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Forsaken World Developer Blog

Developed by top talent in the gaming industry, Forsaken World is the first MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment built from the ground up for the Western audience and is the most highly-anticipated game from the company to date.

Author: Obah

Contributors: therealjayve,pwecrabclaw,

Closed Beta – Phase 2

Posted by Obah Monday November 8 2010 at 7:23PM
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With Phase 1 of beta testing well underway, it's time to get some information about Phase 2 out in the open. 

Phase 2 is set to begin on November 24th.  This phase will raise the level cap to 40, which will unlock a multitude of new dungeons, quests, professions, and more.  Selection for participation in this phase will be a random drawing amongst all submitted beta keys, with those chosen being sent an email confirming their acceptance.

Additionally, all Phase 1 testers are automatically included in Phase 2.  Characters from Phase 1 will transfer over, and can continue being played.

We're looking forward to unlocking a whole new batch of content, and can't wait to let even more people experience Forsaken World first hand!  Watch the Forsaken World forums and front page for regular updates and additional information.

Also, the Forsaken World Facebook page is home to regular giveaways, contests, and information as well.  Become a fan today!

Inktomi writes:

Another shameless WOW clone that join the line hoping to take market share from Blizzard. Good luck with that.

Another uninstalled game due to the company misrepresenting its process for beta invites. You cost me a whopping 3 hours of DL'ing and installation. And thats all you will see from me, perfect world international. 

Another Eastern company adopting Blizzard brand of gameplay trying to sway the western audience to embrace the item shop/Free to play gameplay model. I'd rather play LOTRO for that matter, much better storyline and I actually have some faith that the company (Turbine) won't make it pay-to-win as Perfect World was. 

Good luck to all that play this game, I will never endorse it.

Tue Nov 09 2010 8:20PM Report
mckimmins writes:

I am butt hurt about the beta too Inktomi but your making alot of negative statements about the game for someone that has never even played the game or seen how their item shop will be.

Wed Nov 10 2010 6:35AM Report
aromero writes:

^ This...

Wed Nov 10 2010 9:24AM Report
Inktomi writes:

I'm not only talking about FW but my experience with PW (the game) also says a lot about the company. If you played PW then you would understand. I watched numerous youtube videos and don't need to play the game to see a wow clone, you could see that from space at this point.


Wed Nov 10 2010 11:27AM Report
niqpere writes:

Hope they let alot more people in phase to and hope the new content turns out good . Until Gw2 comes out hopefully this game with have fun gameplay that will keep me busy for a while . Still alot of testing needed at the moment from the live streams i have seen . I have been waiting since before march so if i get in by phase to ill be happy . I still think the game needs auction house and combat movement but hopefully they are working on gameplay a bit more like they have stated they will keep working on other parts to improve the game .

Fri Nov 12 2010 4:07PM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

@Inktomi, i play every single game from PWE except for torchlight, and none of them are WoW clone. you have some serious trouble getting over with wow... maybe u think WoW created every single detail you can find ingame?  to claim every other game out there has copied wow and its a wow clone.... ur wrong man, so wrong.

lets see some wow clones F2P.... allods, gates of andaron, runes of magic, alganon, some other ones. yeah those are wow clones with some unique touch added to make it a lil different. they wont be more popular than wow thats for sure. IF its gonna be a wow clone, its ok, as long as its a fun and free to play. Other than that, the money is well worth to be spent on wow (i dont play the official wow tho id like to).

back to PWE games, none of them are wow clones. AT ALL

Sat Nov 13 2010 8:23PM Report
Griffihn writes:

ummm... actually rojo, Perfect World is a WoW clone. at one point in CB (that being like over 2 years ago) one of the GMs even admitted that most of the gameplay and graphics are "inspired" from WoW (aka they stole everything they could). dunno what you're playing or what you've been smoking mate but pretty much every game PWI has released is a clone of another game that had/has success. try looking out on the web once in a while and u'll see them.


as for this one? not exactly WoW clone... more like Atlantica or Aika. when i'll remember exactly which game it copyed, i'll return with a comment...


on topic: this would've been great if they wouldn't have given out so many CB keys to begin with. that's like the biggest fail i've ever seen... but meh, i guess they went poor when they bought the servers for this new game so they had to limit the number of players in it.

Sun Nov 14 2010 4:09AM Report
Vyeth writes:

While it doesn't really seem like a WoW clone, but then again the whole talent tree, question mark, jump and /dance around era began with WoW pretty much making all other games that use this modern day techniques "clones", however its nothing special either..

While the graphics are better than average, the gameplay (based on what I have seen so far in videos) will be more of the same. I'm impressed that they have avoided the dreaded Gender Locks, but I watched a video showing some pretty OP special or EX skills that look like they are used for grinding..

If every class has an epic AoE, expect some very heavy grinding eventually.

Mon Nov 15 2010 8:10AM Report
ZiiR writes:

I have lost all respect for PWE and i've uninstalled all their games. They mislead us, then they used and abused us. I have never felt such a dirty feeling after the farce they pulled. You don't use your member base, you don't use your paying customers, you fix your wrongs and don't exploit your members. You wanted nothing but to use members as publicity stunts, you got publicity and now its going sour because you didn't know when to quit. good luck, keeping those who are not already leaving.

Wed Nov 17 2010 5:37PM Report
ZiiR writes:

oh, btw, they are now actually locking all threads were people want to discuss and share their concerns and feelings on how PWE has treated them. If its not something that they like , they lock it. No free speech on them forums, its like marshall law.. lameness

Wed Nov 17 2010 5:46PM Report
alextodo writes:

Just so you know ... PW China came out back in 05 and was p2p. kthxbye

Fri Nov 19 2010 11:55AM Report writes:
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