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Super Monday Night Combat

This blog will focus on the third person shooter/DotA hybrid, Super Monday Night Combat, currently in development by Uber Entertainment.

Author: Nephaerius

Super Monday Night Combat Class Breakdown (Part 1)

Posted by Nephaerius Friday January 20 2012 at 11:52PM
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Last week I gave you a general overview of Super Monday Night Combat game play.  With this blog the focus will be on the first decision you’re most likely going to have to make after launching the game.  What Pro am I going to play?  Before we get there a word of advice:

It will be extremely beneficial for you to play a few practice games before hitting that ever so tempting Quick Match button.  This will allow you the chance to learn the controls, weapons, and skills for each of the Pros, the layouts of the maps, as well as the locations of purchasable buffs and bots, the Annihilator, and bot spawns for each team and the jungle.  Now, back to the Pros.
The game currently features five playable classes of pro: Defenders, Enforcers, Strikers, Commandos, and Sharpshooters.  Similar to other games with class categories like DPS, healer, tank, etc. these groups of pros all share similar features despite providing surprising variation in game play.  This week will cover some of the best Pros for a new player and next week will finish the line up.
*Weapon Descriptions include (Primary Fire/Alt Fire)
Medium health, healer class, for buffing teammates and area control.
Difficulty: Low
My Thoughts:
This class is one of the two best you could start with.  No matter what your presence will benefit your team through healing and providing Armor when Pros with full life are healed.  You also have the ability to heal yourself through use of your primary weapon.
These Pros are also made to lock down an area through a portable turret(s) and the Support’s Airstrike making them great defenders of the Annihilator.  Make sure to get there shortly before anyone else so you have time to set up your turret(s). 
Support (Gameplay)
Primary Weapon: Heal/Hurt Gun (Heals Single Target/Drains life and slows one target while providing a percentage of the damage as life to the Support)
Secondary Weapon: Shotgun (Close Range Weapon/Grapple)
Overclock – increases rate of fire and range of Firebase as well as decreasing skill cooldowns.

Firebase – throws out a turret that will attack any nearby enemies.  Single target.

Airstrike – throws out a beacon that attaches to wherever and whoever it lands on.  Calls down an Airstrike explosion from above.  Falls from the sky so can be blocked by cover.
Combat Girl (Gameplay)
Primary Weapon: Combat Healer (Heals up to five targets/Drains life from up to five targets while providing a percentage of the damage as life to CG)
Secondary Weapon: Nail Gun (Med. Range SMG Style Weapon/Grapple)
Fortify - increases Fire Rate and Range of all allied turrets in a radius.
Combat Kitten - throws out a small turret in the form of a kitten that sticks on walls/floors/ceilings – max upgrade allows 4 to be out at once.
Combat Laser - immobilizes CG as she fires a giant laser beam wherever she is aiming.
High health, slow moving class, maximizing short-range damage.
Difficulty: Low-Medium
My Thoughts:
These pros are also great for a new player.  With their high health in comparison to other Pros you can afford to make more mistakes while still being able to survive.  Each of the Enforcers provides a very different play style.  So don’t rule out this group of Pros without giving each one a shot.
Cheston (Gameplay)
Primary Weapon: Tommy Gun (Fires with Increasing Spread/Banana – throws a peel that if it lands on the ground will slow any pro that comes into contact with it.  If thrown the banana can disengage grapples as well as Assault’s fly and Assassin’s cloak.
Secondary Weapon: Family Jewel (Melee/Grapple)
Exploding Barrel – throws a barrel that begins to roll forward as soon as it hits the ground.  Explodes on impact and causes damage and Burning DoT debuff.
Roar – provides an AoE heal and speed boost to Cheston and anyone nearby.
Rampage – charges forward damaging nearby enemies.  Can be used for mobility.
Tank (Gameplay)
Primary Weapon: Jet Gun (Flame Thrower – causes Burning DoT debuff/Death Blossom – spins while using the Jet Gun doing AoE damage, this does not use ammo)
Secondary Weapon: Rail Gun (Medium Range Weapon/Grapple)
Product Grenade – damages a single target and with upgrades will blind and damage in an area.
Shield – negates all damage from a single enemy for 30 sec or until it’s HP is depleted.
Charge – charges forward damaging enemies.  Can be used for mobility.
Veteran (Gameplay)
Primary Weapon: The Flying Falcon (Fires Auto Homing Screaming Falcons/Slam – damages and stuns bots and pros in a radius)
Secondary Weapon: Hot Seat (Melee/Grapple)
Ka-Claw – throws a claw wherever the Vet is aiming that will damage, slow, and pull a Pro towards the Vet.
Skid Row Throw – grapple that throws Pros away from the Vet.
Freight Train – charge forward causing damage to anything you hit, followed by a grapple if used on an appropriate target.  This can also be used for mobility.
Gunner (Gameplay)
Primary Weapon: Mini-Gun (Mini-Gun or Dual Mini-Gun w/ upgrades to Offense/Revs Up MG)
Secondary Weapon: Mortar (Mortar that with upgrades to Offense splits into a maximum of 3/Grapple)
Slam – slams the ground damaging and slowing enemies in a flat area.  Extra damage if done on a Pros head.
Deploy – provides armor, armor over time, increased critical shots, range, and reload speed, as well as immunity to headshots with upgrades.
Missile – locks onto a target and fires a missile damaging the target.
Well, that's it for this week.  If you still haven't signed up for beta yet, shame on you!  You can sign up here.  You'll need Steam and an Uber forum account.
As always, good luck and have fun!  Feel free to add me for some games of SMNC or anything else via Steam: Neph. writes:
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