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Age of Pwnin: Vonnorris Chronicle #1

This is my first blog about my character in AoC.

Author: Psymyn

REVIEW: Imagine a game built on what everyone wants in an MMORPG

Posted by Psymyn Tuesday July 15 2008 at 12:47PM
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Ok, well good to see more posts, and more ideas! I did infact see your guys' other posts on the second and first blog entries, and again there was alot to cover from what most of you have posted. I have read them, and there are some great ideas there, however like i had mentioned some things just come hand in hand with what exactly it is were creating here, what i really meant when i said we dont need a novel written to get the points across, was basically summed up from what everyones ideas were. There are basically alot of things that just arent key points. I'm not criticizing anyones ideas here, but rather pointing out that alot of the ideas stated were more story driven, or visually driven ideas. We need our meat, too many side dishes, catch my drift lol!

Again everyones ideas were great, but there again most of the details i read come hand in hand with exactly what were looking at here. The idea is, is that i havent gone into much graphic detail just for the main reason that its implimented as the standard game mechanics are laid out. For example, so far we have, catagory uno...

 1. (Nature) Fantasy/Sci-fi Hybrid, with Horror/Survivalistic features. ( This simply put, gives you the entire generalized idea of what it would look like. Ofcourse its 3D, its gotta look realistic to be scary looking! Ofcourse there are mass amounts of real looking blood, blood + gore= fear factor etc.)

Catagory numero dose...

 2. As many races as what the basic storyline could subside with= infinity. ( Another strong point i myself stated was this -->  (*As many things are covered for this specific Catagory, it is still under discussion for now*

     - with that said, there could be much much controversy over many issues, and conflicts between the races. So not to get to far in detail with this subject matter it would infact be set as an RvR type of game. So mainly if anything is to be discussed it would be based upon the battlement type, not so much lore etc. ) Also here it was clear from what everyones basic idea of the races were, was that there should infact be an Evolved human race, whether it was a couple of different ones, whethere they were civilized yet or not, so on, so on. Also that they had crash landed on what is now their new home, which in turn is skirmished with thousands of other alienated habitants. Maybe thats a bit more clear for now.

Trust me ive read all of everyones comments! Without judgement on what i thought was good or bad, its all still been well adjusted to what we have so far. So im sorry if i havent directly quoted or credited anyones ideas, but thats not the point here. The point is again- If your going to eat a meal, you first lay out the dishes (plates, forks, cups, etc.) you then dish out your meat and potatoes, then all the sides, and at this point the crock just got done cooking the stew, and our sides are getting cold hahah!


Catagory numero trace...

 3. Lets face it, a good MMORPG has to have massive scale warfare, especially if its taken place in the future. I sat down for a good 2-3hrs going, you have to have this, you have to have that ( i put to many spices in the stew, and started over several times) LOL. What i renditioned was basically RvR, RvR encorporates all aspects of the games functions, PvE is involved, PvP is even more directly involved, and actual Siege battles are the hunk of Beef Brisket!

 Now ive gotten more input on this soley than any of the other catagories, but thats good, because thats where all of our standing issues lye within every other game we play! RIght? So lets take another look at RvR, many of you state to have MMO"RPG", you have to have RP, and i couldnt agree any more than what you already have! Funny thing is, i think RP shouldnt just be between player and environment or player and player, i think RP in the game should play a key part in RvR. This was introduced in Vangaurd as the first MMORPG to have actual Diplomacy involved in the game, with Diplomacy you can have your cake and eat it! RP is the funnest part in the game, so why shouldnt it be a key part in the games machincs, why shouldnt it have an ecinomical effect on society as a whole, if you have the power in persuasion i think it can be a powerful ally, or the end of society no matter how you look at it, and holy crap i just thought the best i-freaking-dea ive ever thought of..... Imagine a high ranking Diplomat in the game, infact so high, he had the actual power by a voting petition to change actual features in the game?!?!?! Such as, lets say the standards are set,  depending on the economy in the game, maybe the people arent satisfied with what they are dealing with as far as penalties in death, or prices, etc. Maybe with enough votes, this powerful Diplomat has the direct power by petition and enough votes to change the rules a little bit..... Wow i think that would be fantastic, this way things can literally be changed at will, I mean if its not working out, VOTE FOR A NEW STANDARD!!?!? Mainly this is controlled by the gamers point of view anyhow, many complain to the testers, the testers get the go ahead to test some new features etc. then the games patched. I say put it all in there, set a server on default, then away they go, a few moments later you have a bound group of High ranked diplomats that have the ability to change the games standards at will. TALK ABOUT FREAKING RP PEOPLE!!!!

