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Mindless MMORPG

Mindless banter about MMORPG's and any other game I feel like talking about.

Author: Nicod3mus

Quake Flake?

Posted by Nicod3mus Monday October 1 2007 at 2:05PM
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After debating whether or not to buy Enemy Territory: Quake Wars I decided to wait until Crysis came out to determine my next shooter. So far I am pretty glad I did. Most of the reviews look like it's a BF 2142 ripoff with over simplified controls for vehicles and the age old twitch of the Quake franchise. The same guys that made the Enemy Territory expansion for Return to Castle Wolfenstien (Splash Damage) made Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and more than one review said RtCW players that played ET for RtCW would be very familiar in the game. That doesn't boast so well for me as I have no desire to play anything like RtCW.

The highly touted "mega textures" or what ever they called them have turned out to be less than thrilling and the game seems to be pretty mediocre all the way around. From what I read props for the teamwork aspects of the game are in order. Apparently the class balance and overall balance of the game worked out pretty well in that you have to have a variance of classes to take and defend objectives effectively.

Is anyone playing the retail version if the game and if so what are your thoughts?

 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Dhaeman writes:

I just wanted to point out that the people who made RtCW did not make ET or ET:QW. Nerve Software developed RtCW. Splash Damage did both ETs.

I played the Quake Wars demo but didn't like it. The maps are far too big for my tastes and the only PC FPS I've ever really enjoyed has been RtCW. The perfect mix of strategy, speed, and skill.

Mon Oct 01 2007 5:10PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

Gotcha...Splash Damage made the Enemy Territory expansion for RtCW and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Mon Oct 01 2007 5:16PM Report
ZeppelinJ0 writes:

Quake Wars actually is pretty fun.  Really the only people that have beef with it are people who played BF since it, honestly, is very similar. 

However they pulled it off with some flair, and the "simplified" controls make the game far more accessible, and in my mind, more fun.  I think the over-complication of gaming now-a-days gets very boring, so this is nice and refreshing.

Mon Oct 01 2007 7:15PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

I can see how making the vehicles easier to operate is appealing to a lot of people but for me personally being one of the best chopper pilots in BF 1942 Desert Combat......I hate it. Even in BF2 you have to find someone highly skilled as a pilot or what ever if you want to play all the newer games anyone can saddle up and spam missiles all over the place...just doesn't appeal to me personally. I still remember the names of all the hot chopper and plane pilots....would I remember them if anyone could do it...probably not.

Mon Oct 01 2007 7:52PM Report
wilson1225 writes:

Crysis is a piece of crap.  Have at the newly "open to all" multiplayer beta for proof.  Before a thousand fanbois cry "but its still beta" recall that it is being bankrolled by EA, and when's the last time you remember playing a new EA release that didn't feel like a beta?  It is the true BF 2142 "rip off" if it's possible anyone would "rip off" that sack of a game. 

Quake Wars is about as far removed from BF2142 you can get.  The only commonalities are multiplayer FPS, vehicles, and sci-fi.  I guess you could say they are both Tribes "rip offs" then right?

I don't get the "simplified controls" complaints.  I've played all the BF games and the controls seem pretty much the same. I think driving / flying is actually a lot more fun in Quake Wars.  Tired of that chopper whore flying around with impunity? Shoot his ass down.  Yeah that's right, weapons actually damage air vehicles in quake wars.  This alone makes flying way more fun, as you actually have to watch out for soldier rockets, MGs, deployed anti vehicle turrets, base defenses, sniper rifles, and assault rifles any class can carry, not to mention the other ground and air vehicles (all of which can easily pick an aircraft out of the sky if piloted skillfully, well except the icarus).

I would say you are selling yourself short by not picking up Quake Wars.   I'm sure a lot of people who passed it up will give it a second look after checking being disappointed by Crysis multiplayer.


Mon Oct 01 2007 7:55PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

Nice Wilson.....while I disagree that you can't damage air units in BF2 or BF 1942 with Desert's glad to hear something from someone actually playing the game. Im about to check out the crysis MP and we will see.....might go ahead and grab quake wars as well........if Crysis does turn out to be crap then you may be right about getting a second wave of Enemy Territory players.

Tue Oct 02 2007 12:10PM Report writes:
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