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Age of Pwnin: Vonnorris Chronicle #1

This is my first blog about my character in AoC.

Author: Psymyn

II.Imagine a game built on what everyone wants in an MMORPG

Posted by Psymyn Saturday July 12 2008 at 11:05AM
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LoL! Geat comments guys im loving it already! So first off, if your not sure what this is all about, see the first entry:

Now, if youve read that, then you know what this is all about. But lets move on to what is important. In the first blog post, we were discussing the first catagory, the Nature of the game. So from this aspect i think we have all agreed to a Fantasy/Sci-fi Hybrid, and actually No Humans ( as somone stated) is a fantastic idea i can say, most of you stated comments more based on a seperate catagory that shall be covered later ( good ideas, none the less). Lets just keep it generalized and simple for now. Lets not jump to far ahead, that way everyone has a chance to get their ideas out there for the specific catagory, and this way things are a bit organized at least.

1.(Nature) Fantasy/sci-fi: No human races, Very mysterious and almost horror survivalsitic type of MMORPG. (afterall space is mysterious and scary!)

 -if you have any more ideas feel free to come back and discuss any other details and ill add them in.


Next Catagory to discuss:

2. This one may include a set of things that can just be easier to sum into one catagory. So first off, were looking at a Hybrid MMORPG, and when i say Hybrid i dont just mean as in the scenery! I say let by gones be by gones, lets just give it some juicy features ( im getting excited!), i think this catagory we should discuss the actual game play mechanics. Some of you were saying, i want scary shit jumping at me. I couldnt agree more, thats why i think this "game" being a hybrid, we can take MMORPG like features and add in some tasty Horror type survivalistic features ( as in ideas from other Horror/Survival type games, not like puzzle action type crap). This brings up more great ideas in my head here. How about a world where your some form of evolved human race ( Anyone see the man whom fell to earth??) if not dont worry about it lol. But i think being a- here again "Hybrid" evolved hyper? human, would make this race no longer human, but gives a generalized story line to why they exsist ( you follow me... no... ok). What im saying is You have a evolved human race, thats like an entirely new generation of humans, which in turn doesnt really make them human, but they are of human species. So you have them, then you have just some other "Jawa" looking friendly alienated "sapien" like intelligable races, no need to start calling names here lol, lets just focus on whats on the table not whats coming....

 Ok so that alot to chew on for awhile. Lets review some of the topics up for discussion and sub-catagorized into this next single Catagory.

   A. Game Mechanics/Gameplay

   B. Races (how many? what kind? Evolved human derivatives? -yay, nay?)

   C. Following The last three topics, with your ideas, what can you come up with for some bits of story liine, or what can you say it should be generalized as??

(my example: A. Horror/Surviavl/MMORPG, B. Evolved Humans... IN SPACE!!, C. What??? Humans actually outlived themselves? well ya in a sense, except they are no longer really humans?! Humans lived on earth... which has long ended now, Large amounts of Humans took a leap of faith into the dark abyss in search for a new home, lots died off after centuries of travel. Over time ppl started adapting to the life of deep space, and with a stonger, newer, longer living, and much more intelligent race to have once lived as humans, they now have actually fulfilled their destiny and have found their home, but like every other it comes at a price and with daily threats from the natives they will continually struggle... etc. etc. etc.)

Domino44 writes:

I first want to say this I honestly think. the Pokemon world and what not would game an incredible mmorpg. its been years since i've actually played any of the games. but, just think about it.

secondly i want to say that this idea of creating a game (even for fun) from all the actual mmorpg's players' opinions is a really cool fun idea.

Now, my comments on this thread hmm.

i have to agree with the horror/survival/mmorpg thing. maybe similar to the oblivion gameplay with a neat little idk WoW gameplay twist on there. with an optional 1st/3rd person play. with real time swings AND a spell bar like WoW has.

As for races. i would like a lot of races, but not an overwhelming number. So many to where you feel like your "different" from all the other players but not so many as though you absolutely cant decide what to play. you know?

Maybe have all the "races" actually be of human derivative but evolved/mutated differently according to there environment. also going into the scifi of it maybe have some of the different species of human. on different planets making some of them different entirely.