Well so we have it, were not going to get by with out writing a novel LOL, so sorry if ive not finley detailed everyones input into each catagories, but again what im trying to do is sum up each catagory based on everyones opinion, so sorry if its been a lil short. Really i say again though what i mean behind not writing a novel is, if your going to have to write this much to get a point across, do so. But if its your take on the 'story' really thats just getting off topic a bit. But from all of that i would like to hear more opinions on the last catagory, see what other good ideas can give the games economy a sort of 'steering wheel' if you will...

Hashbrick writes:

3-5 people isn't everyone so you already failed your goal of designing a game "everyone wants".  That being said that is impossible want I want someone else may not you are in a complete dream world.

But that doesn't mean you just stop, have fun doing this and good luck on your venture, but you just need to realize not everyone agrees on everything, it is not probable.

Also I seen how fast you whip past each section it would be better if you left it open for a week and then collected all the ideas you are only getting ideas from a couple people and the same ones that doesn't help the assortment of it.


Tue Jul 15 2008 1:19PM Report
Retrad writes:

People don't want RvR PvP. They want open world PvP that has meaning. The game world should be the pinnacle point of PvP. All towns should be able to be taken, pillaged, and burned by the opposing faction. Or, if there are no factions, make player cities that can be taken over by everyone and anyone.


MMO's have steadily moved from World PvP to "instanced" PvP. This is shit. Even if you have a PvP server and it still has these "PvP zones", everyone is going to go to them instead of PLAYING IN THE WORLD!


Now if you make a PvP game, you can either have it have factions or not. If you choose factions, it's easier to make the world PvP run along the lines of story/lore, but there should be an option for you to choose your faction, no matter what your race is. Everyone is susceptible to be good or evil. Races backstab their own race time and time again. There are always traitors.

There should also be a FFA PvP option. Not saying the whole game has to be based off of it, but a server perhaps.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to cater to both those who are hardcore PvPers, hardcore PvErs, a mix of both, and the casual player. It just requires thinking outside the box and realizing you can't please everyone to the highest degree, but with skill and concept you can make a game that(though it might have some flaws that those different players might dislike) will ultimately appeal to them.

Tue Jul 15 2008 1:53PM Report
Psymyn writes:

Hmmm intersting i dont seem to remember writing about how were making a MOCK game that will please everyone based soley on what everyone wants! 1. Ther obviously needs to be logic in what your opinion on the game is, 2. The ideas get implimented into each catagory based as a whole agreeance not... " Well Johnny wants to be able to bake cookies" and "Susie wants to be able to make dolls" What are you retarded? Ofcourse its impossible to make a game based on every single little detail that everyone wants!! WTF IS YOUR POINT?? thats like giving your gf 1 million dollars as she complains she didnt get the 2 million...

Now I like your opinion about letting the blog sit for a few weeks with each post and gather the ideas... maybe im jumping to far ahead here... Well seeing as how im running the show here, i guess being ahead is better then being behind maybe, i dont know yet! But since you dont know the logic behind the game here, and have no input in the actual game itself than... GET STUFFED!!

Retrad, yes instanced PvP is shit! Thats why if you base the entire world off of RvR everything is a balancing act between society and the economy... how much more open can you get than that... read the blogs dude! Thats why i state every server should have EVERY type of game play whether its Hardcore PvP, reg PvP, PvE, RP, etc. freaking etc. so lets say you and your team set up base somwhere in the midst of all the land no matter where you are, lets say they build a guard tower that flags any intruders for PvP, or lets say your just PvE ing and here comes a raid, oh your not flagged so there you wont need to worry about anything, lets say you want to have a choice of when to flag and not to flag ok dont fall into a guard camp trap lol, its as simple as that! Ok but so and so has a quest over there and now these tards are camping it with a tower, im screwed....... no... maybe your seeing the point. The opposing team seems theyve designed a good strategy for stopping their enemy from advancing, if you want to get the quest done, maybe you can get Bonus Xp for stopping a blockade and continueing the quest... maybe that was the opposing group quest.... Does anyone follow me here??? Balancing act, theoretically RvR has pretty endless possibilities...

Tue Jul 15 2008 3:09PM Report
Psymyn writes:

and thats just my opinion if everyone rules that out than fine lets think of somthing else, but like i said if you sum it all up RvR really seems to be a crowd pleaser, hence why i really cant wait for WAR!

Tue Jul 15 2008 3:14PM Report writes:
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