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The Adventures of Pokket

Part Rift Fanfic and telling the tales of a young, brave adventurer named Pokket. Part Game Ramblings =)

Author: Pokket

Ep 1: A life disrupted.

Posted by Pokket Monday January 31 2011 at 3:02PM
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Wading back and forth through the water, Pokket held a barrel full of freshly caught fish high above her head and made her way back to shore. With each step she took she crinkled her toes deep into the sand, feeling the small grains rub against her skin like dull sandpaper. Today her mother would be proud for Pokket had managed to catch eleven fish, much better than yesterday's load of two. Perhaps, she thought to herself, perhaps she'll be so satisfied that she'll make a pie with some of the blackberries we picked in the woods this morning.

As she walked up onto the shore, she daydreamed of the warm aroma of a freshly cooked blackberry pie. She could almost taste it's bitter sweetness which was too good for any sane person to resist. Pokket had her own way of pouring a cup of fresh milk over the pie to give it an extra kick. Ooh how delicious this sounded right now! So much so, the smell of mud, fish, and dirty water did all but phase her.

Despite wanting to pick up her pace in order to get home sooner, she chose to stop for a few minutes to take a short breather and let her breeches dry out. She plopped the barrel down on the dirt in front of her and squinted as dirty water splashed up into her face, hitting her in the eyes. She sighed and thought aloud, "There's no way I'll be having dinner before showering... mum will see to that." Wiping the sweat and dirty water off of her forehead, she stared into the distance. She lifted her arm and held up her pinky finger, giggling as she compared the size of her house to the size of her pinky.

"I'm going to gobble you up, little house" she joked as she clamped her hand down continuously over the small structure. Her brother, Jothune, used to always do that when they were younger. Both her and Jothune were master explorers and knew these woods better than the wild animals themselves. Jothune, however, grew older and was sent to Quicksilver College to master the arts of a Warrior.

Many villagers argued that a war was in their midst and the only way to prepare the Guardians was to send the young off to master their callings. Pokket, however, was still too young. She awaited the day she'd get to choose her calling. Some days she wanted to be a mighty Justicar, while others she yearned to master the dark arts of the Warlock... for good purposes, of course. Yet those days felt like they were far off into the future and would never come.

The sun was beginning to set and the fields that lay between her and her home were beginning to turn a golden brown in the orange light. She squatted down and picked the barrel up, balancing it on top of her head again before continuing along the path. Kicking pebbles beneath her feet, she felt a tiny rumble in the ground. Odd, she thought, such a tiny rock can do that? She came across the mother of all pebbles and wound up for the kick. As she laid into the rock and sent it flying, something much more intriguing caught her eye. "The sky..." she muttered, "The sky is turning black!"

Near her home the sky had turned black and a dark cloud was beginning to form out of nowhere. What could be causing this, she pondered. Is this... is this some sort of sorcery?Within seconds the darkness had crept over where she stood and a chill overcame her to the point it caused her to get goosebumps all over. Just when she thought it couldn't get any creepier, she noticed something moving in the center of the dark cloud. "What is that?" she asked herself.

She saw her parents run out of their house and stare up into the sky. Her mother screamed almost immediately and her father grabbed her mother's hand, leading them both up the path in Pokket's direction. Just as they seemed to be getting away, a dark tentacle rapidly descended from the sky, hitting her mother in the back, which sent her flying to the ground below. Seconds seemed like minutes as Pokket watched to see if her mother moved. Finally, with the help of her father, her mother made it back onto her feet and began to run, holding back tears as she ignored the pain that was surging through her body.

They reached Pokket, and then all three stared back at their house as three more tentacles descended from the sky. One tore through the walls of the left side of their small cottage, that was where Jothune's room was. Mother shrieked as chunks of wood went flying in all directions. All four tentacles eventually connected into the ground which was now blacker than night itself. Death had taken over where so many beautiful flowers had once been just moments ago. Just as they thought it couldn't get any worse, a strange monster appeared and hovered in the sky.

No face, no eyes that could be seen, but a thunderous roar that was deafening even from hundreds of meters away.

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