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Age of Pwnin: Vonnorris Chronicle #1

This is my first blog about my character in AoC.

Author: Psymyn

Imagine a game built on what everyone wants in an MMORPG

Posted by Psymyn Thursday July 10 2008 at 5:58PM
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 Ok so im going to start a blog that basically will eventually develop a simulated game, put together by means of exactly what everone wants in an MMORPG. To start i will list off the basic standards of the game in catagories, and i want all of you to comment on each catagory and tell me what you all want it to play like, feel like, and most of all what nature it shall enrule- fantasy? sci-fi? somthing completely bizarre?? anything and everything at all, and not restricted to logic will it determine what ideas should be selected, but soley on agreement amongst all of you.

 So to get started i think i will start with one catagory at a time. You all comment on what you want, or just simply agree with somones idea, and that shall determine what will be chosen for the catagory. Depending on what is more agreed upon, or what exceptions can be made to incorporate many ideas will also determine what will be incorporated into a this simulated 'MMO', this is just for fun so all the ideas that everyone has, can be summed up into a 'MOCK' game entirley based on public opinion, this will allow us all to reflect on what can be acknowledged for what it would take to build such a game, how worth while its actual gameplay would be, or how it would sound in this case, and so forth.

 Well i hope your following me here. Also feel free to comment on catagories and, if any should be added or subtracted as we go along. Im planning on this lasting a few days, so hope everyone has great ideas. in the words of mario... "HE-R-D WE GOOOOOO!!!"

The first catagory for the game "I think" should be based off of what the story would be... so

1. Whats should the nature of the game be ? (dont just say... fantasy, sci-fi, blah blah.) Gimme somthing tasty, give a bit of nitty gritty here. For this is pretty much the Key catagory. Come up with some of your own lore, and i dont mean write a novel here either... Seeing as this is already complicated getting our feet soaked, im going to provide an example, you can agree or disagree and throw in some of your own lore and ideas.

 -My idea for the nature of the game i guess my attention would include... ( ill just lay it out there *closes eyes*) Theyve all been done so it matters not, but i say. Fantasy/Cartoon, close your eyes and think. Stop thinking about WoW (its not cartoony becuase its a cartoon, but because the graphical engine). This "Fantasy" world i will say is based off of uh oh... did i say aliens! I did So now we have a hybrid..what do you think, a Hybrid Fantasy/sci-fi but i guess its percieved as friendly and cartoony with funky critter alien  looking ppl, no matter if its visualized as 3D or a 2D. ( we'll get to that catagory later ; )

zindel writes:

" Ok so im going to start a blog that basically will eventually develop a simulated game, put together by means of exactly what everone wants in an MMORPG."


No one will ever create an MMO that contains what everyone wants or desires. This approach is an industry coined term, "designed by committee", and in general is a very bad idea.

I'm sure the point of this exercise is to show why developers aren't jumping at every cracked out idea that their customers throw on the forums.

With that said, I'll humor your efforts and give my idea for the perfetct MMO.

1.Shadowrun Online

Nuff said



Thu Jul 10 2008 6:32PM Report
TdogSkal writes:

Everquest 1 with a FPS combat system 

Thu Jul 10 2008 7:24PM Report
Senoske writes:

Good post, i actually have to give you props on this one. xD

Onto my post.

For a while now, the maps have been so continual, so boring once you see them 3-4 times. It would be nice if it would actually rain/catch fire/snow etc etc on EVERY map according to the date and season. I realize this would take -alot- of coding because of the fact that with fires it has to be spontanious and players have to be able to set fire to forests/plains/places as they want. All these static maps are so boring, you see it once and thats all.

Next on my list: Monsters.

QUIT MAKING THEM LOOK SO GOD DAMN KIDDY. I don't want to fight pigs or sheep or some goofy looking bird. I want actual cool stuff, and in different areas. Quit with the little 2 year old "oh so cute" graphics and throw some real crap out there. Make goblins and orcs look ugly, make them have fangs/tusks/whatever you wanna call them lets just say TEETH WITH SHARP POINTS. Make hill giants, and for god sakes, don't make them player sized. Giants ( i know this is gonna blow your mind) are called giants for a good reason THEY'RE FRIGGIN HUGE. Make them have actual AI that they can actually spot you if you're not careful and organize somewhat. Make it exciting and strategic.

