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Age of Pwnin: Vonnorris Chronicle #1

This is my first blog about my character in AoC.

Author: Psymyn

III.Imagine a game built on what everyone wants in an MMORPG

Posted by Psymyn Monday July 14 2008 at 3:18PM
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Ok, first off, thanks for commenting those who have. For those whom have nothing bettter to say than things like... "you cant do that, its impossible", or "this idea wouldnt work" really? STUFF IT TARD! These are a series of blogs for a game built by our imagination! In which you have none, nor any sense to know what it is were discussing in the first place, so please dont waste our time, we have a game to make, thanks!

Anyway, back on topic here. If you do you care what this is all about. I suggest you take the time to read the first two links to get the best understanding of whats happening here. If you dont care to read them, then hopefully you can understand a little bit about what it is were doing here.




Now that you know what it is were discussing, feel free to give any input on any catagory listed thus far.

Ok so, lets recap the Catagories that have been pretty settled up to this point.

  1.(Nature) Fantasy/Sci-fi: No human races, all alienatetd races, some with human derivitaves. (as humans evolved and crash landed on an alien planet) The Game Mechanics we can agree would actually revolve around a cross between MMORPG and horror/survival like features.

2. Anywhere from 4-6 races. Where it is infact a struggle between races gaining control of the planets resources (basically), both sides of the field can infact be played. Mainly the invaders are the Evolved Humans, The Natives which are an advancing tribal like race that once lived in peace, and as for the other races well its up for discussion on there stand point.

    *As many things are covered for this specific Catagory, it is still under discussion for now*

     - with that said, there could be much much controversy over many issues, and conflicts between the races. So not to get to far in detail with this subject matter it would infact be set as an RvR type of game. So mainly if anything is to be discussed it would be based upon the battlement type, not so much lore etc.

Now with all of that on the table we have a pretty sound MOCK up of a great sounding game. Which would bring us to our next Catagory. Now alot can be said at this point, pushing most of the trailing controversial issues out of the way and pretty much said into itself. I heard mostly strong points provided via the first post, and i gotta say the main focus of the game would be intense realistic battles, whether its the PvP, the PvE, or the RvR. So we can obviously say, with instensity comes realistic AI etc. So that being said we have half of what we need, so whats missing yet?

Well i just mentioned 3 sub-catagories here already duh (here comes the juciest parts)

     A. PvP, generalize some main features based on PvP in this type of game.

     B. PvE, generalize some main features based on PvE in this type of game.

     C. RvR, you get the idea...

(my example: Well i started to write a novel here, twice. LOL! What I came to terms with is a system basically like WARs. A. PvP, harsh death penalties= less ganking noob tards, also real xp + bonus xp based on performance in battle. B. PvE, Scary missions, not so many quests, but mainly tons of freelance work and self adventures. C. RvR, ofcourse siege battles! Where control of the siege meets team leaders, and fierce warriors of high rank using special assigned skills and feats only bearable by ones of chioce by thier guild votes etc.)


zapyourit writes:

Well, I would love to go into detail again, but I basically laid out all my ideas on the current topics (and previous topics) in the second post! I got a little carried away.

Please have a look over yonder:

All my ideas are posted at the bottom. I know its long but I think its pretty decent.

Any questions comments or criticisms of my ideas are welcome with open arms.

And Psymyn, thanks for this. Its great.


Tue Jul 15 2008 2:27AM Report
Senoske writes:

Psymyn way to keep it going man. And yeah, i've posted a lot of my ideas in the very first blog so if anyone wants t read em go to the first blog made.

Tue Jul 15 2008 2:49AM Report writes:
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