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Midkemia Online Goblin Fun!

Hey guys, I play a tiny little Goblin in Midkemia Online which is a lot of fun. My character is a female rogue, and I'm very new to Midkemia. Come check it out if you're looking for a good game!!

Author: NomiM

Finding your own fun in Midkemia Online, off-rails

Posted by NomiM Thursday March 29 2012 at 11:13PM
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Midkemia is a great game and I think anyone who has seen either of my other blog posts knows that's what I think. But it's also one of those games that won't play itself for you. One of the great things about Midkemia is the fact that it isn't on rails, it doesn't have a set plot, you CAN change what happens in the game, and your actions DO make a difference. But if you sit around and do nothing and wait to be entertained like you're watching a movie, you're going to be disappointed. Not everyone is used to playing games like this, where your actions change things, but it's not as hard as you might think!


First things first: Stay Immersed. This is a RP game, it is certainly not a Call of Duty clone where you just shoot things and the story is a joke. You don't need to have alot of experience RPing in order to enjoy RPing, it just takes a tiny bit of planning. 

Deciding on a few personality traits for your character could really help you RP and stay IC. Is she shy? Is he greedy? Does he love combat? Would she run away from a fight? Would she steal something? Try to create an interesting, fun character that sticks out a little bit in whatever way. My character loves stealing and fighting, no matter the odds. 


Secondly: Talk to people! Some people are shy and won't interact with you unless you start the conversation. Don't be intimidated by this! They are just people behind computer screens just like you. Try greeting them by something in their title, then asking for help or asking why they're wielding this or that, anything. Ask them if they'd like to go hunting with you, or fishing, or even spar! Ask about their history, what they like to do, where they got that scar from, whatever. 

Try to incorporate some of your class into your RP. If you're a bard, randomly start singing! If you're a thief, try some sneaky thief RP. My character is fond of asking people if she can warm her hands up in their money-pouch (it's actually quite cold in the North!) and sneakily picking up anything she can find. 

Also, don't be afraid to do some custom emotes. It's a lot of fun and really helps immersion as well. While stock emotes don't take balance and are a lot easier, custom emotes allow you to show a lot more personality through your actions. My character is particularily effective at biting shins before running away, for example. Midkemia has a really cool system of emoting, read HELP EMOTE.


Next, if you're alone, don't just quit until more people show up! There are still plenty of things to do even while you're waiting for more people to play with. Try giving little responses to NPCs when they say things to you, sometimes an Immortal will animate one of them and start RPing with you. Also, you can:

Level through killing denizens (known as bashing)

Explore (which also gives you experience)

Fish (which gives you great gold and experience

Gather through mining or harvesting (which can give really good experience)

Or even craft some new armor or weapons! 


Lastly, don't join OOC clans/societies (unless they are extremely helpful). This is a big one that might not be obvious to people, but it can really damage your immersion over time if you're not really really good at swapping between IC and OOC on the fly. I've found from other IRE games that OOC clans tend to really change how you play, especially if it's an OOC clan with just one side of the coin (faction) in it. Without realizing it, I stopped playing for fun and started playing to win. 



This was a pretty huge week for my character (tiny little Goblin Rogue) in Midkemia! As a player, I'm still learning the ropes of Midkemia, but I've gotten a hang of most things. I'm up to level 60 now and have a vague outline of what the continent looks like. So far I have a pretty good idea of what my character of capable of, what her weaknesses are, and how she would respond to most situations. Instead of giving a timeline, I'll divide the aspects of what I did so you can easily find what you're looking for and decide if you're interested in trying Midkemia or not! :)

PVP: Wow, Midkemia's PVP is really, really fun. Instead of most games where it's all about "MY FIRE BALL DID MORE DAMAGE THAN YOUR FIRE BALL, I WIN!", Midkemia uses a more realistic approach that involves five different types of dodging and five different types of attacks, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Extremely cool. Using a free system, called Matawa by Raelyr, I've been able to jump right into Midkemia's PVP and I've actually done pretty well. I'm not sure if this is because of my top-tier PVP background from Achaea or if this speaks of the low entry level for Midkemia's PVP, but it's definitely worth trying out for any of you WoW arena junkies looking for a change.


