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Midkemia Online Goblin Fun!

Hey guys, I play a tiny little Goblin in Midkemia Online which is a lot of fun. My character is a female rogue, and I'm very new to Midkemia. Come check it out if you're looking for a good game!!

Author: NomiM

PVP in Midkemia: Climbing to the Top with Style

Posted by NomiM Friday April 27 2012 at 4:56AM
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I haven't had much time lately to blog, but that doesn't mean I haven't had much time to PvP. The best part of PvP in Midkemia is you lose nothing at all except something called War Points, so there's no reason at all to jump right in and stat trying to learn. Which is exactly what I did! I've racked up just over 400 hours of playtime so far, and my character has some pretty significant work investments, so keep that in mind! 

After about 20 hours of playtime, I tend to get bored with games and move on. But I'm on my 406th hour now, and I'm loving Midkemia as much as when I first started. I can't stand games like Call of Duty or even WoW BG's or SWTOR WZ's for more than an hour or typically three hours MAX at a time, but I can easily spend all day on Midkemia without even realizing it. 

Anyways, I'm sure you guys know how much I love this game, so continuing on about that is pointless. Here's what you came for: PVP in Midkemia is still great. If you saw my blog post from a few weeks ago, you saw how much I liked it then. I still like it that much, 400 hours of playtime into the game. I play a Rogue Bard and my character has gotten much stronger since then. Currently I'm able to give anyone in the game a pretty good fight, and I can even 1v2 or 1v3 against sometimes, depending on who it is!

I gave a really good explanation on the mechanics of Bard back then, but I'll re-summarize and include an explanaion of Midkemia's PvP mechanics: Each ability has two timers. One is how long until it fires, the next is how long until you get your balance back and can attack again. There are five ways to defend in the game, and each attack has its strengths and weaknesses against different types of defenses. What this means in simple terms is: you need to get creative to beat anyone who's good. It's not the same against everyone and anyone, you really need to change it up or you are going to find something that your strategy won't work on! It's a bit like Starcraft 2 in the sense of x beats y unless y is really good, then y becomes more powerful but is still susceptible to xa which  is weak to yb if yb does this, etc, etc, etc. You get the point.

Anyways, complexity is why I play games like Midkemia. There's just no point in playing a game with pretty graphics if, when it's all summarized in a combat log, it basically comes down to: You do 10 damage. You take 5 damage. You do 9 damage. You take 4 damage. That's not fun, and that's not complex. If you're looking for something complicated, you need to check Midkemia out right now. Seriously, give it a good, honest shot. 

My character has gone from a grubby little midget-goblin to being the only goblin currently in the world who can stand toe to toe with some of the big-names of the fighting world. Rogue Bard has a lot of really cool tricks, and it has a total of 3 or 4 required weapons, with uses for all of them. If that isn't enough, we have access to 23 spell-like "songs" that get more powerful over time, and each has a very different effect. What more can you want? It's sort of like playing a Druid in WoW, except you get three specs instead of two, and you can swap between them right in the middle of combat. Bard is that adaptable, and it's even more fun than doing that in WoW would be. 

So far my favorite part of PvP in Midkemia would be the poison system. There are dozens of poisons with different effects, and almost every fencing attack I have also delivers a poison from my saber. This is really awesome for stacking afflictions and making them burn adrenaline curing. Adrenaline is sort of like pushing a boulder up or down a mountain, depending on who has more. This makes it a really cool mechanic and a lot of things can change the flow of the fight entirely, leading to the most dynamic fights I've had in any PvP system. 

Recently, my character has fought two Magicians at once, dueled a pyromaniac surrounded by over twenty rooms of fire, won a 8 person hour-long free-for-all marathon where everyone respawned and the one with the most points won, smacked an invisible rogue right out into the open and preceded to kill him, and even hunted a Magician down from one end of the world to the other... and this was all just in the last week or so. There's way too much to go over every detail, but I've had all this fun and I haven't even had much time to play lately due to final papers and the like. If any of you start playing, I'd be happy to help you out! I'll even give you this easy-to-click link to get started: Midkemia!

