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A Gamer's Perspective

In this blog I'll be blogging about anything from MMOs to PC game releases (old and new). My mission is simple: Blog from MY perspective and mine alone. I am the gamer after all. Warning: There may be some ranting involved. Enjoy (or not).

Author: Razeekster

Why Private Servers Are Sometimes Better Than The Main Servers

Posted by Razeekster Tuesday May 14 2013 at 12:23PM
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Many players flock to private servers for different reasons. Some because they can't afford to pay for a subscription of the game they want to play so they figure, hey might as well see if a private server version is any good. Some because the game has an extremely high exp. requirement and a lot of private servers lower the exp. requirement or boost the exp. gain a player can acquire. This also goes hand-in-hand with players who simply don't want to go through the process of taking a month or two to fully level their character to max level because in most games these days, the fun comes at endgame (which makes little sense to me because this makes it so a lot of players end up quitting before they even reach endgame simply due to the fact that it's b-o-r-i-n-g). So you might ask what is my reasoning that private servers are sometimes better than the real game servers? Mines pretty simple: Community.

In private servers communities are more often tightly-knitted and feel more like a group of great online friends than in some of the best AA+ game's main servers. You might ask, why is this? My reasoning is this: There are fewer players in a private server. Fewer players mean that new players coming into a private servers have limited choices when choosing which guild to join. This creates a sense of community in itself because everyone knows each other and the guild is their for the players whereas a lot of main servers, the players are there for the guild. 


Another reason why community is often times better in private servers is because due to the lower population and the fact that a lot of the players know each other in private servers there is absolutely no way a player can afford to have a bad reputation. Otherwise you'll be finding it impossible to get grouped for dungeons and raids. And if you can't get grouped for dungeons and raids then there's no way for you to gain that gear or loot that you so desperately need to improve in the game. If you can't get geared up and are a PvPer you might as well just throw any chance you have in any type of PvP situation.



These are just a couple reasons off of my head that I believe private servers have much better communities than the main servers do. So how can the main servers of games go about fixing their community problems? I think it's very simple, actually, and somewhat puzzled why an MMORPG/MMO hasn't gone and done it yet. I believe that the main servers of games should create more servers and make a population cap for each server that makes it so the max number of players for each server is maybe four thousand instead of ten thousand (these are examples as I'm not sure on the exact population numbers that main servers do have). By putting a cap on server population you put pressure on players to act like respectful human beings that actually look out for one another.


Of course there may be some reasonable reasons as to why companies running their main servers simply can't do this. Money would be a big issue because if you capped a servers population to a certain number of players than the requirement for other servers might be too much for a company to afford. Maybe this is one of the reasons that I enjoy those dead servers that companies refuse to merge and that so many players complain about...


So what do you guys think? Do you think I'm dead wrong? Do you have other reasons that private servers may be better (or even may not be better)? Let me know what you think and may the game be ever in your favor.

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