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Mindless MMORPG

Mindless banter about MMORPG's and any other game I feel like talking about.

Author: Nicod3mus

Spellborn's Trip to Lamerton

Posted by Nicod3mus Wednesday April 30 2008 at 11:22AM
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The general consensus around the PVP circles appears to be  that there are really only 3 PVP MMORPG titles on the horizon that everyone is paying attention to for various reasons. That is obviously a pretty general statement but I hear Age of Conan, Darkfall Online, and The Chronicles of Spellborn  in almost every PVP related conversation.

Well Spellborn took a trip to some lame RPC convention in Munster, as posted in the news section of this site  and on the official site. I  won't blame them for promoting their product but when I read about one of the premier upcoming PVP titles prancing around with the fairies and knights of the round table sipping ale and chasing wenches it certainly isn't very promising.

They are talking about the success of trading cards, LARPs, and table top games....I hope this isn't something that their dev team think is "cool". Trading cards are for Yugio and Pokemon and I personally don't want that attitude anywhere near a game that I have pretty high hopes for.

So in summation.......yeah LAME.

streea writes:

So you're bashing a convention you weren't at because you think you know better? And I hate to break it to you, but there's this little thing called the WoW TCG (that's trading card game, you know, like Pokemon) that's doing very well... they've sold out of two of their sets. Plus, so what if they like to engage in activities that are fun and entertaining to them? Since when does what they do in their spare time have anything to do with you?

Quite honestly, I hope you DON'T play the game... means I won't have to listen to you bitch and moan about hobbies that are "beneath" you. Because playing MMOs is SO much cooler than playing with cards or playing with friends.

Wed Apr 30 2008 11:39AM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

They can sell all they want and a WoW example is exactly what I don't want. I don't want any trading cards, and I certainly don't want to see anything like WoW taking place in any of these games.

And yeah Role playing conventions are lame.....shouldn't you be looking for the Awesome Super Gold Dragon card that is so like rare and stuff....

Wed Apr 30 2008 12:40PM Report
GaminKWB writes:

So you are pissy at a company that is making an mmoRPg because they went to an RP convention? Gee, I hope you got pissed when the all the FPS companies went to shooting ranges.

Wed Apr 30 2008 1:51PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

I'm not "pissy" at anyone and I actually said that "I won't blame them for promoting their product." What I am saying is that I hope the "trading card" - "WoW kiddie" - "RP" mentality does not ruin what could be a great PVP MMORPG.

Wed Apr 30 2008 2:16PM Report
ominus writes:

Its kinda funny to hear you say "RP" mentality would ruin a MMORPG. If you would think back a bit the start of these mmorpgs they evolved from tabletop games. The same type of games that they would come across at this convention. You might want to put a little thought into what you type before you start.

Also some people have different ideas of fun than you do and you bash them for it. They might have gone to that convention to enjoy it personally or to promote it to another group of people they thought would like the game that they are developing. I for one wont knock someone for liking something different or trying to expand thier potential client base. If you would think back a bit the start of these mmorpgs.

Wed Apr 30 2008 3:49PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

A developer with an "RP" mentality can most definately ruin a PVP title and we played all the early ones UO, EQ, DOAC, etc. and we never  played to "RP". I think dancing around in loin clothes and pretending you are actually the character in the game is delusional and pathetic.....but hey what fun would it actually be to try and actually accomplish things rather than pretend you are in fairy land...yeah you're right I should think before I type cause I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Wed Apr 30 2008 3:58PM Report
GaminKWB writes:

"yeah you're right I should think before I type cause I have no idea what I'm talking about."

I think this is the only statement that you have made so far that was spot-on.

Wed Apr 30 2008 4:23PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

Shouldn't you be playing a bard hanging out in some tavern somewhere pretending you are in middle earth or something...maybe one of those dancers from SWG that hang out dancing on the poles in Mos Eisley Cantina pretending to be a hot 18 year old girl.....

Wed Apr 30 2008 4:35PM Report
GaminKWB writes:

Why don't you go back to FPS. Since aim and shoot seem to be the extent of which your brain can handle.