Make scary looking monsters, i know there has to be some graveyards out there somewhere, and i'm not talking about *chatter chatter* OH EM GEE CARTOON SKELETON RUN AWAY!!! I'm saying mutants, failed experiments, ugly pimply rotting corpses leaking puss (i know thats a gross image but it's good for imagery!) Make demons actually look like demons, make some have wings, some don't.

Moving on, next on my list is character design.

I'm so tired of these regular "oh choose you're hair/eye style." Perfect World, and Aion look friggin amazing when it comes to character design, you can almost do everything you want. I just wish you could make your character have scars/scrapes/cuts etc etc.

Thirdly: Role Play.

BAN THE GOD DAMN 1337 SPEAKERS. Make it have actual RP, not as DEEP as a MUD has but make it have a good amount of RP and a good story line. Make the NPC's able to be configured with so a GM can come in and pose as if he/she is one and actually move around/use spells etc etc, make it exciting.

Next up: PVP

I can't stress it enough... i know people are gonna complain non-stop whenever one -really- good person is -extremely- good at their class and obliterates everyone. But try to make it balanced, make them have weak points. Make every class have multiple options with skills/weapons... and poisons, make poisons, make it so i can actually give someone Epilepsy or maybe anorexia etc etc... make it so you actually can have STRATEGY, i know, scary huh? Strategy... big scary thing.

Moving on... i didn't cover everything in my pvp but i don't want to write (as Psymyn said) a novel. Next up is umm... lets see... covered environment... pvp... monsters (oh one more thing, make the monsters DIFFERENT in every area, i know, who woulda thought that would be something good?) but lets see... what else... ah... story lines... yes...

Make a good STORYLINE one we can actually FOLLOW instead of the damn traditional "Oh, we have a complex storyline (that secretly it says in teeny tiny itty bitty writing)"ONE YOU CAN'T FOLLOW HAHAHA WE HATE YOU THAT MUCH" Make secret places, places people can plan raids and actually do things. I know that was all roleplay but anyway. Thats what i would really like to see in an MMORPG(do away with the MMOG'S!!!)

Thu Jul 10 2008 7:35PM Report
HumbleHobo writes:

 Unfortunately, the answer would be World of Warcraft.

It's not what you want, but it's what "everyone" wants.  No game will please everyone, but if you're going to please the majority, the answer is called WoW.  You can't escape it.

Thu Jul 10 2008 8:02PM Report
TdogSkal writes:


Not even the majority play WoW at this time.. combine all the other MMOs on the market and compare that to the WoW numbers.

I am willing to be if you compare all the other MMORPGs subs vs WOWs. 

Thu Jul 10 2008 8:29PM Report
zindel writes:

I'm willing to bet you are wrong

Thu Jul 10 2008 11:10PM Report
spokelsessky writes:

Senoke, i'm whith ya! enough with sheep & rooster slaying!! I want some monsters that gives me the creeps or makes me want to bolt...... and as for my toon, i don't want to be running round like a rainbow jester. if i'm a beastly warrior i want sharp nasty fangs and stringy hairy.  no curls and cuddles, phewwww. if i'm i a caster i want robes not a dress, for i'm not goin to the prom.   and if a game is goin to have rp servers it'd be nice to put some law to them.  cuz fighting next to ikillufast speakin  his leet (or whatever its is) takes away from the rp'ers.   ..... and interface options!!!!!! i need interface options.  the thing like about WOW is the interface options.... i drive with the mouse and everything else keybind.  lots of the ohter games i'm trying now are very limited.      good day all

Thu Jul 10 2008 11:11PM Report
Jixx writes:

Problem with most current MMOs is they have class base systems.  I've never seen an MMO with this type of system actually be balanced.

Its pretty much like playing king of the mountain.  Warriors will be the kill class then rogues, the locks then mages, then druids, then priests then warriors then rogues then druids then pallies.  Not only that but each 'realm' as differant classes so each realm plays king of the mountain based on thier class load out.   Albion Midgard hib alb mid hib alb hib mid hib mid.... on and on.

They really need to just give every character access to every skill. Then the only reason you have to complain is your skill load out or your ability to play your toon. 

Probably the reason UO still lives is there skills work as intended on a skill by skill basis is really whether or not you put a viable spec together. 

Fri Jul 11 2008 12:06AM Report
zindel writes:

In an open skill system, rational players will most often choose to minimax.  Players will evaluate which skills give them the maximum effect for minimum cost. Even in class based games like WOW, there are preferred builds for each class.

