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Paragus Rants

Rants, reviews, and interviews from an MMO veteran and guild leader.

Author: Paragus1

Rant: Modern Warfare 2

Posted by Paragus1 Monday November 9 2009 at 4:32PM
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Rant: Modern Warfare 2

Sorry for deviating from the normal MMO stuff for an entry, but there is something bothering me that I can't help myself from touching on.  During our time in between MMOs, Inquisition likes to dabble in a variety of other games to help pass the time.  One of the most popular games in my vent has consistently been the various incarnations of Call of Duty, be it Modern Warfare or World At War.  First person shooters are a genre near and dear to our hearts coming in a close second under MMOs, so naturally when we heard Modern Warfare 2 was coming, there was a lot of excitement.

Then it happened.  The most blatant display of a developer literally taking a hot steaming deuce on its playerbase.  Infinity Ward breaks the news to the gaming community that the PC version of the game will not have dedicated servers, but instead will feature a peer-to-peer match making system akin to what is commonly found on console systems.  The heads of Infinity Ward tried to justify this decision...

"We're just prioritizing the player experience above the modders and the tuners," says West. He points toward the mounting feedback IW has received from PC fans of Modern Warfare who couldn't find a decent server to play on between all of the cheaters, the insular communities, and huge skill level disparities that the original game's community fractured into. "We thought maybe it would be cool if the fans could play the game," he laughs.

Does he really think PC gamers are too stupid to figure out how to find a good server to play on?  I've been playing Call of Duty 4 and 5 for the last year and it has never been a real issue for us.  Chances are if you are smart enough to know how to operate a computer, you are smart enough to look at a server list and pick a game that best suits your needs.

So what does a loss of dedicated servers really mean to PC players?  First of all, it means that a player with a residential internet connection will be hosting the game giving him a perfect ping advantage while the other players are at the mercy of his connection.  This also means the days of large epic battles on server with upwards of 64 people will be traded for servers with about 18 people max.  No more tweaking the servers to turn off cheap noob tubes, martyrdom, last stand, and other common unskilled cheeseball tactics that destroy the balance of the game.  Clans can also kiss their private servers goodbye used for competitive play.

Worst of all, no dedicated servers means there will be no mods and custom maps.  One of our favorite aspects of Call of Duty is the "Zombie X" mod which we still play regularly on CoD 5.  This game mode features one randomly selected zombie who has to infect all the hunters until the entire map gets turned into zombie or the hunters hold out for a set amount of time.  Often times this gets combined with some amazing custom maps for an extremely fun and heart pounding experience.  Nothing gets you going like having 40 people trying to break into a house your held up in with the last remaining players.  Alas, these days will be gone in MW2.

In response to all of this, a petition was put online demanding the addition of dedicated servers to the PC version of the game.  As of me writing this, the petition has been signed by over 190,000 people.  Yet they continue to stick their thumb in the eye of the PC community, who is greatly responsible for their company's success.

Did I mention they are charging $10 more for this game than previous installments on the PC, and every other PC game in general?  That's right, for $10 more you too can buy a sequel with half of the online multiplayer functionality.  In fact, when you compare it to MW1 in terms of features, it makes no sense.

The old cliche is true that people should speak with their wallet. Modern Warfare 2 is not an MMO, so you only vote once when you buy it instead of every month.  If you buy the game and get burned on it, it's a win on their bottom line since they already have your money.  If they decide to reconsider their stance and stop trying to roll back a decade of progress in the genre, then I would definitely reconsider.  I can only hope that in the meantime that the PC community holds them accountable for trying this sort of nonsense.


Co-Leader of Inquisition

MadnessRealm writes:

Would've been great if you had provided the link to the online petition as I am also a huge fan of the CoD serie :þ


Mon Nov 09 2009 5:35PM Report
brendanpc writes:

Actually the big MW2 petition is the dedicated servers one, here:

Tue Nov 10 2009 2:25AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Thanks, fixed the link!

Tue Nov 10 2009 8:38AM Report
Kreeped writes:

They are selling PC users "CONSOLIZED" game and acting like they are doing it in our best interest.

Its truly laughable how the IW devs are scoffing at the people complaining, they totally make it seem like were cry babies when the fact is they are shoving a console game to us and claiming its 100% more innovative then PC multiplayer. Its disgusting...

I'm not buying it and neither are most of my guys.

Tue Nov 10 2009 11:19AM Report
Player_420 writes:

yeh, whole situation is a joke, thats why people play FPS games on computers

Tue Nov 10 2009 3:43PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

I've about had it with all game developers in general. Some action is definitely needed here to set these fuckers straight.

I signed the petition, too...

Tue Nov 10 2009 8:36PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Just saw footage of hacks being used already in their so called cheat proof environment, which was a big part of them trying to justify their new match-making system.  Without dedicated servers and admins that police them, there is nothing to stop them from running rampant now.

Wed Nov 11 2009 5:35PM Report
Korhindi writes:

Signed the petition and won't be buying the game.

I am cool with them having "official servers" but I cannot see why they can't let the private/dedicated servers stay.  It seems having both would keep both camps of their players happy.

Sounds like a greedy, money grubbing scheme designed to herd, and therefore, milk loyal players of their cash while providing a substandard service.

Wed Nov 11 2009 11:22PM Report
Player_420 writes:

Paragus your above link - - has been removed due to "Activision Copyright"...haha this is getting fu*kin great.....

Thu Nov 12 2009 12:27PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Try this one...

Thu Nov 12 2009 12:31PM Report
dalevi1 writes:

Paragus. Very articulate post, well done. On the PC a FPS  online without private servers or mod capability is a complete failure, at least in terms of the current and past generation.