Wed Apr 30 2008 4:49PM Report
vajuras writes:

No pvper I know talks about Spellborn. we cant own land or anything as far as I can tell its another "static" mmo where we cant change damn thing. The combat systrem and character custimization looks good bout thats bout it I dont think they care bout pvp much at all...


Wed Apr 30 2008 6:53PM Report
JKnight1 writes:

Yeah, this person complains about other players pretending to be someone else, roleplaying, trading cards, etc.

Well guess what, my friend. Tabletop roleplaying games made your RPG. They also were the reason games were made. Also, you pretend to be an orc warrior or elven mage JUST by playing the game as one, even if you don't roleplay. So, if such thigns are beneath you and lame, then sir, you have bought yourself a first class one way ticket to Lamerton as well.

I've played Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, and all other sorts of tabletop games and card games. Am I lame? Sure, why not. Am I having fun with friend? Hell yes.

So, as a final word, i'd like to say this. You must be the little kid whot ried and tried to be accepted by the cool kids by "pretending" to be cool. Wait...pretend, isn't that what we do when we play games? Pretend to be the character?

Hmm...something to think about.

I'll see you int he taven, drinkin' with my dwarven buddies and watching the elf lass dance across the floor.

Wed Apr 30 2008 7:28PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

@vajuras - no zone control I agree is a major flaw from a pvp point of view..I think the combat system is what people are interested in although I think AOC's looks better...Darkfall is vaporware but if that one delivers it could be PVP dream.

@ jknight1 - Don't tell me how games came to be buddy I am well aware....and no I don't play any games to pretend to be anything...I play to win.

Wed Apr 30 2008 10:17PM Report
vajuras writes:

Yeah I really had hopes for Darkfall but yeah it seems like pure vaporware. I really did I have high hope for that one <weep>

Wed Apr 30 2008 11:21PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

I have a point to make.


The best PvP IS RP.  No, seriously.  When you are so completely immersed in the role of your character (most of which includes being the bearer of forthcoming pain) that you really take sides and work actively and, almost, emotionally to destroy them its easily the most rewarding PvP ever to be had.


IN fact, PvP done correctly produces a natural, and better, RP than any silly "RP Server" could.  When you say that you hate RP, or feel that it ruins your actually mean that you hate the prancing idiots that parade around speaking in old english....even when its no where near the language used.  Trust me, PvP games make RP happen, and happen right.  Just poke your head in on the politics and happenings of EVE'll see what I mean.

That game has nothing to do with RP at all...yet...its players find themselves playing in a role quite often.

Thu May 01 2008 12:10AM Report
Jamkull writes:

well as far as the card game thing goes, there are card gaming more adult oriented like Magic the gathering and then some that are geared toward a much younger audience like pokemon.  which game designers are geeks like myself and many that play crpgs or rpgs period.  So your point is mute.  The devs of the game were also avid gamers of Asheron's Call on Darktide, the pvp server.  So anyway... whatever they do is their thing, to each his own, who cares?... as long as we end up with a fun game that's what matters here :)

as far as RPGs go, that's the whole point is to have fun with our imaginations and leave the worries of "life" behind for awhile.  Some choose to drink themselves to a stuper or get high.  Some choose a mix of the above.  But for the most part, geeks that dig RP for the RPG sake generally just get off on getting involved in the game for what it is developed for storywise.  It doesn't make them any less effective, just that they have more commitment and desire to do what it is the game has to offer. 

This just makes me laugh and shake my head why bill gates even made computers easy enough that your average meat head can operate.  Don't try to spread some stupid junk about how you are all mighty and your real life is better than anyone elses or how constructive your time is... yada yada.  Some of the greatest creative minds in the world played D&D when they were a kid.  When Gary Gigax died it truly showed...  gaming is just as much of a hobbie as building something or having a garden.  it's time to come out of the cave and realize that.  Albeit some take their hobbies to seriously and get to engrossed in them.  But live life by moderation and everything will be alright :)

Thu May 01 2008 5:18AM Report
Azure77 writes:

I got news for you PVP died along with Shadowbane and Priest Online. Its now an aspect they add to string you along after you ve done the end game thing and dont have altism.

