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Age of Pwnin: Vonnorris Chronicle #1

This is my first blog about my character in AoC.

Author: Psymyn

Problems with new MMOs not meeting your expectations??

Posted by Psymyn Saturday July 5 2008 at 7:01PM
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 Do you have souless solutions from many MMO's not meeting your personal standards? Was playing your first MMORPG like having sex for the first time? Well you may not know it, you may deny it, but in fact you should just admit it. Get a glass of water, this may be hard to swallow....

Your a gamer, a gamer whos played "many" mmo's. You state things like." MMO's arent like they use to be, i find that the fun factor was only good the first time around, or " I started plyaing this one and that one, and im just not as excited for these as i was for the first one ive played!, how about "I much enjoyed the first MMO i tried, now im bored and tired of these newer releases... wheres the fun?"

 Read carefully because i have a few steps that may help you, and your "problem".....

 Step1. Lets look at the obvious, from what many have you stated... You first sound like a bunch of whiney old men that cant get it up anymore. "its not like it was", "Wheres the fun?", "It's not like the first time?" Lets face it hear ppl you sound like you all need to get laid! Take a night on the town, masturbate, what ever you have to do to stop sounding like a bunch of 65yr old man whom lost their boners! Sex isnt like the first time, and you havent figured that out because you either havent gotten any in a long time, or you havent ever had any?

 Step2. Instead of wasting your time sounding like your grandpa, take a min to gather your life. Take the time to recognize the fact that your asking yourself these questions rather than others.

 I had no idea the gaming industry was designed  to take steps backwards instead of forward for their fanboi lackies stating that these games are all the same. Maybe if you did some studying...

Step3. Take some history lessons from others. I started playing D&D long before i played any MMO, if you havent... read up. Maybe youll learn somthing.

The key point hear is not just the fact that all of you sound like bonerless wrinkle wads. But that you simply cant realize the fact that "sticking" it in for the first time was obviously alot  like having memories of what being a noob was in the rules of an MMO which is simply put , a system derived from D&D standards. Get a clue, and a life. Then come back and let me school you in duel... fools!

Sepulcher writes:


Sat Jul 05 2008 7:34PM Report
aVeng3 writes:

So you're saying you need to get laid to find MMO's interesting again?


It's actually just because MMO's today are the same old thing, there's nothing unique or new, just the same mehcanics and gameplay we've been used to for years and years. That has nothing to do with lack of masturbation lol. After so many years of playing sandbox-style games, I'm actually wanting an MMO that is more linear, that explains the story throughout the game better than a bunch of AI giving me quest after quests for no good reason. THAT would motivate me to continue playing MMO games, not getting laid ;)

Sat Jul 05 2008 7:34PM Report
Grunties writes:

Sigh.. Blog posts just aren't what they used to be...

Sat Jul 05 2008 9:06PM Report
dyakk13 writes:

Thank you so much. Now that I know about your personal life, I can enjoy MMO's like I used to.

Sat Jul 05 2008 10:27PM Report
Senoske writes:

umm... to be totally 10000% honest, MMO's are boring because of the fact that they're all the SAME in most ways, quest/lvl/pvp/grind/lvl/quest/grind more/grind again/quest/pvp and repeat... sorry, but i have to say. You fail... hard on this topic. Yeah, everyone needs a personal life... Which i am SO glad i picked up... seeing as i didnt have one for like 3 years hahaha yeah... what a waste of life. But MMO's are not only boring because they're all the same, but the people are IDIOTS, if you do one thing wrong you're called a newb or n00b or no0b or whatever alteration you want to make to the word "Newbie." whereas if you kill one person... they call like 984934346384673529084230923498724872647 friends to jump you and kill you at every spawn. This is why i hate most MMO's. people are the problem, purely people.

Sat Jul 05 2008 10:49PM Report
_Seeker writes:

Id say it was more like customers of games asking for what they want.

If a gaming company hypes up a game and it doesnt live up to it. Dont blame people for getting upset.

Sat Jul 05 2008 11:19PM Report
7earitup writes:

Are you serios hyperpotato? sandbox-style MMOs are seriously lacking this day in time. I would love to know what you consider "sandbox-style" in the current MMO market.

Sun Jul 06 2008 2:07AM Report
bleyzwun writes:

If I couldn't get it up anymore I wouldn't be too worried about "how it used to be," or "my first time," or any of that crap.  I would be worried about not being able to get it up, period.  I actually liked my second MMO better than the first.  It just didn't have the "whoa, this is amazing" affect on me the second time around, it was just more fun for me.