RP in Midkemia: Politics, pixies, and double-edged betrayal

Posted by NomiM Friday April 27 2012 at 12:51AM
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So last time I gave the backstory and what happened in Nomi's first clash with politics in Midkemia, let me remind you all that I refer to Nomi as a third person because Midkemia is a role-playing world, and I don't really attach myself to Nomi! Anyways, the clash with politics left her with a city disfavor and a sense that she had very few friends in Sar-Sargoth compared to how many she thought she had, because of how few people stuck up for her! So after a discussion with Rhiarinn (one of Nomi's biggest role-models and her Clan Leader), Nomi calmed down a little bit and tried to just avoid making trouble. But come on, how good can a goblin be at avoiding trouble, anyways? Anyways, Nomi's groundrules were not to accept help from enemies anymore, though the head leader of Sar-Sargoth broke that very rule while she was still in the process of telling Nomi not to. 

A few RL days later, there was a Clover Hunt, and one of Nomi's citymates decided to capture the pixie who was in charge of it. With Nomi's back-story in mind (she hates being trapped and hates fire), she had a lot of sympathy for the pixie and threatened to kill Devlin if he didn't release the pixie. Naturally, a few people didn't like that much at all, and stood up to Nomi. I had a pretty fun 1v2 fight against Tora and Firengaud (Firengaud is one of the better PvPers of the game) and won twice, so Nomi was feeling pretty confident when she went back to Devlin. Unfortunately many more people were there, and when Nomi tried to kill him, she got squashed pretty quickly.

They started demanding the pixie summon an artifact from Elvandar, threatening torture and worse. After the pixie got started, fights broke out, and eventually the artifact, a runeblade (with weapon stats of 150 damage, 150 accuracy, 150 speed which is great considering average weapons in Midkemia have one good stat around 170 and two okay stats at 60) was summoned. Moredhel, the main race of Sar-Sargoth, go pretty nuts over these artifacts, but they didn't let the pixie go afterwards. Lilah, a leader in Sar-Sargoth, took the pixie to a special set of rooms called the Hall of Worlds, and that was when Nomi popped out of the shadows and killed her. 

Taking the jar, Nomi ran off and freed the pixie, letting it run free. Once Lilah came back to life, she kicked Nomi from Sar-Sargoth, and enemied her as well. This was when I decided to stay gone. I actually waited a really long time to talk to Rhiarinn for kind of long, but the RP was more politics and she was just so focused on politics that she didn't see any of the signs that Nomi was about to leave. Nomi never seriously questioned her once before, let alone four times in the course of an hour, so I was rather surprised at her astonishment when Nomi quit Raven (one of the Guilds in Midkemia) and didn't rejoin Sar-Sargoth, instead joining Krondor and leading their forces against Sar-Sargoth. To Sar-Sargoth, this is betrayal, but to Nomi, they betrayed her when they allowed Lilah to kick her from her home simply for doing what she thought was the right thing, then refusing to speak about it! 

Nomi's pretty happy in Krondor now, she's treated very well and is having a lot of fun making new friends. A few of her older friends from Sar-Sargoth have forgiven her already, but a few others broke her heart with an impressive amount of hatred. One player even snubbed (the equivalent of /ignore) Nomi simply for not killing her and offering tips instead!! That was rather disappointing just because of the absurd loss of RP potential, but I guess some people just aren't up for it sometimes. Next blog will go over something that, as an avid PvPer, is much more fun to talk about: PvP!!

Player-Leadership in Midkemia: Politics, RP, and surprisingly fun!

Posted by NomiM Wednesday April 25 2012 at 2:01AM
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Hello! I've been pretty busy the last week or two with the last few weeks of semesters, anyone who is a college student knows how hectic they can get. I've fallen a little behind, but as I'm currently spending much more time on papers than playing Midkemia, I'm certain I'll catch up! 