    Its carrot , you are the donkey being lead around. Conan whole centerpiece was PVP and sieges , look how it turned out. (cant expect better from Funcom).

    PVP by its nature cant be balanced , its too resource intensive. Shadowbane cut all pve out , and still it took almost a year to semi balance out pvp.

       If I was gonna hang my hope on anyone doing PVP right , I like to and David Allen (alganon) is real piece of work , kinda like Lord British before he crapped on himself.

      Clinging to that sad , ancient Darkfall like a blankie isnt going to save your pvp dreams.

  I wouldnt knock the RPers either , they are due for thier own game too. Much like PVP they are niche , but unlike PVP , they dont get a bone or anything. Infact 98% of mmorpgs kick and spit on them.

    One of these the dog that RP is going to turn around bite the hell out of the mmorpg genre , then all hell is going to be break loose. You know its always the quiet ones who begin to make the biggest noise.

      Anyhow I m sure you need to wait by the front door for Darkfall to magically arrive in the mail box.

Thu May 01 2008 11:03AM Report
JKnight1 writes:

You play to win? Then you, my friend, are playing the wrong games. As MMORPG's never actually can one win?

And even if you play to win, you are STILL playing an orc warrior or elven priest or human mage. Thus you are playing the role of tank, healer, or dps...wait..playing...a role...roleplaying *GASP!* Shocker! You are indeed roleplaying whether you admit to it, believe it, or not. As long as you play an RPG of ANY kind, even an FPS or RTS, you are roleplaying.

So get off your high horse. We are all dorks, nerds, and geeks here. Even if ya don't wish to admit it, you are roleplaying just like us. The compute is just rolling the dice for you instead of yourself.

Can I get another ale me hearty lass?

Thu May 01 2008 1:08PM Report
Zenekia writes:

So what I am hearing is that you don't want any carebear rp-oriented mechanics to ruin your PvP game.  That's all well and good, but that genre already exists as MMOFPS.  Perhaps you should look to them instead of MMORPGs for your fix.  I realize that MMORPGs get more funding that MMOFPSs but like it or not, you are the minority.  Most people don't want to fight other players (social psychology) and those who do are very often 'betas' in real life who must look to a virtual world that, of course, has only virtual consequences to their actions.  Most 'hardcore' PvPers that I have met IRL are not at the top of the social heirarchy (i.e. they are 'geeks', 'nerds', or whatever label you prefer rather than 'jocks', 'entrepreneurs', 'studs', etc.) and therefore use their virtual dominance of others to improve their psychological well being.  That said, I feel there should be good PvP outlets for these kinds of people because our (American) society does not promote interactive parenting or forced social interaction, both of which lead to an understanding and acceptance of ones social position.

Thu May 01 2008 2:10PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

1) I win in the game when you are laying on the ground and I have your weapon, or lets say by holding the best castle in best server in L2 for 2 years and taxing the entire population, or maybe just killing you is enough for me most of the time.

2) PVP is alive and well you just don't play it.

3) There has never been a true MMOFPS...not one single title has ever delivered the twitch response needed to live up to that label.

You guys can cry cry all you want about it but I think RPing is lame and so does everyone I associate with. We have all played since the very early days of the genre and we never ever RPed......and yeah that includes Asheron's call as if I had no idea who those devs were.

It's also pretty funny that an admitted RPer would brring up anything regarding social interaction in the game....that's what RPing is, pretending to be someone else. We don't like to kill people because we need to blow up our little self esteem balloons...we like to accomplish things. You know what that means right? You actually have to try something that you could loose at...which is exactly why RPers hate PVP. They can't stand to loose.

Fri May 02 2008 12:46AM Report
Gnomig writes:

omg i just read this thread out of boredom... i wish i had not... isn't there a puking smiley ?

I'd agree to Streea's first reply here... completely.

Wed May 14 2008 2:20PM Report
Godchild writes:

Why are you taking this so seriously? It's almost as if gaming is a big moral debate, when really, it's pure entertainment. If someone wants to play a game one way, let them, don't call them nerds and tell them that the way they play is "lame". You really don't improve your own image by talking shit about people over the internet about online gaming anyway...

Fri May 23 2008 9:20PM Report writes:
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