Some that have adapted to supior intellegence. and those species that only needed pure brute force to get by.

the storyline possibly generalized as starting out as yours and maybe your character must..idk Unite the human species or something like that.


anyways. yea. thats my 2cents

Sat Jul 12 2008 9:58PM Report
_Seeker writes:

Impossible. You cant make something that everyone will like. So you have to choose. Choose the features, the gameplay, the story, combat system, death system, looting system, and so on. From that make something that will appeal to an audience which is hopefully big enough to support the game for a reasonable time.


Sat Jul 12 2008 10:45PM Report
ghstwolf writes:

A) Stealth/survival/MMO

B) Several (5 or 6), with 2 not being humanoid (seriously, why do we always have to be humanoid)

C) Pretty much the same as you have.  (this might be a bit Lore-ish but) The world they found was contested by 2 alien races.  The "humans"  ended the war, taking over mining under the agreement that they would sell/provide both other races the resources openly and fairly.  However, in the 30 years since, distrust and corruption have become epidemic.  Attacks from native species, that have abandoned their former tribal existance to repell this "invasion", have also grown far worse (BTW make this a playable group).

So you'd have a 3 way cold war, that at the same time is a collalition facing 1 or 2 native "races" (slightly less adversarial to each other).

Sat Jul 12 2008 10:48PM Report
zapyourit writes:

A) Agreed. Also, I feel like this game should have *GASP* blood. Real blood, not random 'oh there's some red dye!' but real life-like blood and gore. If its going to be part survival, I feel the need to see some intestines, brains and kidneys rollin around the floor.

B) I'd say more than several. 5 or 6 doesn't cut it for me. I want like...12. I feel like 12 is a good number. EQ II system anybody? Good, Evil and Neutral should also play a part if we are going the RP route (which I agree with). Maybe even going so far as Lawful Good and Chaotic Evil included as well? That would really get me engrossed in my character.

C) Scatterings of the humanoid race live all over the planet. Humans, if they can be called that, now live a tribal lifestyle. Although the Imperial Order (not sure if name is taken somewhere) has tried to commandeer the rights of the many denizens of the planet, only tribes in agreement with the Order are under their control. Chieftains are still the authority within the human and [insert names of other races] tribes. A stale-mate has ensued for over a decade now, yet the fighting continues. However, a new race of [random description that would sound generic should I write it] has arrived, possibly upsetting the equilibrium that all have come to know...Which side will you join? Which Freedom do you deserve?...

Summing up what I just wrote, simply put I agree with the Cold War idea, but the third new to the planet race should not be playable. Monsters and new aliens will be the fighting fodder outside of PVP. Yet this brings me to my next point. I think that there should be some very large tribes, each with their own personal agenda, ideas, beliefs, etc etc etc so everyone can find something close to the niche they want to RP. Furthermore, there will be no more 'guilds'...there will be Clans under the umbrella of the Tribe.

This means something revolutionary in an MMORPG (I believe): the PVP element will be MASSIVE. Literally. Not only will there be clan v clan tourneys within tribes, but then tribe v tribe, tribe alliances, clan alliances, tribe v Imp. Order, and all tribes and Imp. Order v new alien race that just arrived. Hope that made sense...

Furthermore, no more of this PVP bullshit where you have to go this patch of dirt in the whatever province BLAH BLAH BLAH to the coliseum like pvp arena. PVP arenas take the fun out of PVP.

So i propose this: everyone has their territory: new aliens have none as they are new, tribes all have their own territory, Imperial Order Factions (their version of tribes) have their territory. Territory has a minimum size. Territory is split into 'chunks' where if your tribe holds a majority on the land, your tribe now owns that land and reaps the rewards of taxation minerals etc etc etc. This way, ALL LAND OUTSIDE THE MINIMUM ZONE IS CONTESTED. Awesome PVP ensues. Maps continually update, showing who owns what land.

That's my .02



PS-- _Seeker. 1) This is an exercise in fun.

2) You can make something that everyone will like if you include something for everyone, e.g. what is happening here.

3) If you're not going to add anything, why post at all? It wastes your time and mine.

4) Don't be ignorant. Continuing #2, this is an imagination game. You can please everyone because nothing is impossible in this game. I've had more fun writing this than I have in playing WoW for a few hours. This right here is the root of MMORPG's: it's called an imagination. Get one.

Tue Jul 15 2008 1:22AM Report writes:
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