Right. No reason to play this thing. I am sure their current maps are fine, I am sure their bot resolution is as good as the industry standard (bad).

The fun part is individual servers have the ability to quick ban exactly what they cannot, and for a much cheaper price....

Fri Nov 13 2009 12:18AM Report
dalevi1 writes:

Paragus. Very articulate post, well done. On the PC a FPS  online without private servers or mod capability is a complete failure, at least in terms of the current and past generation.

Right. No reason to play this thing. I am sure their current maps are fine, I am sure their bot resolution is as good as the industry standard (bad).

The fun part is individual servers have the ability to quick ban exactly what they cannot, and for a much cheaper price....

Fri Nov 13 2009 12:18AM Report
soap46 writes:

Way for IW to turn their back on the base that originally gave them success.  I, for one, will not be buying this steaming pile.

Fri Nov 13 2009 1:52AM Report
Tukieu13 writes:

The company's success has everything to do with the game's success on the xb360. For every 10 people playing on PC, there are 1,000 people playing on 360.

Sat Nov 14 2009 1:48PM Report
ElGuappo writes:

In an interview with Best Buy, when asked if MW2 was a direct console port, Mackey McCandish, one of the devs, said no it was not a direct port because, and I'm not making this up, 'PC has custom stuff like mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings'. He even managed to keep a straight face when saying it.

But not only is it most definitely a straight console port, the reasons behind it are as mercenary as they are destructive to the PC community.

Instead of adding code to allow dedi servers, IW simply chose to tinker with the existing X-Box Live code and call it IW:Net. Why they would do this is very obvious; they then control the PC download content market. This means that a PC community that normally enjoys things like mods, new maps, new gametypes etc created by PC users for free, now has to pay for them along with everyone else.

It also spells the end of 'official' competitive leagues and ladders which contribute hugely to the longevity of a title. Sadly there's no real profit in a game that lives on through the work of a community so developers like IW see no reason to acknowledge it.

I say developers 'like IW' because id Software are also going down the same 'no-dedi support' route with their game Rage, due in 2010.


Sat Nov 14 2009 6:17PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

One of my guild members just brought this to my attention.   This picture is a pop up message that PC players have received.

If that doesn't scream console port, I don't know what does.

Sat Nov 14 2009 6:45PM Report
fragzoid writes:

"Average ping 100ms+" WHAT?! You got some serious bull****   right there.  I have played MW2 on PC for a few days now and i don't really have anything bad to say about it. Sure there ain't no dedicated servers and I could say that from a right point of view it's a damn nice thing.

If you really hate the game don't play it, but you really should stop spewing crap about a game they wont be playing.


Mon Nov 16 2009 6:36AM Report
Papamac writes:

There are good arguments to be made both for and against this.  I bought the game and I'm enjoying the multiplayer aspect.  It's different; it's quick; it's fun.

You're right.  There won't be any 50+ player battles and custom maps in MW2.  Those I'll miss.  What I won't miss are the cheaters.  I won't miss the arrogant admins.  I won't miss the clan-rapes.

If I want the 50+ player battles and custom maps, I can always load up CoD4:MW.  For now, I'll enjoy the new gameplay in MW2.

Mon Nov 16 2009 2:39PM Report
BelegStrongbow writes:

 Wow thank you so much for this Blog.  You have helped me make a critical decision.  

For me it was between Dragon Age and this.  I am so going for DA now.

Screw Infinity ward for this nonsense.  


Btw you should come hang out on DFO US-1.  Expansion is gonna be SICK!

Wed Nov 18 2009 12:41PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Dragon Age is the shit.   Took me 40 hours to beat on my first playthrough and there was a lot of side stuff I didn't even touch,   On my second playthrough now on the hardest difficulty and enjoying it still tremendously.

I am following DF very closely, and might be able to shed some light on the expansion if all goes well.  

Wed Nov 18 2009 12:49PM Report
Evasia writes:

I boycot all games that are more focussed towards consoles then pc.

Im 100% pc gamer so i dont buy many games anymore becouse most to much focussed or limited so they  are more suited for consoles.

But im affraid majority are to casual and dont demand high standard that pc games have over consoles and just buy all the crap pc games that are ports or to much console focussed.

True PC gamers having a hardtime but we keep fighting for real pc games and just ignore consoles games.


EU-1 Darkfall forever!!!

Sat Nov 21 2009 6:07AM Report
Ruinal writes:

Check out Divinity 2 Ego Draconis guys. If you like Dragon Age, this could be a coin toss (imho) as to which is better.

On topic, I'm avoiding MW2 for now, though I hear modders have been able to hack it to have dedicated servers now ;)

Btw Paragus, are we likely to see you back in Darkfall? New expansion coming shortly and I'm sure plenty folks miss battling you & your guys.

Sat Nov 21 2009 5:19PM Report
Blazz writes:

"Direct Console Ports" are pretty terrible.

I am still finicketty with Borderlands' menu consisting of pressing enter/spacebar for various commands, with no real mouse support for doing things like dropping an item.

I haven't bought Modern Warfare 2 yet, and I probably won't for a long while yet.

I simply dislike the idea of taking a large amount of power from the player community.

Sun Nov 22 2009 9:55PM Report
drumchannell writes:

@Paragas Thanks for the information, I will not be touching this piece of garbage... that's for sure!

Are you still playing DF?

Mon Nov 23 2009 2:53PM Report
Kyleran writes:

Non-MMORPG games.. pbbbtt........


Wed Nov 25 2009 8:10PM Report writes:
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