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Why I don't get along with the Alliance

Posted by Rajai Wednesday February 6 2008 at 2:44PM
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I swear 90% of night elf hunters have some variant of the same crappy name. When you look at the next night elf you're killing pay close attention to how long it must have taken him to pick a name that suited him. Also, note how much of his creativity was put into the name. L(weird letter e)golas or some variant of their runescape name
Me, If I see any night elf hunters with uncreative names they're dead. And I'm camping their sorry trash.
My hatred of night elves goes way back to when i first started playing the WoWs when i was just a little undead. It was always the night elf hunters and the dwarf hunters and the night elf druids that liked to mess with me
(alliance wont fight unless there are two of them or one of them is considerably higher level than you, otherwise they leave you alone)
Yeah they'd gank me and use that crappy shadowmeld ability to hide while I'm not stupid i wait a minute to spawn.. I look around- i know they're hidden- and when i do spawn it's somewhere i can get on my horse and ride away
Once an alliance chased me from westfall on that tower thing of theirs back to grom'gol via water and when i got there her friends were all there, like 5 level 70s in raid gear..
made me laugh though because every time she got off and tried to stun me I'd psychic scream her run get on my mount and head for water
i cant fight her, I was level 58 priest and she was a level 70 rogue
Anyways i went and made a sandwich and by the time i was back they had all gone
but the main reason I hate them is cause they all got gnomes and they all jump around and you cant click them cause they're so small and they got pink hair and they are in a guild called <pinkies R us> or something
That and you can't ever find one questing without a friend, so picking them off one at a time is impossible because 1) they got a level 70 running them through hellfire 2) they got multiple level 70s running them through hellfire(what the hell i want some 70s to run me through hellfire) 3) they do not quest alone 4) if they are alone and you hit them they run to the guards
Once i was pvp in and there were 2 people questing together, i was feeling bold, i killed one of them
while the other one was hitting me, killed the second one and the first one respawned and i had no mana :( priest without mana
and i wasnt going to waste a super mana potion on that trash so i just let him kill me
I wasnt even shadow i was holy
well that's about enough, I don't like the pinkies or the night elves
but don't get me wrong, if a horde has a stupid name i probably wont group with him either
Also I noticed this blog is flame-bait
So if you're an Alliance
And you really think I'll value your opinion
Go ahead, waste your time

Giddian writes:

I don't think I under stand your Point, Other than you Don't Like Alliance.

I Don't Like Liver and Onins, But I'm not going to Write a Book Ranting About it.

It is A game. If your getting that worked up over it, Maybe you need a Break.

Wed Feb 06 2008 3:14PM Report
Ruakh writes:

Pfffft...what a load of crap. I played alliance, and the only time I got ganked there were always 3 to 5 horde on one, namely me. Not only that, when there ever were horde that fought one on one, they were always a skull, otherwise, they pretty much left me alone.

I suppose servers might have different things going on, but also the horde seemed to dominate in pvp. Heheh, probably because of all the teamwork they used in ganking and ambushing the alliance they could find in fewer numbers wherever they went.

In other words, you got ganked by higher levels, so what, get over it. What goes around comes around. ROFL :)

Wed Feb 06 2008 3:15PM Report
mtkuma writes:

You seem to complain about them being in groups...isn't it a MMorpg...what do the first two M's stand for??


Wed Feb 06 2008 3:26PM Report
Rajai writes:

what happens when people don't like a book is they don't read it

Secondly I don't like them because I've never been able to fight one in a fair 1 on 1 fight without them calling their friends over

Wed Feb 06 2008 3:42PM Report
Rajai writes:

and on my server they outnumber us 4 to 1

Wed Feb 06 2008 3:43PM Report
Ruakh writes:

Lol, you still don't get it: Get over it, cuz ganking happens on every server. One server it might be horde doing the majority, on another the Alliance, but ganking is just part of playing on a pvp server.

If you don't want to EVER get ganked, play on a non pvp server. Then the only time you will fight the allliance will be in pvp battlegrounds on even terms, lol, you big cry baby. J/K :) hehe

Wed Feb 06 2008 3:56PM Report
luciusETRUR writes:

I've played both Alliance and Horde, and it is the same from both sides. Most people won't attack unless there multiple people, both sides have horrible names, both sides have immature people. There is no worse side, it's all about who you know, not what race you are.

If you really all Alliance are worse than Horde in general, you need to re-evaluate your decision, or perhaps try the game from the other side.

Wed Feb 06 2008 4:00PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Sounds like the alliance know some tactics, dont hate lol.  Who goes into battle without a battle buddy.

Wed Feb 06 2008 4:17PM Report
Rajai writes:

i think the stereotype is horde are retarded, alliance are 12 and i haven't seen it more than in BGs
I'm all for the notion that all alliance in BG19 are twinked babies because they are all gnome rogues with the same goggles, the same daggers, they put 2k+ into their character have 2x assassin blade with lifestealing(or 1 shadowfang with lifestealing), I haven't been on a horde side in BG that has cared that much about their twinks
non-pvp servers are boring :(

Wed Feb 06 2008 4:21PM Report
Ruakh writes:

Just to put an end to this, so that you know that it happens to everyone: I played alliance for 2 years on a pvp server. The Horde dominated every battle ground, and I couldn't go anywhere without gettting ganked, and I mean that seriously.

As a matter of fact, the best horde guild left for another server, because they couldn't get any competition on that server.

Well, I finally got tired of it and made a character on a non pvp server. You would be surprised how great it is to go questing without ever getting And you can pvp your butt of in battlegrounds if you want to.

So basically, do what you have to do to enjoy the game, and if you don't like your present situation, do something about it to change it, like the guy said, take some buddies every where you go. But don't complain, cuz you are in control of your situation. Heck, even chosing a different PVP server where the horde dominate might be your way out. Then you can read on the forums for that server all the alliance complaining about it, just like you did here, lol.

Wed Feb 06 2008 4:29PM Report
Pepsipwnzgod writes:

I have a night elf hunter.... it's name is Insane.... i dont think ive ever been camped =p... and if youve noticed.. Names dont make skill... kid on my server named stupidface, pretty dang good at his class

Sun Mar 16 2008 8:17PM Report writes:
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