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My thoughts on the MMO market and current game development.

This blog is mainly my opinions of current and future mmo's, what I think dev's are doing right and wrong.

Author: Pyrostasis

Starting my eve journey.

Posted by Pyrostasis Friday February 15 2008 at 4:01PM
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Over the past week I have thrown up a few blog entries about what I feel is missing in most MMO's today, and what I personally want. Several of you reminded me that there is a game out there with most of the features I want, and I have to agree.

Off and on for the past year I have been resisting the urge to get into EvE Online, mainly due to the fact eve is a long term game. EvE isn't one of those games you can spend a month or two in and walk away from, it’s a long term commitment, more or less the gaming equivalent of a marriage.

The more you put into EvE the more you are going to get out of it, and I guess I have always been afraid I'd get sucked in and come out of my room in a few years resembling Golem from Lord of the rings, all be it a very obese version of Golem.

However, that all aside I have decided to make the plunge, there are too many sheep that need shearing, and plenty of sheep with fangs to run from. I reactivated both of my accounts and will be working on forming my corp over the next few days with the following goals.

#1 Empire wars

#2 Land Control

#3 Coordinated Teamwork

Not everyone here is up to speed on EvE lingo so Ill go ahead and explain what each of these mean partially for them, and partially for the others who many not quite understand my definition.

EvE has three different types of zones in the game. Empire which is any area with .5 - 1.0 security status, where you cant attack anyone with out being killed by the police force concord, Low Sec .4 - .1, where you can attack anyone you desire, but stations and stargates will engage you if your criminally flagged and you will lose standing, finally 0.0 where anything and everything is allowed, no faction standing losses, and gates and stations will sit by and cackle with you when you ignite things.

Well how can you have a war in empire if pvp isn’t allowed? Well, corporation can declare war against each other and in 24 hours pvp is open and free between the two sides, allowing fighting anywhere and everywhere.

My plan at the moment while we are building our numbers and learning the ropes is to pick on the sweet innocent mission runners. Spend a few days stalking the mission hot spots, find what corps are popular in the area and find one we can take. After declaration we will proceed to kill them till they agree to pay our surrender fees. Not exactly glamorous, but its pvp, and once we kill enough of these folks it will lead to bigger and more challenging battles with folks who will definitely give us a work out.

That brings us to my second point, Land control. Eventually over time, I plan on claiming certain areas of space either in 0.0 if we decide to get into large scale wars, or in low sec space, were if you’re not with us, your target practice. Once a sector of space is "claimed" folks start coming out of the wood work to test your resolve, should lead to very interesting conflicts.

Finally we come to coordination, perhaps the cornerstone of pvp. Good communication and teamwork can lead to overcoming greater odds, while poor communication can lead to higher blood pressure and a strong desire to kill your own guild mates. We will be using vent to stay coordinated and will have many small scale fights against easy targets to cut our teeth on before we anger the big boys. It will take a few months but hopefully in time we can become a well oiled machine.

If you have any interest in being a part of something like this, or contributing either money or targets feel free to pm me. See you in space!

rcarey writes:

Well that sounds like a very interesting plan for domination! if all goes well you could control any area you like and hold others for ransom. now im not a player of EvE although i do intend to try it out sometime in the future. i have looked the game up online just to find out what l the hype was about and to my surprise i found a very cool game filled with some serious action and adventure, all while piloting what looked like MASSIVE futuristic ships. very cool. i hope your plan of tyranny goes according to plan!

Fri Feb 15 2008 11:05PM Report
Pyrostasis writes:

Thanks =)

Fri Feb 15 2008 11:21PM Report
Shohadaku writes:

Great another wannabe high sec griefer :P

War dec high sec corps like that is a GREAT quick way to have them hire Mercs to war dec you.


Why don't you just grow a pair and go intolow sec and fight people who want to fight back instead of griefing people who would like to be left alone.

Sat Feb 16 2008 5:26AM Report
Pyrostasis writes:

Actually Im not a "wannabe" high sec griefer... I will be a high sec griefer.

If someone would rather spend a billion getting a merc corp on me than 300 million to make me stop then that is their choice.

As for low sec, I plan on going there as well... however, I want some nice squishy, fat, rich, targets to start with.

Sorry that offends yah Shohadaku, but Im just one of the bad guys in the game, if it werent for people like me, merc corps wouldnt have a job.

Sat Feb 16 2008 12:43PM Report
Kyleran writes:

You underestimate the strength of many high sec corps, many who make a specialty of hunting pirate folks like you down and they won't even charge for it, someone just has to make them aware of yours.

Most smart players keep their hauler alts in npc corps which you can't wardec.

Your actual best target (ask Privateers about this) would be large 0.0 alliances that are so busy fighthing BOB that they can't be bothered to come into Empire to defend their hauling/sales activities.

A noob corps biggest defense is to just spread out and you guys will never run into them.  I know my main gets Wardec'd by Privateers all the time, and I've only run into them twice in about 6 tries, and in both cases I outran them.

Besides, Wardec'ing noob corps is the sign of the no skill coward, sadly something EVE has far too many of.

Sat Feb 16 2008 1:05PM Report
Pyrostasis writes:

Or the sign of someone relatively new to the game needing to learn the ropes. Its perfectly natural to get some flak, and Im fine with that, however, when your learning to fight you dont go a pick on the biggest baddest kid on the block, you start small and work your way up.

Sat Feb 16 2008 1:13PM Report writes:
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