophobic, sexist or a combination of some sort. I realize however that this could be viewed as presumptuous.

Tue Jun 18 2013 10:47AM Report
psyfighter writes: ya it is almost as bad as bloggers saying mmo people/devs are the scum of the world judging every one cause some are not so nice of people. Thu Jun 20 2013 12:40PM Report
Razeekster writes: I didn't say "All MMO players/devs are the scum of the Earth." I clearly stated that not all are. You obviously didn't read the article before reading.  Thu Jun 20 2013 2:58PM Report
Incomparable writes:

Racism: firstly, its not indicative that the environment of the elves was originally hot for primitive elves to become black. Since skin color and certain physical adaptations/mutations are towards the environment. Most of these adaptations occurred during the primitive phase of evolution. Once a species has fully evolved then there is no reason for their genes to adapt/mutate when the fittest of the species has evolved and species can think and avoid the sun, or invent the sun tan lotion. Thus there could be no black elves.


Also not every species, including sentient ones are black that live in the desert.


So using hot weather as logic is not valid.


2. Gay romances. Well, firstly why have romantic npc's? Its gimmicky. Also homosexuality is something that implies a mature theme that is sexual, and not necessarily if a male and female parent of children as something out of necessity is sexual but in their practice is not necessarily. Parents are not necessarily a symbol of sexuality but clearly had sex to make children. So you can see the difference. One kind of relationship is simple (heterosexual parents) and the other is complex and mature in nature since its clearly sexual (homosexual)to illustrate unless they are just friends. For example if we see two men walking with children do we assume they are automatically gay? Maybe they are brothers. And this is what gay movements in a certain regard do naturally by making simple things more sexual but in the same token makes us more expressive sexually in the open.


So in a game if there are gay relationships; 1. They have to stereotype the gay character to be a drama queen. Or 2. Have it show up randomly in conversation from normal appearing npc's.


In scenario 1, they created a homosexual that is more for amusement and something to laugh at.


In scenario 2, similar to previous points, they have made any possible encounter a gay encounter. If a person is nice to a person they might suddenly be gay. So in essence now simply being nice is a gay thing.


So you can see it doesnt work well in games too well. Its gimmicky. Games will use it to sell more. 


3. Sexism. I dont disagree with this points. It just shows how certain games will push normal boundaries within our perception to sell their games with certain kinds of eye candy, or thought provoking notions which have been common place in mainstream but not so much in teen rated games.


A company is selling their product to their target demographic (males and male teens) and adjusting their art style for the maximum number of sales. 


And yet i cant blame them for including it. I am so desensitized by this stuff, that i felt no sort of catharthisism. We see this in female magazines, its fashion. In men magazines you dont see men wearing something to expose their crotch bulge, or a low cut business suit to show their pecks. Thats the perception they are going with. Also if they went against that perception they would have a lot of male gamers looking at softcore gay porn. Since female fashion is seductive, which can be a soft kind of porn. Again very desensitized by woman fashion, i dont consider it porn but its still seductive. So i hope that difference makes sense.

Fri Jun 21 2013 12:23AM Report
Lateris writes: You guys could make your own game with the UDK tools or even the Hero cloud.  Fri Jun 21 2013 12:51PM Report
Razeekster writes:

@Incomparable: "Homesxuality is something that implies a mature theme..." What?! How does two men or two women who love each other imply any more of a mature them than a man and a women who love each other?! Not all straight couples have children so that is not an excuse at all. And gays do not have to be stereotyped to be a drama queen to be allowed into a game! Your comment is unbelievably ignorant.  


And @Lateris: Are you for real? "You guys?" We are people too and if you don't understand that we shouldn't have have to go off and make a game for ourselves because of bigotry than there is something wrong with you.


I really can't believe I just those two comments. 

Fri Jun 21 2013 1:26PM Report
ipwnj000 writes:

I don't even- First off, yes, romance options are gimmicky, but you could also argue that most features of a game are. Secondly, you're saying that all homosexuals are overtly sexual, and all straight couples who have children are chaste? How does that even figure? Besides, what does parenting/rearing children have to do with anything? When Commander Shepard gets with Ashley, it's definitely NOT to conceive a child. Also, who are we trying to make the game less 'complex' for? Kiddies? If so, they shouldn't be playing games like this to begin with.

Oh, and it's totally fine to objectify Women as long as you're turning a profit.

Anyway, I really appreciate you writing this article. Albeit, I don't think these issues are exclusive to the gaming community, but rather to the internet as a whole.


Fri Jun 21 2013 2:21PM Report
Razeekster writes: Thanks, it's nice to finally see a positive comment that isn't laced with bigotry. Fri Jun 21 2013 7:23PM Report
Theodwulf writes:

    I have read and considered your post a few times over the last couple of hours and realized that you are one of the perpetually offended. No black elves..Bunch of racists!!! The heterosexual majority aren't interested in gay romance in their video games...Homophobes!!!!  I can understand your outrage for such heinous crimes against humanity.

 You and your sweeping generalizations, and your plain foolish hierarchy of sins really need a reality check. Why do you think the world should  pander to a  fractional minority?  Do you believe your identity entitles you to more consideration from the majority?I think you are a self-righteous, self-entitled twit, your post is evidence enough to prove it.

Sat Jun 22 2013 9:17AM Report
aWRAY writes:

"It's not really that radical either. Just read the general chat and see what people talk about and you'd have picked up on that a long time ago"

You do make some good points OP, but I wouldn't generalize based on general chat in a video game. Hell, imagine if you could see everyones thoughts floating in little chat bubbles above our heads while out in a club-like setting or a bar. Especially when the egos start flaring. What a sh*t storm that would be right? All human beings have the potential to judge and conceptualize each others "identities". Not just "gamers" or  "developers" or (insert generalization here).

We're all just people!

Sat Jun 22 2013 11:02AM Report
Razeekster writes:

@Theodwulf: Yes, you know me so well. The black elves thing was an example. A lot of MMOs don't give you an option for different skin colors, besides a range of white to red. And the heterosexual don't have to be interested. They don't have to pick the gay romance option. They can pick the straight one. Goodness gracious though, I must be self-righteous because I want choices that reflect more than one gender role.


Your post was basically, "You're the minority, so why should you get choices that reflect who you are." And you called me self-righteous?


@aWRAY: That's true enough. General chat is usually not the best place in... well, general! And I ma very glad I cannot see what people are thinking. That would be a nightmare.

Sat Jun 22 2013 4:44PM Report
Razeekster writes:

@Fishmitts: If you had even bothered to read this blog entry you would have realized that I was a male. Ahhh, to judge a person and what they've written without even reading it. Also what doe being liberal or not have anything to do with my view points? Absolutely nothing.


But thank you for labeling.

Sun Jun 23 2013 1:07AM Report
melkor13 writes:

Whining about racism on a topic with a title worthy of showing what racism is! Way to go... you showed them!!!

Sun Jun 23 2013 6:41PM Report
Razeekster writes: You clearly don't know what the term "racist" means... It's okay though, you just contributed to the many ignorant comments! Good for you! Mon Jun 24 2013 12:06PM Report
calflikesveal writes:

I have to say I agree with the author wholeheartedly on these issues.


I also want to add how I hate most games don't have the option to cook humans. I mean they have all these corpses lying around but nobody ever does anything with them. I know I might be one of the minority who would prefer human meat over chicken or beef but I am really offended by their intolerance of my taste.


Don't get me started on virtual marriage. They don't even let me marry my cat to my dog!

Sun Jul 14 2013 8:37AM Report writes:
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