So just to go over the background in Midkemia, goblins are typically meant to be stupid, submissive and exceedingly obediant. Let me start by saying: whoops. I had no idea that was the case when I started playing, and it was a little too late to change after I got a little well known as "that cute stabby thing". So, OOCly, I also rather dislike slavery/oppression and tend to gravitate away from that sort of RP. Nomi is a rebellious little thing, and one day, let an enemy of her city (Sar-Sargoth) take her hunting. I don't even like politics IRL, let alone in a game, but this spawned some decent RP. I apologize for any misunderstandings, as I'm far more used to describing PK than political RP, so bear with me, please!

With that in mind, a Praetor (In Midkemia, cities are led by councils and a leader. Praetors are the councils of Sar-Sargoth, and the Witch-King(or Queen) is Sar-Sargoth's leader.) had a really big problem with that, and Nomi couldn't understand why, then got punished for it. So instead of being patient and waiting for things to sort themselves out, she of course seeks out this Praetor in order to stab her. Wouldn't the world be so much easier if that was all politics boiled down to? Unfortunately, however, the Praetor enemied Nomi to her own city and hid in it, and there was a pretty emotional time where Sar-Sargoth's leaders were all ganging up on Nomi, and not even her mentor stuck up for her. 

I tried making this a bit of a foreshadowing of Nomi's future, as I was a little uncomfortable with Sar-Sargoth as a player overall, and knew I wouldn't really enjoy the game much at all if I RPed a submissive little worm. I'm a hardcore PVPer, and submissive "Yes'm"s just aren't in my nature, after all! So realizing Nomi was out to kill her (and after Nomi teased her publicly), that Praetor voted to exile Nomi. Nobody else really wanted to, partly because they may have thought Nomi was tamable, and maybe because they simply liked having her around. In any case, another Praetor tried explaining Nomi's place to her, which didn't really go well. 

All of this amounted to some pretty fun RP, but regretably, I was unable to save the logs. I've been having some computer problems, which has had a pretty negative impact on my logging capabilities, though I am looking into auto-logging!

Just yesterday, however, the RP this set up burst, and I'll give out the details in my next post (as soon as I get the time, at least!) If you're interested, maybe you can catch me procrastinating like a champion in Midkemia!

