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To everyone who posts a "this game is going to kill WoW" thread:

Posted by Rajai Monday February 11 2008 at 7:23PM
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Shut up.

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jusomdude writes:

Seriously, the only game that's gonna kill WoW is another Blizzard game and it won't happen over night.

Mon Feb 11 2008 7:27PM Report
Rajai writes:

Amen to that brother *pre-preorders SC2*

Mon Feb 11 2008 7:35PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

Agree, they need to shut it..  Blizz would have to lose 99.99% of their subs to even fall below market standard.  (Do the math, 10 million subs.)


No game has ever lost that kind of percentage.  Even SWG retains more than that....Blizz is staying for good.

Mon Feb 11 2008 7:41PM Report
Blurr writes:


The market is clearly big enough for tons more MMOs to come out and thrive.

Mon Feb 11 2008 8:02PM Report
zball writes:

warhammer wil do it .

Mon Feb 11 2008 9:03PM Report
Goldenfrog35 writes:

I like W.O.W. but man would I love to see a MMO that was so good it killed W.O.W!

That would be some MMO!!

Mon Feb 11 2008 10:09PM Report
Rajai writes:

I think it would have to have all of the elements of WoW, the lore, music, fun pvp, easy to learn crafting, responsive interface...

awesome quests, storyline quests..
I'm not an advocate of this game, I play off and on

Mon Feb 11 2008 10:17PM Report
Ruakh writes:

After 3 years of WoW, loved it, but finally got bored and quit...still waiting for a replacement...................:(

Doesn't have to kill it. :)

Mon Feb 11 2008 10:58PM Report
Maxxaureate writes:

No there isnt enough room for tons more mmo..  WoW has effectively killed the mmo market and become a monopoly. There's laws against it but hell Microsoft has been a monopoly for 20+ and no one has done sh**. Btw 11% of WoW players are under age 13 and another 6% are gold farmers.

Mon Feb 11 2008 11:03PM Report
Tweej writes:

There are laws against becoming a monopoly? Yeh its to do with joining with competitors to make yourself so big others cant really compete... But Blizz was 99% more succesful than all MMO's before even the Activision merge... and i think Gaming as a whole would be considered the market and it doesn't dominate that (console, PC and all related genres, racing, sports, MMOs, Shooters). I know longer play WoW but it  was a fun game that opened my eyes to MMO's and i have tried many since. Some crap some very good, but WoW had me for almost 2 and a half years on and off... no other game has done that to me. LOTRO i think i enjoy most at moment but can't help but look at AoC and Warhammer... Even PoTBS has been tempting...

Tue Feb 12 2008 4:25AM Report
mouser_inc writes:

To Zball



No it won't, think about it how long has any Pure PVP game lasted?


Tue Feb 12 2008 9:35AM Report
zarzu writes:

@mouser_inc: daoc is still running, so is eve and l2, you make no sense.

wow won't die and it shouldn't, because i really don't want its population in an actually innovative game.


Tue Feb 12 2008 9:53AM Report
xenogias writes:

Mouser, if pvp wasnt a big part of every game why does every MMO have it? Even LOTRO who is focused on extreemly casual players have a form of PvP. Lets not forget WAR is NOT a pure PvP game, do some research before you run your mouth :)

No game should kill wow though. I dont want all of that immature kiddy crowed running around in other MMO's. I like that they all gather in one place.

Tue Feb 12 2008 1:44PM Report
soulwynd writes:

Nobody in his right mind wants WoW to be killed. Retards and cybersluts need a place to be.

Wed Feb 13 2008 11:35AM Report writes:
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