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Forsaken World: How Not to make an MMO

Posted by Ozzallos Sunday April 24 2011 at 6:05PM
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When it comes to anything marketed by Perfect World, my first impulse is to stay the hell away and usually its the right one. Very little good comes out of these franchises so when I saw Forsaken World with its super obvious uber emo styling (vampires!), I decided to sit the closed beta out; at least until I saw the Five Things Forsaken World Does Right article recently posted on this very website and figured what do I have to lose, right? Maybe this iteration of their park and spank theme world would actually be enjoyable?

Please fucking kill me now if I have see any more of that captial city.

Like most games games these days- Faxion not included -Forsaken World is pretty. It uses a relatively contemporary graphics engine and imprarts some skill in its world design. The rest of the game? It plays like Warcraft. I know, I'm even tired of saying it, but there's little new ground of note to be mentioned, so why bother.

Now some of you out there actually like warcraft and you might be thinking a change of pace would be nice. Don't do it. If there is one critical you need to know about this game is that it uses central hub quest progression; Meaning all your quests more often than not come from the same place and you'll return there over and over and over again. In itself this isn't so bad, but not like Warcraft that pushes you to dynamic locations further and further away from you stomping grounds. Sure you go back to Stormwind, but it's not your only options.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Forsaken World literally keeps you in the same goddamn city for over twenty levels. Even worse, the bulk of those quests are actually running back and forth around the fairly large city. FOR 20 LEVELS. Of course there are quests to go out and kill stuff. And then you return to run around the city some more. And over. And over. WTF.

And God forbid you're a priest having to rely on the same 2 attacks for that entire time, because you won't see that first talent point until level twenty. Automap becomes a godsend for this game because you'll be literally walking back and forth across the capital dozens upon dozens of times, minimizing the game until you reach your destination in order to do something more exciting on your desktop.

Once the gameplay literally drops to that level, I'm done. It's a lost cause. There's no intellectual stimulation involved. The very way the game is built actually encourages you that whatever plot is built into the quest text largely goes unread because by this point, you'll be highlighting the text autopilot just to get the pain over with.

There's a reason why this Wold is Forsaken. It's becuase its so bogged down in obtusive cluge and endlessly circuluar questing that does nothing to engage the player for 20 levels. Even I can tell the first 20 are more or less the introduction, but did it ever occur to anybody that's a tad excessive? I imagine gameplay may pick up after some time, and I'm not even certain what the level cap is. But am I going to stick around to play what is basically an inferor copy of a Warcraft, which everybody is copying these days?


daltanious writes:

If it is so I already dislike it. Main problem with CO was (besides other things) lack of different areas. Same DCUO.

Tue Apr 26 2011 6:04AM Report
alkarionlog writes:

I can tell you XD after the lvl 20 nothing changes, still keep the same thing, only diference is till 20 you lvl fast then you really have to start to grind the dailys to lvl

Tue Apr 26 2011 7:39AM Report
r118644 writes:

 Wanna know one thign they did wrong? FEMALE GOD DAMN DWARVES!

 Male dwarves they got ok the women they screwed up by makign them all cutesy and anime. Every game i have the optio nto i have a female Dwarf because of what the Dwarves are. I cannot look at the FW Dwarf women withotu barfing fro mthe cuteness of them.

Tue Apr 26 2011 1:28PM Report
notBob writes:

I have played several MMOG's and they are all alike in one way or rag on 1 game this way shows a lack of perspective and a total disregard to what the genre is about. You want variety, play Xbox or PS3 online. WoW is no different, hit 85, all that is left is daily's period! Raiding is a joke, PvP is nothing short of timing when the opposite faction is off-line so you have a chance to win. At least FW is free to play and download, while CATA is $40.00 plus a minimum of $13.00 monthly...there is no such thing as a perfect MMOG.

Wed Apr 27 2011 5:57AM Report
demonic87 writes:

Notbob I hope your notserious. Your saying if he wants variety he should go play a console? So you just basically admitted the game sucked. And then you rip on WoW raiding and pvp, when WoW actually has content compared to this, and the pvp isnt pay-to-win. You sir, and a troll.

Wed Apr 27 2011 8:56PM Report writes:
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