Neither systems seem great. You either end up with an open skill system and everyone rolls the ultimate character, or a class based system where everyone rolls the ultimate class, and then its rock paper scissors from there.

Is the problem that we have perfect knowledge of the available skills and how many points we can attribute to them? Some people find minimaxing rewarding, like a metagame. Some dislike the lack of variation in character classes. The division is most likely between power gamers and role players.

I remember Asheron's Call tried to create a hidden knowledge system with crafting, where players had to experiment to further their knowledge of the craft they were practicing. I say  tried because after a few months the entire crafting system was mapped out and was certainly less mysterious and fun afterwards. Final Fantasy XII had a license skill system that was mostly hidden, but it's not competitive like an MMO and the system was quickly exposed. If there was a way to create a true hidden skill system would that be more or less fun?

Sorry for the ramblings, the subject of skill systems is an interesting one for me =)



Fri Jul 11 2008 1:41AM Report
Rob_dc84 writes:

the skill system sounds good but make more of class cross open skill system.also if would be wacked mmo if u had making it's.

Fri Jul 11 2008 5:35AM Report
StrangeShay writes:

Just a note on

It's not a good representation of the full mmo community, it's just a decent representation of the paying mmo community as it doesn't count free to play games.

Fri Jul 11 2008 8:39AM Report
anarchy5 writes:

The elder scrolls: oblivion FIRST PERSON MMORPG`S!!! make a mmorpg like that with intense battles not that point and click things its killing me.

i want to chop the thing to pieces not click on it and push some buttons see some skills on the screen and see the mob drop dead.

i want to sneak up to a mob and shoot an arrow up its throat while the blood splatters up the walls......

no game in wich  the kid who plays the game 24/7 kill you.make the game about real skill.

Fri Jul 11 2008 8:41AM Report
anarchy5 writes:

ohh yea and f2p with a good item mall so wont spend your money on paying to play the game but paying to get a slight advantage over others.....

Fri Jul 11 2008 8:43AM Report
Senoske writes:

humblehobo you fail, go read a book or something. Come back when you actually have some feedback.

Fri Jul 11 2008 11:47AM Report
Pisnaz writes:

Create a full world, let it go free reign.  Have monsters etc etc etc and let the players go mad.  I personally enjoy the idea behind the RIFTS RPG with magic tech etc all over the place but that is me, the genre can vary but you need to have a free openended system to let the people investing time in the game to control events.  

I personally think that allowing a world with a open ended story, which is left to the players to create, will become very intresting.  Say somebody wants to rise to be a powerful mage and take over the world, who will stop them who will be that band of heros as in all our fantasy books RPG's etc to take them on? 

Fri Jul 11 2008 4:57PM Report
vp21ct writes:

I think that a scifi/fantasy would be awesome but do it without humans, and go for the fantastic. make it like something that came from the Dark crystal, or pans laberinth. let it have nothing to do with mankind or the like. but at the same time that it is fantastic make it have darkness, make it have a sinister and scary side. that would be awesome. oh and if it had anything from HP Lovecraft i would hunt you down and kill you........that shit creeps me out man

Fri Jul 11 2008 7:04PM Report
Legosos1 writes:

Ok, first off....EVERYONE that says "I want a f2p game" leave now....

A free to play game can NEVER and ill say it again for the kids NEVER MATCH UP TO A PAYING GAME.

A free to play game cant put the money into the game to make it qualiy, so its crap.... so dont imagine a f2p perfect MMORPG unless your not actually expecting it to come out\

As for a perfect game, i want to see things like Nature and stuff kicking in. No groups of ppl spawning and standing there for a hour. I wanna see migration of animals and goblins locking up treasures in towers, or whatever the genre happens to be. There should also be a combat system like Conan but cleaned up and fixed more, so those with real skill outmatch the button mashing kids.

Also i want to see real legendary items that are unknown to everyone and 1 per server, and different on every server so instead of them being a "yay whatever -_-" they make u well known throughout the server.

Sat Jul 12 2008 11:28AM Report
jeremy6193 writes:

it would aso be a good idea if u where 2 put all different kinds of wepons from sords 2 really bad ass guns and like old style armor 2 new sifi type armor

Sat Jul 12 2008 12:55PM Report writes:
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