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Private Blog/thoughts(nothing important)

Posted by Rajai Tuesday February 5 2008 at 6:27AM
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My first blog was just a bunch of complaining, I apologize so here's fair warning. This blog isn't for you. This blog isn't for anyone. I'm not writing this for anyone to read but myself. If you so happen upon it may ye turn back lest ye dare endure the worst of biased opinions and whiney complaints. Alright? Fair warning? Okay.

There is a back button in your browser
Your mouse might also have one, I'd suggest using it.
Also, if you're some kind of troll I think they have a topical cream for that.
And in the words of Corpsegrinder- you know what he says

I've played my fair share of games. I may not be as experienced as, say, someone who plays religiously 80+ hours a week.. I used to, I don't anymore. I started out like the rest of you playing Runescape in the old days with my friends back in Jr. High. Got old, moved onto bigger things. I started playing Everquest which still holds a warm place in my heart, the pre-PoP days with a couple of friends.
By the time Final Fantasy 11 came out I started playing it, the concepts(and not to mention graphics) blew my mind. I played that until the beginning of 2006. (when WoW came out i played about 2 weeks of it and went back to FFXI, Nothing about it really impressed me.I play horde btw, Undead FTW) about halfway through 2006 my hard drive wiped and i lost all of my installation CDs so I just cancelled my sub and started playing some WoW-Verthias(Thunderlord) for those of you that remember me briefly.

Well after WoW i must have played.. every free korean MMO with a cash shop/sub ever made. Rappelz, 9dragons, Silkroad, KO, every nexon game, Lineage 2, Perfect World, RF, all of the crappy Gpotato games to name a few
They all(most) have the same thing in common(except lineage 2 and RO) one poorly crafted world plus creatures with names that were drawn out of a hat, quests that make sense up to about level 15 before it goes to kill 10 of this so you can kill 15 of this and get some reward and mediocre experience, one paragraph of storyline that looks like it was written- first, second,and final draft by a fifth grader. Add some rejects from Runescape and some 10 year olds and maybe a handful of mature players(this part doesn't seem to be about the nexon games except mabinogi) some open PVP which seems to be what the games are about(again except the nexon games) some mindless countless weeks and months of grinding for what seems to be a pointless endgame.
    Why spend thousands of hours on a cookie cutter game that looks like it uses the same character models and game engine, zero innovation- looks like the only thing they ever update are the prices in the cash shop(Walmart style with the markups and the low low prices) when you can play a game with some quality? Now I'm not saying all Korean games are mediocre, I'm stating it.

Also, Japan needs to make more MMOs
Please Japan.
Give me Golden Sun Online
or Megaman Battle Network Online
or Shenmue Online
Korea isn't even trying anymore.

I'm really aching for a game with heavy roleplaying. Kind of like WoW minus the WoW. I don't want to have to roll alliance to roleplay..  Gnomes give me a bad vibe.
so do night elves.
So now that I've offended at least 90% of you
And don't say I didn't warn you^
I'm off to sleep writes:
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