Midkemia Online: PVP + Nomi meets a Goddess

Posted by NomiM Friday April 13 2012 at 3:22AM
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Earlier today, I decided it would be a good idea to wage war on another city by attacking one of their fortresses called Highcastle. Sieges are the "battlegrounds" of Midkemia, where groups of players can "siege" a fortress or garden to take control of it from the other group. Unfortunately, there isn't a limit on who can participate, so numbers can be pretty wild, but it still ends up being a lot of fun due to the mechanics of Midkemia PVP.
My character led my side, but I think I could have done a lot better. Then again, my character is a bard, so I was already multitasking heavily. If you read one of my earlier blogs, you'd know what bards can do, and the room control proved to be a very important part of the victory. I also got to use my new crossbow, and I got a few kills with the high damage of it! It was really a lot of fun.
Now normally, it's pretty unfair one way or the other, but this time I tried to make sure numbers were even. It looked like 11 of them against 10 of us, but nothing works out the way you plan and it ended up being 7-9 of them against 14 of us. A few of them logged out/quit/didn't participate and a few more on my side logged in. I wasn't really into the trash talking that was going on, but my char did offer an apology and offered to fight anyone who was unsatisfied with the numbers. Gross, drama. Anyways!
All of a sudden, my character got visited by a Goddess! She thought Nomi was adorable and has (so I hear) been watching Nomi for a while now, and told one of Nomi's friends to send her her love! Of course, this happened during the first 5-10 minute break I took in the last 2ish hours, so he's sitting there trying to get my attention and I"m not even there! Next thing I know, I come back and a Goddess is infront of me talking. I was pretty confused and really caught off guard, but it turned out to be tons of fun.
What happened was the Goddess just wanted Nomi to know she liked her, so at first she just had one of her followers try to tell Nomi. Buuut I was afk, so the messenger decided to kick Nomi! And then the Goddess appeared and started interacting with everyone, yelling at the messenger for kicking Nomi. She seemed a little flirty and was a lot of fun to interact with. My character was horrified that guys were flirting with a Goddess and offered to kill them, but the Goddess hardly seemed offended and teased them. One of them even acted pretty silly (saying Gods aren't really powerful) and she didn't even prove him wrong. The interactions was really cool and the reactions from the Goddess to the unpredictable players was impressive. Why can't all games have this? Because other games aren't MUDs!
Compared to other games where in-game deities rarely, if ever, interact with players... this was just amazing. It's really surprising how much a little interaction like this can change a character. Before, my character was headed towards the Order of Tith-Onaku, the Warrior God. But Killian is extremely cool and won Nomi over simply by visiting and interacting, and now the course of my character is completely different. In how many other games have you ever gotten special attention from an admin just for the pure purpose of making sure you're enjoying the game a lot (and I don't mean right before you click cancel subscription!)? This really says a lot about Midkemia's administration, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the game.
I don't want to seem like I'm promoting or anything, but text MUDs are really overlooked often and I think it's a shame more people don't try to enjoy them. If you've never tried a MUD before, give it a try! You can even join Sar-Sargoth and if I (Nomi) am on, I'll help you get started! :)

Player-Run Events in Midkemia Online: Simply Awesome

Posted by NomiM Wednesday April 11 2012 at 11:09PM
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So this week my character experienced her first Banapis, a day in Midkemia where everyone celebrates the birthdays of... everyone! Since the game years are pretty long, the admin put huge events on every other Banapis, with a lot of different activities and challenges as well as rare, otherwise unobtainable prizes. This Banapis wasn't one run by the game administrators, but instead by the city player administrators in Sar-Sargoth. It was one of the most fun experiences I've had in any game.
First, we had a scavenger hunt with hints from our city leader. She put letters in different places and gave us vague clues on where to find them. Each letter was a voucher for something, some credits, some city-favours, some other things. They were a lot of fun to find and although I didn't find any because I'm still new, the experience was still really fun.
After that, we had a city-wide Bloodbath, which an in-game administrator playing the role of a God set up for us. We all fought in an arena that unfortunately wasn't on my map file, but I still stumbled around killing people. Most of the fights were fair, but one player decided to get a little tricky and started trapping two people who were already fighting in with icewalls, then spamming pyroclasms in their room. Brutal. 
I had a lot of really good fights in that Bloodbath, my character took down someone who beat her 8 times just a few days ago, as well as the Fourth Warlord of Midkemia, Agravain. My character is a lowly goblin, but it was a ton of fun and I got a Divine Truefavour, too!
After that, our city leader showed us some really cool scripted beetle races with random outcomes, and let us bet on them. Each beetle was named after either a famous player or a God, and each race had different possible outcomes. In the first race, some of the beetles started fighting, while others scurried across the racetrack and one even flew! Not to be outdone, the beetles named after Gods actually took on their Gods' powers! The beetle named after the Goddess of Death killed one of the other beetles, while the beetle named after the Goddess of the Sea made it rain a lot, flooding the track and taking the win.
Afterwards, it was time for my character to tell a story. She's a little bard, so she went over the story of her life. It was my first time doing any kind of performance like that and a few of the tools were new to me, but it was actually a lot of fun and people seemed to enjoy it. I chose bard for the PVP of it, but I'm really glad that it fits my character so well and builds the enjoyment of others. You can read the story here, if you'd like to!
This Banapis was an awesome example of what player-driven events can really bring to the game. Midkemia has a small player base, but each and every one of the players I've met so far has been awesome to play with, RP with and PVP with. If you're looking for a game with a good community as well as awesome administrators and a great lore background, check Midkemia out. Really, you'll thank me.