• RP: Everyone I've met (even one special grumpy person) has been relatively nice to my character. Even that one person who was mean ended up warming up to her a little bit. One character is especially suspicious of Nomi (as he should be!) but most seem to find her quite endearing. The accents in Midkemia are really fun to play and try to decipher. I find it lends extra personality to a character, even more personalization and fun. Also! Someone gave my character a horse. :D :D :D :D


• RPPVP: No, this section isn't about PVP on a RP server where ERPers also play, this is about PVP that includes RP in it. Nomi got pretty frustrated in a bloodbath and challenged a few of the contestants she thought were cheap to duels. Two out of three that she challenged accepted, and the fights were honestly a lot of fun. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun, which is the most important thing. My favorite time was when my stupidly brave goblin charged a group of two Warlords and demanded they send a message for it. Kind of reminded me of when my cat walked up to a pitbull and started sniffing her nose.


• PVE:

Exploring: Okay, I'll be honest, I found exploring a little frustrating. The good kind of frustrating though, not the "this game is hopeless" frustrating. It was the sort of problem that encouraged character growth rather than quitting altogether. Any time you move to a new room in Midkemia, your character loses endurance. The cost is reduced by riding a mount, and it  is significantly higher in mountains. Midkemia's gameworld is HUGE, and there are many aggressive creatures. It introduces a sense of danger that simply isn't present in the on-rails themepark sort of games that are so popular these days. See that bear over there? Yeah, that one. It will actually tear you to shreds, rather than being passive until you get some stupid quest weapon that oneshots it. Great design, love it.

Killing stuff: Not too many things actually drop money in Midkemia, so making money is dependent on you actually learning about the world, what can be sold where, what drops money, et cetera. The game is still in development but even so, there are a lot of bashing areas that are good for various level ranges. 

Gathering + crafting: Midkemia uses a REALLY cool system. Each commodity has 3 stats: speed, accuracy and damage. Each type of commodity has different flavor text for each stat. For metal, speed is "malleability". For  stone and wood, speed is "elasticity", etc. You submit a design (similar to other IRE crafting systems) but half of it has to be steel or iron (because a pure gold sword would get bent after parrying two hits) and the other half can be whatever you want. This is really good because you can find a lot of different commodities in different places and use whatever you find, if you design it! Try to get creative with things like engravings or etches or a golden hilt, etc. 


Bottom line? Midkemia is awesome, it's a great upcoming game and now is a great time to jump in. It's free, it's fun, and there's no reason at all you shouldn't give it a good, honest try. And I don't mean that 5 second glance that results in an immediate "this is dumb" judgment, give it a few days. You owe it to yourself to at least check Midkemia out. 

"Gobbo Toss", a new game in Midkemia!

Posted by NomiM Friday March 23 2012 at 11:34PM
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So I'm pretty new to Midkemia and when someone asks me if I want to play "gobbo toss", I automatically assume it's some hard-coded minigame which involves my character getting thrown like a horseshoe.  Right on! I get over to the main part of the city (after getting lost...) and the following ensues: I imagine Bakstabba is a little smaller than this goblin, to be thrown so easily!

Lots of fun! Bakstabba RPs a Goblin very well, and since I haven't read the books, I can only really hope to get as good at pretending to be a Goblin as he is. My expertise lies in PvP, which I'll cover when my character is a little stronger. RPing a female Goblin feels kind of awkward, but the mischief parts are pretty fun. 

RP in Midkemia is frequently this high-quality from what I've noticed, as opposed to other MUDs where it's typically just a conversation. The Immortal jumping in the spur of the moment and playing was very cool and I hope to see more things like this in my time in Midkemia!

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