Sun Jul 06 2008 3:28AM Report
sifudoja writes:

People don't spend billions of dollars every year improving the technology used to make vaginas...

Do you think it is possible that some people first mmo really could have been the best on they ever played? Could that be why some people stick with certain mmos until the day the servers close down? Is it possible that games have evolved in the opposite direction as alot of people hoped they would?

Maybe, just maybe there is some merit to what these grumpy old men are saying, and if people listen they may figure out exactly what things could be different so that those men can enjoy a game that they want to play.

Nah, just STFU and play WoW like the other 15 million subscribers, and like it!

Sun Jul 06 2008 7:35AM Report
DaX.9 writes:

Every new MMORPGis clone of some other MMORPG done in the past, as long as that remains everyone will have that been there, done that feeling. Companies have taken chances in the past and experiments, now all they want is cash without any risk.

Sun Jul 06 2008 8:35AM Report
Psymyn writes:

Ill admit that was sort of weird... maybe you see it maybe you dont. But what im trying to say in laymans terms here ppl is, those whom have claimed that MMO's are all the same,  are those whom have no outstanding perception of their own lives, and then lose conciousness of the material world around them. Your first MMO was the best, becuase you lost your MMO virginity, we get it. Not because it was better, it was of but a  first generation to an oplenly addictive game, i dont have to point examples out because most of you judge to quickly... MMO's today are better than ever, and have achieved much more than just whats appealing to the naked eye(whatever puckers your pickle!) Different ones will point to different crowds(WoW= closet gays), Lol seriously though they are all here for us to judge based on opinion, not on your real life experience HAHAHAH!

Sun Jul 06 2008 12:00PM Report
Gruug writes:

Most MMO's these days wish to "go simple". That means that they try to cater to more people to hopefully bring in more subscribers. Those of us that are experienced gamers find this rather boring. Secondly, it is like the movie or TV industry. They find a formula that seems to work and then just clone it over and over and over. In TV look at shows like American Idol or Survivor. They were popular so the networks just started making simlar clones of those shows. Now, none of them are that great and interest is lost. Instead, of getting new and fresh ideas or ramping UP the chellenge we get more of the same over and over again. As long as people buy that trash, that is what they will get.


Sun Jul 06 2008 4:39PM Report
Violette writes:


I'm pretty happy with the current games I play (see my profile). But it's true, nothing will ever be like ImagiNation.

Sun Jul 06 2008 5:42PM Report
Kalafax writes:

I must say Psymyn, it seems to me you just lost your virginity not to long ago because all you seem to be able to do is make refrences regarding losing your virginity, masturbating, and getting laid. Now, I wish to say gtfo out of my gaming world because some of us accualy expect a fresh new game to enjoy, instead of the same old bull they sling at us that "gamers" like you are to dense to relize its a carboncopy and just turn into fanbois who love these crapass games. So please leave the sandbox, go diaf, and let the real gamers who can roll a high enough will save to see thru the carboncopy illusions and accualy be pissed off about it.

Sun Jul 06 2008 7:04PM Report
Senoske writes:

hahaha i have to agree with Dalgor.

Sun Jul 06 2008 7:44PM Report
Kalles writes:

We pay every month for playing games... MMO`s... And i expect to get quality product for my money... I dont want to pay some shit...

If some one told me before 10 years-  that i must pay 2 play, i would laugh... So I say now - maybie its funny atm, but in future, there will be a lots of great MMO`s...

Sun Jul 06 2008 8:18PM Report
Psymyn writes:

Bravo gruug, bravo good sir! Dalgor, go back to school and learn to read. We need to crawl before we walk here, dont crawl in my blog and talk the walk butt nugget pud smacking tool shed!!! No no no, the problem is that you dont understand what a metaphor is you imbusile, the problem is, is that your confused with your own beliefs so now your pushing them on me in defense for the fact that you sir have let go of yourself. Like many others that continue to rant false rumors about newer games becuase they cant follow a full house of better, more intelligable games, that bring more of a challenge to the table. Substantially it takes time for more realistic like features to be rendered and fully operational into a mass gaming universe of over 500,000 gamers. That being said many of you dont give games a chance, "hmmm i dont like this game it doesnt play like WoW did...." cut the crap. Thats an opinion sure... but thats no reason to complain about another game not meeting your personal standards which are severly low if your a WoW lackie.... Therfore take you and your lil guild of fannypack toting wanabee gamers and scoot into the confined safe shelter of console gaming where you belong!!!

Mon Jul 07 2008 12:04PM Report writes:
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