Midkemia PVP: Mini Goblin Rogue versus the World

Posted by NomiM Monday April 9 2012 at 2:25AM
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This was a pretty huge week for me because I finally got to transcend my skillset. Just a reminder, my character in Midkemia is a goblin rogue bard. In Midkemia, goblins are strange little things that nobody really respects. So it's been fun from a RP point of view to build up respect for my character. Let me go over the skill sets I've learned so you get some level of familiarity with the system.


First, there's Fencing. Fencing is really cool, and it's exactly what it sounds like. It's all about finesse, speed and skill. In a game like Midkemia where the defensive side is all about dodging rather than magic "healing beams of light" or a bunch of green numbers spamming your screen, that is a really attactive concept. Fencing has a lot of really cool abilities and the transcendant ability is one where once you start it, if the target has level two bleeding, hamstring and two severed nerves, they die instantly. It's sort of like that Zorro z slash thing, except it's called Coup de Grace. So. Much. Win.


Second, there's Subtlety. Subtlety is really straight-forward with what it is too: it's filled with underhanded "subtle" techniques that give you advantages. These are little tricks like bombs, backstabbing, spying and hiding, but there's also something really cool: hostage. No guessing about what that is. What's even more cool is you can instantly kill someone you are holding hostage. The transcendant ability is called deepshroud, which is pretty much a level two "hide" that only other deepshrouded rogues (and a few special tactics) can get you out of. Definitely cool.


Now the third skill for any class in Midkemia is optional and it defines what you really are. Priests have the most options, while Magicians and Rogues have two, and Soldiers currently only have one option. Performance is all about songs, rogues who take that become Bards. The other option Thievery, rogues who take that are sneaky Thieves, which are better at assassinating and some styles of solo fighting. Performance is better at rambo-style fighting. Guess which I prefer.


Yep! Performance is filled with lots of room-control abilities with passive effects called "songs". This is really cool because I love strategy games and this makes Midkemia PVP feel a little more familiar. It also has some targettable songs like Canto and Requiem, both of which do damage... and Naming of the Tears, which summons an ally to you. One of the coolest abilities is one that doesn't let anyone enter your room as long as the song is active, this is called Squall of Storms. Performance works off of a "cadence" system, where you need to build up cadences in order for songs you play to last longer. Cadence is consumed with each song you play, and the max is three. Good Bards keep their songs at full duration with a full cadence Refrain, which increases the duration of all songs in the room by an amount determined by how many cadences you have.


Now that you have a slight idea of what does what, let me go over what happened. I recently fought some of the best PvPers in the game, and they think I did pretty well. I won as many as I lost, which is quite a feat considering how long some of them have been playing and how many pay-for-perks items some of them have. Midkemia is still in beta, so I'm not judging it too harshly, but currently it seems to favor magicians. There are a few bugs in the game that make my life difficult, but I'm sure they'll be fixed soon. I've been able to fight 1 v 2 and 1 v 3 with varying success lately and my character is still really tiny, but it's been a blast. 


Eventually, another city ended up sieging Highcastle, which was controlled by my city. No one else was around, so I just defended against all eight of them. It was a LOT of fun, albeit a little frustrating. The most successful part was when I hostaged (and executed) one person, then started fighting the person he was with. By the time the next person got there, my target was very messed up. I killed him and started working on the next target. Then another person got there and I finished the third arrival off (with a coup de grace). I started killing the fourth, but then two more people showed up, and these two were people who my character would have to fight alone to win against. Oh well, it was a lot of fun and great practice. I might be able to pull that off once I get a bit better! I have some great tactics lined up for when my character is bigger. I can't wait to see where my character ends up in a few months. Maybe the tiny little goblin will end up being the First Warlord! Who knows? :)

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