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I wish....

If i could have a perfect online experiance with a game, i would have to make lots of changes. Warning : [may devolve into ranting]

Author: Ramsden


Posted by Ramsden Friday November 23 2007 at 7:59AM
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Taking a large view on playing WoW, ultimately the game is pointless... you level up to the level cap, you grind rep, you grind honor, and just when you have the equipment / recipes you need the level cap jumps up and all these things you have been working so long for become obsolete and you need tostart almost all over again... new factions, new dungeoons, but the same scenario.. grind.

People grind  for ages to get a recipe instead of buying it and 5 months later there is no point to the recipe, and they are grinding for a new one.

Im not saying i have a solution for this, aside from quitting :D . and im not saying that WoW isnt a fun game, it can just be disheartening especially when there is an expansion on the horizon. I unnderstand that mmorpgs are a business and they need to be updated to keep people playing, but looking at an earlier game like Ultima Online... the skill points system as opposed to a lvl system still has a stroner appeal to me, although i think levels are the expected standard nowadays


Azareal x x


P.S. Okay to clarify a few things, i play, i like WoW. I dont find it a grind, in general, mainly because i dont have the time to find it a grind.. but, even though it is not as much a grind as it used to be.. there are still aspects there.


Sirmaki writes:

So you would prefer to level to cap and then just sit there? Not sure I see what you are getting at except to gripe. I would agree that skill point systems can be preferable to level based systems, but there is still a limit and then you have the same problem.

Fri Nov 23 2007 9:02AM Report
Norden writes:

This is all wrong. There is one reason only to play wow or any other MMORPG or any game - having fun. So when you get to a certain point in any game, ask yourself  "am I having fun?". If the answer is no, its time to stop. To me, grind comes into play the moment the fun goes out, no matter what you do. Might as well work for real money.

And, yes. At some point you will step back from the keyboard and realise the game is pointless. ANY game can give you that feeling. Games and gaming is for fun, simple.  Things may be educational,  silly, whatever, but they are not games if theyre not fun.

The worst kind of players are the ones awakening suddenly one day, realising they wasted their time - and then go on dissing or blaming the game for it. These types have never once looked up while "playing" and asked themselves if they have fun.

Then there is something special to MMORPGs which sets them apart from other games - community. A very insidious factor, which can keep you "playing" long after the fun went out. People depend on you, people may even look up to you and this makes it damn hard to stop in fear of letting other people down.

MMORPGs are special allright. Fun will usually catch you at first, but other factors may keep you playing a otherwise pointless game long after the fun is gone. They are designed to keep you playing and paying.

enough rambling..back to gaming.


Fri Nov 23 2007 11:30AM Report
Pepsipwnzgod writes:

Think of what your saying, your obviously bad at the game and have never hit the capped level, it takes all of 2 weeks of gameplay to hit level 70, and the new expansion isnt coming out for quite a while there capt, if it ever took anyone over 5 months to find a recipe - theyre killing the wrong mob

If you think this game is a grinder, or you have attempted to grind in it, your an idiot ~ do quests, this isnt a grind based game, it's all quests and story line, really theyre just trying to keep active members playing - not whiney little kid's attracted, and the whole working for nothing, it's not work - it's fun, but you should look at you computer and say "bad, bad computer for letting me post such an un-thought-out post on a website, bad!" then turn it off, put it back in the box, and send it back from wense it came

Fri Nov 23 2007 9:28PM Report
Kordesh writes:

"This is all wrong. There is one reason only to play wow or any other MMORPG or any game - having fun. So when you get to a certain point in any game, ask yourself  "am I having fun?". If the answer is no, its time to stop. To me, grind comes into play the moment the fun goes out, no matter what you do."



Fri Nov 23 2007 10:09PM Report
Ramsden writes:

okay, i was expecting this kind of reaction... probably because people dont read properly before commenting...

1) i do enjoy WoW

2) Pepsi, you havent read it properly at all... pls read it again : nowhere did i say it took 5 months to grind a recipe, and 2 weeks of game time? that is quite a long time if you consider people who have 3 ish hours a night to play because they have jobs. I have 1 lvl 70 char.

3) Read my blog, i may devolve into ranting, and

4) Noone is forcing you to read these, and i appreciate critacism, or thoughts contrary to my own, but i dont appreciate people devolving to a personal insult, pepsi :(  my one piece of advice is for you to read my other post, and try to follow the rules


Azareal x x

Fri Nov 23 2007 10:38PM Report
grimfall writes:

Just out of curiosity, what type of 'point' are you looking for, Azareal?

Sat Nov 24 2007 6:02AM Report writes:
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